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  1. tacho in s4 fc not working
  2. A/C on runs lean
  3. tunning issues please help
  4. How to check compression with LX-8
  5. It won't stay running Please Help.
  6. Hand Controller
  7. need to buy MT laptod adapter,any dealers in the usa?
  8. 2bar to 3 bar
  9. Could someone give me tune for my startup (prob gonna be RX72c that gives it LOL)
  10. How to adjust LT8 to not run so lean
  11. MT and LT series differences.. help
  12. Staging formula question
  13. rx72c Why do I need to send the Microtech back?
  14. Timing issues
  15. microtech drivers
  16. coolant temp sending unit
  17. Air intake temps?
  18. series five injectors
  19. Need map for LT10 4x ign sys for stock port 89 TII
  20. water temp problem on laptop
  21. need map for a bridgy
  22. E85 tune
  23. Loaded maps
  24. Rpm cruise
  25. s5 tps set up variable?
  26. WooT! got my car running right, here's what my problem was.
  27. WTB: X4 Box
  28. Problems with hand controller
  29. Tuning information
  30. s/5 no a/c
  31. Matrix Mode
  32. Wiring woes
  33. please need help
  34. cosmo tps
  35. Any good microtech tuners in michigan?
  36. rpm error
  37. 1680 injectors NA
  38. Water temp gauge red
  39. Some Issues after Standalone Install?? can anyone help guide me??
  40. Need some help, Ltx-12 on a 20b turbo
  41. Can't get Stable Cruise and Acceleration AFRs, please help.
  42. Timing on s/5 n/a turbo
  43. How to save maps
  44. LT8 No crank input signal
  45. spark when turn CAS by hand, no spark when cranking engine WTF
  46. Red light blinking
  47. Just got my 7 started
  48. anyone have a map for 850/1600 hbp motor?
  49. microtech not reading water temp
  50. Microtech Lt8 Vs Lt10
  51. lm1 with lt10s
  52. rpm makes map lean
  53. Microtech cutting in and out when driving???
  54. WTB Dongle.
  55. how can i check my ignitors
  56. Red light on my ecu keeps blinking?
  57. Help with stock temp guage and warning light(charging sistem check light)
  58. Does the Micro Tech lt10 test injectors?
  59. LT10s in FD for only fuel and ignition, and stock ecu for everything else?
  60. lm1 and lt10s
  61. I need temp gauge help and air temp sensor clip...questions
  62. Tuning Help.. Leans out around 4500rpm
  63. Timing, me=no idea
  64. problem with lt8 need help
  65. wiring LT10s to factory S4 fuel pump relay.
  66. ! Need Map LT8X !
  67. MicroTech LTX-8's Ver.1.0 self tuning help...
  68. need advise on lt10
  69. why is the tach not working
  70. s5 n/a tps
  71. x4 wiring question
  72. AVCR with Microtech LT8
  73. Tuning help
  74. Inj at 12.14 mSec at crank
  75. Where to buy?
  76. economy tuning
  77. Full Bridgeport Ignition Timing maps
  78. Optimal way to run the fuel pump
  79. LT8 ECU connection problem
  80. WTB: Microtech Laptop adapter
  81. help, 13b-re lt10s w/ ignitor - TPS wiring??
  82. Hope it is not Blow?? Help
  83. plug and play
  84. Microtech LT16 avaliable in 2 weeks(truth or not)
  85. 5500 rpm problem
  86. Buzzing noise when i turn key
  87. need help seting up 2step
  88. wideband 02 sensor?
  89. 10 psi breakup
  90. matrix maps
  91. 2 injectors per channel?
  92. Mt-12 ??
  93. Upset with Microtech!
  94. coolant sensor
  95. looking for HB map
  96. Where you buy ??
  97. Surge tank question
  98. LT8 From s4 13b to REW engine?
  99. Dual fuel pumps
  100. looking for tunner
  101. WTT: 13B-T 2-bar LT-8s + CASH for one with 3 bar upgrade
  102. avg prices you seen for every microtech model?
  103. FD runs really rich on dyno
  104. Injector Question
  105. Ways to improve throttle response from idle?
  106. safe boost?
  107. Prob a simple question??
  108. How to switch com ports on laptop?
  109. need tuning help
  110. FD with lt10s and MSD
  111. FC3S LT10S and stock coils, ignition diagram
  112. wont start question--base settings?
  113. Weird clutch issue
  114. Can an lt10 be rebuild
  115. fuel pressure issue
  116. Handheld problem
  117. Spark Problems...
  118. Tuner Gaby Skern will be in Orlando for tunning session
  119. Can LT-8 lose program
  120. Wideband and Gauge Help
  121. Apexi ECU
  122. dies out
  123. 6 wire tps plug wiring question PICS.
  124. yet another 02 question
  125. cold engine wont start.
