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  1. Fuel pump re-wire question
  2. Dual walbro power question
  3. 3rd gen newbie please help have mercy on me!
  4. Practicality/Legality of using Racing Harnesses as Full-Time Safety Restraints???
  5. Anyone know these connectors??
  6. Glowing Red Hot Turbos
  7. Blitz Bov
  8. Upgraded steering rack bushings
  9. FC question for FD with pulley kit
  10. sunburst yellow bathurst type r 2001
  11. Apexi GT catback pic req.
  12. Spoiler removed professionally
  13. ARGH! Smoke and oil leak around the turbos :(
  14. Stock Cpu help
  15. Best Brakes?
  16. What injectors?
  17. Need some help!
  18. jdm engines
  19. Quick Question...
  20. Give A Newbie Your Opinion.
  21. another car wont start problem(searched)
  22. Excited about what the new year will bring to my car
  23. Need Help With Abs Issue!!!!!!!
  24. Ignition coil setup
  25. Need help Identifying a Vac Hose
  26. Beginning project
  27. hard start! WTF
  28. map sensor Question... where is it located
  29. Borla vs Magnaflow
  30. Name that sound (vid)
  31. New Pic's of MY CYM Project
  32. 95 OEM CD player problem
  33. Battery cable direct to starter question
  34. Your FD Condition
  35. mounting rubber on fuel pump is melted
  36. Does this pipe come in Aluminum?
  37. WTF is wrong?
  38. electrical problems... help
  39. New to this
  40. polished suspension protection lol
  41. Installing Oil Pan Today...
  42. led tail lights?
  43. The FD is SEX!
  44. LTB 93 & up project car
  45. Nardi Steering Wheel install help
  46. HELP: Need Facts About Apex Seals
  47. Check Engine Light does NOT come ON
  48. Sell FD with blown engine or rebuild it?
  49. Would this work?
  50. Boosting 12-13psi please help?
  51. RX-7 Calendar! Cars needed!
  52. Loud high pitch whine coming from engine!
  53. going to street port
  54. Vibration at Speed??(searched)
  55. is this normal ?
  56. which hoses go where?
  57. Power FC question
  58. Differences in JDM import engines?
  59. Stock headshields
  60. what do you think of this?
  61. tranny question
  62. Brand new ACT flywheel has hole drilled in it????
  63. OMG most annoying rattle ever
  64. Pics of my PROJECT FD finally......
  65. Fd Parts Everywhere.....
  66. injector advice: new or rebuild?
  67. Pillow Ball alternative
  68. Which plug is this?? For 5 speed conversion guys.
  69. J Spec ignition harness ok with stock cpu?
  70. need new irons how much?
  71. Where to buy OEM style fasteners?
  72. RX7 Questions
  73. after market toe links?
  74. Any guess on the power rating on this?
  75. Needing Tie Rod
  76. Should I Replace Everything?
  77. Turbo II Motor in a 3rd gen Question???
  78. how to remove front bumper?
  79. Smog Pump caught on fire!
  80. Pictures of your fd
  81. Repair manuals?
  82. How To Bleed mY Clutch?
  83. Where to put the coolant reservoir
  84. Mazdaspeed Rear Diffuser
  85. fuel system upgrade from stock questions
  86. Engine Mounts question
  87. WTB single turbo
  88. Leading vs. Trailing Plugs...
  89. OEM FogLight Removal
  90. intercooler pipes replacement/
  91. Blowing Meter Fuse - Part 3 (The End)
  92. 2 new pics from my project
  93. 93 FD VRS 03 Cobra
  94. RacingBrake needs your input asap re caliper/wheel clearance
  95. new flywheel ? had to slip clutch while stuck in 3rd
  96. Secondary is only boosting 8 ??
  97. Question about wire
  98. Turbo comparo
  99. Series 6 & 8 Driveshafts
  100. Question about something on dash
  101. apex seals
  102. Opinions on 30k mile service...
  103. Window Sticker Project
  104. Kevlar clutch disc ?
  105. Pettit SMIC duct
  106. Where do get? RE Amemiya shifter, Efini Wheel
  107. PLEASE HELP!! boost problem at high rpm...
  108. apexi active tail silencer
  109. Pics: Rs*r Springs Installed
  110. vac LEAK?!
  111. Rebuild Estimate
  112. Broken headers bolt in block
  113. What power am i looking at?
  114. Pictures of my car getting ready for the season in Norway.
  115. Do third gen injectors leak like second gen?
  116. Need FD engine from Japan
  117. RHD/downpipe
  118. What do you wish you could find?
  119. need help for diy tranny oil change
  120. where to buy RE N1 undersweep
  121. R1 oil cooler install
  122. Video: Who’s FD is this? I have some quick questions.
  123. ? about V-MOUNT setup
  124. Goodridge SS brake lines - do fronts all have mounting tab
  125. AJ's Detail Wash - Evidence/Proof
  126. Greddy m spec intercooler pictures please
  127. Window switch
  128. HKS 'Compound Meter' Boost Gauge Wiring
  129. Oil cooler replacement question
  130. Running Issues
  131. Bushing Kit
  132. Werid RPM issue
  133. Extreme breakup upper RPMS
  134. Any updates from FD guys running Rotary Aviation apex seals?
  135. Diffusers, functional?
  136. Getting a FD3S soon
  137. My Little FD Project
  138. What happened to the car of the year sticker
  139. What is that fuzz inside the glove box?
  140. Sharp Aquos LC45GD4U 45 in Flat Panel LCD TV . $350
  141. factory turbos handle 350hp?
