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  1. What impedance injectors ?
  2. Up in hg is richer? or is down in hg richer?
  3. swap mt8 microtech for lt10 microtech ??????
  4. Can a used fuel computer be trusted?
  5. Some help from someone with an LT10s hooked up
  6. shipping for a reflash
  7. Microtech values in % not hg. HELP!
  8. need map so i can get this thing tuned!!!help!!!
  9. HKS Twin Power and Microtech install
  10. Need someone to tune my car!! Please help!!
  11. With Prices Like This Who Doesn't Love Them eh?
  12. Need help with lt10s base map (car dies above idle)
  13. LT12S Ignition breakup
  14. car wont start
  15. Microtech Customer Service
  16. Coil Question
  17. What Sensors and gauges are lost after microtech install and remove the oem harness?
  18. FS: Microtech LT10S
  19. Microtech Help...
  20. Dongle to USB Problems
  21. EMS Knock sensor logging???
  22. MSD DIS-4 Question
  23. which tps would be the best
  24. Wiring Tranny for 3rd Gen Microtech LT10s
  25. Lt10 wont start.
  26. its scary to buy a micro tech they dont start in the cold
  27. Microtech f*cked up??
  28. White dongle or black dongle???
  29. LT10 and HKS twin power.
  30. spark trig settings.
  31. W. I. and Lt8s set-up recomendation.
  32. Flashing Lights
  33. Who can tune matrix mode
  34. New motor running really lean,afraid 2 drive her 2 the dyno. Help please!
  35. Best way to wire my LT10s?
  36. New map???
  37. Does anyone have a 4G63 T settings map?
  38. How to connect the ecu to laptop!! please help!!!
  39. timing on a gt42? s372, s400sx. (all around the same size)
  40. F/S Microtech LT12s ECU and accessories
  41. break up issues
  42. Microtech and MSD DIS4
  43. Help!sputter,backfiring at low rpms on turbo bridged motor (3k to 4k)
  44. These injectors make sense?
  45. Ltx-12
  46. Couple Idle Questions
  47. Tuners
  48. difference between an fc and fd tps on a microtech
  49. How to rewire to get my speedo and oil and water temps to work with my lt16
  50. no boost???
  51. Quick Question
  52. New to Microtech
  53. LT-8 harness
  54. has anyone had problems with microtech the company
  55. Rx72c probably need your help sir FD wont start
  56. How do you monitor knocking with your Microtech?
  57. put microtech in how do i wire in my a/c now
  58. higher rpm misfire HELP!
  59. Running electronic OMP w/ LT-12s
  60. LT10 harness? Anyone selling one?
  61. LT10 Help - No Start
  62. lt8s & dynatek help
  63. Microtech on an Rx8 - Starting help
  64. Microtech laptop software help
  65. id 2000 and lt10s
  66. lt8s installation HELP!!!
  67. No longer supporting Microtech.
  68. HKS Twin Power and LT10S
  69. all the work done in normal mode saved when going to matrix?
  70. engine wont start error screen 33
  71. Lt 12 base map need...
  72. FD with microtech LT10s
  73. Low load tuning help
  74. staged injection misfire/small hesitation
  75. lt10s with x4 and cdi ignition
  76. Just a few questions :)
  77. LT8 No spark at all
  78. Having trouble starting car. Map posted
  79. Looking for lt10s
  80. Help with Boost problem on LTX12
  81. Constant spark with Lt8s
  82. LT-10 Map sensor
  83. dwell
  84. Coolant temp sensor
  85. Tach on instrument cluster problem
  86. LT-8 idle and starting problem
  87. Wire 2 fuel pump on a lt16?
  88. t2 tps issues and microtech
  89. LT10s Air temp sensor question??
  90. LT8s + 20b
  91. Wiring questions
  92. quick harness question on lt8s
  93. Reconfigure LTX12 for 13B
  94. worth switching to haltech?
  95. ecu help please
  96. bridge/turbo&lt10
  97. lt10s x4 firing
  98. Need help choosing Microtech
  99. Need a map for lt-8
  100. Need a Map
  101. next stage of learning
  102. microtech mtx-8 wiring help please
  103. t2 map for lt-8
  104. no spark on l1 t1
  105. tuning q's
  106. I think i need a new ignition setup, any thoughts?
  107. Speed density equation for my Microtech?
  108. LTX12 w/ Wideband Option issues
  109. Tunning Seminars?
  110. connecting with windows vista
  111. How much to pay for an lt10 install?
  112. lt10s x4 msd 8207 ssblaster coils
  113. timing issues
  114. tuning with larger primaries~~~
  115. Timing seems off, simple question, duty or time
  116. ignition only
  117. s5 TII omp and lt-10s? and an injector question
  118. Blew my LT-8...HELP!!!!
  119. LTX-8 Help - No Leading Spark.. No Start
  120. 3 Bar Map question
  121. No spark w/ lt10s stock coils no x4 box
  122. reading material...
