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  1. Correct setup for seq. twins 3-Port Solenoid
  2. Map Revision History
  3. Adaptronic 440 with AEM Dumb Coils
  4. FD EFR 9174 map request
  5. No knock sensor. But sensor always reading 3??
  6. Does anyone from Adaptronic monitor this forum?
  7. ! help! 94 Rx7 with adaptronics e440 Ecu base map
  8. PFC 13B-REW Basemap Conversion
  9. Acceleration Enrichment ID Injectors
  10. 20b Adaptronic ECU
  11. ELCU Wire (Pin 3B) Function
  12. Knotsonice tuning issues
  13. Why Random Ign cut at WOT?
  14. Secondary injector timing in VE
  15. S5 select ecu on S4 Turbo II
  16. Smaller than 460cc primary injectors?
  17. mudular ecu launch control ecu setting
  18. S4 halfbridge turbo basemap
  19. Air flow meter delete
  20. 440d Idle Control w/WARI -- learning through trial and error
  21. Haltech acquires Adaptronic
  22. 1st gen VSS ideas - GT101 mounting
  23. Innovative w/b not heating up or takes forever
  24. Changing trigger wheel need some help/info
  25. What are you running for Base Angle?
  26. Modular ECU basemap
  27. Any update on a working traction control setup?
  28. Arbitrary MAP spacing?
  29. Engine dies at WOT at any RPM
  30. 13b na ignition map select 440d.
  31. What happened to Adaptronic Forum?
  32. Temperature correction with Modular ECU?
  33. Tachometer resistor
  34. Leading and trailing firing at same time
  35. S5 FC Adaptronic Modular eMod010 direct fire tacho hookup?
  36. Adaptronic eMod012 & AEM UEGO O2 Sensor
  37. Rywire S6 Modular Single Turbo Wiring harness + IGN1A sub harness
  38. Monitoring Oil Pressure?
  39. Upgrading from Haltech e11 to M2000 for 20b
  40. Idling gremlins
  41. Does WARI work with the Modular ECUs?
  42. aem x series wiring
  43. RX-7 S6 plug-in: Is full emission support possible with expansion modules?
  44. Gauge Art 52mm CAN display gauge now works with the Adaptronic Modular Models
  45. Start up guide for Modular PNP?
  46. Just got 94FD with select ECU, need help with Transient throttle value
  47. Target AFR for NA 13b
  48. Retaining Purge Control on Modular eMod11
  49. Bouncing idle
  50. select to mod
  51. Flat shift setup
  52. Gauge Page
  53. Tips on cranking when hot
  54. Should I switch to an adaptronic PnP for my single turbo FD?
  55. Modular Series 8 Basemap
  56. Adaptronic 440d - rapid learning updates wrong cells
  57. Running Adaptronic Base map
  58. How to learn to tune using a Adaptronic ECU and WARI
  59. fc3s crank angle sensor
  60. Direct fire ign #4 not firing
  61. rear rotor not firing in direct fire setup
  62. Anyone use their Smartphone for tuning?
  63. FD series 8, plugin ecu. no second turbo
  64. Reputable Adaptronic PnP tuner (single turbo, flex fuel) in AZ/CA/NV/UT/TX?
  65. Anyone running an AIM MXS Digital Dash?
  66. Speed/tach signals to ECU without stock cluster?
  67. Target boost control issues
  68. aux temp calibration
  69. making engine start up faster
  70. 13b pp misfire on L2
  71. Rapid learning
  72. Tablet for Adaptronic Gauge display
  73. Adaptronic no triggering Relay
  74. WTF causes this? -30 timing, and 33ms fuel pulse
  75. Best Knock sensor
  76. direct fire FC3S tach resistor
  77. ignition map question
  78. fd fan system
  79. PnP with innovate plugged in
  80. Adaptronic + aromotive fuel pump wireing
  81. Looking to buy used Adaptronic ecu for Series8 fd3s
  82. Manual for software and setting up boost
  83. 2 rotor direct fire setup, no spark from leading coils
  84. Coolant Temp of by 16 degrees celcius
  85. Share your single turbo maps?
  86. Adpatronic Log ECU and log file
  87. AEM Wideband Connection
  88. fans?
  89. E85 EGTs
  90. Gauge Page
  91. PnP vs DIY Loom
  92. ECU grounding article by Adaptronic
  93. quick question regaurding engine vitals
  94. s5 Turbo 2 help!
  95. Tps reading off
  96. Stop Treating this ECU Like A DIY!
  97. Base map problems
  98. Only running on ether
  99. Eugene Adaptive Tuning Parameters?
  100. FC3S constant power to ecu?
  101. Eugene Select show Dwell at 6000
  102. Adaptronic Modular Software Demonstration from the 2016 PRI show
  103. No start
  104. adaptronic tuning in WA
  105. Fuel Map Tuning Question
  106. at a complete loss
  107. Should I go Adaptronic now?
  108. Rob Dahm's AWD 4 rotor to run the M6000 Modular ECU
  109. Adaptronic Booth #3305 @ PRI Show & seminars
  110. Indroduction to the new Modular ECU's!
  111. Eugene Software with Select ECU
  112. map senor vacuum port (filter or no filter)
