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  1. WTB Microtech
  2. s4 T2 ecu pinout
  3. need help lt10 staying on with out ignition switch
  4. intake vacuum connection for map sensor
  5. i need map
  6. getting my LT10S RX7 dyno tuned next week. suggestions needed!
  7. Need a map for lt10s
  8. Misfiring/tunning on one rotor
  9. Lt-10 and 2200cc injectors all around??
  10. Fd with Lt-8 (Static configuration)
  11. fine tuning maps after engine rebuild
  12. ltx8 Question
  13. need help staging my injectors
  14. Microtech LT10-s adapter needed
  15. HELP!! ECU wont fire up!!
  16. Microtech LT10-C question how to monitor and log EGT temp
  17. 20b/lt16. shes running(not very well)
  18. need a microtech tuner in the tri state area ny nj or ct please help.......
  19. WI/Microtech
  20. cold start crank map help
  21. need a map!
  22. Need help with an FD and FC map
  23. Want to buy MicroTech
  24. Fd map/HELP!
  25. Help with a map for a TII
  26. fd lt8 plug and play ecu/ w patch harness
  27. change ignition coil
  28. microtech reading battery voltage low
  29. Need wiring help to control 9 injectors with LT16 for 20B 3 rotor engine
  30. Please help . Need basic instructions to wire efan to lt10s.
  31. looking for a used microtech dash unit
  32. Tuning help 20b microtech lt12
  33. Assistance with tune after turbo upgrade
  34. LT8s CAS Harness
  35. Who has idle issues with lights on or A/C on?
  36. Lt8s - won't let me change anything or view charts
  37. LTX12 on Colorado Emissions Test
  38. some basic Qs on a microtech LT10S
  39. Help needed with hestitation/misfiring issue
  40. how boost works
  41. reflasing ltx-12s
  42. HELP microtech
  43. New to MicroTech! Info please!
  44. Which site is the legit microtech site?
  45. microtech lt8 wont power up.
  46. Need base map
  47. Cold Start Problem and FD with FC programmed ECU Question
  48. lt8s with mechanical fuel pump
  49. Prime Time
  50. help! need a base map. lt8. no start over fueling.
  51. lt12 3 rotor breaking up
  52. LT12 Starting Issue
  53. HELP HELP HELP ! LT-10s !
  54. CCQ (Compatible Coil Question)
  55. whats the problem ? Lt10s
  56. Help a noob out !
  57. LT-10s FS
  58. Mircotech lt-8s
  59. Extremely odd starting and driving/running on one rotor problem
  60. PLX/wideband question
  61. Strange fuel issue?
  62. Microtech no cranking signal car was running fine and it died and wont start.Help!
  63. Extra fuel causing surging?
  64. New LT9c
  65. Microtech CAS Connector
  66. Microtech Lt10s boosting weird HELP !
  67. advanced tuning manual ?????
  68. 20b base map needed
  69. timing mark question
  70. Need basic map help with LTX12 on 13B TII
  71. MT/LT v2.0
  72. Error 13 - type mismatch
  73. injectors not firing when cranking
  74. Major issue...need help asap
  75. Denver resources
  76. Microtech Lt-10 compatible between Rx7 S4 & S6
  77. Microtech + tablet?
  78. lt8 in s4 rx7. spark problem
  79. tuning! in north jerz!
  80. New alternator
  81. FS: Microtech LTX-12S and wiring harness
  82. wierd injector problem, need help
  83. how to hook up air temp sensor to microtech?
  84. WTB FD(series 6) plug and play adapter for LT10S
  85. More agressive two step?
  86. LT16, do I hook up the o2 sensor?
  87. No spark lt8, please help.
  88. Runtime error under hard accel
  89. microtech lt10s 4bar map? borg s366
  90. Injector Question Lt-10
  91. Erratic Idle, possible interference? (with video).
  92. Locate the ignition wire
  93. goes lean when secondaries kick in
  94. Cooling fan issue
  95. 3-rotor 20B microtech tuning help desperately needed in Gainesville, FL
  96. How to wire MSD 6A
  97. underdrive pulleys and low voltage...
  98. Hot Start Issue
  99. Pump setting issues
  100. Lt10 tune for good street driving
  101. microtech ltx8 don,t want to turn on
  102. HELP!! questions on how to log a/f ratio with lt10s
  103. LT-10s - How to select adjustment points
  104. WAT error
  105. No spark. How to wire without x4 box?
  106. LT10 injector question
  107. CRK-rpm
  108. Question about stock fuel map and TPS calibration.
  109. Timing differences between FCs and FDs
  110. Need help with Microtech Mt8!! please
  111. Super lean afr
  112. ignition problem question
  113. lt16/20b wiring Idle control valve
  114. Idle Issues
  115. Ignition cut?
  116. how to load a map to microtech
  117. Wiring question for FB rx-7
  118. microtech lt8s / dynatek ARC-2 ignition HELP
  119. anybody have a 4x1000cc injectors base map
  120. price on lt10s reconfigure
  121. need a map
  122. New Generation LT16C ECU's are due for release in around 2 weeks from now :-)
  123. Tach Reading / Trailing Spark
  124. Rev lim/cut? Serious lean issue?
  125. MT LT10S problems - ratchety after wouldnt start
  126. idle issue
  127. Help please!before i burn this fu#%^up
  128. help with coolant buzzer!!!!