  123. CAS and LT8
  124. No spark on Microtech. Please any input.
  125. Map for LT8 N/A bridge or PP on 750 injectors.
  126. how to save current map on dongle
  127. LTX-12s fuel issue.
  128. LT8s or LT10s?
  129. halfbridge/turbo base map
  130. cold start.. arrrg
  131. Couple wires, identification please
  132. Aux 1 and 2 not working?
  133. microtech lt0s and msd 8232 compatibility
  134. no spark on ltx12
  135. help wiring the speedo on my fd><>,,
  136. microtech coils...where to get them...
  137. Rotor 2 has no spark. LT10s
  138. No RPM sig and error
  139. Lt10s diagram
  140. Microtech newbie - Map, injectors etc.
  141. Help no spark in trailing !
  142. laptop dongle price ?
  143. BAC Question
  144. ignition question
  145. Fuel injector flow rates?
  146. lt 10 just stoped worrking
  147. lt10 no data when connected
  148. need a tuner in NC
  149. New Lt10's ecu
  150. need map for 850cc and 1600cc
  151. trying to get ideas on a timing issue
  152. Lt10-s question
  153. Need a wiring harness for lt8
  154. do you need a laptop and tps to run
  155. Replacement CAS harness?
  156. sequential ignition LT8S
  157. Need a map
  158. in need of a map
  159. LT10s on an N/A: Should I add a HI-6?
  160. wtb: 2 bosch hec 715 coils
  161. Ignition Question
  162. send to OZ ,LTX8
  163. Lt8 with ign. box
  164. LT8 To Laptop.
  165. microtech x4
  166. Red flash light on lt8s
  167. LTX8S w/ Bosch Coils, MUST have?
  168. 2nd/GSL-SE compatability.
  169. loading maps off the dongle..
  170. need an answer
  171. Wtb: Microtech LT10s igniters (4)
  172. What efan to run?
  173. S5 tps on S4 car with microtech lt8
  174. about microtech
  175. WTB Microtech Laptop Dongle
  176. anyone want a Microtech Dash Display?
  177. Car flooded, now no power to ECU?
  178. Timing lock
  179. looking for a fullbridged map for turbo car
  180. mtx-8 with a tII what to get rid of
  181. save map
  182. What boost contoller are you running?
  183. AuxMAP_ON for water injection
  184. can you tell me what's wrong with my map?
  185. microtech mt8??
  186. timing
  187. Is it hard to install
  188. ltx-8 fd base map
  189. rx8 people are dumb please help me!!!
  190. Iphone
  191. why does AFRs go lean when i drop IATs
  192. lt8 map sensor upgrade...
  193. looking for a base map for a stock s4 t2
  194. need help tuning lt8 in Tucson AZ
  195. Microtech tuning Q's Lt8
  196. Turbo RX3 project
  197. s4 13bt start but no idle
  198. Reading wide range on DASH unit?
  199. red light is blinking when car is running ltx8
  200. question LTX-8
  201. out of curiosity (injector question)
  202. starting issue
  203. 12a bp turbo - new engine - base map help
  204. N/A Base Map
  205. Choosing injectors. Help?
  206. Microtech Advice
  207. Won't run unless I hook up all four injectors to primary wires
  208. Where'd you mount the x4 box?
  209. Electric fan not coming on.
  210. How difficult to wire up Microtech?
  211. Timing won't advance
  212. Issues with trailing cant figure it out?
  213. Questions about FD3S microtech LTX-8s install. Systems that need to be run seperatly?
  214. Nothing on the trailing coil?
  215. 0cyl test bypasses all settings?
  216. New to performance ECU
  217. Lt10
  218. Yet another my car won't start Thread.
  219. S4 N/A with LT10s - Odd High RPM Vacuum readings
  220. Another No Start Thread
  221. Remove AEM ems for microtech what you guys think?
  222. microtech ltx12 suddenly no spark
  223. AE with Microtech won't start
  224. microtech lt 10 with x4 box individual coils for sale
  225. Sodering wires vs making clips
  226. Spark plugs keep fouling after just hours of use(need help badly)
  227. Idle afr
  228. starts 10 seconds then dies
  229. adjusting tps on microtech
  230. changing to 1200cc
  231. s4 microtech
  232. pressure switch for injectors
  233. Microtech LTX-12S AMP Usage
  234. Wiper motor help they wont work and harness is conected
  235. Mazfix a.k.a www.microtech-efi.com in Australia
  236. base map for lt10s for 13bt
  237. Yes my car run!MT rules(video)
  238. need help
  239. locked out??
  240. hard jerk/hesitation tuning issue
  241. TII base map used for NA?
  242. Trailing Coil #2. Grey Wire.
  243. i need a tunner
  244. Rebuild Half bridged turbo wont start(help)
  245. I need LT8 wiring diagram. The real one!
  246. Ignition Help
  247. Best place to purchase Microtech LT-10?
  248. Needed: Base Map!
  249. Knock!
  250. cant connect