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  1. dhahlen - Darren Joyce - NO GOOD
  2. Don't buy a motor from t2ae
  3. rexman13b no communication
  4. BUYERS BEWARE OF 1989vert. Sent bad part, will not respond.
  5. ***s70simon double selling parts***
  6. rotarr??? the good the bad or the ugly
  7. Tyblat - Disappeared, no response...
  8. Josh Jeong /FD_virus85 Worst Seller I've dealt with PERIOD
  9. TOOSHORT 88 Bad Seller
  10. JPMatta16 - Sloppy packaging - broken part
  11. Bad transation with theorie
  12. ROTARY_ADDICT-1 is a bad buyer, changed mind and filed charge-back payment
  13. Jamal Purches, Scammer...WATCH OUT PEOPLE!
  14. stayabovethelaw DOESN'T: Poor Seller
  15. Beware of fettdawg
  16. kibbles906
  17. Justinfox
  18. s2kguy17 - Caveat venditor
  19. young j: Bad experience buying from him
  20. Deadbeat Bidder/Buyer FourtyOunce
  21. slideways-fd no comunication !!
  22. Bad business "Wahootee"
  23. First Gen Man Bad Parts
  24. Meca. Mario saballos from nj-philly area
  25. JR or Josue Rodriguez of Las Vegas NV AVOID!!!
  26. 901jay
  27. Buyers beware! [email protected]
  28. Rico suave- 2 months past payment and still no parts
  29. David Eppinger aka 1FAASTFD3S The $4300 Loss ---- partial parts received
  30. Bad feedback for GarageMoose
  31. Beware, bad dealings with Munari
  32. Beware 15U Scammer!
  33. fd3stiny beware
  34. Fc3spowa Eric/Shaun Selzle Dishonest Seller
  35. ***Beware [email protected] Sends incorrect parts*****
  36. Bct907
  37. Bad Transaction s2kguy17
  38. 1FASSTFD3S Did not pay!!!
  39. Beware OkinawaFD3S
  40. B.R.G.FD3S (Scammer)
  41. Dylan Wolf (scammer)
  42. 13beez = Bad seller
  43. BEWARE greddytii DON'T BUY FROM !!!!
  44. *Beware of FAL, Sells bad parts no refund*
  45. BillyMitheRxGuy
  46. FD virus85
  47. BAD SELLER angel824 BEWARE!
  48. rotor-motor sold me a cracked iron! No response!
  49. buyer beware of ricky T would not honor deal and would not adhere to forum rules
  50. Disappointing transaction with RxTruismo
  51. D Walker aka Don Walker
  52. Bad transaction with andre sinclair
  53. T-ReX-8: Fugly?
  54. poor dealings with driftfcbuckey
  55. RX7-TII got a refund, never returned the item.
  56. Russell Walker, Pay him and he gets banned
  57. Bad transaction with Slevin FD.
  58. Very poor transaction with Lmil86 (pics of conversation attached)
  59. Bad transaction with driftfcbuckey
  60. The Good and Bad experiences for my 7 Build of 2 years
  61. Warning :blasianracer29
  62. p00shy?
  63. JOSEPH MATTHEW EWASIK aka Blowenbytwins ripped me off
  64. Worst transaction I never had: Djseven
  65. dont trust mzrx7man
  66. Worst transaction I had as a member here
  67. Not a drifter / Joseph Maddox / Rotary Workz
  68. Tht.1.fd3s scammer, liar, thief,
  69. Difficult Transaction between serbRX7 and carx7
  70. lazertazer300 (beware)
  71. beware and DO NOt sale to fidelity101
  72. Beware of rotaryguy481 (more like avoid him like a plague)
  73. bad transaction with member my99spirit (AKA joemaddox , rotaryworkz)
  74. emac
  75. Derek_McDermott non responsive no refund
  76. fc3s91 ROBERT BALTAZAR ongoing trolling issues in my FS thread, against rules