  113. Adaptronic Modular FD3S PNP ECUs are now available!
  114. car shuts off at WOT
  115. AFR, EGT: need some information for the Adaptronic Modular ECU
  116. New engine, break in base map help needed
  117. Idle w/ac or electrical load
  118. Newt Gomez Hopeful Tuning Progression
  119. MVSS noisy speed..... aka its bouncing all over
  120. Adaptronic V15 just found this
  121. Clutch switch on SA22C
  122. Variable injection timing
  123. Adaptronic Staging Primarys at 97% Duty
  124. Adaptronic FD 6 series with android
  125. Water Temp Sensor Calibration - S4 PnP
  126. Setting Timing With MDI Ignition
  127. No spark 93 rx7 direct fire
  128. Need help
  129. Adaptronic Tablet Dash Information
  130. Help with a screen shot please
  131. Constant fuel prime
  132. injector voltages on F11 window (ECU data window)
  133. PNP, seq. twins, direct fire, and ffe trigger
  134. Intermittant Trigger 1 Dissapearing
  135. looking for adaptronic tuner in fl
  136. iss-4 fuel pressure
  137. Modular ECU + Dash + PDM
  138. Driving 4 secondary injectors off S6 PNP
  139. MAPvsTPS
  140. Eugene Help - M6000 Custom Logic 2D/3D Maps
  141. Fuel Cut
  142. Any update on the Modular release dates?
  143. Min BAC duty
  144. e440d Universal Select S5 Turbo
  145. Adaptronic PWM Decisions/Setup
  146. Looking for a base map for single turbo S8
  147. Throttle off over-run
  148. Using a second mac solenoid for pre spool.
  149. Fuse Ratings for Adaptronic, injectors and AEM Coils
  150. Launch Control without Speed Sensor
  151. Idle ignition
  152. Choppy Datalogs
  153. S6 full bridge
  154. Adaptronic tuning spreadsheet
  155. V14 Wasted Spark AEM Coils Variable Dwell Settings
  156. Input/Output Options with PnP
  157. Kickback during hot restart
  158. New ECU + Software Information
  159. adaptronic forum
  160. Cold Engine Enrichment & Asynch Throttle Questions
  161. Adaptronic PRI booth # 7160
  162. BW S360 tuning adventure
  163. electric water pump control "map"
  164. No signal to injectors, S6 PnP
  165. Need Adaptronic tuned map
  166. New adaptronic software ideas and android app
  167. MTX-L to adaptronic question
  168. sake bomb garage ignition coil harness with apatronic ecu question
  169. Do Stock Trailing FC Coils batch fire above 4K RPM?
  170. Spark issues
  171. Windows 10?
  172. 1280s Hot Start 3 Rotor 20b RX7
  173. Adaptronic PnP, AEM coils in direct fire - T2 not firing
  174. S5 Turbo PNP Unit questions
  175. Cranking fuel table messed up?
  176. FD RX7 Adaptronic PnP ECU Tuning Progression PT 6266 Single
  177. Increasing water temp Single turbo with EWP and Vmount
  178. Adaptronic PnP Water/Meth Control and Pump & Components
  179. 440 FD E85 map
  180. boost by gear
  181. S5 t2 block s6 rotating assembly semi pport half bridge
  182. Setting up launch control / 2 step
  183. Load adjustment for headlights
  184. v14 firmware now available
  185. Windows 7 was unable to install your ECU
  186. 93 FD Single Turbo using 440 Questions
  187. e440d universal for a track only FC
  188. WARI won't recognize ECU
  189. Broadband knock sensor
  190. Firmware Issue
  191. Issues with going from Wasted Spark to Sequential coils.
  192. FC S4 select ECU wideband connection
  193. Timing & Fuel Maps, Data Entry?
  194. help with injector dwell times
  195. FX fluctuations
  196. Setting up Direct Fire - does not start
  197. Idle is really high, question
  198. ID 2000 Size input 2200?
  199. Check Engine light?
  200. best ignition setup
  201. Bouncy idle and lag
  202. ECU not cutting fuel with pedal depressed / Horrible hot start & hesitation issues
  203. Adaptronic In House Testing
  204. Displayed Load Value Inconsistancy
  205. Convince me to ditch my P-FC for an Adaptronic...
  206. Boost /Load Rows Values For Single Row Stability
  207. Adaptronic Powered FD wins the Redline Time Attack Event
  208. Wide band issue
  209. Adaptronic 440 select ECU wiring
  210. what model for jspec?
  211. E420D only firing 3/4 coils
  212. warm slow start - tune issue?
  213. Adaptronic PnP (Water/Meth Setup)
  214. FIC 1650's?
  215. Adaptronic select pnp series 6 issues
  216. Adaptronic select pnp series 6 issues
  217. Adaptronic PNP S6 ECU with Simmens and Bosch Low Impedance Injectors
  218. 440 universal
  219. S4 Harness with built in resister pack Fuel. Running 1600cc
  220. 314rwhp @ 7psi with E440D wire in model in under 15 minutes
  221. Trigger 3
  222. Aem ign-1a and seq twin turbo with ffe trigger
  223. Adaptronic Sequential Twin Boost Control on OEM Solenoids
  224. features 440
  225. Single turbo Map share?
  226. Adaptive Tuner App and Galaxy S5 smartphone
  227. First start with custom 440D patch harness
  228. V13 Software
  229. 1280s questions
  230. Remote Tuning Now Available
  231. speed sensor Wiring 440D Select
  232. Triumph iat calibration
  233. Need pin out diagram of s5 pnp
  234. S5 N/A PnP?
  235. Got the 7 back last week.
  236. FD A/C air conditioning issue with adaptronic
  237. Adaptronic - Innovate - PLX - Dash2
  238. S4 PNP ECU on NA?
  239. Cant get FD to idle correctly
  240. 440 Select Fuel Injector Wiring
  241. fast acting IAT settings?
  242. Double check your ignition timing & ignition settings!
  243. Fuel Pump Relay Wiring
  244. Adaptive Tuning Idles at ~3k
  245. Cranking with no start, until fuel cut?? Log file attached
  246. Synapse gate
  247. FFE hall sensor trigger kit
  248. E440D Traction control, flat shift, launch control
  249. PNP upgraded from v10 - v12 and no cannot boost
  250. Using adaptronic with 20b