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  1. Lt12S??
  2. Kinda out of place but... 740cc WRX w/ LT8
  3. wiring in stock coil
  4. Microtech install on N/A
  5. How long till you could drive it?
  6. Error light! What exactly is an RPM error
  7. I need to find a microtech tuner in Esyern NC.
  8. Cheapest place to buy a Microtech?
  9. LTX12 question
  10. LT 8 questions
  11. LT8 startup problems
  12. Couple questions
  13. Can the LTX turn on my Supercharger?
  14. Datalogging and wideband support.(LTX12)
  15. System requirements on the LTX8 and LTX12
  16. A/C with LT-8 or 12?
  17. im bored, and want to throw fire. help me :)
  18. Bosch Coils for LTX compared to stock?
  19. Microtech using GM TPS
  20. Could my MT make the car smoke if....
  21. Power windows and MT
  22. Using the LTX8 in two different cars?
  23. laptop adapter??
  24. Check out the EVO board ECU argument
  25. What sensors do you keep when you go with an LTX8?
  26. Instruction manual?
  27. 13B PP Help !!
  28. Having trouble with wiring harness connectors
  29. went back to the dyno
  30. Mircotech Maps
  31. Linking ALS on Microtech LTX12?
  32. finally passed emissions
  33. who can I buy ltx from??
  34. Looki MT WideBand :)
  35. just got my car back!
  36. Are there going to be any group buys or sales for microtechs in the near future?
  37. Locking Timing
  38. Started....but with problems.
  39. Microtech just install, questions about factory guage wiring.
  40. Need microtech tuner in Dallas.
  41. Regards: Microtech Logs
  42. --MICROTECH DIGI 1 wiring diagram--
  43. LT8/12 Maps.
  44. Options. What are these options available for the LT8?
  45. Question about 550's and 1600 staging
  46. Aux out connection for Electric fan S4
  47. Looking for M-tech in Central Florida??
  48. Microtech Purchasing Issues!
  49. I'm coming to the USA!!!!!
  50. Support for BR7 Customers
  51. help i hsve a big problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  52. fd 's using stock OMP and microtechs?
  53. emissions testing
  54. 2nd group buy
  55. went to get tunued got problems.
  56. Vacumn line routing?
  57. dealer information
  58. Don't need a laptop to datalog!!
  59. engine boging with new street port
  60. USB for tunning microtech?
  61. Why no timing of The Trailing?
  62. help microtech
  63. Microtech LT8 (NOT PnP) and FD Speedo
  64. new MT software
  65. weird smoking problem!
  66. What are you using your Auxilliary Output for?
  67. boost cut feature....is it safe??
  68. help with fuel setup? 550 and 1680.
  69. injectors hooked up wrong?
  70. [email protected]!!!
  71. Should the pump come on before I start turning over the engine?
  72. best deal on microtech?
  73. MT mounting location
  74. Real newb questions...
  75. Just got back from the Dyno
  76. Idle drops when coming to a stop when car is warm
  77. MT Tuning newbie... questions..answers?
  78. s4 na>TII swap with fresh rebuild and LT8 - all at once
  79. cranking map values?
  80. UPDATE: new best 1/4 time !!!!!!
  81. injectors wiring question for an lt4
  82. Pre/Post-start Checklist?
  83. Is LT8 better than LT4?
  84. dad bloom it' 4 marks on pulley for timing
  85. higher resolution on NAs?
  86. Microtech able to control for boost & non boost?
  87. Microtech Authorized Distributor/Dealers
  88. map sensor calibration?
  89. LT8 installed, 3rd GEN LT in FC
  90. Found a good article! EGT vs Narrow/wideband
  91. water temp- error?
  92. Wiring plugs for LTX8
  93. coppyness?
  94. IT WORKS!!, but questions
  95. laptop no conect to ecu
  96. Stock wire ?
  97. Proper way to zero timing
  98. is this right??
  99. Turn key=No spark Test Mode=Spark in both coils....SOS
  100. trailing coils no spark
  101. Wat's wrong with my microtech?
  102. microtech timing question
  103. Can MT-8 convert to LT-8?
  104. My LTX12 20B
  105. couple of errors?
  106. Difference betw the LT8 and LTX8?
  107. is my microtech for my NA?
  108. first day of playing????
  109. Microtech A/C
  110. fuel curve?
  111. Is microtech lt4 any good?
  112. It runs
  113. my rewiring project
  114. inhibitor switch for starter
  115. Microtech for FD?!
  116. Looking For Microtech Settings
  117. Houston we have a problem!!
  118. Is there something wrong with my FC/Microtech
  119. Need some help fellas?
  120. O2 sensor?
  121. RPMcrs function
  122. MicroTech Powered Hits the TRACK!!!!!!
  123. Wideband O2
  124. best price for ltx-8
  125. Base Map
  126. NonTurbo LT-8 update
  127. BR7 Racing in Australia
  128. Where to buy microtech?
  129. solenoid for 2nd fuel rail
  130. base maps?