  77. warning about stolen parts from fc3s91
  78. Beware of user fc3s91, ROBERT BALTAZAR from glendora/alta loma area, stolen parts
  79. Transaction with Keeble
  80. drescustoms
  81. Brian aka "bshatch" left me out to dry
  82. Don't trust Crizaib
  83. Bad business with admoore
  84. Bad transaction with Lmill86
  85. 91s5narx does not respond to pm and takes money
  86. bad rotor. bad buissness from Japan2la
  87. Sgt Fury -Not making any contact, came through in the end however
  88. Japan2LA aka Brian Galloway sold me a junk motor $5800
  89. Denser - Stanley dodging me for weeks now
  90. bad transaction with pokemonpimp55
  91. Scammed by Mukurofc3s, issue now resolved
  92. Japan2La scammed me out of 2100$
  93. BEWARE of Japan2LA - paid $2,218 - nothing but excuses and NO engine
  94. be careful dealing with manicg items received as not described
  95. Trouble with transaction - bandbmazda
  96. stay far far away from devilxavierz
  97. Zerkster sale thread?
  98. Bad Transaction With: Sm1nts2escape
  99. stay away from boostaholic_13b
  100. The shipment that never arrived
  101. threats and bad engine from just startn
  102. FC_EDDIE once again
  103. Stay away from devilxavierz
  104. Buying issue with blk fd3s!!!!
  105. how do you ship a hood like this?
  106. Issues with user Tatakai
  107. STAY away from WolfBeast
  108. 1FAASTFD3S.....Please answer a few easy questions fo me
  109. need answers please help
  110. AndrewReston, Seriously ill or a great big Fraud???
  111. Anyone know how to get in contact with "TwinCharged RX7"?
  112. IloveJDM (Adrian Ahmadi) , problems with transaction
  113. Bad Transaction with Myturbo88
  114. s5sleeper (joemaddox) dropped off the face of the earth
  115. Bad Transaction with FC_VOODOO
  116. Bad transaction with zerkster
  117. Bad transaction with myturbo88 on FD irons
  118. oemfd sold me a wrong microtech not like he claimed
  119. Bad transaction with thatguy23
  120. AmaraLezo - tried to rip me off
  121. Ripped off by NEUKIN
  122. Ricky T flaked on sale
  123. exhaustnoteV2 no good!! Need help from Mods(?)
  124. Transaction Between Myself and Eklips3
  125. BShatch Good guy/Seller
  126. ZigZag420 - Sour transaction over powerfc
  127. AZRR/Boostflow
  128. widebodyseven GB - Moe where are you??
  129. bad transaction with member changjune85
  130. BEWARE! Casey Radtke/JDMfantasy/Senza Pari
  131. Bad transaction with zeeshan
  132. Buyer Beware: ILoveJDM AKA Adrian Ahmadi!!!
  133. NatAsRex7 BAD GUY(SO far)
  134. 87GTR seriously?
  135. Bad Transaction with sknkwrkz
  136. Bad transaction with Boosted414
  137. Bad Transaction With: HollywoodFD
  138. Legion, Not very happy with right now.
  139. Jdmfantasy/Senza pari
  140. Please help!!!! Issues with "gurew"
  141. Bad transaction with myturbo88
  142. Bad transaction: Widebodyseven-short block
  143. Bad transaction: J$Balla - Rear Seats
  144. Bad Guy: ILoveJDM (Adrian Ahmadi)
  145. Bad transaction with: teamafx
  146. 6 Months without Parts.. 87GTR.
  147. Problem with 87GTR regarding shipping on parts that are paid for
  148. 87GTR, vanished
  149. ric7777 TIME WASTER
  150. Whats going on with Ben / KARACK
  151. v8envy - scammer
  152. ByeByeSti=scam artist
  153. DaoNhatHai ripped me off!
  154. Bad Transaction with OriginalFake2
  155. Need info on FRED VILLAMOR: Been 2 weeks since payment sent and no parts.
  156. mx3 Don't waste your time with this guy!
  157. Looking out for "JayShadow" Scammer
  158. Toyotarx7 (Shifted Perfomance) = crooks:
  159. Craigslist scam
  160. Toyotarx7 Is a Bad Customer
  161. Broke7 = Broken carb
  162. theo481 sent wrong item.
