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  1. Even Cheaper Bastard Cold Air Intake
  2. Is anyone running Ianetti ceramic apex seals?
  3. I need Some Help with My PROFEC B SPEC II
  4. Any Attempts at an After-Cat Turbo System?
  5. Yet another Injector Resistor question.
  6. Ebay Scam
  7. Who owns this Rx-7
  8. Buying an rx-7
  9. Why not 2 stroke pre-mix in crank?
  10. Has anybody bought the Fighters Garage CAI?
  11. Where can I find these?
  12. dash wont work and wont start
  13. RA's Oil Injector Pump Adapter? Please post pics & how to's of your setup.
  14. fd3s tranny seperation
  15. Harness question - regarding ABS / Error codes
  16. What's a normal oil pressure? Maybe this helps...
  17. Weird Idle
  18. Engine rebuilt parts list?
  19. Diff Brace/PPF Mounting?
  20. How much "abuse" can an auto take???
  21. Rattling sound when Shutting off? (VIDEO)
  22. 6 speed rx8 trans in a 3rd gen?
  23. Need tips on starting the car after a few years of sitting
  24. A puzzle and a couple of problems...
  25. Scraping Sound with the wheels/tires?
  26. Nice OEM style Garrett boost gauge
  27. Do different BOVs make a difference?
  28. Anyone with an SMIC, preferably a Pettit Large
  29. RX7 help, leg room!
  30. Is there a difference in weight between stock 93 wheels and other years?
  31. Questions from a future 3rd gen owner.
  32. turbo noise ??
  33. Rear diff weight?? Need to know asap
  34. passenger side motor mount??
  35. Radiator Issues
  36. Finally got my 3 rotor FD home
  37. Oil woes
  38. My Ride in TurboTommy's 20B
  39. What ambient temperatures to NOT run 10W-30?
  40. strut tower bar and greddy elbow clearance
  41. pettit racing unlimited and emissions test
  42. Resistors for tach
  43. RE Amemiya Redom
  44. Hood Release
  45. Knock sensor question..
  46. The best solenoid replacement.
  47. mini battery kit
  48. AC Removal - New Belt Number
  49. LSD Whine
  50. rx7 versions
  51. **how To Get Your 99-spec Gauges To Work**
  52. 1.2 bar of boost RPM?
  53. Quality of Greddy Type RS BOV - adjustment SUCKS
  54. Boost issues! -_-
  55. Who has had rx7store rebuild their engine ?
  56. ABS sensor reading 0.00 ohms resistance.
  57. searched, need proper way to remove bose snake
  58. controlling the boost controller......
  59. Need Injector HEEELP!
  60. FD Playboy car of the year in 1993?
  61. ok i dont know were to ask this so
  62. 99+ gauge cluster install...
  63. What Could Cause the Blow by??
  64. Anyone know the part # for 99 spec front turn signals?
  65. "Peg Leg" Diff
  66. Quick idiot question, turn signal enclosure on stock front bumper
  67. Is it easy to spot compression loss?
  68. Koyo Radiator
  69. FD Non-Bose Audio System Wiring Diagram
  70. Help me! I'm looking to buy a 3rd gen FD and need to know what to look for.
  71. I gotta fu kin' idea....
  72. First Impressions
  73. what the hell is this line?
  74. dual fuel pump questions
  75. Gauge Cluster cover or dome
  76. 94 vr project
  77. Boost problem solved
  78. Coolant leak issue
  79. carb legal intakes
  80. Stock Rx7 only boost 0,6lbs during summer, is it ok?
  81. mbc vs electric boost controller
  82. how to tell if your engine is stock or not
  83. Recipe for 12's?
  84. Project PP FD.
  85. How much would you pay for a freshly rebuilt FD engine?
  86. How to remove gauge cluster?
  87. IS there any RE Amemiya cars i US..??
  88. Speedo board question
  89. shorten the short shifter!
  90. Car is getting progressively harder to start when cold
  91. RE: R1 strut bar hardware
  92. any write ups for suspension links installs??
  93. More boost problems...
  94. damn coolant
  95. New Greek FD owner
  96. If this is the idle bleed screw, then what's this?
  97. what to buy? let me know
  98. My FD is sold, thankyou all and goodbye
  99. Fuel pump housing/sending unit? Where to buy?
  100. Click Click start.....again
  101. supra pump or general fuel pump question
  102. just did some work. big hesitation above 0psi
  103. Found my coolant leak.. is there an easy fix?
  104. Other FD Oil Pan makers..
  105. quick pyrometer gauge??
  106. location of starter relay
  107. Most probable cause(s) of bogging at boost..?
  108. Air Filter Question
  109. Speed limiter at 180km/h!?!?!?
  110. car pulls to the side under acceleration
  111. Clutch clicking sound
  112. selling my FD, pre-purchase inspection advice...
  113. Blitz DC II Gauges
  114. 99 spec turn light bulbs
  115. datalogits in stock?!?!?!
  116. Steering wheel hub adapter?
  117. Door trim help!!
  118. How the heck do you remove the center AC vents?
  119. Blitz FMIC won't fit around wire harness - help please!
  120. Why not drive an FD in the snow?
  121. It keeps turning...
  122. Dented my own FD :(
  123. Question with Appearance for inside of car.
  124. Gotta get a boost gauge.
  125. 'Import Car of the Year' decal update....anyone?
