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  1. Which ECU? 87 Turbo II. megasquirt?
  2. Oil filler tube RUST
  3. Fueltech Wideband For Sale
  4. 9.4:1 turbo 6 port base ignition map comparison
  5. Autotune ECU/algorythm
  6. Egt options
  7. Like Ships Crossing in the Night
  8. Current PnP options for FC3S Turbo II
  9. High oil temps
  10. MAP needed for Megasquirt 3 FC
  11. Maxxecu
  12. Megalogviewer and predicted map
  13. Skeese Informational - Open Vs. Closed Loop Fuel Tuning
  14. PowerFC or Adaptronic for 13B-REW swap
  15. Quick timing question
  16. Help!! Looking for emanage ultimate timing maps for fc3s rx7 6 port turbo!
  17. IGN 1A Dwell settings in direct fire
  18. PWM E-Fan Setup
  19. PWM E-Fan made easy
  20. REDOM ecu identification
  21. Time for a FC yet? I have no idea!!
  22. Looking for onscreen engine managment
  23. EMtron KV8 Support Thread
  24. Electrical Issues
  25. Supercharged, carb'd 20B ECU
  26. FFE trigger wheel tdc?
  27. Limit my tx7 to 3000 rev? How ?
  28. GSLSE engine. two injectors... Do I need any more?
  29. Compression
  30. Bay area adaptronic e440 tuning
  31. Stock or Atkins built motor
  32. what does the microtec mtx8 do
  33. i dont know what this part is, please help
  34. DIY knock sensor instrument with Oled lcd
  35. Headers wrap
  36. 15-17psi on HKS Fcon
  37. 2200-2800 Lean Spike on Overrun
  38. GUIDE: Skeese's Fuel Map Target AFR Tuning W/ Megalogviwer
  39. Car turning off
  40. FuelTech
  41. Loading up with fuel
  42. aftermarket ecu
  43. Adaptronic + aromotive fuel pump wireing
  44. Defi Gauge Connection Issues
  45. 81 12a: from Stock to 100 shot
  46. Microtech
  47. Hks Fcon running rich..
  48. Has cycle reduction or rotor deactivation never been tried?
  49. Fitech TBI & Reading Roatry Ignition. Help?
  50. Which is the best wideband currently?
  51. Source for OEM style pins and connectors for wiring harness
  52. ...which ECU is the best choice for NOW (2017)...?
  53. PFC or Adaptronic pnp for FD
  54. Innovative vs AEM Wideband reading comparison
  55. Help deciding between MS3 vs Haltech
  56. who on the forum does remote tuning? data log?
  57. Has anyone done a stop/start system?
  58. adaptronic tuner in fl
  59. lc1 troubleshoot
  60. Secondary injectors in irons?
  61. ECU options for FD w/ seq twins + flex fuel
  62. A Thousand Dollars for a TWM IDA throttlebody?!?
  63. Trying to pick a ECU Haltech Elite Platinum or MS3 pro
  64. Car won't start... Help!
  65. FC CAS Settings
  66. rice racing ss steel seals
  67. Tps
  68. understanding turbo rotary timing better
  69. how are we supposed to tune timing on a rotary?
  70. Depressurizing Fuel System
  71. 91 non ethanol or 93 10% ethanol question
  72. 50% injector duty? Unstable boost
  73. ECU differences?
  74. Need advice on ECUs
  75. Need help and advice Greddy Ultimate tuning and first startup in 3 years
  76. Who uses which ECU for E85 with flex fuel
  77. defined auto works...any experiences
  78. bumper removal necessary to install v mount
  79. s5 alt on standalone
  80. Knock ears
  81. Ignition with IGN-1A Coils
  82. Best way to face radiator fans
  83. Wiring coils, 2nd gen stock
  84. Virtual Dyno Software - how to do it right
  85. Anyone using a self tuning system?
  86. Injector staging.....
  87. Best standalone for NA with turbo potential
  88. 13btt 1st gen swap?
  89. Dominator EFI ECU
  90. Getting stock boost gauge to work with EMS
  91. n332 ecu pinout help
  92. Syvecs/Life Racing computer thread. Time to start one.
  93. Powerfc or Microtech (FD3S)?
  94. Implausible fuel maps?
  95. hks fcon question
  96. 13b s4 turbo sand rail harness
  97. Piggyback VS Standalone- Explained by Adaptronic
  98. Inconsistent/Inaccurate Boost Readings?
  99. oil change
  100. Plugs and wiring accessories
  101. Features for Educated Buy
  102. ems rotech engine management
  103. PFC Re-Initialized, now car won't run
  104. Any tuner coming to Europe?
  105. AEM failsafe, how to use failsafe feature best?
  106. 2014 Logging, Tuning onboard options help sought
  107. single turbo base map HELP!
  108. Non Turbo ECU Chip Upgrades
  109. Coolant overflow tank won't feed into radiator?
  110. Need Help Identifying this TPS, or Finding a Full Resolution Alternative
  111. fc fuel economy
  112. holley tbi 12a
  113. lets bring steve Kan to Florida
  114. TPS help
  115. Speedometer
  116. Intelligent question about DIY standalone tuning by one person
  117. FFE trigger wheel
  118. finding out ecu model
  119. pettit unlimited and boost control with midpipe
  120. Aftermarket wiring harness?
  121. From APexi PFC EMS to ???
  122. 5yeae sitting engine
  123. 13bt-rew accurate crank timing
  124. Haltech vs Microtech (FD3S)
  125. At what point does an EMS become necessary?
  126. What ECU and vendor for FD.
  127. Adaptronic, Haltech, PFC and AEM Discussion
  128. Microtech/Apexi Question
  129. Rtek, Blitz, Ems.. PLEASE help!!
  130. Fuel
  131. blitz access ecu help!
