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  1. Best fuel for a car that sees intermittent driving
  2. Street Setup
  3. Weird reading on ethanol content under boost
  4. E85 Fuel System Setup Guidance
  5. Thoughts on running the factory OMP with E85
  6. E85 on Weber
  7. Simplest possible E85 setup on a S5
  8. Max power level with stock fuel lines +e85
  9. Which are the best ethanol compatible injectors?
  10. switching from e85 to e75? how much boost is safe
  11. rotor housings and E85
  12. Vp ms109 fuel
  13. e85 Fire extinguisher - Refreshing an Old Topic for New Fuel
  14. What Ignition setup to Run with E85
  15. E85 is getting in to my oil.
  16. Best Fuel Reg when using e85 / 90
  17. ethanol 75% w klotz benoil seperating (pics)
  18. Stock 850cc injectors E85 safe?
  19. e85 ethanol content in st louis mo
  20. 6 injectors?
  21. Want to try out e85
  22. Racing fuel Concentrates (real octane boosters)
  23. E85 Pre-Mix
  24. Recommend fuel pump for E85
  25. Highest Boost on E85
  26. Fuel type suggestions
  27. Question about switching to ethyl/methyl alcohol
  28. Looking to switch to E85
  29. zero gum E85 premix
  30. Pre Mix Residue
  31. how many MPGs on e85 are you getting?
  32. Vodka and Tonic mixes, some Fuel Injectors and E85 don't
  33. on e85 how lean do you guys go on cruise?
  34. 1/2 aluminium Fuel Line
  35. Fuel pump wiring!
  36. E85 timing for 25+ psi
  37. E85 Setup on 500hp FD
  38. Fuel pressure
  39. Learning E85, what a [email protected]$!ing difference!
  40. Spark plugs?
  41. what HP should i shoot for?
  42. E85 Single Fuel Pump
  43. E85 Timing map (haltech ps1000 primarily)
  44. fuel injecters and fuel pump?
  45. premix questions???
  46. Estimated hp?
  47. I seem to be stuck in the middle of power goals...
  48. E85 and engine wear!?
  49. Strange fuel pressure issue E85
  50. so i have a question...
  51. Pushing 400rwhp on Bosch 044/E85?
  52. premixing with E85?
  53. Fuel line diameter
  54. Cold start issues on E85.
  55. blown fuel pump fuse
  56. wideband and e-85
  57. E85 and AI
  58. Flex-Fuel Sensor
  59. Injector size/ in line pumps flow question
  60. new to tuning e85. help me fill in the blanks
  61. Injector Question - Getting Ready for E85
  62. Race fuel pre mix??
  63. Blocked injectors
  64. E85 pump options, keeping it simple
  65. Flex fuel sensor + wastegate spring
  66. Anyone use the Walbro 485?
  67. 4xid1000 max e85 hp?
  68. Running E85 on a stock FD
  69. E99 Tuning Experience
  70. What size injectors for e85 and 400rwhp?
  71. How lean and how much timing did you add for E85?
  72. e85 users, do you guys have issues with the fuel sending unit?
  73. E-85 Haltech PS1000 Map
  74. How much whp w my injectors
  75. Anybody blown their engine on E85?
  76. Continental / Haltech E85 Sensor
  77. HKS Twin power or ignition amp with E85
  78. Air temps
  79. E85 and ID2000s
  80. Ethanol Conditioner
  81. is the fuel tank in the FD3s e85 resistant
  82. Anyone running a Magnafuel 4303 pump in tank
  83. Anyone running the Denso 1020 (Kyosan modified version) fuel pump on E85?
  84. E85 vs AI
  85. Going E85
  86. Need help choosing my next fuel pump E85 Walbro
  87. Idling on ID2000's with a PFC ?
  88. injectors and my car
  89. Plugs and E85
  90. Ignite 114
  91. fuel system question
  92. pre mix with e85?
  93. what do i need to to run E85? list anyone
  94. Ideas on fuels?
  95. dual fuel setup
  96. The true octane value of E85
  97. toluene
  98. E85 Fueling questions
  99. New GM Flex Fuel Sensor 12570260
  100. What type of fileter for E85?
  101. E85 and Auxiliary injection
  102. bosch 044 enough ?
  103. Questions about E85
  104. Nitromethane (R/C grade)
  105. Different spark plug heat range on e85?
  106. Help me make the crossover
  107. anyone running e85 on a carbbed engine?
