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  1. Anyone Runnign on stock gear ratios?
  2. wanted PP housing and rotor
  3. Looking for PP rotor housing and rotors
  4. What's a good lap time for an FD at Laguna Seca?
  5. Best Driving Shoes
  6. FC rollcage pics
  7. Race Fuel Question and Detonation
  8. 12 Hours at the Point
  9. 3rd gen rear diff ?
  10. cutting/trimming lexan
  11. Calling all GRM $2005 Challenge entrants
  12. Track FD Air Temp Sensor Heatsoak
  13. need window net ideas
  14. Post pics of your FD gas pedal (if not stock)
  15. would you buy a rotary comp tester?
  16. discoveryparts.com
  17. 2nd Gen suspension advice.
  18. Anyone looking for a tire trailer?
  19. Staggered wheels for track, or not?
  20. preparing first gen for csp, looking for opinions/advice
  21. backspacing for weld 15X8
  22. cages
  23. S4 T2 diff rebuild
  24. Road legal Radical Extreme SR3 in the U.S.?
  25. Are cast wheels OK, or are forged wheels a must
  26. Run Cool all day with 10 pounds/boost?
  27. 1st gen stock oil cooler bypass valve removal
  28. Track preparation for stock R1
  29. Weber settings 12A bridgeport GT3 SCCA
  30. Fuel Pump Location
  31. 84 GSL-SE race/street alignment questions.
  32. racing offsets
  33. 4.444 gears + Lightweight Flywheel= fast street car?
  34. FD T/B and upper intake polishing.
  35. manual brakes
  36. 24 hours of Daytona
  37. Which bodykit has been Wind tunnel?
  38. I wish they autox'ed in the winter...
  39. Best First Susp. Upgrade
  40. Cryo treatments
  41. 787b videos
  42. Do Toyo Proxes RA-1 race tires need to be heat cycled?
  43. Hoosier Grand Am Cup/Rolex tires discontinued, huge discounts!!!
  44. Drag Racing On Miata Torsen Diff, How much Torque can it take?
  45. MT600 brake fluid
  46. Drift video (M3, M Coupe, RX8, ...)
  47. couple laps around gingerman **vid**
  48. Opinions on steup
  49. several 55 idle jets available whats the diff?
  50. Tube Chassis 20B RX8 "PIC"
  51. Fuel pump question
  52. Snell helmet safety standards info
  53. Pics Of Peripheral W/fuel Injection
  54. fd rollbar
  55. What type of tire setup should i use for autox?
  56. carb prabluuumes
  57. Money in racing?
  58. scca rules online now
  59. Avon Tech R's?
  60. Anyone tried the Kumho Ecsta V710?
  61. This is how we get represented at AutoX?!
  62. Headlight air duct question
  63. Drifting FCs vid
  64. Kumho Victoracers V700
  65. Little racing vid
  66. GSL-SE racers: What wheels you use?
  67. Steering Quickener?
  68. Amemiya just crashed at JGTC
  69. Versidware RT for tire temps
  70. Transmission Situation. Help!
  71. What will it take (wheelie)
  72. Front Spring Rate?????
  73. RotrayNews.Com SCCA ITS FC racer
  74. Engineering and automotive UBB forum
  75. FB Trans Forks
  76. Can I get my harness belts re-webbed and use my existing hardware?
  77. I just can't win.
  78. need info on Peripheral intake
  79. Safe redline for 4 port bridgeport?
  80. S4 T2 LSD into FD pumpkin notes.....
  81. Ultimate Fc
  82. Why drive smoothly?
  83. Getting sponsers..
  84. Weighed my FD today!
  85. 2004 SCCA RUNOFFS - some E-PROD pics
  86. Race car guys, Guaging some interest to save you cash
  88. Best setup currently available?
  89. Atlanta auto-x video
  90. Ducted brake backing plates for an FB?
  91. Weber DCO jetting, any suggestions?
  92. Who Tracks in the winter?
  93. Side Draft Help Please
  94. Heat Range of Brake Rotors?
  95. Awesome autox vid
  96. Circle Wheel failure
  97. Racecar Engineering Head Restraint article
  98. New Drift Event
  99. Anyone run a larger pulley on their alternator to slow it down?
  100. RENESIS racing engine in FC
  101. Guru Box input needed!
  102. FC Alignment settings for track/dd use
  103. Another cracked brake rotor (FB)
  104. HANS type devices?
  105. My race car started smoking REAL bad today when I started it!!
  106. Interested in a full car fire extinguisher kit???
  107. anyone use a racing fire-protection suit?
  108. Anyone know why the heck this book is so expensive?!
  109. Another SOLO II classing question
  110. Redlinetrackevents @ streets of willow Dec. 17
  111. PFC 01 pads for wilwood super light or Pettit BBK
  112. Drive shaft loops
  113. 13's on EP rx7?
  114. helmets and airbags dont mix
  115. Practice/rain tire for beginner Pro7.
  116. new Kumho V710 sizes!
  117. Anyone know how much a Racing Beat 12A header weighs?
  118. Head and neck restraints, what are the choices?
  119. SCCA advisory on the use of closed-face helmet and airbag
  120. ignition system
  121. FD alignment specs...OVERKILL??
  122. Cheap turn plates!
  123. Setting "back-lash" - Whats involved?
  124. Pro7 (FB) exhaust help
  125. cage builder/Denver?
  126. good, comfortable cage for FD....?