  132. Ems?
  133. pfc vs ems4
  134. Fuel Tech EMS
  135. Setting up an EFI and ignition on a 89-91 P-Port
  136. Hood shield?
  137. oil and additives
  138. What air temp sensor does it sound like I need?
  139. Haltech vs. Link Questions???
  140. Stock ECU Differences between California and non-California cars?
  141. haltech or microtech
  142. Emanage blue boost limiter setting usable?
  143. best engine management system....
  144. e6k for 13bpp?
  145. is a haltech e6k still relevant?
  146. Need to switch standalones! Which one to choose?
  147. Sandrail ECU?
  148. AFM delete intake idea
  149. anyone using a hks computer
  150. microtech guy leaning towards haltech
  151. ecu choices
  152. good info on doing grounds right
  153. Yippie, Link Section in just a few days!
  154. Need some input on an ECU
  155. EMS Rtech or Microtech
  156. N374 JAM ECU questions
  157. Offering a road tuning service
  158. can onyone help identify this ecu on my n/a fc ?
  159. Standalone m2r what is required
  160. Chip or Standalone?
  161. Chassis/Engine harness/ECU plug connectors
  162. HKS F-CON used with PFC?
  163. Noob with confidence...
  164. Anyone going to EFI102??
  165. Needing some guidance on EMS
  166. standalone unit to help with the 3800 RPM hesitation?
  167. Standalone input
  168. EL prototypes ECU
  169. Emanage Ultimate - AFM Replacement map?
  170. wanted microtech for a 20b
  171. emanage blue?
  172. ECU's in general
  173. does anybody have experience with Weber/Redline EFI kits?
  174. Stock Ecu Fuel Maps
  175. Ride Hight ROM powered by BORDER
  176. Choosing ECU need some input!
  177. Found a new EFI system...
  178. Am I the only one with an HKS F-con V pro?
  179. Anyone know of a computer program to interpret wb o2 sensor?
  180. MS or Microtech
  181. MTX Wideband
  182. EMS R-Tech
  183. What is you preference for Engine management systems?
  184. Research and Development
  185. GREDDY Emanage Ultimate *WARNING*
  186. Platinum Sport worth twice the Power FC?
  187. best engine management system?
  188. hks f-con or be patient for power fc?
  189. Fuel Maps
  190. ECU upgrade benefits
  191. what type of management for my t2
  192. Looking for a standalone ECU setup
  193. Anyone using a Aeromotive Fuel Pump Speed Controller
  194. Something to run ignition only for my carbed nitrous setup???
  195. accel dfi
  196. Fast efi
  197. which one is better for me ?
  198. Speed Signals
  199. Hks F-con Vpro
  200. HELP!!!! r-tech ems or microtech
  201. Air temp fuel correction table
  202. Pettit Racing ECU
  203. Can a GM ecu be set up to run a TII
  204. A Guide To DIY Datalogging cheaply this might be useful to someone idk
  205. Greddy Emanage Not common??
  206. Street Tuning, Data Logging, and AFR's
  207. innovate lc1 and xd16 serial to pc together?
  208. safc adding and subtracting fuel
  209. Aem F/IC
  210. what EMS use on my Rx7 13bt s5?
  211. greddy e-manage
  212. problem with turbo smoking at IDLE
  213. Please Explain Timing Etc.
  214. Best wideband gauge?
  215. Rotary youtube tuning channel
  216. Megasquirt vs Mircotech
  217. hks pfc f-con on ported n/a?
  218. Greddy Full Auto Timer - Instruction Manual
  219. hks afr, apexi s-afc or aem fic for n/a s5?
  220. Wiring parts
  221. For those with Electronic Background....
  222. switching from f-con. sugestions?
  223. Need help with EGT Setup!!!
  224. timing only ecu for propane blow through?
  225. HKS PFC F-CON wiring question
  226. ***TEC maps needed***
  227. Blown Fog / Caution Light Fuse on 93... Where is it!?
  228. 13b-re no trailing rear spark
  229. Which aftermarked parts to use?
  230. emanage help... ect setting
  231. Running the car without a tune
  232. Best Wideband O2 sensor?
  233. cant find any info on GCC. HELp..
  234. Explaination on injector duty / milliseconds
  235. engine/air temp and ignition
  236. Tuning???
  237. HKS PFCF-Con questions. need help
  238. Innovate DB LC-1 any good.
  239. HKS PFC FCON for FD
  240. what do i need (fuel control)
  241. Defi a/f Gauge to Datalogit/LC-1 Wiring
  242. will a ems fix the head ache
  243. map for e-manage ultimate
  244. greddy ultimate
  245. s5 fpd
  246. autronic section
  247. using no maf of afm
  248. iPhone becomes a tuning assistant ?
  249. Innovate LM-2 Opinions
  250. question about afr on n/a fc