  142. Happy New Year!!!
  143. Another 'what's this?' thread
  144. anyone know if a third gen tranny will fit in my tII
  145. Please don't yell...
  146. delete
  147. Pics of OEM ECU mounted (removal/install)?
  148. Do your floormats look like crap??
  149. If I gutted the sunroof motor and all that goes with it....
  150. Hot start problems
  151. Help with koni shocks please
  152. superstreet jan issue
  153. Have you ever noticed...
  154. Apexi intake = overboost????
  155. Engine Harness
  156. Check valve connection
  157. Exhaust Flapper Hole
  158. short shifter harder on tranny?
  159. Problem after problem, what now?!?
  160. Moroso Spiralflow ...anyone using it?
  161. Power FC help % problem
  162. Cusco 4 point rollbar pics
  163. Quick reply
  164. Rx-7 Series 6 Fd3s Auto To Man, Stuck!
  165. Anyone using AEM Tru-Boost?
  166. My Spirit R Type A Driving Experience
  167. Custom Length Spark Plug Wires
  168. FPD installation
  169. Are RHD cars legal in the states?
  170. Collapsing air intake pipe
  171. going non sequential advise please
  172. How do u guys do it (mount the PFC Commander)?
  173. another fuel smell question
  174. Os Giken Clutch Install Help
  175. Question about banjo bolts.
  176. Judging engine health by vacumm reading...
  177. Apexi FMIC vs Greddy 2 Row vs HKS FMIC
  178. Name that plug
  179. Project Mu SCR-PRO 2-piece rotors
  180. apexi power intake installation... dead hose?
  181. torque HP rating for tran & rear
  182. Vacuum is only Reading 12?
  183. 2 step
  184. T56 tranny to FD
  185. T56 tranny to FD
  186. Suspension clunk
  187. door panel squeaking
  188. Rebuild parts prices
  189. Kynar 3.5/4mm to 6mm adapters for vacuum hose job
  190. How do i remove this piece?
  191. How much vac. hose for Simplified sequential?
  192. temp issue
  193. Auto trans Fluid question
  194. Boost problems power related?
  195. Oil Pressure Increase
  196. boost control stepper motor
  197. airpump freezes???
  198. Who has a custom car cover with 99 spec front/wing??
  199. Anyone have a picture of rear non-bose speaker brackets?
  200. fd gaskets ??
  201. Tomorrow is the big day ;o)
  202. Push start Q?(S2000)
  203. Where can I get a fuel pump NOW?
  204. What's a good offer on these FD engine parts?
  205. Radiator question
  206. First time changing my rear brake pads
  207. should i buy this fd
  208. What is the size/measurement of nut/flare from Oil Suppy/feed line to stock Twins???
  209. Thermoswitch and Pettit fan switch, is it the same?
  210. Damn shift knob!
  211. motor bogging under throttle? help!!
  212. Props to people that work on Seq setup
  213. Strange Black Smoke Problem
  214. Anyone have an OS Giken twinplate lying around they could measure for me?
  215. a chance to get a fd what should i do?
  216. Auto Transmission help
  217. need help
  218. compression test, help pls !
  219. RSR Down Springs Question
  220. Looking to start a RX7 Engine Build Comp/Comparison. Would you donate/participate?
  221. NON? synthetic oil only? WTF?
  222. Ebay Real R2 or Not?
  223. Damian's manual boost controller question.
  224. Car had trouble starting, then huge plum of white smoke.
  225. FD Pillowballs Bushings
  226. Anyone with feedback on their FEED hoods and which direction air goes
  227. Here comes my rebuild..
  228. Datalogit and Wideband Install Writeup
  229. M2 Performance Air Intake Tube?
  230. HKS twin power, install ???
  231. Alignment problems with delrin bushings
  232. EVO-R Black and White FD with WORK Meister
  233. Urethane Bushings
  234. Gap when installing new clutch/PP
  235. Petit AST Cap
  236. wastegate/precontrol solenoid question
  237. rear popping and scrubbing sounds
  238. all around great car
  239. Wish upon a star - new Rx-7
  240. Any installed pics of Rotaryextreme hood shock damper kit?
  241. Do i still need my O2 censor??
  242. OH GOD WHY!!! NOTA V8 FD witha hack job!!!
  243. Any aftermarket filters?
  244. why we should all premix:
  245. pop up light problem
  246. Crappy heat.
  247. What are the Torque Specs...
  248. need help
  249. 13b's
  250. changeing auto to manual