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  1. Wiring a haltech p2000 to a MSD 6a with stock coils
  2. [RX7 FD3S] compatibility RX8 alternator with RX7 ?
  3. Possible to use Microtech Harness with Haltech Elite 1500?
  4. Tuning Help and info
  5. E6x staged injection is a joke. Anyone try sequential?
  6. wanted
  7. Elite 1000 bad output?
  8. Internal vs External MAP sensor
  9. Haltech Sprint RE - Datalogging Wideband input
  10. Elite 2500 PnP on FD RX7
  11. PS1000 S4 T2 no spark
  12. First Start (Elite 2500 PNP)
  13. Haltech Melted Ignition Coils
  14. FC CAS patch harness.
  15. PS1000 GM coil harness for coil pack question
  16. Help. No spark elite 550 with haltech coils
  17. PNP Harness understanding outputs
  18. haltech elite/ICQ3 - vehicle speed (FC)
  19. Elite 2500 PnP injector cycling with car off
  20. E6k map
  21. Elite 1500 Trigger Synchronises But won't fire coils or injectors
  22. Haltech Elite 2000 with PNP harness. Plug and go?
  23. Ps2000 strange lean spike just started.
  24. HAltech Overheating
  25. noob with haltech
  26. Unknown wire in Home/Trigger shielding
  27. Platinum Sprint RE
  28. Haltech 1500 Elite vs AEM Infinity 6
  29. runs lean coming onto boost
  30. Elite FD mounting
  31. No BAC and Stock coils on Elite 1500?(first haltech)
  32. 20b into Haltech ps2k cas
  33. FC3S PS1K Fuel Pump Relay Connection
  34. trigger setting and timing on elite 1500
  35. Tacho on elite 1500
  36. No RPM signal when cranking
  37. Overvoltage Protection?
  38. skeese help.
  39. Elite Wiring from Haltech
  40. Blowing seals, timing map?
  41. Which channels to datalog this problem?
  42. Help with surging fast idle Haltech 1500 Elite
  43. ECU/Injector Wiring Recommendations
  44. Haltech fuse box wiring-where to tap into for power
  45. Haltech Elite needs overboost ignition cut feature
  46. Elite 1500 power up problem
  47. Ignition cut while running rich
  48. Elite First strtup after a full build
  49. Fried aem smart coils?
  50. Anyone using a Haltech in MN??
  51. My rpms stuck at 50rpm on engine data page even with engine off on my E8.
  52. New Connectors for Flying Lead Harness
  53. Elite wiring question, signal ground wire
  54. Elite 1500 CAS, TPS, Tacho
  55. Having issues with trailing coil 1 firing
  56. Mounting of PS1000 in an FB
  57. FD CAS sensor problems with hot engine.
  58. Haltech Elite Wideband recommendations
  59. Help with Afm
  60. Wiring the stock tach w/elite 1500 and igbt coils
  61. 3 bar map sensor Voltages
  62. Sprint RE
  63. Elite Wiring
  64. E11-V1 and Halwin 1.89 compatible?
  65. Haltech Elite 1500 OBD Reader
  66. Haltech Elite 1000
  67. Wiring in haltech 550 elite (first haltech)
  68. elite 550 vs Sprint Re
  69. RX8 PWM alternator wiring diagram
  70. No Start Troubleshooting
  71. Haltech Elite and FD Fan Control System
  72. LS1 and IGBT Coil setups the same?
  73. Zero Demand Tables - Why and how
  74. Target AFR chart discussion
  75. Home Tooth Error Count
  76. Elite 2500 Sequential turbo operation
  77. Boost levels different from day to day?
  78. RGHTBrainDesign Tuned - Haltech 2500 Elite Basemap Experiment
  79. 4 port boost controller tip
  80. Fuel temp compensation?
  81. 80% fix to hesitation when accelerating from cruise
  82. Prime Pulse Setting
  83. Anyone using full time closed loop tuning?
  84. How do I calculate fuel vs AFR?
  85. Elite traction control strategies
  86. Elite 550 standalone on renesis
  87. Elite 1500 ignition timing setting issues
  88. Stock turbo injector sizing.
  89. Haltech PS1000 and stock FD fans
  90. haltech elite tuning question
  91. wheel speed sensor voltage amplitude
  92. Hitting fuel cut before any actual cut limits
  93. Is anyone currently using a haltech e8 with loom on a FD
  94. Elite 750
  95. second rotor flooded twice in 1 month
  96. how do you safely induce knock?
