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  1. Matrix Mode how to adjust in all cells? not just idle and 4000?
  2. Identify lt10s hardware/firmware varient
  3. LT-9c Laptop Connection Issues
  4. Black smoke when Decelerating, too rich in vacuum?
  5. Sixport Turbo Microtech setup
  6. Microtech setup guide.
  7. Car wont start. Looking for base map
  8. Barometric sensor?
  9. Lt9 input for speed signal
  10. Checking timing 13b turbo?
  11. RS232 Output from Microtech to Dash Systems
  12. 12a microtech n/a
  13. Idle map query
  14. Tidying up my matrix question
  15. How to connect AEM Domb Coils to LTX8
  16. 2200cc injector start on LT10 basemap
  17. Second hand lt10s
  18. Lt10s with ign-1a coils
  19. Staging question, sort of
  20. Decel active or not with premix
  21. FC Microtech LT12 tuning question
  22. 94fd lt10s no spark
  23. LT-10S vs LT-10C?
  24. Micotech LTxx C CAN BUS Protocol
  25. Microtech
  26. Quick timing question
  27. Odd Startup issue - LT10S
  28. Water Temp Map Trend
  29. Low end matrix adjustment question
  30. Stock sensors with LT9c
  31. Lt10s timing values ??
  32. S4 N/A TPS Options: LT10s
  33. Pump Settings or something Else?
  34. microtech or link ecu
  35. NO spark on my microtech ltx 8 fd
  36. misfire possibility @ 1250 rpm?
  37. Microtech 2-Step Lunch Control - Setup
  38. New injectors safe to drive?
  39. Very strange secondary injector problem. LT10S
  40. X4 issue, possibly dead? Microtech guru's needed
  41. Car turns on but backfires, Need Map help lots of pictures attached
  42. coil upgrade and compatability of AEM
  43. Microtech dash
  44. Adjusting 5atdc
  45. LT8 Configuration
  46. Display Dash Questions
  47. How do you know what series the ECU is?
  48. TPS Wondering out of calibration
  49. rev cut option
  50. good tuners in durban
  51. need help
  52. map sensor
  53. microtech start up map
  54. microtech 9c and x4 ignition wiring question
  55. injector staging
  56. Pump Settings
  57. Fd Rx7 stalling and hot start problems
  58. Very odd RPM reference issue
  59. 63-70C Strange lean out
  60. Cranking setting LTX-12
  61. Base air correction valuesC
  62. Status with ignition on
  63. LTX-12 diagnostic mode
  64. Microtech LT8s 2 step tuning
  65. How to connect Innovate MTX-L to LTX-12
  66. idle map in matrix mode
  67. Cold Start Idle up using TWAT??
  68. Siemens Deka 220lbs
  69. S8 13B Microtech help needed
  70. How did you mount your Logger Dash?
  71. Who's runnig 2 step on their LT8s?
  72. 12a NA Microtech LT10C MAP
  73. Problem with my microtech program
  74. Can you run dual wastegate set up on microtech
  75. Aux or secondary injectors?
  76. Help new map 13b pp
  77. Using MT Dash an Laptop Simultaneously??
  78. 12a NA microtech ltx12s Help MAP
  79. Aux input correct use
  80. Idle in cold wrong, idle in hot well
  81. Need Help With 1680cc Primary Startup
  82. Mazda Air temp sensor help. older Microtech.
  83. Inputting Injector data into LTX-12??
  84. Eletrical gremlin
  85. LT12x Question Please help.
  86. Water temp correction values
  87. Rich idle problems
  88. micro tech lt10 need info on wiring diagrams
  89. LTX-12 Idle map vs Load map
  90. Lt-9c to Lt-10c
  91. LT-10s startup issue
  92. Michro Tech LT 10 x4
  93. T2 LT8 Trouble Starting
  94. Strange fuel cut at 8 psi
  95. primary injector size . and idle
  96. FD Base map
  97. 20B Spark Trig setting for Microtech LTX-12
  98. came across a ltx 12 in box w harness what is it worth
  99. Microtech LT8 not working
  100. Idle control valve 20B
  101. Timing query for 20B
  102. USB adapter for microtech parallel port
  103. microtech software matrix mode map
  104. Need help Lt8 *base map*
  105. Microtec lt10 with aem smart coil
  106. Idle map and Water temp correction help
  107. Bac valve control on lt10s
  108. LTX-12 Microtech 20B help
  109. HELP NEEDED: Stock fan control w/ LT-9c
  110. Pump pulse?
  111. I'm getting about 7mpg..
  112. Question about MAP Sensor
  113. Using a different tps on lt8s
  114. Anyone using LT16C?
  115. By passing fuel pump relay
  116. usb adaptor not recognized. windows 7 and 8.1
  117. Tuning matrix mode
  118. Car won't hold idle unless throttle is held open during cold start.
  119. Static timing/Base Timing , and timing advance during vacuum/boost.
  120. LT8s & spark plug wires
  121. Auxfan output not working with temp activation. Plz help
  122. FD LT8s ECU Issue
  123. Lt10s in fc but think it's for fd
  124. Need base map, stock port s4 t2 720/1000cc
  125. Bosch Coils - Ignition Breakup
  126. my timing on my microtech question
  127. help with some wireing MT lt12s with x6
  128. tuning question
  129. what's the logic behind t*inj?
