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  1. suggestion, do or don'ts, please.
  2. Help
  3. Please help with simple setup
  4. Turn on pressure or turn on psi
  5. Intake temps not dropping anymore. Alot of possible issues already outruled.
  6. Dual A/I on both front and rear rotor intake runner
  7. 100% Methanol instead of 50/50?
  8. How lean do you guys go on 50/50?
  9. Better to control with ECU or WI controller?
  10. My Aquamist HFS2 Setup
  11. 229 pages of AI THREADS!
  12. Nozzle location in the Lower Intake Manifold?
  13. Too Much AI?
  14. Going WI for 20b + Elite 2500
  15. Tempting going AI
  16. Does the Temperature of the Fluid Matter
  17. AI Pressure Sensor
  18. water meth install question
  19. My custom WI for hour endurance race
  20. Tuning for Water/Meth
  21. Which WI kits are best?
  22. AEM Nozzle 90 degree adapter elbow
  23. Anyone run a small meth amount untuned just for lower AITs?
  24. Picture Request: AEM 1 gallon tank installed in storage bin
  25. WI on a FC with TMIC?
  26. Auxillary Injection (Water/Meth) 50/50 mix
  27. 4 Rotor Water Injection, Trigger water injection VIA Relay from ECU Haltech Output?
  28. AEM Kit Water Injection Nozzle Size Selection
  29. AIT sensor downstream
  30. Cooling Mist DLX Stage 1 Kit which nozzle?
  31. 2 stage wiring?
  32. corrosion from blue -20F washer fluid
  33. AEM WI Electronics/Wiring Question.
  34. Possible problem w/ HFS3 setup
  35. aem boost line clarification
  36. Direct Compressor Injection?
  37. CoolingMist = Awesome
  38. aem meth kit issue.
  39. Where in greddy elbow?
  40. AEM Meth kit green LED constantly blinks
  41. Need Help Tuning With Water-Meth
  42. Aquamist HFS3/Map switching failsafe
  43. Feedback Control?
  44. Recommendation on nozzle placement.
  45. Why no baffled tanks.
  46. Using Megasquirt as a controller, What other pieces should I use?
  47. Help me decide
  48. injecting pre turbo with twin turbo
  49. Powerblock
  50. Water vs Water/Meth vs no AI before tuning?
  51. Newest AEM WI/WA Controller
  52. 20b 80mm turbo, water injection options!
  53. So, if you buy a system for stock levels and are only looking for added safety...
  54. Building a Budget Water Injection System
  55. Water inject for safety to the engine
  56. Risk of injecting too much water ?
  57. AEM Water/Meth Injection with AEM EMS help please.
  58. Push lock fittings
  59. Nozzle Install Location Question
  60. Water Injection with no tune (FD3S)
  61. Wannaspeed kit installed pics
  62. Toyota may use water injection in future turbo engines - News
  63. AlkyControl Microtech Install (FC3S)
  64. how much pre-turbo water?
  65. Meth injection tank location (FD3S)?
  66. Wannaspeed Kit on stock FC?
  67. 600cc straight water still high egts
  68. Aquamist 1s worth installing?
  69. Slide Valve TB
  70. Devils own
  71. HFS3 connection trouble
  72. Aquamist HFS-3 v2 with RX-7 Summer v3 - Injector Duty Cycle WI System!
  73. 3 Nozzles for'99 spec sequential
  74. WAI vs WI That I Have Noticed
  75. back to simple
  76. Water Injection Install Help
  77. WB O2 Sensor Life With WI
  78. replacement pumps
  79. Aem system problems
  80. Air nozzles source
  81. Who is using the AEM FailSafe?
  82. Estimating Power Increase Due To Boost and Needed Water
  83. FC Pre Turbo Rice Racing pics
  84. Check and Clean Nozzles Yearly
  85. PWM system driven off fuel injector trace
  86. Curious about preturbo opinions
  87. meth kit questions!
  88. Pre-Turbo 335i Looking for Advice
  89. New Preturbo Water Injection vendor!
  90. Blown motors while running AI
  91. Problems with AEM Meth Injection
  92. Pre-Turbo or Post Turbo????????
  93. 50/50 mix preturbo
  94. JAZ Products Econo Rail Fuel Cell
  95. Fuel injector for Preturbo WI on an RX8.
  96. Aquamist 2D WI
  97. water/meth injectio
  98. Aquamist Trouble
  99. Can somebody clarify something about mechanical pre-turbo nozzle/tank location?
  100. Tell me about injection pumps.
  101. AEM - Open pump driver code. Please help.
  102. SnowPerformance
  103. My AEM water injection stealth install
  104. AEM nozzle size for conservative H20 only?
  105. How much to inject for 20B at 15psi (50/50)
  106. Fluid level sensor
  107. 3-way 150psi meth safe solenoid?