  131. i am now a microtech guy
  132. Is there something wrong with my microtech?
  133. Vac line diagram
  134. Timing Split
  135. Tach out put
  136. WB Option
  137. cell parameters in the microtech
  138. injector duty cycle questions....
  139. Timing Issue
  140. My LTX-8 Upgrade Arrived!!!!!!
  141. Stock Coils on a LTX-8???????
  142. Re Microtech Controller Stuck In Test Mode
  143. aux. outputs
  144. Since we now know the choice of plug wires, how about plugs?
  145. Is the price of heat shrink pissing you off?
  146. What plug wires are you using w/ your MT?
  147. The Hitman (quotes)
  148. Ref Error?
  149. Map Sensor?
  150. Aux output for an E-Fan
  151. Cable and DASH Questions
  152. resistor pack required
  153. no spark on trailing coil.
  154. windows xp/98/95/00
  155. 12+ + ign question
  156. Anyone who can tune Microtechs in Alabama?
  157. S5 Turbo
  158. LT8-can it control the OMP now?
  159. Cost of full setup?
  160. MTX-12 to LTX-12 UPGRADE for 20B
  161. Anyone else doin NA?
  162. My setup to come...
  163. S5 TII owners.............
  164. loosing connection to ecu
  165. wiring question?
  166. Microtech Gauge display
  167. i got mine today!!!!!
  168. any HOWTO's for microtech/FC install?
  169. Can't calibrate Tps properly
  170. Discouraged
  171. Airflow meter
  172. FC BAC valve operation
  173. BAC and Six-Port Actuation on LTX-8
  174. Microtech and Knock
  175. Fuel Injector Question
  176. pianoprodigy, look at your damn PMs!
  177. quick questions....
  178. New E.T.
  179. Pump1 and Pump2
  180. Changing map sensor connections
  181. Will not boost
  182. LT-8 plug and play
  183. mass air sensor removal
  184. I'm finnaly getting the LT installed!
  185. Fc To Fd Ignition swap?
  186. idles like crap
  187. Microtech Questions
  188. On avg, how long will It take to wire In a LT8?
  189. Stalls while turning
  190. how much for tuning?
  191. LT-8 better than E6K?
  192. What RPM's, @ Idle, are yours set at?
  193. Can someone give me the T_MAP settings??
  194. Which MT to use? LT8 LTX12
  195. where are they > microtechs<
  196. Microtech ltx8 on piston motor good or bad? Please help.
  197. Closed loop
  198. 3rd gen and microtech
  199. 3rd gen and microtech
  200. Can't get air conditioning to work....
  201. Map Sencer?
  202. difference
  203. plug in play
  204. Microtech help
  205. Official LT-8 Dumb ? Thread (installation)
  206. Laptop Crashing?
  207. LT-8 Questions (wiring and some others)
  208. New Microtech website
  209. Can anyone show me where 2 get the Microtech System
  210. How many wires go to the engine bay?
  211. are you going to premix?
  212. info on boost control for MT or LT
  213. turbosmart e-boost
  214. Microtech - FD Help!!
  215. T_INJ map and why is my car losing lots og power above 7k?
  216. Microtech diagram
  217. Results on the Group Buy?
  218. tuneing question
  219. A/C, power steering, stock gauges....wire help...
  220. Attn all tuners read my logs!!!
  221. Microtech tuning in Orange County Area?
  222. what would i need to get a 13b-re engine running?
  223. MT/LT Series installation and programming manual now online
  224. Exhaust Sensors
  225. Necessity of TB Mod
  226. N/A or non-intercooled?
  227. install questions?
  228. Trouble shooting codes?
  229. LTX bosch coils
  230. plug n play
  231. rpm error?
  232. Couple questions LT8/12
  233. Convert your ms injector open time to Duty Cycle!!
  234. Will I still use the knock sensor & knock controll unit?
  235. Drove my car with the LTX12 on it
  236. tach went berserk and car went berserk
  237. Went dyno tuning again...
  238. dale...pm'd
  239. couple of microtech quewstions
  240. Preping for LT-8 install ???
  241. Just a few Q's :)
  242. TechEdge WB w/ Microtech Datalog is worthless
  243. LSM11...where to buy and how much
  244. when is MT GB closed?
  245. poll: what options are worth the $$$?
  246. Microtech info? Was going Haltech but want more info on Microtech.
  247. where have you all installed the coils?+
  248. W/B data logging??
  249. What is the 3 bar MAP sensor?
  250. Fine Tunning For More Fuel?