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  1. Syncro Issues...are they common?
  2. urethane or abs (OEM r1 / 99 lips)
  3. Pics New: Gn+ Dolphin Tail Exhaust
  4. How do I run the horn wire?
  5. Best place to buy a counterweight
  6. headlight issues
  7. M2 ECU Questions
  8. Would U buy a 2nd FD for heavy mods?
  9. Questions on a Canadian FD3
  10. Already searched, but... help with bov, pliz
  11. Cool!
  12. ls1 rx7 reliability
  13. hose size
  14. belt sizE (YES I SERCHED)
  15. 3rd Gen Subframe connectors
  16. Does anyone know how many FDs left in the US?
  17. emission control crap
  18. oem parts
  19. ? abought what ECU will fit me best
  20. Trying to buy a 93 RX7 - PLEASE HELP
  21. Q regarding RX7store secondary fuel system kit and regulator mounting
  22. rear brake recessing the rear piston
  23. I wanna upgrade my fuel system!! I need recommendations please!
  24. OEM Part Heaven in 2007: Ray Crowe has gone CRAZY with his prices!
  25. dad wont cosign loan for ls1fd! HELP
  26. Ebrake handle
  27. RC Engineering injector o-rings...good or bad?
  28. Does anyone know where to get a transmission rebuild kit?
  29. Mileage record on stock motor?
  30. emission test yesterday - the results - need your input
  31. Anyone try these Lights?
  32. Differences between 93 and 94-95 rear subframes.
  33. Interior door handle issues
  34. clutch problem
  35. FDs and Road Trips
  36. FD GURUS - Just tell me what you think.
  37. Why does my brakelight come on?
  38. Thermal flasher
  39. Hard to start and rough/low idle
  40. Technical question about engine rebuild
  41. Possibly bad speed sensor???
  42. Pics of the M2 harness bar?
  43. coolent temps. im sure you know but it helped me.
  44. radiators
  45. extremely high intake temp need some suggestion.. help appreciated
  46. Fixing Center Console Panel
  47. OEM carpet or Generic black carpet ?
  48. Spark Plug Reccomendation
  49. Later 3rd Gen Forum
  50. all new set up
  51. Custom fender protectors on the cheap
  52. speed bleeders, which thread size?
  53. My tachometer is going crazy-need help
  54. ? confused with updated spindle select pn#s ?
  55. Rough Idle Need Input
  56. Quick help/ spark plugs/ oil /what kind is rec.
  57. What is "Spec 99" ???
  58. engine hesitates 3k rpm, 2-3 gear
  59. which relay to pull for deflood?
  60. Non-Sequential Conversion Video?
  61. UIM question
  62. My FD Rats Nest Nightmare - Actual Rats!
  63. So I want to run 13 psi - any suggestions?
  64. what cc injectors u runnin
  65. Heat at feet... how to avoid?
  66. question about engine harness
  67. Disabling airbag
  68. crank no start 93FD
  69. Whats The best sounding exhaust for the FD?
  70. any sound clip for fujita ti exhaust?
  71. Advice for rebuild
  72. Rx-7 with Backseat
  73. Sard 850cc Injectors RHDJapan
  74. Air seperator box help and 5th gear???
  75. AFR debate
  76. Problem with my seven need help
  77. Found the root of my problem
  78. is kirk racing still making rollbars?
  79. Slow/Dim Headlight - Problem Solved JC-01
  80. how far have you driven your rx7
  81. How much power can 13b take?
  82. Why does car bog out?
  83. How do you remove the front 1/4 pannel air duct?
  84. cheap airbox mod
  85. Key FOB?
  86. Time to rebuild...Need suggestions.
  87. My fuel filter relocation.
  88. Guys who are Running the Simplified Sequential setup
  89. What MP resonator?
  90. Turbos are random, did a search
  91. door panel and head light cover
  92. What psi should i be getting?
  93. No Boost. Need Help! Sequential guys where are you.
  94. Mazda Reman Question, And Rebuild Cost
  95. Pictures of trust airinx
  96. O2 Sensor Replacement / Bosch 5 Wire?
  97. Oooooo... shiny
  98. blow off valve HELP!!
  99. Where do I go from here?
  100. She wont start.....Help
  101. How to find Mazda Part Numbers
  102. Help! Changing out 4.10 for 3.9 Diff's
  103. 3rd Gen 1994 FD Boost Problems (as usual)
  104. What intercooler is this?
  105. Idle Problem in Park
  106. How much are the stock twins worth?
  107. Pics of some nice ceramic coated goodies
  108. pulley ?'s
  109. Best boost controller
  110. lighting problem
  111. New on ClubRX - Rewire your fuel pump! Easy, cheap, reliability mod!
  112. getting gears back in tranny
  113. what do you make of these dyno numbers
  114. I hate my nipples
  115. Miles on Motor - Question
  116. is there a way to tell if a trany is 94 and up?
