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  1. Throttle Position
  2. knk reading ?
  3. Questions on how the S-AFCII works.
  4. SAFC with No fuel adjustment
  5. SAFC2 has me a little lost
  6. Can someone help me make my set-up "Safe"?
  7. S-AFC II in 88 TII Problems?
  8. Rich in Cruising?
  9. SAFC stays on with key/ignition off and other problems?
  10. Grounding the O2 sensor
  11. SAFC2 question
  12. temp settings
  13. S AFC Help on 13b
  14. safc II help
  15. SAFCII on stock injectors
  16. wideband input into SAFC?
  17. SAFC on an NA
  18. I need someone to take apart their SAFC II - connector pinout/wire colors
  19. who tunes safc in nj for 13bt
  20. S-AFC II and S4 TII
  21. Im confused about my safc2
  22. Old School S-AFC...
  23. Interesting SAFC Q's
  24. SAFC II question
  25. Whats a safc worth in HP?
  26. throttle point settings???
  27. safc on a s4
  28. SAFCII what is a good setting to lean out my car
  29. check my homework please
  30. Looking for General S4 NA SAFC2 Tuning Measurements..
  31. Apexi Super Afc Safc2
  32. boost pressure sensor or tps??
  33. SAFC in an FD?
  34. how long will it hold memory?
  35. SAFC question?
  36. Question about installing the SAFCII
  37. air/ fuel ratio question
  38. Check my SAFCII settings - 88 TII
  39. Question for SAFC user?
  40. Tuning SAFC
  41. Can i steal someones SAFC settings???
  42. Safc-1 smoked my ecu.
  43. tuning a safcII
  44. How do I tune a SAFC correctly and Saftly??
  45. vafc instead of safc
  46. just got safc-2... need help
  47. Need some help...odd tuning
  48. Tuning My S-AFC II myself?
  49. afm vs. pressure sensor
  50. 3rd GEN S-AFC II Black Limited
  51. Looking into a SAFC-II
  52. SAFC-II help in S4 TII.
  53. Deceleration: BOV causing stalling?Need Help???
  54. settings on my safcII
  55. New SAFCII Owner
  56. Boost sensing:Just wanna make sure this works
  57. concidering s-afc
  58. How har dis the install
  59. Rtek 1.7 - SAFC-II signal?
  60. Qwk Safc-ii Question
  61. SAFC(2) FD owners
  62. safc question
  63. Safc 2
  64. Pushing near highest correction setting
  65. HELP! i dont know what im doing.
  66. safc-II or not?
  67. could someone explain the closed loop o2 sensor...
  68. is s-afc ok to run on bridgeport
  69. how to determine throttle setting?
  70. safc2 ground question
  71. is my throttle setting ok?
  72. Factory Fuel/Air Ratio's
  73. anyone have any pics of a functional afc curciut board?
  74. Original 5 knob S-AFC wiring.
  75. S-AFC saving settings?
  76. are thare any tricks to this???
  77. S4 and S-AFC2 throttle problem
  78. safc2
  79. Installing safc 2 on S4
  80. need some HELP with my AFC-2
  81. I need some HELP from the people who installed their afc-2
  82. Wiring the S-AFC to the Pressure Signal?
  83. Custom Holder for the SAFC2
  84. I cant get mt Throttle percentage right on my S-fac 2
  85. Apexi Super AFC II Digital
  86. SAFC S5 owners
  87. price on S-AFC
  88. S-AFC II - Used to display boost for FC?
  89. MAP sensor instead of AFM?
  90. How much do you reduce airflow at cruise with your SAFC?
  91. Which pressure wire to connect to S-AFC Throttle wire?
  92. SAFC-2: What should I use for my baseline settings, before tuning?
  93. using safc with map sensor ?
  94. SAFC 1 and SAFC2
  95. CEL after S-AFC 2 install?
  96. SAFCII help: tps voltage wrong
  97. Where'd you buy your SAFC II from?
  98. Apex SAFC 2
  99. Safc2 Troubles!!
  100. S-AFC and a rtec chip.
  101. MAP sensor?????
  102. indepth usage of the safc 2
  103. hrrrmmm....lights on S-AFC off???
  104. Need help with Tuning plz
  105. Which color wire on pressure sensor?
  106. hopin someone can clerify this rumour for me...
