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  1. Why bigger turbos make more HP at the same PSI....
  2. Tech Manual Directory
  3. Color of Connectors for Solenoids
  4. Transmission in between 4rth and Reverse. Sigh.
  5. Some fuel system ramblings
  6. FINALLY got my aquamist water injection in and running
  7. And the work begins, new engine, lights wheels (pics)
  8. Cheap Bastard fix for clutch switch
  9. Post Some Pics of your FD! :D <- Pics of your car go in this thread!!
  10. FC thermoswitch for FD
  11. Detailed specs of stock engine and turbo flow
  12. tps help on 3rd gen rx7
  13. 93 RX7 black smoke/ doesnt start nomore HELP me man thanxz
  14. electrical gremlin
  15. ecu wiring harness GURU's need your help!!
  16. 4500rpm Boost problem after installation of twins and mazda reman
  17. HELP.. need Front and Center Steel
  18. Fuel system configuration
  19. Effect of weight during highway pulls?
  20. Autometer gauges install
  21. So, it's possible to use 2nd gen N/A housings in our FD'S?
  22. Dented "crank" angle sensor
  23. Weird Boost Issue
  24. Cooling info, Don't beleive the hype!!
  25. OS Giken twin plate and adapter install
  26. How to verify a ported engine is good?
  27. Cleaning up the sequential control system - some new ideas
  28. metering oil pump adapter? pros and cons
  29. peter farell intercooler is it a good setup?
  30. MAP sensor eating R1, 3 so far...
  31. Can you change the FD from a speed density-based system to a MAF-based system???
  32. 2ndary boost problem (yes have searched)
  33. ECU, A/F problems...maybe...
  34. Ignition coils??
  35. RS/RZ brakes install notes and pics (warning... many big pics)
  36. Primary Turbo Operation - What controls pressure after 7PSI? Strange Boost Problem!
  37. searched and looked at "troubleshooting" websites already
  38. air sensor relocation. . . worth it?
  39. s5na rotors in an fd motor?
  40. What's wrong with the series 6 IC?
  41. Water Injection Discussion
  42. Stock ECU & 10 psi........... Myth??????
  43. Pic compare: 93 Cali ECU vs 95 non-Cali M2 Stage 3 ECU
  44. Rewrapping the main engine harness?
  45. Solenoid nipple repair
  46. fuel question/ injector
  47. 10psi + boost... studdering and braking up
  48. New motor...car won't start!!
  49. charge control valve problems?
  50. Is there any step by step walkthrough of the non-sequential conversion?
  51. Weird idle fluctuations when in 1st gear
  52. No spark - Need help
  53. Another CAS question
  54. PFC and the GM Air Thermosensor
  55. ignition coil ohm requirement???
  56. Easier oil pan removal
  57. What are the bolt sizes for the primary and 2ndary rails?
  58. My car is what my tuner calls...."A problem child." I need help. :(
  59. Battery relocation to trunk..step by step!
  60. diff bushing install
  61. replaced my left wheel bearing - pics and details
  62. ast elimination - my filler neck nipple plug solution
  63. My coil relocation mini-project (pictures)
  64. Cryogenically freezing
  65. Upper Intake Manifold (UIM) Pictures
  66. Dealing with Pull Type Clutch Video
  67. Water temperature sensor: How to tap and install
  68. Trailing Arm bushings
  69. SDC Blitz dual boost controller
  70. Is there any chance to read ecu codes without ECL?
  71. injector removal, reconditioning, and replacement
  72. Nobody cares about torque anymore!
  73. aftermarket water temp sensor location
  74. Finally some project progress with tons of pics.
  75. camera mounts - how i get my footage
  76. radiator ducting pics - more ducting from damian :-)
  77. Installed my SS brake lines - pics and advice
  78. suggestion for those with trying to fix 10-5-10 pattern
  79. After 2 years....NO MORE CLUNK!!!!! woo hoo
  80. Profec B spec II install and review
  81. Pettit Racing Alignment Specs
  82. Dashpot UIM
  83. My boost control setup - perfect 10-8-10 pattern
  84. My boost control setup - perfect 10-8-10 pattern
  85. evans coolant report- part 1
  86. fixed my idle problems, backfiring, bucking and more...
  87. fixed my rattel noise, here is what it was
  88. pics of my thermalflex coolant hose
  89. solution to getting alrternator brushes to stay in
  90. my custom heat sheild - pictures galore :-)
  91. My Hyper Ground System Install with picture.
  92. Your aftermarket toe links worn? Here's help
  93. AT to MT swap
  94. japenese and american engines differences, take a look (pics)
  95. Is a Street port needed???
  96. OH NO! Not another Ghetto Mod: Engine Torque Brace! PIX!
  97. coupler size for turbo/intake/intercooler
  98. Fuel Filter Changing Tips
  99. my suggestion for check valve replacements
  100. here is where the stock horns are...
  101. question on the rear diff...
