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  1. Negative Duty Cycle - What??
  2. Pfc data logit donít connect
  3. Boost controller
  4. S4 PFC starts and dies
  5. Power FC, locked?
  6. No spark with PFC no start. stock ecu fires up
  7. Plug in and go
  8. PFC Pin Removal Refresher
  9. AP engineering e fan
  10. Bac issues
  11. FC Commander Pro Software
  12. S4 PFC initial setup
  13. PFC Excel sheet
  14. How do I interpret ignition timing from the FC Commander?
  15. WTB Power FC with controller for early FD
  16. Quick throttle blip results in stumble
  17. Id 725 primary injector settings
  18. Idle issues
  19. Who still has maps?!
  20. 88 Turbo II won't idle past 2k
  21. intake manifold impreza gc8
  22. I developed the Android PFC Application.
  23. OLED Commander Going Dim
  24. Setup for Success with Power FC
  25. Base map request
  26. which port on the Apexi Fc do I connect to for RPM?
  27. Techedge Wideband // FC Edit Settings
  28. reset PowerFC to factory setting. Question about PowerFC reading.
  29. 94 fd cranks but no start
  30. Settings 5 tab - 850cc to 725cc primary swap
  31. blitz dual sbc boost controller
  32. Adjusting fuel maps to compensate for overwhelmed fpr safe?
  33. Tips before getting my car tuned?
  34. AP Engineering S5 PowerFC.....no knock sensor?
  35. Initializing power fc after mods
  36. Will PFC deliver true 100% injector duty?
  37. clutch switch troubleshooting help
  38. MSD dis 2 on PFC
  39. Ecu voltage vs battery terminal voltage.
  40. New Power FC and Commander English Manual Available?
  41. Power fc with auto trans.
  42. Map sensor problem
  43. New Power FC install - no start - water temperature sensor
  44. Power FC Water Temp Reading
  45. Runaway A/C
  46. power fc
  47. FD No Start
  48. Idle and 850 primaries
  49. HELP! Power fc install now mph in sync with tach
  50. Drivability Advantages of Power FC on FD3S?
  51. PFC settings on newly revived single turbo FD
  52. PFC advice
  53. Closest Tuners
  54. Power FC Commander Screen
  55. Target AFR for acceleration
  56. how do Ifix my rich fuel problem
  57. No primary boost on PFC
  58. Power FC N/A S5
  59. Base map request to start up project car
  60. Weird boost/sound after PFC install
  61. Washington state PFC tuners?
  62. Different AFRs depending on conditions
  63. Power FC lost its tune and need help with best options available
  64. 950whp on PFC!!
  65. Pfc tuning
  66. PFC and BAC valve? S5 T2
  67. Min injector pulsewide and idle AFR
  68. No Primary Boost on Sequential with PFC
  69. Ign-1a breakup @5500rpm
  70. PFC For Sale, Can I Test It?
  71. Car not idle, weird air temp. Need help
  72. Brutal turbo transition 10-1-10 Log posted
  73. Power fc using same load points
  74. Disable fuel temp sensor?
  75. "Communication Error" after install
  76. is there a "fuel cut restore" setting?
  77. HELP! My FD Has A Lean Spot on Slight Throttle
  78. RX7 FC Turbo II (S5) - Power FC and emissions systems
  79. Single Turbo Lean @ High RPM
  80. mac valve boost control
  81. need help with 850/850 injectors
  82. Pfc sensor check
  83. Datalogit doesn't show analog 0-5v from wideband gauge
  84. Pfc for brige port
  85. Just When I Need Datalogit the Most....Cant find it. *HELP*
  86. starter kickback during cold start
  87. i want backfires through my power fc
  88. Rich as Could Be, a map request
  89. Idle problem after install pfc
  90. How to updata the old version basic map to new version basic map
  91. water temp vs idle speed?
  92. PFC default map version 2 request
  93. changing numbers for fan switch doesnt work
  94. Different between old version and new version
  95. Looking for tuner in Colorado
  96. Power Commander Pro
  97. how can i get the launch control on my PFC
  98. Power FC commander not working?
  99. S4 rx7 improper pfc install
  100. Non-sequential street port tune request
  101. pfc injector settings and sard Fuel Pressure Regulator?
  102. Pfc injector driver
  103. Innovate & PFC readings
  104. No Primary Boost with PFC
  105. Dyno sheet - decent AFR, but low hp?
  106. S360 Base Map
  107. Why does fueling taper off at higher RPMs?
  108. Compatibility Question
  109. Running FC-Edit on Windows 8 64-bit
  110. controlling dual port actuator w/ PFC
  111. Map Request! Thanks!
  112. Power FC Commander Display pixel error
  113. Looking for a power fc map
  114. Lost my maps. Base map request
  115. settings 5 injector lag times
  116. Stock Map for 850cc/1600cc single turbo !need help!
  117. Power FC high idle help
  118. Please help, power fc on my fd3s
  119. What versions of Windows run FC Edit?
  120. uego 0v=10 5v=20. afr doesnt match gauge datalogit
  121. 93 Rx7 PFC vs 98 Rx7 PFC
  122. Tuning with a/c
  123. How to tell Injector Size
  124. rpm problem
  125. cutting usdm emission wires?
  126. -356mmhg when car off? was -70 two days ago.
