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  1. Where to buy interior parts?
  2. Gauging Interest: Fiberglass non-bose cover
  3. Been a long time...
  4. New rx7 owner needs help
  5. can a 94 5 speed emmisions harness connect to a 93 fd
  6. 99 spec lights info?
  7. Fuel Pressure Problems
  8. was the fd sold in germany ?
  9. picking up a rx7 soon.
  10. couple coolant sensor questions???
  11. RICH Idle!! Any info would be great
  12. oil filler censor!!??
  13. rear end HP level?
  14. Boost Issue after Winter Storage
  15. Future FD owner
  16. Can anyone identify this air filter?
  17. RX8 Ignition for the FD
  18. sealed batteries
  19. v-mount bracket pictures?
  20. Fuel Injectors cooked?
  21. Manual Trans fluid
  22. r1,r2 touring????
  23. oil light comes on sometimes?
  24. Fuel Door wont close.........@#^&$*
  25. oil and filter
  26. Will this work?
  27. UIM ports
  28. O2 Sensor Readings
  29. Oil cooler rebuild/reman?
  30. 2k sputter
  31. Gotham Racing Rear Trailing arms help
  32. final word on metallic cats?
  33. Replacing rear main seal
  34. new here
  35. Huge Radiator Issue!help Please
  36. testing coil output
  37. 2nd-3rd Missed Shifts
  38. trying to find a thread with jimlab
  39. license plate lights?
  40. new motor first time running
  41. Coolant issues
  42. Differences in FPD's
  43. differences between fd (93) & (94) emissions harness?
  44. Boost ok to taper even with bolt ons?
  45. your opinions on a non sequential
  46. Info on JDM Racing Engines?
  47. running rich
  48. Need advice on my transmission troubles
  49. brake help
  50. FD Power Steering FULL manual conversion write up
  51. Vents on side of car
  52. blitz sbc i-color or hks evc 6???
  53. hardrace stuff from ebay, is it any good?
  54. Most amount of mileage out of your Rotary?
  55. Fuel upgrade suggestions?
  56. NEED HELP ASAP! My friends rx7 has problems!
  57. Rsm
  58. Cigarette lighter fuse keeps blowing... advice?
  59. car won't start, new battery...i've searched
  60. Crazy electrical problem... car starting by turning on parking lights
  61. Need part number/pricing
  62. Diagnostic code 46
  63. Harness - Lap Belt Mount Points
  64. anyone have scan of a window sticker
  65. headlight problem...searched extensively
  66. Oil leak - what else could I check?
  67. Dual FC Oil Coolers for the FD
  68. opinion of compression test numbers
  69. Rebuilt engines
  70. Turbo coolant hoses?
  71. the cooling gremlin strikes again!
  72. Crushed dreams
  73. Lil shifting problems
  74. 2 Seater and 2 + 2 Seater
  75. Thinking about selling the FD.. How much is it worth?
  76. How to Change Idle revs
  77. removing wastegate pill = 9psi?
  78. ok i read the tech manual thing.
  79. Engine Codes 42 and 43
  80. New to the Rx7 and want to tuner one out
  81. R1 Oil Cooler Install----need a quick answer asap
  82. Circuit opening relay problem
  83. Houston I've got a problem, please help...
  84. greddy profec spec b 2..tuning issues
  85. Looking for advice on intake/air box...
  86. Help: Car wont start after alternator
  87. Question with Engine Upgrade.
  88. Just wanted to say,"thanks"
  89. Another vacuum hose question. . .
  90. Aftermarket front spoiler harness
  91. Airborn!
  92. What is this "valve"?
  93. Engine selling question
  94. Help please guys, gloop on the oil filler cap.
  95. Transmission Swap question
  96. Braking/Idle Problem, Please Help!
  97. leg room?
  98. FD Appreciation Thread!
  99. Crazy Idle
  100. Installed Mazda Speed short shifter
  101. Thermoswitch needed with PowerFC
  102. Water-to-air V-mount with two full size radiators
  103. The sway bar story Part 1
  104. what is the retractor fuse for?
  105. fan mod rhd question
  106. Wheel base measurment?
  107. water boiling in ast?
  108. new guy here with sum questions
  109. Pettit Racing ASt cap problem
  110. ECU question
  111. going to the 1/4 track....race gas yes/no?
  112. auto instr. cluster
  113. Tiny little light globes used in the dash switches - FDRX7S6
  114. Replacing Signal Bulbs?
  115. Gauge cluster
  116. Saving a FD.
  117. Transmition problem need help
  118. stock fd only bosting 5 psi?????
  119. ...FD noob gone wild.....
  120. best fuel system using stock rails (must retain acv for CA smog)
  121. Egt
  122. High flow cat- +20whp?
  123. Few Questions about Maintaing FD
  124. Need pics of midpipe mounted
  125. fuse check???
  126. is M2 performance still around?
  127. injector cleaner mixed with protek r: good or bad
  128. Pre control actuator P/N
  129. Headlights,Right Turn Signals,Hazards Not working?
  130. Dumb Question But Im A Noob
  131. how much can a stock FD differential handle?