  126. Need help tuning LT-10s in Anchorage Alaska, Anyone want to take a Vacation?
  127. Needed Cable To Computer Microtech
  128. Stop me from burning my car!!!!
  129. Help out an Aussie..NO SPARK!!!
  130. just installed microtech...few questions
  131. LT10 injectors
  132. need answer FAST: wire color for ignitoin
  133. which coils to use for lt8 fc t2 s4
  134. base maps for lt10
  135. WTB: Microtech
  136. LT-8 Base Map for FD with T-78, 550/1600, FPR, Denso FP and 90 Oct..
  137. timing question
  138. laptop adapter for desktop computer
  139. LT8 Errors NEED HELP ASAP!!
  140. Where did you buy your Microtech?
  141. LT8 no connection
  142. FS: LT8 S5 harness NJ
  143. LT8 vs. LT8s What is the difference?
  144. no tacometer microtech ly10s
  145. WTB: Standalone for my s4 TII
  146. LTX8 install????
  147. hooking my crane cams up, thought I had it.
  148. LT10S Idle actuator wires?on FD
  149. Microtech vs stock ecu on this car
  150. LT10S Fan control?
  151. Wheres your timing at while cruising?
  152. Microtech LTX-8s from a FD to a FC?
  153. Cash to anyone who could help me start my car.
  154. 13B Cosmo
  155. MicroTech X4/X6 Ignition Module
  156. Lt-10s with X-4 ignition
  157. one question
  158. Just want some opinions
  159. Where do you guys mount your handset?
  160. WTB: 4Xbosch hec 715 coil packs
  161. For Sale: Microtech LTX-8 with 4 HEC 715 coil packs
  162. Secondaries not firing? TPS ?
  163. error message: wat
  164. Microtech D5
  165. BAT error information...
  166. S4 TII engine in first gen with microtech LT8 issues!!
  167. LSM11 install
  168. LTX-8 is it too old for my FD
  169. LT10S with X4 help
  170. Batch firing 4 secondary injectors?
  171. No Tacho with LTX10s
  172. burned my microtech :(
  173. Just got a LT8
  174. F.S. LT10s with X4
  175. Install questions
  176. s5 turbo engine with a micro tech setup
  177. Little confused about LT-4
  178. FS: Microptech LT8s NEW
  179. ignition break up at 3,000rpm
  180. microtech tech tips
  181. S6 TPS wiring
  182. did this affect my tune?
  183. Is this a good deal on a microtech LTX-12?
  184. Fuel Pump / Priming Question
  185. msd dis-4
  186. Microtech software for windows vista. whats compatible?
  187. FS: Microtech ems
  188. Planning on going with a LT10S, questions (streetability/ignition)
  189. wiring question for you guys. :-/ lt8s
  190. WTB Microtech Plug & Play S6 rx7 harness
  191. im thinking of buying a Microtech ecu
  192. Engine tuner put 13B on 6cyl... runs better
  193. no trailing spark...
  194. zero timing
  195. Timing question
  196. What can I get rid off?
  197. Is there a difference between the 13B-RE air temp sensor and S5 13B-T sensor?
  198. where to get tach signal on aftermarket coils.
  199. Best computer for nitrous.
  200. software for windows 2000
  201. wideband woes...
  202. please micro tech help you guys. error check
  203. Microtech Lt8 and Wideband AF
  204. Injector impedence question
  205. tach reading
  206. am I being redundant wiring my coils up this way?
  207. Is there any sort of Initial Start-up Map??
  208. X4 compatability with LT10s EMS
  209. Laptop adapter
  210. Does fuel pump have to be wired through Microtech?
  211. LTX12 (20B) on a 13b 4port
  212. Handheld problem
  213. FS-LT10S, X4 Ignition, Coils, Plugs
  214. microtech laptop adapter for sale
  215. Compatibility with FC3S in RX 8 Chassis
  216. $100 To anyone who can help get this car to run
  217. Haltech TPS on microtech?
  218. Somebody have the base stock map for tII
  219. LTX8 Idle problems
  220. dumb microtech question
  221. 88t2 base map with 720's
  222. blown main fuse
  223. Any microtech workers on here? check your #^%*@% email!
  224. Is there any way to tell???
  225. standalone newbie question
  226. Microtech stats
  227. LT8-S with t2 wont start.
  228. Difference between dash display and hand controller?
  229. Nology wires vs. Microtech
  230. Microtech X4 Ignition Modules used with MSD 7 AL
  231. Microtech used with P-Port or big Bridge Port
  232. Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the LT10s with factory coils for FC3S?
  233. Mircro Tech Handheld Controller and harness
  234. LT10S ignition problems T2 coil???
  235. lt10 ignition diagram
  236. Possible for MT hand controller to read more than 99 deg. C?
  237. ?? re: dash unit vs. hand controller
  238. almost a repost but not quite (2crane boxes, 2lx92's and lt10s)
  239. inj pw at key turn? test mode >700rpm?
  240. MICROTECH WITH 4CYL I need help
  241. Microtech LT8s
  242. Please help with ltx-8 fuel problems
  243. ltx-12 wideband lsm-11 need schematics
  244. What does red light mean?
  245. this plus is for what?
  246. Innovate LM-1
  247. lt10s tach wont work
  248. TPS reads 99% at light throttle
  249. Lost power during a hard run, did I fry my CAS?
  250. Injector options?