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  1. Very inaccurate map sensor readings..
  2. sr20 microtech to my 13bt?
  3. microtech issues
  4. Increased Engine Cranking time after MT install?
  5. Need help: Serious 3500ish rpm hesitation
  6. Microtech LT-8 manual available online?
  7. Boost gauge reading different than microtech
  8. anyone have rpm trigger error's???
  9. T51s w/lt8
  10. FYI about fuel pump wiring from haynes wiring diagrams
  11. LT8 Fuel setup questions
  12. Microtech diffrence, diffrent engines
  13. wat kinda microtech
  14. windsheild wiper and cruise question...
  15. lt8s fc with 13bre
  16. fuel pump relay
  17. anyone have base map peramaters?
  18. no secondaries
  19. Cuts out in 1st gear
  20. Do we need to run resisters with the injectors?
  21. NA base maps?
  22. Post your setup and timing please !
  23. LTX8 to LTX12
  24. Anyone having a problem losing their LT connection?
  25. dash unit
  26. I need the CD version software for lt8
  27. Help me get my car started!
  28. microtech and sequential turbo ?
  29. Install ?s for Temp Guage wire/Alternator wire
  30. Dwell on a S4 T2?
  31. How precise is the A/F reading?
  32. Learning to Tune
  33. Can Microtech run high or low impedence injectors?
  34. Can anyone tune in Alaska
  35. what is ref and rpm in the error log?
  36. Laptop adapter
  37. Trailing coil wont spark!
  38. Screen 34
  39. Microtech LT8S opinions?
  40. Just bought a LT8, got som questions!
  41. Easy way for tuning the fuel map.?
  42. I need a hand controller
  43. '87 TII LT-8s Success!
  44. PSI problems.....
  45. question on ltx8 install?????
  46. TPS wiring
  47. Which air temp sensor do you guys prefere?
  48. Which TPS do you guys prefere?
  49. 3rd tps on 2nd gen map?
  50. CAS grounding question
  51. timing
  52. idle problems
  53. start up probs..
  54. Use the Microtech without the car!
  55. Boost controller for a LT8
  56. best way to connect these wires
  57. stock coils or bosh coils?
  58. factory t2 microtech settings anf TPS question
  59. Who tunes these things
  60. Car cranks, fuel pump works but car won't start
  61. Car cranks, fuel pump works but car won't start
  62. timming map?????? how much at 15psi
  63. Map question
  64. lt8s installed but no start
  65. What sensors to use with LT8s?
  66. Got everything installed. Now what to do?
  67. Adjusted timing, car now runs horribly
  68. Fuel injector/base map questions
  69. Short harness where to get wire?
  70. wiring lt8s to fc coils
  71. Cas signal problem
  72. Cas problem, Microtech
  73. Lt 12
  74. LT8s - lots of questions
  75. Fuel Relay from Microtech
  76. more wiring questions with microtech on my FD
  77. wiring 20B with fd crank angle and tdc sensors
  78. ltx10 ignition question
  79. older threads
  80. controlling sec. inj
  81. Not getting consistent spark
  82. Problems with Microtech
  83. Wiring CAS, really dumb question
  84. Is there a way to reload the base map?
  85. so how do i get a base map?
  86. My laptop disconnects
  87. Need Fuel Map For Lt8 Please
  88. wiring help
  89. vacuum reading 5" off
  90. wiring for x4?
  91. White cable on LT10
  92. Auxillary input\output lt10s
  93. lt8 spark problem
  94. Max boost on LTx-8
  95. calibrating the tps.
  96. ignition question on microtech?
  97. Series 5 turbo II motor in 1st gen...fusible link questions
  98. Microtech Software Updates
  99. for sale
  100. ems newbie
  101. Direct Drop-in? LT8 to LT10S
  102. LT8S injector problem
  103. Anyone use the two step feature?
  104. Wiring up the lt8
  105. How hard and how long does it take to hook up microtech LT12S?
  106. full range tps on lt8
  107. chapter two: spark.
  108. Dash Unit
  109. some more fuel pump help.
  110. Serious problems after MT install This sucks.
  111. Interest in a Palm Microtech Datalogger?
  112. ? on having an LTX-8 reconfigured
  113. Older LT12: which wideband??
  114. Unable to connect with Laptop
  115. whats your timing curve.....