  127. FD Dilemma
  128. Real Costs of racing
  129. Are there coilover conversions for Koni Sports?
  130. ? about Dog box transmissions.
  131. cheapest source for hawk blue pads?
  132. Bring my FC to test again.
  133. 11.5 lb braille battery GB happening NOW
  134. Installed pictures of fuel cells in FCs(wanted)
  135. Best coilovers for FD for Autox?
  136. Legal weight reduction for SM2
  137. Best transmission for racing applications
  138. Where to buy a Surge tank
  139. From dual oil cooler to single
  140. Greatest day of my life
  141. Cool Vid form CSCC Pro 7's
  142. Coilovers, Which to buy?
  143. What's best bang for $ to move to ASP
  144. Exhaust???
  145. SCCA Solo II E-Stock
  146. Iis my car a POS?
  147. Gel cells IT legal now?
  148. Roll Cage design questions.
  149. Webber carb runs out of fuel
  150. modding a bolt in roll bar. little help???
  151. Prepping street car for road course use
  152. FC turbo II can I run it in SCCA?
  153. Ring and Pinion Shims
  154. Mumford link?
  155. How do you tell if your water pump is cavitating?
  156. What's the best turbo setup for drifting?
  157. '87 Turbo II Race Car for sale
  158. Suspension (S5 TII) ??
  159. Please remove double post
  160. Front brakes keep locking up after new front pads
  161. Removing the rear sway bar?
  162. how to be track ready
  163. My panhard bar snapped at Lime Rock today!
  164. Opinions on Gen1(79) Wheel/Tire combos for running Road Course
  165. Thinking about getting into racing
  166. What's a good roll bar for an FC?...
  167. FD coilover spring rates
  168. Is there a RX7 only racing series in the US or Canada?
  169. The Race Section needs your help! Local info!
  170. Setting up BP car, ? on Scrub Radius
  171. RX7 vs civic/integra/rsx
  172. AutoX Tire/Wheel Choice
  173. best autocross car ever......
  174. safety measures/tips for filling a fuel cell through the hatch
  175. SM2 GSL-SE wheel hop on hard braking - suggestions?
  176. Smic,fmic,vmic,hmic
  177. Quick question: What autocross class is my FC in?
  178. How to sell a race car?
  179. CFM for a moderate size pport on a 12a?
  180. How do you rev limit?
  181. Mazda Comp 4 speed
  182. webber carb on dellorto manifold?
  183. Intercoolers/Oil coolers
  184. differential
  185. Autocross Boost Question
  186. 1993 FD Race Car (at leas the beginnings of one) For Sale
  187. Elevation loss figures
  188. How much difference does a front airdam make on a race car?
  189. Is it true that you get more HP with low octane in a rotary?
  190. Bearings in LSD?
  191. Kill switch
  192. Pre vs. Post Turbo EGTs
  193. Timing a bridgeport.
  194. About to get a Fiat 600, drag car, new to racing!!!!
  195. Tragedy at Thunderhill?
  196. E-stock GSL-SE setup questions.
  197. Loss of power after hitting rev limit in 1st
  198. fb what clutch
  199. Track wheels: 17's or 18's?
  200. best rear end stuff
  201. What's the winning SCCA E-Prod setup for RX-7's?
  202. carb problem autocrossing
  203. Don't know how to drive.
  204. Any experiences with Falken Azenis tires?
  205. Camber T2 Pics enclosed
  206. Ideal chassis setup for drag fc?
  207. I love to watch a 1.3L beat V8's!
  208. And, you thought Fritz was fast...
  209. MAM track event on the 23th and 24th of october
  210. 201.52 mph in 6.99 sec....Rotary rocket
  211. help with exhaust
  212. Steets at wilow, October 22 - Track Event
  213. a rotary powerd purpose built race car :-)
  214. scca = chaos
  215. What would you upgrade/replace on a FC before racing (AutoX & track)?
  216. Laguna Seca Track Day, Nov 30
  217. One lap at the Nürburgring
  218. Hoosier tire pressures
  219. where can I get cheap coilover spring perches
  220. Racing FD on hot days
  221. my future track whore... 1st pics ever
  222. And THIS is what it looks like when you overdrive the car (GEEZ! Plots)
  223. What are the most competitive cars in ITS and ITA SCCA racing?
  224. Spring rates
  225. db questions
  226. Mazda Thread Type
  227. Anyone weigh their cage before installing it?
  228. Racing Fuel and No Cats with Stock ECU
  229. VALVOLINE run offs @ Mid Ohio!!!!!!!
  230. Part Supplier???
  231. Targa Road Rally
  232. What fluid to run in tranny of race car?
  233. Laptimers ?
  234. Pictures of our RX-7 racing at california speedway
  235. Alcohol/RC Plane Fuel Injection
  236. Tire Storage
  237. Thunderhill this week
  238. FD dying slow death in SS at Nationals
  239. 3 rotors finish 1-2 at Solo2 Nats
  240. Road Racing RX7 lost power #2 Water Inj.
  241. ITA '7; rear grip help? (few other things too)
  242. hpde inspectors/instructors anyone?? I got some questions??
  243. racing watkins glen
  244. wide band on the way. fpr? tunning?
  245. Widebody FC ready to hit the track (almost) Pics inside
  246. Racing n00b.
  247. Road Racing FD losses power
  248. Mazda-RX7 Track Day at Thunder Hill, CA. Sept. 22
  249. We got 21 members in the RX7club Folding Team!!
  250. Trailer Setups