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  1. IS there any RE Amemiya cars i US..??
  2. Speedo board question
  3. shorten the short shifter!
  4. Car is getting progressively harder to start when cold
  5. RE: R1 strut bar hardware
  6. any write ups for suspension links installs??
  7. More boost problems...
  8. damn coolant
  9. New Greek FD owner
  10. If this is the idle bleed screw, then what's this?
  11. what to buy? let me know
  12. My FD is sold, thankyou all and goodbye
  13. Fuel pump housing/sending unit? Where to buy?
  14. Click Click start.....again
  15. supra pump or general fuel pump question
  16. just did some work. big hesitation above 0psi
  17. Found my coolant leak.. is there an easy fix?
  18. Other FD Oil Pan makers..
  19. quick pyrometer gauge??
  20. location of starter relay
  21. Most probable cause(s) of bogging at boost..?
  22. Air Filter Question
  23. Speed limiter at 180km/h!?!?!?
  24. car pulls to the side under acceleration
  25. Clutch clicking sound
  26. selling my FD, pre-purchase inspection advice...
  27. Blitz DC II Gauges
  28. 99 spec turn light bulbs
  29. datalogits in stock?!?!?!
  30. Steering wheel hub adapter?
  31. Door trim help!!
  32. How the heck do you remove the center AC vents?
  33. Blitz FMIC won't fit around wire harness - help please!
  34. Why not drive an FD in the snow?
  35. It keeps turning...
  36. Dented my own FD :(
  37. Question with Appearance for inside of car.
  38. Gotta get a boost gauge.
  39. 'Import Car of the Year' decal update....anyone?
  40. replaced oil injectors
  41. How high?
  42. Where Can I Find A Rx-7 Fd Glass Sunroof ?
  43. Guys with aftermarket steering column pods !
  44. which CAI with GReddy SMIC
  45. Three rotors and Three turbos
  46. 1st Turbo works fine, second sometimes kicks in
  47. Joining the FD world
  48. Rob Bailey Custom Solenoids?
  49. Where to look for a engine?
  50. a strange electrical problem
  51. Polyurethane bushings (steering rack and full kit)
  52. Rear defroster switch lamp
  53. twin 2 inch mufflers???
  54. Keyhole Lightbulb on Column
  55. Left door handle assembly trim (interior)
  56. Anyone on the Forum with this V-Mount?
  57. New wheels :)
  58. Exhaust Question
  59. My Coolant Seal are out :( , what is next?
  60. smoking exhaust question.....
  61. Dual Radiators: When amateurs take on big projects
  62. JDM Models - features
  63. need help, putting stock headlights back together
  64. Recently baught my FD, and have a couple of qs
  65. Recently baught my FD, and have a couple of qs
  66. HELP!!! Electrical Problem - I Arced from my Alternator Now nothing works
  67. Need Help! Tranny fill plug location
  68. Gotta respect the FD...
  69. 5th Gear Issue...Not The Common One
  70. every one let me know a price..
  71. Did a high speed run
  72. I need specific info on a bolt. ASAP
  73. model year engine differences (ramblings of a lunatic)
  74. APexi (Japan) is bankrupt.
  75. '99 Lip Owners
  76. Final Drive Ring and Pinion
  77. Widest Point's Width
  78. Swap auto to 5 speed
  79. AFR is high how do i fix
  80. i just wrecked my 7
  81. operating oil temp
  82. Frequent Flooding Problem
  83. Oil Catch Can install locations
  84. Wideband?
  85. full rebuild and street port job?
  86. Car won't start, any ideas?
  87. JDM model info needed!
  88. My gauges are "flinching"!
  89. Need new engine. Help!
  90. 7-7-10 Boost Pattern??
  91. leaky oilpan. fix it TODAY.
  92. Battery. Which is right voltage?
  93. I have trouble selling my BBS LM"S (Gold)!!!
  94. Who makes the thinnest sandwich adapter?
  95. This a true HKS BOV?
  96. Why o-rings fail. My theory.
  97. heard a pop while driving
  98. harness question
  99. Question when buying used
  100. New Spark Plugs On The Market!
  101. Wideband Question
  102. hmmm that smells like coolant.... yup... and that's a hose.
  103. Need a boost controller which?
  104. Flooded? Idle? Misfire?
  105. difference in down pipes?
  106. FD3S TSB List (Technicle Service Bulletin) A MUST READ BEFORE YOU BUY!!!!!!!!
  107. Wrong gas, retard...
  108. factory harness connectors
  109. Cant Remove Spark Plugs
  110. Cooling system woes
  111. Dumbest Question Ever - How do I remove the rear wheels?
  112. Pad thickness
  113. horsepower support with KGRails?
  114. Idle/coasting behavior
  115. Pics of my dual fuel pump setup
  116. Backpressure...
  117. Buddy Club P1 QF - The "lightest" FD wheels you can buy! time offer?
  118. Crank but no start
  119. Suspension Question
  120. new fd owner.
