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  1. Really Quick Boost Gauge Question
  2. TOP SECRET: Gotham Racings Secret Weapon!!!
  3. Auto assistance = name this connector
  4. Need Advice on rebuild...
  5. Brake Pedal Question?
  6. Wategate rattle
  7. where to get "trim" for the windshield/hatch glass
  8. JDM tranny owners, RPMs at 80 MPH in 5th
  9. Where can I get these side pieces?
  10. look what I found on ebay...
  11. Electrical Q: Hazard Lights
  12. JDM models.. type R, X...???
  13. Deeper into the foxhole. . .need some help again.
  14. Security light
  15. New Wheels and spoiler installed on #8...
  16. Anyone interested in adjustable front anti-sway bar links?
  17. high oil pressure....?
  18. cold start shake.....?
  19. Hello All
  20. posted in microtech but have a better chance of some1 answering it here
  21. Question about Hydrailic e-brake
  22. Idle speed issues and HVAC heat
  23. Brand new rebuild - BLOWN? HELP!
  24. A-Pillar Gauge Pod
  25. Counterweight Removal???
  26. where should i run my wastegate dump tube ?
  27. sequential system help?
  28. Rear diff leaking!
  29. boost creep control
  30. 13b re
  31. ECU Gone Wild...?
  32. help: Front bumper opening sizes? 99 Spec & GTC
  33. I was almost done, then i broke it; My AST
  34. New Owner, a few n00b questions
  35. Ic
  36. alarm not alarming
  37. which downpipe to get
  38. stock alarm bypass via the hood pin method quick question.
  39. the dreaded clunking noise
  40. Got a quote on repairing my oil leak. Expensive?
  41. PT Claybarred/Meguiar'ed on a Cloudy Day
  42. need some input on emission's elimination
  43. hood and engine making loud noise at 2750 RPMs
  44. Brake Piston Problem!!
  45. HELP: 99 instrument cluster in a 93 not working
  46. Radiator hose...
  47. What performance parts to add?
  48. To any that remember me, i'm back!
  49. picture if lower intake gasket and throttlebody gasket needed
  50. need help, starting problem
  51. Boost turned down? Or is it paranoia?
  52. Resurrection....
  53. low boost, automatic tranny
  54. 13BRE or 13BREW
  55. Reliability Is The Factor...period.
  56. Wiring gremlins need some expericed help!
  57. Found on ebay
  58. Tips on removing rear axles from Diff?
  59. Installing Harnesses
  60. Questions regarding injectors?
  61. One quick question
  62. FD door handle
  63. V-Mount on a Mazda Speed A-Spec FB?
  64. stock turbo size??
  65. where to look for FD
  66. fouling plugs
  67. hello everybody CRC block weld
  68. My stillway IC install - pics and opinions?
  69. No boost on stock twins????
  70. Brand Loyalty
  71. Tuning Question
  72. cost to ship bins/weight of bins
  73. Small rust hole in muffler
  74. Turbo control solenoid
  75. Bathurst questions
  76. Weird Part Needed
  77. Attempting hid projector retrofit +pics
  78. Which FMIC intercooler does not require batt relocation
  79. ACT Clutch
  80. Links on engine removal (1993)
  81. boost creep HELP
  82. air intake temps....headlight cover....
  83. Aero parts
  84. aftermarket Hood fitment question??
  85. FYI 94 textured AC panel still available.
  86. Which oil cooler would be better?
  87. Mounting Greddy/Trust AirINX
  88. Knight Sports tower plate
  89. my big problem plz
  90. Assistance in determining value of following FD
  91. NEWBIE: single or twin turbo
  92. Shutter when engaging clutch
  93. Oil Level Meter Q???
  94. Map Sensor Check Valve
  95. switching from synthetic to non-synthetic...?????
  96. Did I blow my engine? Please Help!
  97. Does anyone have this problem?
  98. How did double throttle affect test drives?
  99. Add Coolant Light
  100. Can anyone Identify these [stock-ish]twins?
  101. Throttle body coolant deletion how to requested
  102. First FD, not the first problem :] (coolant leak related[(crappy)pics])
  103. HELP re amemiya/power fc questions.. HELP
  104. need help from keeping my rebuilt motor from dying...
  105. Leaky injector?
  106. Figured out my hard idle!!!!!!! crazy stuff
  107. Just rebuilt, but now low compression. stuck seal?
  108. Red light on oil gauge flickering
  109. Need some help pronto (TPS)!
  110. Throttle body coolant line sender discussion
  111. Losing Compression
  112. datalogit
  113. Found a local RX7 w/rebuilt engine for $9500 locally.. good deal?
  114. headlights goin up and down crazy
  115. Manual Steering Rack
  116. HELP-Greddy profec type-S boost issue
  117. FD airflow
  118. IF not fd then wut?
  119. Stock twins vs. Efini twins vs. BNR stage 3
  120. Deleted my double throttle today. Now I have a question.
  121. How many FD's where made.
  122. punctured radiator
  123. Twin scroll turbo from FC on an FD?
  124. Help identifying a connector
  125. gurgle
  126. Things left to fix that drive you nuts?
  127. Car Cover for 99spec wing or RB Type II
  128. somting wrong with the transmision shifting from 4th to 5th.plis help my
  129. anyone ever use sealent for water pump?