  132. Relocated A/C for FMIC or V-Mount, please post pics/
  133. Engine bay - do these belong here??
  134. Injectors for 350whp???
  135. Low Oil Light --HEELP !!
  136. Newbie Question about Running Rich....
  137. The HOOD Is Done!!!!!
  138. 3rd gen tranny
  139. ABS light came on on my 93
  140. ck engine light on my 93 FD
  141. Idle Jumping high
  142. help with parts
  143. engine coolant drain plug is at?
  144. did oem thermostat change?
  145. flush out my cooling system
  146. Rebuild + HP question
  147. Detachment of oxygen sensor
  148. oil cooler failure
  149. what to replace and test when dressing a motor
  150. quick Q about jdm motor
  151. steering feels loose?
  152. JDM harness VS USDM
  153. Smoke coming from engine bay after unflooding it???
  154. fuel smell coming from exhaust
  155. OMP max output ratio
  156. hey guys i need ur help!
  157. Wastegate Porting
  158. Electrical Issue: Need verification
  159. Speedo reading 20 MPH too high...any adjustment?
  160. Any1 else have dual EGT? Too many gauges to monitor?
  161. Does my flywheel look properly mounted?
  162. How in the hell to remove gauge cluster
  163. OBX Helical LSD for Fd. Some one tried it?
  164. oil in my intercooler piping
  165. Wierd Powersteering
  166. Hi everyone, 93 vs 95 which is better?
  167. What do you think? (Radiator on ebay)
  168. Room fuse keeps blowing(Help please)
  169. please delete.
  170. Who can repair FD gauge clusters?
  171. Going single I want a stock sounding BOV?
  172. How to make sure it is a real MS short shifter?
  173. Stuck seal?
  174. no radiator fluid????
  175. Is this the infamous Y-pipe?
  176. Mazda RX7 FD3S stock Alternator number
  177. factory turbo help
  178. Got a tire blow out on the freeway =[
  179. ABS light.....checking ABS codes?
  180. rough idle on cold start up....why?
  181. Difference between PFS Large Intercooler and M2/ASP Large?
  182. Rx project...your thoughts and suggestions are welcome
  183. Oil cooler fin straightening
  184. Anyone with the HKS intake, question about carb number
  185. Gotham Oil Pan Brace or Ground Zero Oil Pan
  186. GM 3-Bar Map Sensor Harness Adapters
  187. Does anyone know what happen?
  188. GReddy Type RS BOV open at idle - searched
  189. Engine swaps??
  190. Air Pump Bolt Size? (was Random but important question)
  191. Stupid Airpump!!!
  192. My ghetto glovebox light fix
  193. Reviews of HKS twin plate?
  194. Boost Limitation Switch:
  195. add coolant light is still on. where is the 2nd connection?
  196. Project Pics (was It's Looking Good)
  197. head lights
  198. 93 rx7 falls on its face at 5 lbs of boost why???
  199. Replacing FPD
  200. rx-7 store install
  201. bad idling problem???
  202. OEM Harness Connector Manufacturer? was "a little help"
  203. Gotham P/S Removal Kit
  204. Car won’t start and I know why but... (Kinda long)
  205. ACT HDMM kit installation ?
  206. 99 spec wing
  207. please help me identify...
  208. *sigh* water in my oil.... what to do next?
  209. rear end oil
  210. Ignition setup
  211. Car died, blank PFC & ticking injectors??
  212. Electrical issue - wont start. Any ideas?
  213. Strawberry Scented Two Stroke Oil
  214. pc680 battery question?
  215. Car will not start
  216. Finally project done and problems problems problems
  217. More parts!
  218. loud pop when i turn the wheel
  219. My quad pod gauge holder project
  220. Where to get: Fuel pump housing screws
  221. The wiring harness to the alternator. . .
  222. How long to take off the UIM?
  223. Polyurethane Motor Mount Heights?
  224. Time for a new water pump & gasket?
  225. exhaust question
  226. Sorry, Another "My Car Won't Start" Thread
  227. missing km from odometer, vanished 300km?
  228. Location of the fan thermoswitch
  229. For those needing a stock rear exhaust hanger...
  230. tank of gas?
  231. 1993 Carpet
  232. greddy pullies
  233. urathan or solid suspension bushings
  234. nice ebay fd
  235. standard injectors support my current mods?
  236. Q about fitment with Top Feed Injectors in KG Rails?
  237. Gotham racing short throw shifter
  238. Further pics of my Great engine bay project!
  239. Any feedback on DIN panel gauge pod -vs- center speaker pods?
  240. Mazdaspeed Rear Big Brake Kit
  241. What do the side vents on the FD do?
  242. did i mess up my fd already..
  243. exhaust/gas smell from engine
  244. Are these worth a crap?
  245. Greddy Turbo Timer
  246. Ahh Quick Help Ac Condensor Thing
  247. Looking for New OEM harnesses
  248. Has anyone done this?!
  249. Fuel smell coming from exhaust
  250. i wonder.............(tuning ignition timing)