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  1. Engine Swap
  2. Engine Swap
  3. Just out of curiosity....
  4. Engine UPGRADE!?!?!?
  5. need all the help i can get mayday mayday
  6. Rotor motor into a Saturn
  7. mazda rx7 with a B6 1.3 engine
  8. Engine's that will fit?
  9. Piston motor swap?
  10. Just waxed a viper with the rx... :)
  11. dont judge the book by its cover
  12. newbie here wanting to know your opinions...
  13. 69 Datsun 510........HELP
  14. What engines other than the 13B rew, will clear the OEM alum hood
  15. FS: Front Subframe
  16. Bests poker
  17. Anyone swap a renesis into a 3rd gen yet?
  18. Anyone know whats involved in putting a 2jz in an FD?
  19. need help
  20. New 3.8 turbo motor in....
  21. pick an engine: 1JZ/2JZ RB25/RB26 SR20
  22. plz delete
  23. Mazdas 4 rotor engine
  24. Putting a S13 or S14 KA24DE in a FC....
  25. cummins
  26. Please stop asking...
  27. Los Angeles Mechanic
  28. 2jz swap ?
  29. 1988 Mazda Rx 7 GXL HELP!!!!
  30. 1JZGTTE swap?
  31. in dire need of knowledge
  32. need some help please!?!
  33. metropolitan 12A/carb.13b swap
  34. A Big Change in Attitude
  35. 4.3l V-6 Fd?
  36. Help with setup of new engine - opinions wanted
  37. any help on a rotary s10
  38. My turn, my turn
  39. RX7 FC Engine Q's..
  40. Best 4 or 6 Cyl N/A Motor?
  41. Blown Motor! What other motor will fit 20B, 13BT, LS1 PLease Help!
  42. engine swap
  43. What are some good motor conversions for a blown fc! Thanks
  44. engine swap into 3rd gen, cost????
  45. FS: Stock FD Subrame and Cobra diff subframe...
  46. 13bt into s13
  47. 3sgte in 85 gs?
  48. Anyone know someone with a RX-7 hub Broach?
  49. Diesel RX7
  50. FB Help
  51. Srt10 Rx-7
  52. Rotary vs. Piston, a PRICE debate.
  53. Is This Possible ????
  54. skyline swap is it possible
  55. sr20det in n/a fc3s
  56. Como -RE engine specs
  57. Cosmo set up in FD
  58. Miata motor in RX-7
  59. Not that I expect anyone to care, however..
  60. 13B-MSP, 4 rotor conversion?
  61. looking for advice before i decide on my first rebuild.
  62. just seeing what you wonderful people think about my idea...3S-GTE swap
  63. Help with engine swap decision
  64. HELP!! MX-5 with and RX-7 desire...
  65. 2jz in a RX7
  66. Rb26 swap
  67. FD Motor Swap questions
  68. need help with a swap
  69. GSL-SE v6
  70. Fc3s with sr20det conversion
  71. s3 12a--TII 13b swap kit.
  72. 2jz Swap Subframe And Trany Mount
  73. Anyone selling a built 20b?????
  74. SR20DET swap write up... sort of...
  75. How hard to put a JDM 13B RE tt swap...
  76. 13BTT into a S13
  77. Which swap to go with Help
  78. engine swap
  79. torque misconceptions
  80. If 2jzgte is possible, what about RB20det or RB25det?
  81. Pictures of Seigo Yamamato's SR Powered FD
  82. 13b-re Into Fc?'s
  83. mazda mx6 motor into rx7
  84. Scion Rotary Conversion
  85. Ca18 Det20
  86. 13b-re Into Fc Intercooler Set
  87. Here's a nice conversion...
  88. T11 engine or 13b-re
  89. Geo 7, great idea? Detailed instructions inside
  90. any piston motor adaptable to rx7 tranny?
  91. nissan vg30 swap
  92. 13b re cosmo in Rx3
  93. 13b-re Into A Fc
  94. question about suspention,what to get
  95. whic engine to swap in
  96. Supra7
  97. what engine?
  98. Traction tips in a 400 hp FC?
  99. sr20dett in an FC
  100. turbo mx-6 powered rx-7?
  101. How much $$ for parting out??
  102. planning a 13b-re swap
  103. help!!!! miata
  104. SR16VE (to 2.2L) swap being considered
  105. FD3S conversion
  106. HELP!!! 3rd gen motor into 1st gen rx7
  107. noob question
  108. Help immediately!!
  109. RB26DET-powered FD - Here come the flames
  110. Cx-7 motor in a FC??
  111. 13B RE manifolds on 13BT?
  112. 12A engine swap
  113. motor swaps
  114. KA24DE in a rx7
  115. question on a KA24DE swap into a rx7
  116. Sr20det Rx7
  117. Anyone drop a 300Zx engine into a RX?
  118. K24 swap?
  119. r32?
  120. Carpet, Upholstery for 1st Gen
  121. 1 gen 1.3L swap with a 2nd gen 1.3L????
  122. Best engine to put into a 3rd Gen
  123. engine porting info
  124. Tired of searching. I want to know if a Miata engine will fit in place of a 12a
  125. My ka24de rx7-for those who care
  126. wiring a 2jz....