  130. Normal and Matrix Mode (what is the difference?)
  131. Fc lt12 a/c
  132. auxiliary injectors LT10C
  133. Newbie Microtech tuning tips
  134. LT10s no trailing spar. bad ecu?
  135. LT8 Multiple sensor errors & incorrect voltage reading
  136. Injectors
  137. how do you set timing?
  138. What's happen
  139. I'm gonna burn this car with fire.
  140. Powering up LT-8 to check settings & operation
  141. DWELL setting
  142. MS for injectors not working correctly
  143. LT9 new install NO SPARK fuel relay problem.
  144. mounting ecu
  145. RFI causing shutdown?
  146. Software problema
  147. tuning for idle and ac
  148. Car will not start, injector voltage problem?
  149. how to wiring MSD 6al in stock coils with Microtech LTX10s
  150. Lt12 s
  151. Dies after idling for a few minutes
  152. Lt-16c & MTX-L A/F help
  153. microtech lt8 on 87 tii is out of whack from previous owner
  154. cool star problem
  155. Dies when I plug in the vacuum line
  156. Newbie Fuel adjust question
  157. Car takes a bit to crank but when it does i have a blinking red light
  158. LT9c ground issue (fuel pump and fan relays)
  159. Microtech LT-8 Gauge Cluster Wiring
  160. In need of help with microtech lt8 on stock rebuilt s4 tii
  161. microtech ltx 16 with flex fuel?
  162. Microtech 10 LT-S
  163. Newbie software questions
  164. Timing problem
  165. crank position sensor?
  166. May be picking up a Microtech LT10S-Pros/Cons?
  167. Hot Start after Tuning Idle
  168. Crank Screen reference
  169. microtech usb adapter
  170. Microtech LSU AF1 Wideband
  171. TPS Problem?
  172. runs rough when vacume on map lt10s x4
  173. Need to send it back to Australia?
  174. LT-8S and LS coil question
  175. New Microtech "C" Software keeps crashing
  176. LT8 hard start/ no go
  177. Tach right, microtech wrong?
  178. electronic boost controller with lt8
  179. microtech and injector dynamics
  180. Microtech lt10c
  181. Microtech lt9 and tachometer issues
  182. microtech lt8s and air conditioning on an fd?
  183. LT10s Leadings are not firing
  184. LT8 s5 harness
  185. LT12s with LS1 Coils, switch for AEM coils? Keep?
  186. FD LT10s help with bigger injectors
  187. Micro tech adaptor would not..
  188. LTX-12 Indicator Lamps
  189. Does 2 step cut fuel or ign on LT8?
  190. No spark LT8
  191. LT-10S wiring to Stock FC coils and ignitor help
  192. NO fuel while cranking?
  193. LT8 all of a sudden won't start.
  194. microtech 45 psi map?
  195. Max Duty!
  196. Need tii map for 550/720 injectors or 720/720
  197. Need help on tach wire from Micro tech
  198. LTX-12 MAP sensor wiring
  199. Anyone have a Microtech USB Adaptor For sale?
  200. BAC/Idle valve wiring?
  201. In need of a base map for FD
  202. Second-hand Mircotech off SR20...what'd I get myself into?
  203. Lt-8a question
  204. Engine Tuning LT-10s
  205. LT10s Need Map ASAP
  206. LT-10S 6port Bridge with Itb map
  207. Need help, no crank signal to coils...
  208. Lt10 and msd ignition boxes.
  209. LTX-8 and injectors help
  210. Need Map for Microtech LT8-S
  211. Only the orange light is on?
  212. microtech lt 16 cylinder trim
  213. Help Setting timing on FC/FD hybrid setup
  214. Car bogs on throttle blip
  215. FD CAS Wiring
  216. what's best way to control 9 injectors with LT16c ?
  217. lt10 map settings
  218. took off front cover - do I need to set the TDC again?
  219. Looking for a map to run a 13bt bridgeport
  220. single t04z turbo lt-10c base map
  221. Too cold to start
  222. Looking for the elusive matrix tune
  223. can aem wideband be hooked up to microtech LT16 for logging?
  224. Can anyone share their 20b Microtech map?
  225. WANTED: Microtech Dash Unit or Handset
  226. half bridge map help please!! t2
  227. Help with ls1 coil wiring on lt9c
  228. air Temp error
  229. Weird Microtech Ignition Fualt, need some help
  230. Microtech Operation (LT10S)
  231. need Microtech 20b base map help.
  232. Fuel Pump - What did I do wrong?
  233. Microtech Dash Info
  234. Help! TPS Signal Wire at Microtech LT16 ECU read 5v.
  235. microtech lt8 help
  236. microtech + FD TPS
  237. Is FD tps switch type or variable type?
  238. please help. tps stuck at 99%
  239. LT10S MTX-L 5v wideband input success...anyone?
  240. FD vs. FC LT10S setup
  241. lt10s 13bt help
  242. ltx-10 system manual
  243. WTB Microtech
  244. s4 T2 ecu pinout
  245. need help lt10 staying on with out ignition switch
  246. intake vacuum connection for map sensor
  247. i need map
  248. getting my LT10S RX7 dyno tuned next week. suggestions needed!
  249. Need a map for lt10s
  250. Misfiring/tunning on one rotor