  97. need to drive 2 amp methanol nozzle solenoid
  98. How many sensor can 1 +5v wire feed(ps2000)
  99. installing evap system
  100. Haltech customer service
  101. Setting timing on 20b
  102. No Spark After Hot Restart.
  103. Elite 1000 and 2000 available soon
  104. Can elite 2500 progressively control the water injection pump or solenoid?
  105. weird hesitation at 3800 rpm
  106. Elite 2500 traction control help
  107. Elite 750 on 20b?
  108. Can't get her to start
  109. Closed Loop O2 Control recommended?
  110. Ps1000 wiring questions.. sorry
  111. Haltech PS1000 Closed Loop Boost & ECU Manager DC & Map Setup
  112. Haltech Elite 1500 for a stockish FD?
  113. E6X: Worth Using Or Paper Weight?
  114. Injecter stageing with 2200cc Injecters
  115. Stock FC tach with sprint RE?
  116. Stock FC tach with Haltech
  117. power to injectors
  118. Haltech in my rx-8
  119. Elite 550 or 750
  120. Help, Sprint re weak power to coils
  121. Happy Birthday: C Ludwig!
  122. sprint re base map help
  123. Elite tuning questions - VE tuning is that the best option?
  124. FD3 Igniter Replacement
  125. I don't have haltech-- stupid questions inside
  126. Gear calculation
  127. Blipping on acceleration
  128. Leans out right when i stab it before staging bar
  129. traction control on Elite 2500
  130. PS1000 - Engine Protection went active... for no reason.
  131. Throttle Pump Related>>Help me fix this tuning Issue
  132. Driveability Issues
  133. does anyone have alldata?
  134. AFR too rich at part throttle - ps1k
  135. Injector Firing Angle continued
  136. elite 2500?
  137. Recommended close loop settings e6x
  138. Lean fuel on throttle
  139. How does this Ignition and Split map look?
  140. PS1000 & FD Harness
  141. PS1000 on FD
  142. Rx7 s4 13bt w/ e6x wont start
  143. Can I get more power out of this tune? (safely)
  144. Sprint RE installed. Worked for a few days now wont start.
  145. Haltech E6K/E6X Installation for FC3S in S4-S5 1986-1991 Mazda Rx7 chassis
  146. TPS wire colors I need to use???
  147. Knock sensors for elite
  148. 20B Platinum 2000 base map needed
  149. Injector wiring question
  150. PS1000 3D Boost Target Map
  151. E6x running on windows 7 32bit- com port issue. calling win OS system gurus.
  152. e6k no spark or trigger for fuel
  153. S5 Coolant temp and intake air temp sensor voltage curves
  154. Need E11V1 software
  155. E6X Problem
  156. Claudio base maps won't unzip
  157. Sleepy DPOs?
  158. Haltech Platinum Sprint RE
  159. Need MAP For E6X To start and drive car to tuner
  160. Calling E6X Alpha-N Tuning Guru's
  161. Trailing Coil Causing Detonation. Any Ideas?
  162. *HALTECH EXPERTS* How does this Trailing split map look?
  163. E6k maps
  164. E6X vacuum solenoid question
  165. Haltech Elite 750 @ Sema
  166. Having trouble getting my car started since i swapped to P1K
  167. E11v2 12+ source question
  168. ..am i chasing my tail?