  130. Thump Sound!? Please Help!!!
  131. Need the think tank on this one
  132. rx7 store aluminum intake pipe fit?
  133. Dynomax, Borla, Magnaflow?
  134. Build-up thread - (pics of your build up or your blown engine)
  135. Racing beat...Which exhaust is quieter?
  136. Unusual fluid in the oil catch can?
  137. Boost and Temp Gauge Install- A Newbie Guide
  138. Years and Models List?
  139. Rear wheels locked!
  140. Is Raceshoppro Gone?
  141. Hey Everyone
  142. My new polished parts
  143. Fd Owner.. In the future.. Needs ur input!
  144. Removing Gauge Cowl (Meter Hood).
  145. Hallman boost controller not working
  146. Dimesions of a 3rd gen.
  147. vanishing coolant
  148. Is this 3rd gen worth it ?
  149. shaking at high speeds
  150. Fitting a blitz boost controller
  151. Boost Readings
  152. anyone got more info on this pic
  153. Blitz Power Meter Calibration HELP!!
  154. Air temp sensor and AFR
  155. help needed identifying parts
  156. Cleaning the car... Pics and questions
  157. New owner
  158. Educate me on A/C
  159. How Not To Do A Double Throttle Removal
  160. Yay...another one bites the dust
  161. raceshop rollbar
  162. Double throttle removal Idea.
  163. help! oil cooler lines leaking...
  164. How to separate steering column?
  165. Mickey Mouse Type Pod 52mm??
  166. FD transmission mount
  167. Driver side armrest- removal?
  168. Removing broken downpipe studs?
  169. has anyone heard of SUpernow swaybar mounts?
  170. Confirmation of a BAD thing.
  171. Front bumper removal
  172. Blitz FMIC Install Question
  173. tranmission problem
  174. New to the community
  175. Starter hesitation...need some help please.
  176. want suggestions; removed intake manifold and TB
  177. Anyone have FD weights from Mantissa?
  178. Mazda Reman Part Number
  179. Exhaust manifold gasket prices?
  180. had my stock twin turbocharger rebuilt
  181. 3RD Gen Brake booster problems ?
  182. Install a Rear Wheel Bearing?
  183. FD3s RX-7 different versions
  184. what will replace the Apex'I Power FC?
  185. Grounding Point Missing?
  186. My 8th RX7 is in the garage!!!
  187. Leaky Oil Pan Question
  188. man,what do you guys do?
  189. ******GUITARJUNKIE28 passed away today*****
  190. RE Amemiya Sleek headlights
  191. Having a tuff time finding info on this.
  192. CWEST Headlight Install - What lights can I use (hi and low beam)?
  193. Wanted: CWR Oil cooler install instructions
  194. problems with the gas door lid lock
  195. We 3rd Gen brothers lost a member today
  196. Looks nice
  197. New FD Owner :D
  198. Coolant Leak - From Where?
  199. apexi N1 dual exhaust
  200. gauge needle removal
  201. radiators for automatics
  202. $6000+ rebuild... WTF
  203. what hose is this and what does it do
  204. I'm installing a midpipe...
  205. Greddy Airinx Install Question
  206. Radiator Fans won't stop.
  207. Questions about recall fan control module
  208. downpipe - cracked?
  209. FD problems...
  210. Anyone put Apexi filters on HKS RS pipes ?
  211. Braided stainless steel line to stock hose barb
  212. Oil leak - Oil filter area
  213. Suggestions please
  214. How do you depressurize the fuel system when remote-testing?
  215. need rx7 help
  216. How much does a cold air box actually do?
  217. doing a auto 2 manual swap
  218. Cleaning starter, had a question.
  219. HKs downpipe
  220. 3rd gens
  221. automatic starter bolt(s) size (lower side)
  222. suspension issues
  223. oil smoke after wot or heavy decel
  224. New to site, looking for random info
  225. Boost fuel cut?
  226. were tha hell does it go
  227. Genuine 99 Spec Tails Condensing
  228. Greddy 3 Row FMIC measurements
  229. Greddy type RS
  230. Breathing/Idle Problems??
  231. Turbo problems - check valves
  232. Air control valve
  233. How do i test my Turbo Control Solenoids?
  234. what clutch to run for over 450 rwhp?
  235. Dual fuel pump ?'s with pics
  236. Momo Pitstop EBrake Handle how to
  237. turbo control solenoids
  238. The way to safer motoring (Chuck Westbrook)
  239. oil leak coming from around the TB
  240. Buying an 3rd Gen...
  241. New project RX-7
  242. Transmission housing question
  243. ? w/ Injector insulator install (photos)
  244. Find more info about the Apexi Fd3s?
  245. power steering cooler
  246. Bad day, FD down.
  247. Would someone identify this clutch?
  248. Eccentric shaft / e-shaft pilot bearing hold overbore tool
  249. turn signal light bulb keeps blowing up in 99+ bumper lights
  250. new plugs-now falls on face