  116. Driveability Issues with Microtech?
  117. Upgrade to 32x32 load sites for LT12S? Quick answers please!!
  118. O2 Sensor, Dual Exhaust?????
  119. Wide band?
  120. Need a microtech installed and dyno tuned
  121. Help Install Lt8
  122. Water injection on LTX8?
  123. Swapping LT8s from N/A to TII???
  124. Running more than 4 injectors on LTX8?
  125. Fuse keeps blowing on new LT8S. Please help!
  126. Microtech quest.
  127. got a couple of questions about my new set up - help please
  128. Tuning in MAP or TPS mode?
  129. microtech 550cc and 1600cc setup
  130. injectors not working while cranking
  131. Microtech OMP?
  132. help Convert 0-5v to 0-1v? for Wideband dataloging (dynojet wideband commander)
  133. LT-8 install runs for 30 seconds at any rpm. fuel pump wire?
  134. Microtech handset reading
  135. Which Microtech to buy?
  136. Connectors?
  137. how to change injector settings on the hand controller?
  138. What changes did you see when you tunned yor MT?
  139. Microtech pulls fuel for no reason?
  140. Microtech users.
  141. Which sensors to use with LT8S?
  142. Only using leading plugs, what to change to run trailings?
  143. How to know if I have a LT8 or LT8s??
  144. Grounds
  145. microtech dash
  146. Why is microtech better?
  147. Sparkplug wire question with Bosch coils
  148. Can I put my FD's LT8 into my Supercharged FC Vert?
  149. Microtech questions
  150. microtech for my 12at...help needed!
  151. installed a microtech lt-10 and can't get it tuned right
  152. where to get harness plugs?
  153. LT8 air temp question
  154. LTX12S wideband datalogging?
  155. microtech LT10 boost control setup???
  156. Microtech for different series?
  157. Wanted wiring info. for MSD to LT8s
  158. Quick Question Ford 5.0 TPS and LTX8S
  159. Broken timing pin on front cover, big problem or no problem?
  160. My led yellow aint blinking while cranking
  161. normal to matrix?
  162. how much hp ?
  163. LT8 wiring wrong / car won't start
  164. who's got an lt10?
  165. Microtech LT8S Question
  166. where to buy another harness?
  167. bad idea?
  168. Lets start an offical list of tuners and their locations.
  169. microtech optional functions
  170. tuning for better MPG?
  171. knock sensing on LT12S for my 20b
  172. ltx8 intermittantly not turning off
  173. TPS question
  174. Microtech and what wideband?
  175. Microtech Tech support in jeopardy
  176. Which Microtech To order
  177. anybody using matrix mode?
  178. My map
  179. EMS noob - Dialy Drivability?
  180. Ignition protection package??
  181. LT-8 error LED (red) need some help.
  182. help
  183. pre-made lt8 harness
  184. microtech and CDI box
  185. Any Microtech tuners near NC?
  186. Any NA microtech cars out there?
  187. fuel pump relay question..
  188. anyone with 550cc prim and 1600cc secondaries?
  189. microtech has a sense of humor!!
  190. PLX M-300 Dataloggin?
  191. HI imp primaries/LOW secondaries
  192. Keep Stock ECU in Background?
  193. Microtec....anyone wish that had gone with a different unit?
  194. Simple question/Testing injector signal
  195. yellow light?
  196. LT-10S Setup problems
  197. Microtech Tuners In Cali/nevada
  198. LT-10s Tach Output
  199. Hand Controller not Working Right
  200. New LT16 ECU?
  201. Support group or mailing list?
  202. Microtech LT8 info?
  203. checklist before starting car
  204. How to tell the difference between LT8 And LT8s Internally and Externally
  205. elec fan diagram...will this work?
  206. car running rough
  207. Is there playable softwhere on the net somewhere?
  208. Quick question...
  209. Supercharger and LT8
  210. wheres my microtech?????
  211. Desperate for MTX-8 Circuit Diagram
  212. Where connect vacuum/pressure for Map Sensor
  213. TII fuel rails? new?
  214. CRANK VALUES FOR 88" 13B
  215. O2 sensor question
  216. Help!! Something wrong with my LTX8
  217. timing stuck at 13 Degs
  218. TPS Cal
  219. microtech cranking question
  220. TPS selection?
  221. Boost
  222. New microtech?
  223. Sending a Microtech back to Australia
  224. Opinions and comments please, timing.
  225. microtech scares me...
  226. Car Wont Run Right At 5ATDC
  227. Full power, wont crank!
  228. A/F RATIO on boost
  229. Crank, No start.
  230. MAP sensor upgrade
  231. Microtech questions.
  232. datalogging AFR with LT8s
  233. Air cond ain't working
  234. Ignition TIming, for the last time I hope.
  235. autometer monster tacho
  236. what is with Microtech?
  237. How to tune temp map??
  238. I have Lt8 with a 20b map
  239. average coolent temp?
  240. Need help
  241. CAS questions
  242. what size injectors for my FC???????
  243. quick question
  244. LT-8 Service/dealer
  245. Using Microtech with FD?
  246. Microtech LT8 f/s
  247. Microtech users using stock TPS?
  248. Microtech Program Download or CD?
  249. Need a little help PLZ
  250. Flames with microtech?