  107. Thankyou
  108. safc wiring
  109. SAFC Knock Reading
  110. s-afc data questions + aircare settings
  111. AFM Flap all the way open.. AFC says 80%!?!
  112. basic corrections for safc for my setup
  113. Done with initial setup..... now what?
  114. SAFC Tuning Info
  115. safc2 install vs safc1
  116. safc causing dead tach
  117. SAFC tuning?
  118. SAFCII in need of some help
  119. apexi safc or hks f- conn
  120. anyone NA SAFC ported ???
  121. Looking for some good base settings for the S-AFC with my setup...
  122. Noobish question
  123. S-AFC II Price Discrepancies...
  124. Aftermarket Injectors And S-afc Combo
  125. knock knock
  126. s-afc2 throttle %
  127. super AFC 2 questions, need help
  128. SAFCII for NA FC
  129. Tuning SAFC2
  130. stupif SAFC2 question
  131. SAFC-2 settings saving issue
  132. quick SAFC2 question
  133. SAFCII -28% and still in 11's on AFR???
  134. Wiring the Apexi S-AFC (I)
  135. my SAFC diddnt come with directions....help!
  136. Safc works but not when wired correctly. please help
  137. any good maps??
  138. Intro and Hello
  139. AFCII is driving me nuts on my N/A S5 FC **VIDEO**
  140. safc2
  141. Quick Q's
  142. Need help wiring S-AFC
  143. SAFC-II or F-Con
  144. What is SAFC ?
  145. Step By Step S-AFC Directions...
  146. Soder or Crimp?
  147. SAFC on an NA - What AFRs?
  148. Safc vs Safc 2
  149. S-AFC vs. S-AFC II
  150. how can you tell if an engine is an 88 to 89 in an FC??
  151. Whats the Difference between the S-afc's
  152. S-AFC question
  153. help with system?
  154. will this work as fulemanagement? apexi afc?
  155. SAFCII use on a 93 FD???
  156. safc reads 100% throttle with the pedal half way down
  157. what a difference!
  158. S-AFC O2 Readout using Blue wire mod
  159. Anyone have setting for 720 primaries and 890 secondaries?
  160. safc on bpu turbo II
  161. afc2 for a single turbo ?
  162. blue wire mod on safc
  163. blue wire mod on safc
  164. APEXi SAFC S-AFC 2
  165. afc install
  166. Post your Safc2 settings.
  167. can i get a vacuum/pressure signal?
  168. Who has run 4 720s on a SAFC and stock ECU?
  169. S-AFC2 and Half bridge.
  170. S-AFCII and the S4, Which way to wire!
  171. does safc show duty cycle of injectors?
  172. apexi s-afc??
  173. S-afc II....does it support the Rx-8?
  174. Worth it?
  175. track testing
  176. Anyone tried to get the most out of S-AFC and stock injectors?
  177. S-AFC alters Ignition Timing??
  178. SAFC on an FD?
  179. Any safe intial settings?
  180. best way to wire for '87 turbo??
  181. harness question[swaping]
  182. old school AFC
  183. Safc Throttle Display
  184. Will S-AFC loose memory?
  185. Needed SAFC help...
  186. Help Safc Problem
  187. S-AFC II Installed (Problem)
  188. very important S-AFCII questions
  189. safc settings for stock turbo, stock injectors
  190. s-afc II
  191. HKS AFR v. Apexi SAFC
  192. Wiring Instructions For Super AFC
  193. S-AFC Questions
  194. S-AFC advantages
  195. SAFC Versions Q
  196. what is this apexi s-afc?
  197. Hot-wire maf and s-afc questions
  198. English manual for apexi safc II
  199. Apexi S-AFC
  200. S-AFC tuning question?
  201. SAFC II - Instructions
  202. SAFC and 870cc injectors
  203. Apexi S-AFC in GSL-SE
  204. How to get a s-afc to adjust for boost pressure, info inside.
  205. S-AFC purpose
  206. s-afc
  207. Need help Setting Up Apexi S-AFC
  208. I fixed the S4 TPS SAFC problem. Mine works great now!
  209. Post your Successfull S-AFC stories
  210. S-AFC What does the "S" stand for anyways?
  211. need help with avc-r and afc
  212. S-AFC. Where to get and ?'s
  213. SAFC question. throttle adjustment
  214. afc.