  108. My E85 idea
  109. My E85 set up on my starlet will it work ?
  110. E85 ran parts can I re-use them on regular fuel?
  111. e85
  112. Going E85, have some questions
  113. tuning problems
  114. E85 Pre-Mix Test
  115. diesel rotary for senior project
  116. Setting up for e85
  117. E85 Experience
  118. E85
  119. alternative fueled rotary
  120. E85 Quick Fuel test tube
  121. Need Some Advice
  122. E85 Bosch Inlet Fuel Sock
  123. sterilizing fuel tank before adding e85
  124. summit racing ss lines e85 compatible?
  125. E85 Tuners Thread
  126. basic requirements for e85 conversion ?
  127. using straight alcohol
  128. New ethanol/fuel blend
  129. E85 with Water Injection ?
  130. HP limit on E85
  131. Gdi
  132. Help, Timing on methanol?
  133. Breathing apparatus with methanol?
  134. Make Your Own Ethanol!
  135. What fuel pump(s) to run.R
  136. E85 Setups
  137. It Runs!
  138. New fuel lab in tank pump
  139. E85 Fuel Filters
  140. THE Injectors to use!
  141. E85 and Emissions
  142. E85 premix?
  143. need pump for 12,000 CC/Min methanol
  144. 6x1200cc maps and other E85 related issues
  145. E85. Lessons learned.
  146. e85 Fuel Level, FD
  147. E85 Injectors
  148. E85 Washdown
  149. What fuel line with e85?
  150. Starting E-85 on a Haltech E6K
  151. Fuel System Req's for 500hp with E85
  152. what do I need to go e85
  153. e85 20b setup
  154. E85 info.
  155. Kerosene
  156. E85 has higher octane than most think...
  157. propane?
  158. any pure Methenol NA guys on here...
  159. Dyno went well
  160. 2400cc Injectors
  161. 4x1600 E85
  162. read please
  163. Is E85 worth it for my current setup??
  164. e85 on stock, and built car
  165. Anyone know the BSFC for a rotary on E85?
  166. How much power is a Aeromotive A1000 good for on E85?
  167. Help piece my E85 setup together
  168. Aviation fuel
  169. Another cornfed FD...
  170. Biorefinery Locations
  171. methanol
  172. fuel injector
  173. Finding the best (BIG BOOST) IGNITION for E85
  174. Race E85
  175. [email protected] on E85 this weekend.
  176. Tuned on E85 but only have E70 available. How are you guys dealing with it?
  177. ECU for timing only on turbo porpane?
  178. Premix? Help!!!
  179. E85 13b 25psi 670rwhp
  180. What Fuel Filters with E85
  181. Need some help Guys!
  182. Dyno'd 522rwhp onE85 with blow-through Holley(vid inside)
  183. timing with e85
  184. Paint stuff?
  185. Just a couple E85 cars I experiment so far
  186. Is this enough fuel to support 450+whp on E85
  187. 13b PP running on meth
  188. Effects of 10% Ethonal 91 octane. Good? Bad?
  189. looking to make the E85 change.. INJ. questions.
  190. single fuel pump ok for lower HP motors?
  191. **Zeitronix E85/Ethanol content gauge/monitor**
  192. Switched to E85 today
  193. Spark Plug Selection (E85)
  194. Damn you e85 guys
  195. E85 EGT's (What are yours)
  196. Injector size for NA 6 port running E95
  197. Cng?
  198. problem starting on e85
  199. mixing alchy with gas to get e85
  200. HYDROGEN! its near
  201. E85 Premix
  202. sea foam
  203. Leaded fuel?
  204. Cellulosic Ethanol
  205. E85 Mileage
  206. (E85) Mythbusters on Ethanol
  207. AFR's and E85
  208. Thoughts about fuel setup
  209. Any one experimenting with HHO
  210. could i run propane through a rotary?
  211. First tune on e85. [email protected]
  212. What about e85 and ethanol
  213. ....e85....
  214. can i run E85 fuel in my RX7 FD3?
  215. Alternative Fuel Rotary??
  216. Water powered rotary?
  217. E85 fuel just as corrosive as pure Methanol?
  218. 471rwhp/300rwtq at 13psi on E85!!!!!!
  219. Project: ETHANOL!
  220. Dyno results... 424whp @ 18psi on e85
  221. Anything new to report on E85?
  222. hydrogen powered FD3S