  163. 300 dollar paperweights show up...., 5 months after i paid for them...
  164. FC EDDIE is still at it
  165. Dregg100 sold me GARBAGE
  166. Trouble with drifter_sr
  167. chinawa...its been 3 weeks...
  168. Problems with FC_Eddie
  169. Baron4Redsox: Need HELP getting in touch with him...
  170. drschwinn2002 is a bad guy
  171. Hose4dub Bad Seller!!!!
  172. BAD GUY!!! : iLikeEatPoo
  173. Bewtew--- shady 20B Disaster
  174. joemaddox: A bad experience
  175. Questionable Seller JaredCarpenter
  176. CUBA6942: Terrible experience
  177. The JKL Engineering situation. (A BAD SITUATION)
  178. 4pistonkiller, weird guy
  179. Sakura FC: NOT a good guy (at this point)
  180. rx72c did again......
  181. Gurew, transaction/pm'ing back not going as I have planned
  182. Seller Disappeared *Argh*
  183. bad transaction with Willtet
  184. truebluegallo!(jeffrey embry)
  185. Jason/Hwnd - Issues with seller, still pending resolution
  186. Gurew, transaction not going so well...
  187. RX72c stole my LT10
  188. Issue with seller MannyKiller
  189. Bad transaction with W_opt7
  190. BAD SELLER!! "boostedtk"
  191. bad transaction (JDM swap) with Japan2LA
  192. Scam alert - solareonx
  193. Bad Transaction with superjorden80
  194. w_opt7 from FL ignored me after sending me the wrong ecu and harness
  195. 73RX313b lied about the car he is selling and dosent want to refund deposit.
  196. Beware of John Hill, extremely difficult customer
  197. monkey_majic BAD SELLER
  198. I had a bad expierence/Terrible Seller: Waachback
  199. Marshessn- Worse seller ive delt with
  200. NoPistons4Chris = Flake
  201. Buyers beware of that nissan guy
  202. Beware: Pyramat13B
  203. User "stevensimon" Damaged item issue.
  204. bad selller !
  205. Beware buyers --- 2713ddddavid ---
  206. About that Smokie....
  207. BAD GUY: ARotary14
  208. I Got Scammed Out of $500! Help Me Find "CobraSmith" !!
  209. Undelivered item from APEXAP1
  210. Beware of Bad seller - JiteshTII - Jitesh Mistry
  211. Beware TypeRlee - Lee Dutton
  212. Beware of John Bachelor from TN
  213. Japan2LA
  214. RotarySupra=horrible seller
  215. killalot13601
  216. STAY AWAY from qwester007
  217. stay away from hooksrotary
  218. dregg100 kinda taking a while...
  219. Paid for one thing, got another
  221. Fd3sInSaNiTy is a scammer!!!! beware
  222. Ron Adams, Deadbeat
  223. FD s14 Not happy w/ me
  224. BAD SELLER DknightAdzam
  225. Horrible Seller! |3eltinck!
  226. BEWARE! Mixed_88TII
  227. Paid for items but seller rx705 is not responding
  228. CowboyTroy= bad seller.
  229. Does anybody know glennyd70 or have his contact info??
  230. A warning to buyers
  231. 13bmaniac / Daniel Barba
  232. spinnin3rd NO GOOD!
  233. Bad transaction with "edbltx7" over $55
  234. yellowr1
  235. Problem with str8ryd
  236. What to do about Ratjar
  237. BURNED BY fd3s777 for over $400
  238. xDspec vanished from the forum; didn't ship my parts
  239. RRTEC - so far so bad :(
  240. Deal gone bad with Z3r0s1gnaL
  241. White94, A complete joke, waste of time
  242. aaron_bc: Still tryin' to figure this one out?!?
  243. lilroach- no one waste your time
  244. Zenoraptor
  245. myturbo88 / Jamal Purches / Rdarby BEWARE
  246. Bad seller-Texrx
  247. BEWARE: Gary Eastman in San Antonio: BAD SELLER!
  248. Dispute: too many 7's
  249. rowtareh? = BAD SELLER?
  250. Dispute with joeymazda