  102. water injection vs. big ic
  103. Vac Hose Job
  104. Best AST
  105. Pictures of the fatal wreck...
  106. how can i tell it isnt a stock ECU please help ASAP
  107. Interesting thermostat discovery
  108. Several of you have this....what is it?
  109. More than you ever wanted to know about oil
  110. fuel pump swap
  111. Transmission oil change.
  112. K2RD 1600 Secondary Install
  113. Safe Hp With Stock Injectors
  114. Greddy 2 FMIC Installation Docs - ENGLISH!!!
  115. Common Sense
  116. My take on engine torque braces
  117. Help changing spark plugs + wires please.
  118. Getting the Alternator out?
  119. What intake do you recommend?
  120. Brake advice: rotors, calipers, and pads
  121. Sleek light kits: RE Amemiya vs. C-West vs. East Bear (BIG PICS)
  122. Need help identifying O-ring... PLEASE HELP!
  123. replaced broken rear wheel stud
  124. My blown engine a part (with pics) @ KD Rotary... Interesting Read
  125. Why 4 Intake manifold runners?
  126. Coolant Exploded!!!! Help!! What Now?
  127. Pros and Cons for Elimanating AST
  128. Throttle body o-ring size?
  129. downpipe install help
  130. Is it time for the HKS Twinpower Ignition?
  131. Strong Coolant Smell At Top End
  132. Alternative Radiator Fans for FD?
  133. Hesitation Problem - NOT a ground problem I don't think
  134. Can some of you guru's PLEASE help me understand how to tune???
  135. R1 vs. R2 - what are the differences
  136. Mod list to keep your FD running happy
  137. 10 reliability mods you must do!!!!!!
  138. Are you guys still gonna run 20/50 weight oil in the Winter?
  139. Check your turbo coolant lines!
  140. How to make an upgraded radiator fit with a front mount intercooler?
  141. need questions answered from experienced 3rd gen owners
  142. need questions answered from experienced 3rd gen owners
  143. need questions answered from experienced 3rd gen owners
  144. coolant leak after shut off!
  145. Boost creep control?
  146. Pix of porting of my engine!
  147. The Goods, Bads, and What to do?Change of heart, im selling my TT 300ZX for and RX-7
  148. My Oil Pressure Gauge
  149. How visible are the control actuators?
  150. non-sequential problems
  151. When air pumps go bad......
  152. hks downpipe install
  153. Boost Creep! Dammit!
  154. 5th Gear Syncro
  155. Car won't go into gear
  156. How to protect your FMIC?
  157. Turbos are coming out...go non-seq?
  158. Cracked my PPF at the strip!
  159. Which COILOVER for FD would you want?
  160. tell me about tires
  161. Info on slotted rotors from Brembo
  162. HELP!!!Broke a bolt off the throttle body
  163. flashing "hold" light
  164. Synthetic Oils, Good or Bad?
  165. Glove compartment light stays on...
  166. non-seq turbo how to?
  167. Vented hoods...functional?
  168. EGR CURE!! So Simple!
  169. Whats the #1 suspect for 12-0-0 boost????
  170. Boost gauge install...I know what you are thinking, but read on.
  171. Ground Control coil overs good or bad???
  172. Brake light comes on
  173. Anyone have an ACT 6 puck w/Lightened FW?
  174. I finished refinishing my wheels!
  175. noise when turning the steering wheel
  176. Reading Error Codes
  177. Boost spike/creep???
  178. A/F gauge install
  179. 99 spec taillights
  180. What Kind of Real World Gas milages does your FD3 get?
  181. apex seals experts?
  182. How much HP can a FD produce on stock twins and non ported engine?
  183. Gauge cluster in the center speaker location!
  184. Why 3rd Gen Engines don't last
  185. Leather seat restoration?? Any suggestions....
  186. Fuel Injector Cleaner: Yes/No?
  187. Boost Problem Fixed
  188. Which mods are the RELIABILTY mods??
  189. Recomendations on lowering...
  190. what's the most boost you can run safely on a stock rx7?
  191. How many BOV's? New to turbo
  192. thermostat
  193. Oil in the intake hose??
  194. 8-5-5 boost????? HELP!!!
  195. Anyone with M2 stage 3 ECU and FMIC....post your boost pattern!
  196. Did my AST go bad?
  197. 30mph-80mph in 3rd???
  198. Pill Size?
  199. I did NOT murder my car! MAP senor hose.
  200. Is your intercooler to close to the battery?
  201. Common effects of bad "pills" or lose vacuum lines?
  202. Drivers side door problems. Please help.
  203. My secondary is not prespooling. Anybody know why?
  204. another thermostat question
  205. Turbo Pre-control solenoid and actuator! Please Help!
  206. HOLY CRAP...have you guys seen this?
  207. Hard starting
  208. Ignitor ground wire?
  209. Brake wear?
  210. Spearco Intercoolers
  211. Need advice
  212. think I just murdered my car.
  213. Got the damn pulley kit on....
  214. Flush Head Light Kit
  215. AC Problems
  216. Fans wont turn off!!!!!!!
  217. DAMN 3K hesitation! ideas?
  218. Turbo XS boost control
  219. Yes...another ECU inquiry, opinions please?
  220. book on fd's
  221. My 1st RX-7: Rough Entry but still Optimistic
  222. FD idles at 1.5k-2k RPM for a few seconds at stop lights
  223. Any good how-to sites for plug changes???
  224. How critical to do ECU upgrade??? Will it blow??
  225. TPS sensor and FAN MOD.......
  226. fuel pump install
  227. Screw threadlife...need AutoX tires
  228. what up wit this????????
  229. Help with tire choices
  230. racing ferraris
  231. Applying For credit
  232. power loss: spark? 2ndary injectors? Ideas?
  233. CF Dash Overlay for FD for $231
  234. How much horsepower? What do you think??
  235. Accident Advice
  236. Midpipe Install tips...
  237. Installing pulley
  238. Fix For Tach??????
  239. who misses there 7?
  240. Broken moon roof = $3,000 fix!
  241. Midpipe
  242. FD idles at .5k RPM for a few seconds at stop lights?
  243. Not getting 4psi in neutral?Where's the problem?
  244. Auto X tire pressures??
  245. 18" Blitz 03 for FD!!!!!!!!
  246. Does anyone consider an FD a exotic car?
  247. Cooling Fan Question with parking lights on
  248. Engine diagnosis by sound contest
  249. How do you replace oil metering lines?
  250. Bushings