  108. Mechanical WI and Tuning
  109. Bete Fogger Nozzles
  110. Aquamist wi query?
  111. Water Methonal injection (FD3S)
  112. Water injection advice needed.
  113. Best kit nowadays?
  114. no BOV and WI preturbo
  115. Misc. Aquamist Manuals etc.
  116. My AEM Water injection setup/build
  117. AEM methanol kit thoughts
  118. Conservative Limits for Injectorants
  119. Am i spraying too little water?
  120. What PSI should I start to spray?
  121. How often should AI nozzles be cleaned?(which nozzle should I use?)
  122. JB Welding an AI bung
  123. Need info on VARICOOL System.
  124. Finally getting started on my WI setup
  125. FC tank install locations?
  126. Place to buy Methanol in Massachusetts
  127. Switching from 100% meth to washer fluid
  128. Flow Monitoring and Failsafes
  129. Need advice? Use exiting HFS-5 with Summer or Upgrade?
  130. Big Bore Injector
  131. Nozzle Flow Calculator
  132. Trying to plan a WI setup
  133. Aquamist's new release of HFS-4 system...
  134. Pre Turbo WI vs Post IC WI Dyno Test Results!
  135. meth injection on stock top mount
  136. Aquamist HFS 3 impressions and a wordy gushing recount of the Edmonton Indy
  137. E85 conversion??????
  138. Basic water injection info
  139. Air Atomization Nozzle.... Completely mechanical activation.
  140. What Are The Basics For Water Only Tuning
  141. pre turbo vacuum source
  142. which system/jeting will suit my needs?
  143. Replacement for FJO Injector Driver
  144. Nozzle Location and Size
  145. Aquamist 2d Install ?
  146. Ignition source
  147. water injection on my FC, need opinions
  148. GM's OEM preturbo methanol injection system
  149. Nozzle sizing
  150. FJO wideband display wiring
  151. Aquamist HFS-3 Install
  152. Max boost and expected HP with water injection
  153. Boost Safe ouput wiring instructions
  154. My pre turbo WI
  155. how to clean O2 sensor
  156. Since AI cleans everything nicely, does it affect OMP/Premix lubrication?
  157. Looking at two kits
  158. Alcohol / Meth Injection Tank Location (FD3S)?
  159. Water injection... Does this make since?
  160. Cleaning your nozzle
  161. Potential problems using wiper fluid
  162. Aquamist HFS-6 ?? HELP
  163. Air atomizing nozzle???
  164. what kind of tank are you running in your fd?
  165. Looking for AI
  166. inject in vacuum AND boost?
  167. my third AI system
  168. Adding timing with aux injection
  169. AI question
  170. HFS-6 on a RX 7 FD3S (rotary)
  171. do i need water only or 50/50 meth for my goal...?
  172. HFS-6 on a RX 7 FD3S (rotary)
  173. Pre turbo nozzle location ? in my cold air intake
  174. Aquamist flow gauge not lighting up all the way anymore
  175. Dudemaaanownsanrx7 Water Inj Pressure Sources
  176. Help sizing staged post turbo water injection setup please?
  177. New to A/I - a few questions
  178. Direct Port Nozzle Location
  179. New guy to WI seriously considering it for my build
  180. Oil change frequency with WI
  181. Another option for pump location on an FD
  182. Recommended AIs in 2011
  183. My daily driven AI build/dyno thread
  184. GT4088r water/meth injector size
  185. looking for suggestions and pics
  186. Aquamist HFS-3 (with summer) vs. HFS-6
  187. Propper nozzle size and location
  188. devilsown correct nozzle size ?
  189. Looking for Water injection + Boost control
  190. Opinions on mounting my water injection nozzle (PIC)
  191. Cooling Mist CMGS install
  192. WI with IC Spray
  193. Aquamist hfs-3 + summer kit help
  194. water or methanol, pre turbo or post intercooler?
  195. S5 pre turbo or other WI help
  196. Wiper fluid Meth/Water %s
  197. Carbon build-up and turbos?
  198. Coolingmist Smart Injection
  199. HFS1 and summer
  200. Mineral deposits - cause for concern?
  201. My water injection plan, is it crazy?
  202. thelevman 534rwhp 24psi water only
  203. Aquamist Summer
  204. AI Jet/Nozzle angle
  205. AI Jet Placement
  206. Turbo Rotary survived the 24Hrs of Lemons
  207. AIC to control alchohol delivery
  208. 100% Methanol HD-AI kits?
  209. cooling mist new jets
  210. E85/water injection substituted for meth/water injection?
  211. Anyone in Canada run an Aquamist?
  212. On my way to AI.
  213. Any advantage to HD-AI with 100% water?
  214. Dudemaaanownsanrx7 pre turbo kit
  215. Anyone know which kit this is?
  216. AEM Observations
  217. Racelogic and Aquamist?
  218. Good H20 injection write-up on wiki
  219. AEM WI Install Tests
  220. Dual Fuel Setup
  221. when is it too much?
  222. Foam from fuel cells
  223. Can I just slap it on?
  224. Pics of my A.I. tank ('s), misc. setup??
  225. AI Use During Winter
  226. Basic AI Kit suggestion
  227. FJO Water Injection Discontinued?
  228. A.I. tank question?????
  229. Coolingmist varicool trunkmount kit
  230. Pressure gauge set-up
  231. coolingmist boost adjustment
  232. Injector Location
  233. Placement of Vari-Cool Controller
  234. AI comparison
  235. Nozzle placement
  236. Bad location? Or Bigger Injector?
  237. It's been mentioned about leaner afr's with aux injection but how about low octane?
  238. Help Activate David Hayes' Aquamist Water Injection System
  239. Injector Identification.
  240. Homemade Intercooler Sprayer
  241. WI Nozzle Location ???
  242. super atomizing injectors
  243. 50/50 to 75/25 mix...
  244. Alcohol and Water vs. Gasoline - Modes of Action and Efficacy
  245. Economist Magazine - Water Injection
  246. AI temperatures......
  247. Water freezing over?
  248. Which simple kit is best?
  249. Which kits are plug N play?
  250. my preturbo kit from dudemaaans is installed!