  129. 2 step settings
  130. Microtech Shutting down laptop software
  131. lt8 with msd 6al
  132. Lt10 with hks twin power
  133. LT8S Wasted spark unit running 4 msd 8207 coils
  134. hard cold start?
  135. California Turner
  136. lt8s injector question
  137. Quick timing question
  138. help with mircotech:(
  139. microtech lsu-af1 or Aem eugo
  140. Microtech Help
  141. sending back how 2
  142. Safe Timing map, Original timing map lost
  143. Innovate Wideband setup on lt10s
  144. Timing and lt10s wiring question
  145. 2x OEM 550cc 2x 1600cc LT10S Map
  146. questions about lt10 wiring diagram?
  147. Original ECU and Microtech LT10s
  148. i need ideas for a timing issue
  149. How to copy maps?
  150. What to do next? Help in tuning
  151. Microtech x4
  152. Wiring Diagram for Lt8X with external map sensor
  153. DIY Firmware
  154. Microtech start-up dramas
  155. i need bosch hec 715 coils ....help
  156. o2 sensor data?
  157. Microtech LXT -8 w/ hand controller
  158. Lt10s x4 + ice 16v booster
  159. lt10 green wire
  160. Matrix Mode
  161. 13b with microtech NO START
  162. FD injector shuts off while driving
  163. bac valve
  164. Methanol AFR for Turbo Please??Help!!
  165. Error codes, hom ref rpm.. what to try first?
  166. What AFR reading when under boost
  167. TX, LTX8 question
  168. 13b bridge turbo map
  169. What should my water temp be?
  170. microtech lt10 error question
  171. fuel pump relay
  172. Problem with ltx8
  173. Low throttle cruise causes a rough afr
  174. LT12 20B Start-up map?
  175. Lt10 hard start when engine is cold
  176. Microtech over power FC??
  177. Huge knock problem
  178. microtech spark one trailing anx opposite leading
  179. Microtech ltx-8
  180. Over heating and shuttin down...
  181. Software re-skin side project
  182. I need microtech dongle and anybody willing to hook it up to read a error code!!!!!
  183. connection problems
  184. Any help would be great!
  185. idle drops with lights at night
  186. explosion inside engine
  187. Still a b*stard to start...
  188. Please Help Need a MAP ASAP!
  189. microtech issues in altitude colorado
  190. Engine enters prime mode at 185f water temp...
  191. Is this a problem with ignition timing?
  192. Hand Controller VS Dongle+Laptop Software
  193. Microtech LT8 for me........
  194. Microtech lt10s starting issue
  195. lt-8 coilpack question.
  196. FD lt12 in a fc
  197. Thinkin bout buyin a LT10...advice?
  198. LTX8, s4/5 engine drops timing when warm
  199. 2mm jack?
  200. list of tuners in CA??
  201. Programming LT10
  202. Reflash cost
  203. Another RPM Error
  204. LT10s starting problems
  205. lt10 Q for microtech
  206. Serial Adapter
  207. no display
  208. using ipad for microtech
  209. Microtech Dongle
  210. MTX-8 on TII harness S4 vert...
  211. LC-1, LTX12, DynoTune gauge together
  212. Anyone running microtech ecu on 1jz
  213. Ltx-12 base na map?
  214. LTX8, been perfect for 5yrs,then?
  215. lt10 Q's (tuners)
  216. how do you set the pin lock with the handset
  217. switching from 13bt (s5) to 13b-rew
  218. Starting/Fuel Problems
  219. Wideband out of calibration?
  220. gauge size
  221. log details
  222. which is microtech website?
  223. possible problem with my lt-10s
  224. error code
  225. missing pins on harness?
  226. no fire
  227. Cranks like mixed up spark wires
  228. Anyone heard of LT10 changing its map by its self?
  229. Need help! ltx8
  230. Cant Change Screens
  231. How to hook up the tach on a lt10?
  232. LT8 t4 map
  233. Microtech Hand Controller Help
  234. Need help picking out a ECU??
  235. Split Timing example Help!!
  236. LTx12s wiring back feed issue?
  237. Lt8s T04z map?
  238. Going matrix, looking for a base matrix map!
  239. My timing Maps? please little help!
  240. LT8s problem :dunno:
  241. Is the lt10 windows 7 compatible?
  242. Intermediate cas signal lose Lt10s
  243. fuse protection
  244. help with msd DIS-2 please.
  245. LT-8 timing problem
  246. How to setup 2nd map for above 4k
  247. Worth a shot: Anyone have a map for this (LT8)
  248. New Year, so let me hear the new ignition setups.please
  249. Weird TPS throttle body issue
  250. Microtech lt8 running ls1