  117. RX-7 rookie.. needs your opinion
  118. Fuel pump install question
  119. Club Newbie
  120. Rotorhead Questions (Long, Sorry)
  121. Need some opinions on mods.
  122. changing bulb on 99 spec turn signal?
  123. rx7 jdm info svp
  124. a few questions (audio and mech)
  125. turbo control KOKO test question
  126. radio question
  127. non-sequential? I need pic's of vac lines needed for a full non
  128. Advice on Selling '93 RX-7 for parts
  129. Rx7 Help
  130. More boost
  131. REW Twins Question - Efini
  132. Help: Looking for Scoot Website/eMail..
  133. I bought a Diff need to make sure its 3.9 before I install
  134. normal temp range for motor
  135. Help me price my car...
  136. i hate my car
  137. Would I creep with these mods?
  138. what parts needed to do auto manual swap?
  139. 850cc to 1200cc
  140. Rx-8 4.444 gears
  141. Mazda dealerships
  142. why can"t the auto be built for horsepower?
  143. How fast have u had your rx
  144. When to let your turbos idle and cool off.
  145. Consolidated Rear End Information and Discussion
  146. Center console armrest
  147. ABS cross-compatibility
  148. Anyone here running Drysump for their FD?
  149. Tearing down my FD
  150. Delrin Diff bushings. How to install with no grease?
  151. Auto to Manual - Speific Question
  152. plastic scuff plates installation question
  153. Need Help (Heater problem)!
  154. car bogging
  155. Will I fit in a Gen 3?
  156. New FD
  157. Are the guts from the side mirrors removable?
  158. Stock FD twins
  159. wires to solenoids on engine
  160. hot air from aircon vents
  161. 2 seater & 2+2?
  162. Fuel Injectors
  163. gasket set for building up longblock?
  164. Electronic / Start Problems
  165. Quick release hub?
  166. I want an upgraded ECU. So question I have.
  167. Standard hood weight?
  168. Some new Re-Amemiya Products
  169. single vs. twin
  170. Idle Question(searched)
  171. So my FD is crashed....
  172. Source for fd stock-size & slotted rear rotors for the track?
  173. Spring perches...$400+?
  174. Information request for Knight Sports 4Beat ECU unit (FD)
  175. Weird - No Primary Boost
  176. Plenumotron
  177. Essential gauges?
  178. Oil
  179. How much is a 2002 Spirt R (type B) with 8,000 kms worth?
  180. Tps sensor price?
  181. metal check valve
  182. Why (Brake rotor removal)?
  183. What is the FD made of?
  184. Is this a scam?...
  185. Complete TB Coolant line bypass
  186. Defi gauge wiring....12v constant?
  187. R1 Lip Hardware
  188. where is the master brake cylinder located
  189. intercooler question
  190. Oil Pressure? Too low at idle?
  191. Safe Engine temps??
  192. diff between brembo rotors at and
  193. Cel #11
  194. Stock Horns
  195. FD fuel pump part # or Serial # question
  196. Mmmmm... oil injection failing??
  197. interesting gauge pod for miatas...
  198. battery power drainage
  199. Oil pressure regulator
  200. S6 or S7?
  201. quick ? on prices for some work
  202. Detonation
  203. My FD is about to return
  204. Looking for the X-06 connector
  205. magnaflow hi-flow cat...
  206. need help car crank but won't start
  207. here's a picture of my absolute FAVORITE FD
  208. 1995 ECU question
  209. Making ground wires.
  210. non-sequential
  211. pillowballs and cost
  212. Bogging at 7lb boost around 2600 rpm Help!!
  213. Bad compressions
  214. NO Boost - possible check valve failure?
  215. Engine Problem after normal drive - Any Suggestions??
  216. First secondary now primarys
  217. *HELP* My rx7 is smoking when i stopped.
  218. 850 primary LINK
  219. Drivers side headlight
  220. O2 Sensor
  221. Apexi FMIC owners - I need some pics
  222. Charge lamp and others on????
  223. 13b 20b
  224. What turbo upgrad would you use?
  225. HKS titanium racing exhuast... no ecu
  226. Should I elmininate the mid pipe?
  227. info on this car?
  228. I hate non sequential
  229. Another 100hp please
  230. Dont let me detonate
  231. what causes the stock twins to crack?
  232. somethin not right w/FD
  233. stock twin turbos
  234. please help need to remove fd turbos should this be easy
  235. Newbie question about a JDM 13b motor
  236. 93 speedometer problem (pfc)
  237. **this 7 Needs Your Help!**
  238. "my therapist say I should"...
  239. Why did I over boost? 23 psi!!!
  240. Ebay "ETS" Intercooler
  241. street port motor /need help
  242. FD short
  243. Question
  244. How to Use the Forum: A Tutorial Series
  245. PSR Wastegate
  246. what wire is pic sorry.
  247. *how to stop this unstable feeling?*
  248. Need Help Setting Hks Pfc F Con
  249. Am I looking for trouble?
  250. air pump eliminator belt.