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  1. Urgent!!! Need Help
  2. Back in the Game
  3. Water sprayer idea
  4. What is a oil catch tank used for?
  5. Sold!( 56k Take a Lunch)
  6. vac hose
  7. HELP!!! Car Won't Start
  8. Looking for list of Performance Parts to add.
  9. Advice will be great... Oil Pressure problem
  10. Current Project: Trying to get ready for DG!
  11. Braided brake lines
  12. Which wire for the resistor for the injectors
  13. New to the Rx-7
  14. Luke warm heat, poor mileage... bad thermostat?
  15. When transmissions fail...
  16. Engine Rewire
  17. Greddy SMIC - piping coupler, diameter
  18. Heavy smoking after Acceleration
  19. Boost leak!!!
  20. 94 glove box in a 93?
  21. ECU/harness experts needed
  22. quick Q on smog pump removal
  23. WISESPORTS Super Reflector w/HID Kit Installed
  24. insurance Q
  25. Automatic Transmission engine endplate pictures needed
  26. concerning the tt 5 speed transmision
  27. Where does this go!? (HID)
  28. How Do You Install Pintle Caps?
  29. 1st RX7. Very Excited
  30. 99 spec engine and wiring
  31. Ebay M2 Core Intercooler??
  32. ok, THAT WAS SCARY! my engine runs now!
  33. Question on modified efini y-pipe
  34. Quick question! Too Tall to fit??
  35. some questions about money
  36. my oil cap smells like fuel?
  37. clutch question
  38. exhaust hanger
  39. what do you think? 996 turbo vs FD
  40. Need a little help with Pettit Intake install.
  41. Steering gear backlash
  42. jspec and US difference
  43. self introduction
  44. Where to meet?
  45. Quick answer please on PFC Holder install.
  46. Ultimate Track Car Challenge
  47. carbon vs. glass door wieghts?
  48. 93-95 Cruise Control Buttons on 99 and newer nardi wheel?
  49. Help Fd History + Tuner Recommendation
  50. v mount setup pics
  51. need advice on fuel problem
  52. New FD Owner Paranoid (maybe newbie paranoia?)
  53. Bleeding the master cylinder, ABS
  54. AC Removal - How to Keep your Heater
  55. vented hood+water=????
  56. Back seat conversion kit
  57. Crazy Clutch Sound...Please Halp!
  58. FD rear end
  59. My overflow tank "steals" water
  60. Bad engine???
  61. Remove the Night Sports FCDF Type N fuel cut defender?
  62. Muffler Sound !
  63. Ducting for Greddy SMIC?
  64. Can this car REALLY make 320BHP?
  65. noob help please.
  66. So many issues...
  67. Can i use "Engine Flush" on my FD?
  68. Installing Fuel Pressure Gauge Sender
  69. Newbie question
  70. Any suggestions before starting 33k mazda reman that has been sitting 12-16 months?
  71. apex
  72. Re: Solenoid Nipple Repair
  73. Question About 99'+ Rear Emblems
  74. FC Lights?
  75. How to get off a stuck diff fill bolt?
  76. check this ebay scammer out!
  77. Waste Of A 7
  78. Anyone ever repaired their glovebox?
  79. FD Trans dimensions?
  80. can I use fc clutch to my fd
  81. Pillow ball part number
  82. jdm vs. us spec
  83. Braided Fuel
  84. Breaking in the engine
  85. R-Magic is now the fastest rwd car on tsukuba
  86. Safety is the issue.
  87. towing my FD, rear wheels on the ground
  88. Plugging Hole in Y Pipe
  89. Greddy TT, Profec B2 and gauges
  90. Pettit AST radiator cap part number?
  91. RB DT vs. Apexi N1 Dual
  92. oil pedestal oil leak help!
  93. I need some help 7 still wont start! experts please.
  94. white smoke from exhaust every morning...
  95. Do stock twins normally leak oil when the car is not running?
  96. How to cut down side seals to fit rotors???
  97. Starting Problems.
  99. how much should i ask for my motor
  100. The car don't start
  101. Resorting an exhaust
  102. Removing that Black Sticky Stuff Inside the Doors
  103. Auto/Manual ECU
  104. Removed Dash now key doesnt wana turn the over
  105. low coolant light
  106. Really Quick Boost Gauge Question
  107. TOP SECRET: Gotham Racings Secret Weapon!!!
  108. Auto assistance = name this connector
  109. Need Advice on rebuild...
  110. Brake Pedal Question?
  111. Wategate rattle
  112. where to get "trim" for the windshield/hatch glass
  113. JDM tranny owners, RPMs at 80 MPH in 5th
  114. Where can I get these side pieces?
  115. look what I found on ebay...
  116. Electrical Q: Hazard Lights
  117. JDM models.. type R, X...???
  118. Deeper into the foxhole. . .need some help again.
  119. Security light
  120. New Wheels and spoiler installed on #8...
  121. Anyone interested in adjustable front anti-sway bar links?
  122. high oil pressure....?
  123. cold start shake.....?