  127. Fd won't stay running..
  128. Need help IDing Year of my ECU.
  129. FD3S fuel resistor relay.
  130. New to rx7 need help
  131. problem with commander
  132. Idle re-learn after TPS Adjustment
  133. Power FC / OLED Commander - Quick Question
  134. 99+ Power FC on a 92a FD?
  135. 650/1650cc Seq. Twin Map
  136. Hitting a limiter ignition or fuel
  137. water temp and rough idle
  138. Power FC and auto FD
  139. Power Fc noob question please help.
  140. Power Fc tuning basics
  141. The usual idle learning issues help needed thread...
  142. Need a base tune from similar setup
  143. Another Base Map Request please!
  144. Injector angle?
  145. With PFC connected starts and dies
  146. Need some injector tuning advice
  147. fc HAKO with raspexi
  148. Acquired a Datalogit. Need help with a map
  149. What are the correct PFC boost settings for basically stock FD?
  150. Pulsing peak boost with PFC
  151. Only three sparks per rotor revolution on leading plugs?
  152. Another Base Map Request
  153. another idle issue
  154. Apexi ECU Leading coil no firing
  155. PFC AP engineering confusion help please!
  156. Does PFC saves idle learning/maps if its unplug?
  157. Target AFRs for emission tests with o2 feedback on
  158. Used PFC Install, Won't Start
  159. Visual difference between OLED commander and non-OLED?
  160. Map Sensor Reading
  161. Power FC ver 5.08 -> base map mix of 'base stock' and 'base mod'?
  162. datalogit logging data
  163. map reference question
  164. new pfc but the harnesses YEEKS
  165. Incorrect Speed Reading (Speedo OK)
  166. AUX Input questions
  167. logging pieces
  168. S4 with s6 uim question
  169. inj duty: primary or secondary?
  170. PFC Issue
  171. Lean out INJ map to get stoich 14.7 for mot/emission test
  172. Car will stall but then kick back in after 2 seconds
  173. plx wideband compatability with datalogit
  174. power fc map?
  175. pfc base map - safe to drive?
  176. Single turbo PFC tuning guide
  177. Commander wiring.
  178. No idle, running horizontal through the map. water temp sensor?
  179. D585 coils - what needed to work & any good?
  180. 1993 single turbo rx7 power fc help
  181. raising boost w/ power fc
  182. power fc boost display and apexi 3 bar sensor accuracy
  183. Win8 laptop won't connect to black datalogit
  184. Hot engine will not start.
  185. installing FD IAT in my s5
  186. How do I tune?
  187. Power Fc idle and fuel cut Problems.
  188. No RPM and IAT & Water Temp drop during cranking
  189. gm 3 bar map sensor voltage with key on
  190. FD power FC on S4 FC. Help needed!
  191. Scary AEM EUGO vs Datalogit AFR
  192. Tuning and dyno comparison
  193. Extremlely odd injector duty issue
  194. FC Edit and windows 10
  195. PFC installed and did not idle
  196. Timing map peer review
  197. 93' FD Idles Then Stalls
  198. Injector setup Question
  199. Won't boost past 8psi s5 power fc
  200. Idles rich, leans out and dies pushing throttle.
  201. Injector Setup 550/1680cc
  202. Best wideband kit to use with power fc?
  203. Tuners in eastern North Carolina?
  204. Datalogit
  205. Fc-hako vs datalogit
  206. Moving to Power FC > Q? On Thottle
  207. How to check map sensor
  208. PFC and emissions subsystems? (ACV, EGR, AWS, etc)
  209. How does my base tune look
  210. Tune Wanted!
  211. power fc unlockable features?
  212. Injector size changing
  213. datalogit and innovate lc2 logging issue
  214. Massachusetts - Tuning
  215. PIM Voltage adjustment
  216. Map Trace Question
  217. First time tuning, could use some opinions
  218. won't idle, wants to die below 1500
  219. Can anyone tell me whats going on here?
  220. noob with datalogit: setting help please
  221. Power FC + Commander - Engine turns, no start
  222. Learning to idle
  223. e85 stock port stock turbos
  224. Power fc speedo issue ?!?
  225. Power fc faulty?
  226. idle revs up and down
  227. yet another boost transition thread...
  228. Power fc
  229. Need help
  230. Idle reving after installation
  231. Datalogit or Power FC Commander Pro?
  232. pfc not reading rpm
  233. Dies out above aprox 3500-4000 rpm
  234. Vmop Sensor stays at 1.24 V no OMP??
  235. need tune map for s5 tii 560/1680 willing to pay
  236. how important is it to get a dataloggit if my tuner already owns one?
  237. HELP 95-98 Power FC for s6 91-95 efini engine is it possible?
  238. FC EDIT does not trim fuel
  239. start up tune for 13b bpt
  240. S5 Power FC
  241. Apexi Power FC for sale
  242. Using Apexi PFC instead of MBC
  243. Is there any way to know if my OMP is working using the PFC?
  244. Running Power Fc on S5 NA questions.
  245. Power fc and cluster speed not matching
  246. Need advice on PFC purchase for my lightly modified fd
  247. AVC-R vacuum hose question
  248. FC commander display won't turn on
  249. Installed Power FC and engine sometimes stalls when RPMs drop quickly
  250. Quick explanation of pressure values