  121. Reload this Page BnR, '99 SPEC, AND STOCK TWINS COMPARISON... HELP PLEASE???
  122. First mods?
  123. Removal of ignition cut card.....
  124. 1993 RX7 Oil Pressure
  125. need help with some part #s
  126. New OS Giken Clutch for FD ~ STR
  127. Breakup at high rpms
  128. *click,click,click* Automatic Problem fix?
  129. Apexi Turbo timer.
  130. Fuse for Tach...?
  131. prolite flywheel???
  132. New high score!
  133. any one tried the new centerforce DFX clutch?
  134. Exhaust Gasket Sealant
  135. Problems!
  136. HKS SSQV question
  137. engine wiring harness
  138. stalling problem
  139. Question for those with HID.
  140. Center of taillight is on, why? (brakelight)
  141. Hot Start Problems. Please Help
  142. ECU Difference?
  143. The Fluid Thread
  144. Fire extinguisher in glove box
  145. SSA BOV Flange? (searched)
  146. Looking for......
  147. Scraping/grinding sound from front DS wheel area
  148. Yes, another fuel smell thread!
  149. Strange Brakes
  150. Centerforce dual friction holding force
  151. Turbo question
  152. Check Engine Light
  153. Who makes a TRUE 4" Exhaust for the FD?
  154. I love my car!
  155. The build up
  156. Things are really moving along now. . .fuel injectors?
  157. after rebuilt questions
  158. Need Help - smoke at idle
  159. Hks F Con
  160. Just bought my first FD! How much NoS on 20lb. boost can the stock motor take?
  161. no boost from 1st turbo but 2nd turbo is working fine ??
  162. Who owns two FD's and why?
  163. i just got my fd.. couple questions
  164. Blitz Dual turbo timer switch
  165. jdm front clip into usdm chassis
  166. Valid Part Number?
  167. Urgent!!! Need Help
  168. Back in the Game
  169. Water sprayer idea
  170. What is a oil catch tank used for?
  171. Sold!( 56k Take a Lunch)
  172. vac hose
  173. HELP!!! Car Won't Start
  174. Looking for list of Performance Parts to add.
  175. Advice will be great... Oil Pressure problem
  176. Current Project: Trying to get ready for DG!
  177. Braided brake lines
  178. Which wire for the resistor for the injectors
  179. New to the Rx-7
  180. Luke warm heat, poor mileage... bad thermostat?
  181. When transmissions fail...
  182. Engine Rewire
  183. Greddy SMIC - piping coupler, diameter
  184. Heavy smoking after Acceleration
  185. Boost leak!!!
  186. 94 glove box in a 93?
  187. ECU/harness experts needed
  188. quick Q on smog pump removal
  189. WISESPORTS Super Reflector w/HID Kit Installed
  190. insurance Q
  191. Automatic Transmission engine endplate pictures needed
  192. concerning the tt 5 speed transmision
  193. Where does this go!? (HID)
  194. How Do You Install Pintle Caps?
  195. 1st RX7. Very Excited
  196. 99 spec engine and wiring
  197. Ebay M2 Core Intercooler??
  198. ok, THAT WAS SCARY! my engine runs now!
  199. Question on modified efini y-pipe
  200. Quick question! Too Tall to fit??
  201. some questions about money
  202. my oil cap smells like fuel?
  203. clutch question
  204. exhaust hanger
  205. what do you think? 996 turbo vs FD
  206. Need a little help with Pettit Intake install.
  207. Steering gear backlash
  208. jspec and US difference
  209. self introduction
  210. Where to meet?
  211. Quick answer please on PFC Holder install.
  212. Ultimate Track Car Challenge
  213. carbon vs. glass door wieghts?
  214. 93-95 Cruise Control Buttons on 99 and newer nardi wheel?
  215. Help Fd History + Tuner Recommendation
  216. v mount setup pics
  217. need advice on fuel problem
  218. New FD Owner Paranoid (maybe newbie paranoia?)
  219. Bleeding the master cylinder, ABS
  220. AC Removal - How to Keep your Heater
  221. vented hood+water=????
  222. Back seat conversion kit
  223. Crazy Clutch Sound...Please Halp!
  224. FD rear end
  225. My overflow tank "steals" water
  226. Bad engine???
  227. Remove the Night Sports FCDF Type N fuel cut defender?
  228. Muffler Sound !
  229. Ducting for Greddy SMIC?
  230. Can this car REALLY make 320BHP?
  231. noob help please.
  232. So many issues...
  233. Can i use "Engine Flush" on my FD?
  234. Installing Fuel Pressure Gauge Sender
  235. Newbie question
  236. Any suggestions before starting 33k mazda reman that has been sitting 12-16 months?
  237. apex
  238. Re: Solenoid Nipple Repair
  239. Question About 99'+ Rear Emblems
  240. FC Lights?
  241. How to get off a stuck diff fill bolt?
  242. check this ebay scammer out!
  243. Waste Of A 7
  244. Anyone ever repaired their glovebox?
  245. FD Trans dimensions?
  246. can I use fc clutch to my fd
  247. Pillow ball part number
  248. jdm vs. us spec
  249. Braided Fuel
  250. Breaking in the engine