  124. Hello All
  125. posted in microtech but have a better chance of some1 answering it here
  126. Question about Hydrailic e-brake
  127. Idle speed issues and HVAC heat
  128. Brand new rebuild - BLOWN? HELP!
  129. A-Pillar Gauge Pod
  130. Counterweight Removal???
  131. where should i run my wastegate dump tube ?
  132. sequential system help?
  133. Rear diff leaking!
  134. boost creep control
  135. 13b re
  136. ECU Gone Wild...?
  137. help: Front bumper opening sizes? 99 Spec & GTC
  138. I was almost done, then i broke it; My AST
  139. New Owner, a few n00b questions
  140. Ic
  141. alarm not alarming
  142. which downpipe to get
  143. stock alarm bypass via the hood pin method quick question.
  144. the dreaded clunking noise
  145. Got a quote on repairing my oil leak. Expensive?
  146. PT Claybarred/Meguiar'ed on a Cloudy Day
  147. need some input on emission's elimination
  148. hood and engine making loud noise at 2750 RPMs
  149. Brake Piston Problem!!
  150. HELP: 99 instrument cluster in a 93 not working
  151. Radiator hose...
  152. What performance parts to add?
  153. To any that remember me, i'm back!
  154. picture if lower intake gasket and throttlebody gasket needed
  155. need help, starting problem
  156. Boost turned down? Or is it paranoia?
  157. Resurrection....
  158. low boost, automatic tranny
  159. 13BRE or 13BREW
  160. Reliability Is The Factor...period.
  161. Wiring gremlins need some expericed help!
  162. Found on ebay
  163. Tips on removing rear axles from Diff?
  164. Installing Harnesses
  165. Questions regarding injectors?
  166. One quick question
  167. FD door handle
  168. V-Mount on a Mazda Speed A-Spec FB?
  169. stock turbo size??
  170. where to look for FD
  171. fouling plugs
  172. hello everybody CRC block weld
  173. My stillway IC install - pics and opinions?
  174. No boost on stock twins????
  175. Brand Loyalty
  176. Tuning Question
  177. cost to ship bins/weight of bins
  178. Small rust hole in muffler
  179. Turbo control solenoid
  180. Bathurst questions
  181. Weird Part Needed
  182. Attempting hid projector retrofit +pics
  183. Which FMIC intercooler does not require batt relocation
  184. ACT Clutch
  185. Links on engine removal (1993)
  186. boost creep HELP
  187. air intake temps....headlight cover....
  188. Aero parts
  189. aftermarket Hood fitment question??
  190. FYI 94 textured AC panel still available.
  191. Which oil cooler would be better?
  192. Mounting Greddy/Trust AirINX
  193. Knight Sports tower plate
  194. my big problem plz
  195. Assistance in determining value of following FD
  196. NEWBIE: single or twin turbo
  197. Shutter when engaging clutch
  198. Oil Level Meter Q???
  199. Map Sensor Check Valve
  200. switching from synthetic to non-synthetic...?????
  201. Did I blow my engine? Please Help!
  202. Does anyone have this problem?
  203. How did double throttle affect test drives?
  204. Add Coolant Light
  205. Can anyone Identify these [stock-ish]twins?
  206. Throttle body coolant deletion how to requested
  207. First FD, not the first problem :] (coolant leak related[(crappy)pics])
  208. HELP re amemiya/power fc questions.. HELP
  209. need help from keeping my rebuilt motor from dying...
  210. Leaky injector?
  211. Figured out my hard idle!!!!!!! crazy stuff
  212. Just rebuilt, but now low compression. stuck seal?
  213. Red light on oil gauge flickering
  214. Need some help pronto (TPS)!
  215. Throttle body coolant line sender discussion
  216. Losing Compression
  217. datalogit
  218. Found a local RX7 w/rebuilt engine for $9500 locally.. good deal?
  219. headlights goin up and down crazy
  220. Manual Steering Rack
  221. HELP-Greddy profec type-S boost issue
  222. FD airflow
  223. IF not fd then wut?
  224. Stock twins vs. Efini twins vs. BNR stage 3
  225. Deleted my double throttle today. Now I have a question.
  226. How many FD's where made.
  227. punctured radiator
  228. Twin scroll turbo from FC on an FD?
  229. Help identifying a connector
  230. gurgle
  231. Things left to fix that drive you nuts?
  232. Car Cover for 99spec wing or RB Type II
  233. somting wrong with the transmision shifting from 4th to 5th.plis help my
  234. anyone ever use sealent for water pump?
  235. Thump Sound!? Please Help!!!
  236. Need the think tank on this one
  237. rx7 store aluminum intake pipe fit?
  238. Dynomax, Borla, Magnaflow?
  239. Build-up thread - (pics of your build up or your blown engine)
  240. Racing beat...Which exhaust is quieter?
  241. Unusual fluid in the oil catch can?
  242. Boost and Temp Gauge Install- A Newbie Guide
  243. Years and Models List?
  244. Rear wheels locked!
  245. Is Raceshoppro Gone?
  246. Hey Everyone
  247. My new polished parts
  248. Fd Owner.. In the future.. Needs ur input!
  249. Removing Gauge Cowl (Meter Hood).
  250. Hallman boost controller not working