  127. engine swaps ??
  128. Good engine to swap in my FC?
  129. FC Engine Swap? (Not LS1)
  130. nissan VG30 V6
  131. v6 conversion
  132. Nissan Ka24de Swap, help in 2nd gen Fc3s
  133. 4.3 V6 FB questions
  134. Nissan VG30DE in FC
  135. Can you put a SR20DET into a 1st gen???
  136. SR20DET FB... Out of the garage
  137. can i put a 13b-t in my 84
  138. 2nd Gen RX-7 Engine Swaps...
  139. S2000 vs SR20 in a FC convertible?
  140. RB26 in a RHD FD?
  141. can i make a 87 rx7 non turbo to turbo
  142. Buick 3.8L RX-7 W T F omgzzzzz
  143. FD engine bay
  144. 1UZFE in FD
  145. has anyone put an inline 6 in a 2nd gen
  146. Top Speed Calculator Here!
  147. Putting a RX-7 1.3L 13b turbo engine, in my 1990 GXL non turbo RX-7
  148. 2.3 fits in a FC, with tons of room, and then some! (pics inside)
  149. I'll probably get flamed for this, but I'm proud of her...
  150. Price to pay for a FD?
  151. A very differnt swap, for MPG.
  152. Swap ???
  153. VG30DeTT Swap
  154. VQ35DE in an FD?
  155. Help pleasssssssssssss
  156. 13b miata
  157. my FB (dont hate on me)
  158. **my single turbo wide body rx7 2jzgte**
  159. swapers
  160. taking out my 13b this weekend! hopefully
  161. sr20 or Kat in 85 se
  162. ThunderBird SC swap into a 1983 GX(canadian GSL)
  163. 1jz-gte?
  164. drive Shaft
  165. Using s4 turbochargers on a Chevy4.3
  166. Is It Possible...
  167. Bolt-in turbo4 mounts for the FC are done!
  168. Rear Engine Flat-6 Vert RX7
  169. skyline gtr front clip
  170. -13b + Amg 2.3-16v=rx-7
  171. where to get a 2jz swap done in the southeast U.S. area?
  172. curious about enigine swap
  173. 1973 toyota sprinter w/ 13b rew
  174. SR20det conversion
  175. Deals Gap NC..check this out!
  176. An example of how NOT to participate in a thread...
  177. Anyone ever Use an euro engine?
  178. Your going to hate me; but 9000rpm?!
  179. Nissan SR20DET Into FC
  180. converting TII.....need help deciding what motor.
  181. Not exactly an engine swap...
  182. What motor
  183. Vq35de
  184. Toyota UZ engine info/prices/discussion thread.
  185. transmission swap. 5-sp auto into 4sp auto rx-7
  186. Rx-7 parts
  187. SR20 swap
  188. Aiming high in engine swaps (gentlemen, grab your checkbooks)
  189. 5.0L V10 Conv?
  190. nissan vg30 in an RX?
  191. Engine Swap
  192. 13b or 13btt into mazda 808
  193. What would it take to drop and SR20?
  194. mazda 808
  195. Are there any other motors that can go in a 2nd Gen?
  196. 1st gen hood clearance question
  197. questions-vg30dett(90-95) into s4 TII
  198. and 6 hours later I have...
  199. SUPRA motor swap
  200. California swap's
  201. Carfax
  202. Who here has a maxima engine in their FC?
  203. Any Supra engine swaps kicking around?
  204. Body kit
  205. howdy from australia
  206. 3.8l V6 gone in for test fitting...
  207. supra engine
  208. will a B16 bolt up to my trans mission?? (89TII)
  209. searched need quick help
  210. *tear* one less rotary motivated 7 in the world.
  211. v6 help again..
  212. Anyone
  213. How does this section feel about rotary engines?
  214. Transmission Adapter
  215. silvia conversion
  216. Some progress finally made
  217. sr20det swap
  218. Rx-8 motor into FD?
  219. 2jz gte for sale
  220. Updated track times and paint job...
  221. 4G63 + B2600 Bell Housing + TII Tranny
  222. Ford 2.3L Turbo Into S4 RX-7
  223. 13B-RE swap
  224. Mazda BP-T swap into a miata
  225. Supra Engine Transplant
  226. Porche engine
  227. FC + SVX flat 6 and BLOWER..........
  228. Motor Swap
  229. Anybody see the new Grassroots Motorsports issue?
  230. swap KA24de(t)
  231. Webber Carb conversion
  232. Big bad scary Rotary turbo.
  233. VG30 swap into FC?
  234. Conversion question
  235. 4.3 swap
  236. So ive decided to change cars.....
  237. SR20DET powered FD ...
  238. Terf?
  239. ideas please
  240. Speedometer Conversion
  241. Has anyone ever considered a Nissan VG?
  242. Engine swap possibilities in an FD? (other than a V8)
  243. Yet more questions for you guys...
  244. my dream motor
  245. What's in YOUR engine bay?
  246. Just Wondering (26B swap)
  247. MKIII supra engine swap?
  248. Mk3 Supra engine swap
  249. Interesting swap - turbo Buick V6
  250. CA18DET in a FC