  126. replaced oil injectors
  127. How high?
  128. Where Can I Find A Rx-7 Fd Glass Sunroof ?
  129. Guys with aftermarket steering column pods !
  130. which CAI with GReddy SMIC
  131. Three rotors and Three turbos
  132. 1st Turbo works fine, second sometimes kicks in
  133. Joining the FD world
  134. Rob Bailey Custom Solenoids?
  135. Where to look for a engine?
  136. a strange electrical problem
  137. Polyurethane bushings (steering rack and full kit)
  138. Rear defroster switch lamp
  139. twin 2 inch mufflers???
  140. Keyhole Lightbulb on Column
  141. Left door handle assembly trim (interior)
  142. Anyone on the Forum with this V-Mount?
  143. New wheels :)
  144. Exhaust Question
  145. My Coolant Seal are out :( , what is next?
  146. smoking exhaust question.....
  147. Dual Radiators: When amateurs take on big projects
  148. JDM Models - features
  149. need help, putting stock headlights back together
  150. Recently baught my FD, and have a couple of qs
  151. Recently baught my FD, and have a couple of qs
  152. HELP!!! Electrical Problem - I Arced from my Alternator Now nothing works
  153. Need Help! Tranny fill plug location
  154. Gotta respect the FD...
  155. 5th Gear Issue...Not The Common One
  156. every one let me know a price..
  157. Did a high speed run
  158. I need specific info on a bolt. ASAP
  159. model year engine differences (ramblings of a lunatic)
  160. APexi (Japan) is bankrupt.
  161. '99 Lip Owners
  162. Final Drive Ring and Pinion
  163. Widest Point's Width
  164. Swap auto to 5 speed
  165. AFR is high how do i fix
  166. i just wrecked my 7
  167. operating oil temp
  168. Frequent Flooding Problem
  169. Oil Catch Can install locations
  170. Wideband?
  171. full rebuild and street port job?
  172. Car won't start, any ideas?
  173. JDM model info needed!
  174. My gauges are "flinching"!
  175. Need new engine. Help!
  176. 7-7-10 Boost Pattern??
  177. leaky oilpan. fix it TODAY.
  178. Battery. Which is right voltage?
  179. I have trouble selling my BBS LM"S (Gold)!!!
  180. Who makes the thinnest sandwich adapter?
  181. This a true HKS BOV?
  182. Why o-rings fail. My theory.
  183. heard a pop while driving
  184. harness question
  185. Question when buying used
  186. New Spark Plugs On The Market!
  187. Wideband Question
  188. hmmm that smells like coolant.... yup... and that's a hose.
  189. Need a boost controller which?
  190. Flooded? Idle? Misfire?
  191. difference in down pipes?
  192. FD3S TSB List (Technicle Service Bulletin) A MUST READ BEFORE YOU BUY!!!!!!!!
  193. Wrong gas, retard...
  194. factory harness connectors
  195. Cant Remove Spark Plugs
  196. Cooling system woes
  197. Dumbest Question Ever - How do I remove the rear wheels?
  198. Pad thickness
  199. horsepower support with KGRails?
  200. Idle/coasting behavior
  201. Pics of my dual fuel pump setup
  202. Backpressure...
  203. Buddy Club P1 QF - The "lightest" FD wheels you can buy! time offer?
  204. Crank but no start
  205. Suspension Question
  206. new fd owner.
  207. Reload this Page BnR, '99 SPEC, AND STOCK TWINS COMPARISON... HELP PLEASE???
  208. First mods?
  209. Removal of ignition cut card.....
  210. 1993 RX7 Oil Pressure
  211. need help with some part #s
  212. New OS Giken Clutch for FD ~ STR
  213. Breakup at high rpms
  214. *click,click,click* Automatic Problem fix?
  215. Apexi Turbo timer.
  216. Fuse for Tach...?
  217. prolite flywheel???
  218. New high score!
  219. any one tried the new centerforce DFX clutch?
  220. Exhaust Gasket Sealant
  221. Problems!
  222. HKS SSQV question
  223. engine wiring harness
  224. stalling problem
  225. Question for those with HID.
  226. Center of taillight is on, why? (brakelight)
  227. Hot Start Problems. Please Help
  228. ECU Difference?
  229. The Fluid Thread
  230. Fire extinguisher in glove box
  231. SSA BOV Flange? (searched)
  232. Looking for......
  233. Scraping/grinding sound from front DS wheel area
  234. Yes, another fuel smell thread!
  235. Strange Brakes
  236. Centerforce dual friction holding force
  237. Turbo question
  238. Check Engine Light
  239. Who makes a TRUE 4" Exhaust for the FD?
  240. I love my car!
  241. The build up
  242. Things are really moving along now. . .fuel injectors?
  243. after rebuilt questions
  244. Need Help - smoke at idle
  245. Hks F Con
  246. Just bought my first FD! How much NoS on 20lb. boost can the stock motor take?
  247. no boost from 1st turbo but 2nd turbo is working fine ??
  248. Who owns two FD's and why?
  249. i just got my fd.. couple questions
  250. Blitz Dual turbo timer switch