  169. Ignition breakup/timing issues during cranking. Same issue on two different setups
  170. 500RWHP FD Running Lean ([email protected] on pump gas) all of a sudden. Motor Survives!!
  171. AEM uego to sprint re settings?
  172. PS1000 trigger issue
  173. Help with open loop boost control Sprint RE
  174. I have a Haltech E11V2 for sale with harness
  175. need an e6k stock fd base map
  176. Sprint re coil set up
  177. e6k no start. help.
  178. The best ignition option for my Haltech ps1000
  179. Coils fire with key switch? E6K
  180. FD home, trigger threshold voltages
  181. New SprintRE Install-No Start
  182. msd superconductor interference 16krpm
  183. e6k to fd help appreciated
  184. How to Install Old Halwin/HalwinX onto 64bit Machines!!
  185. SprintRE 13bT. Int going super super rich. Odd TPS readings
  186. 13bre tps pin out (sprint RE)
  187. Elite ESP v2.00.6 available
  188. PS1000- E85 ignition - what to do..
  189. Choosing A Engine Control Module
  190. PS2000 Miss Counts When Warm
  191. e6x won't start
  192. E11V2 13B-RE CAS trigger filtering
  193. e6x fuel relay/main power relay
  194. understanding primary hold
  195. Haltech Tuning Software for ANY Windows! E6X & older
  196. Something is very wrong
  197. Female Haltech plug?
  198. E6K tach jumping
  199. Haltech E11 not showing correct voltage??
  200. Elite and Renesis trigger
  201. E6X with s5 aux ports
  202. Sprint RE Issue: Random Fuel Cut?
  203. iq3dash in metric and sensor calibration
  204. Fc coil packs.
  205. Haltech Base maps taken down
  206. ps1000 FD bac main settings
  207. halwinx errors
  208. No RPM signal
  209. Misfires
  210. Injector current setup
  211. *Datalog and Map* Car runs like crap with TPS connected
  212. Starts, then IMMEDIATELY stalls repeatedly: Attention C. Ludwig & Aaron Cake
  213. 6500 RPM ignition problem
  214. CAS & Coil Wiring Question
  215. haltech platinum error windows
  216. Elite V2.00.4 - Rotary and Staged Injection!
  217. Sensors and a few ?s
  218. Connecting PS1000 to FC stock boost gauge?
  219. POLL - Do you need an E6X/F10X Harness or Sprint RE Terminated Harness??
  220. Extra sensors and dash
  221. Sprint Not Grounding
  222. Diagnostic port/ direct fire wiring
  223. Sport 2000 GM idle valve settings?
  224. How to Make Haltech from piston motor work on S5 T2 13b????
  225. windows for e11v2
  226. To all our friends from South America - Para todos nuestros amigos de Sur America!
  227. sprint re installation time /price
  228. Elite 1500 Pricing
  229. ID2000 fitment
  230. Wire to sensors or patch to OE harness?
  231. Anyone want to help start my car
  232. E8....Trying to make use of spare ad1 need help
  233. New Member question..Haltech and Can bus RX8
  234. Platinum Sport Heat No Start Issues
  235. PS1000 Digital Switched Inputs
  236. EFR Turbo Speed sensor on a Platinum sport
  237. Crank Trigger Options and Why?
  238. differences in haltech
  239. 1500 Elite @ PRI
  240. Analog Inputs not reading voltage from my EGT gauge 0-5voutput
  241. PS1000 + aem coils = wet trailing plugs
  242. E6k TPS Hardstart woes
  243. FD OEM Coolant Temp sensor Calibration
  244. More Elite teaser videos
  245. What should my EGT's be?
  246. Wiring Racepak IQ3 can connector
  247. Front-Rear EGT imbalance ..Does 6-7% added fuel to rear rotor sound excessive.
  248. Drive By Wire DBW Haltech Elite Series ECU
  249. IQ3 Tach Bar Setup
  250. Haltech ESP software available