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  1. possibly building my car for top speed
  2. Downside to running alchohol injection on a road coarse
  3. Best rear end
  4. Koni double adjustable Vs Penske shocks
  5. Building A Tranny
  6. South Sport Track Trailer
  7. Nitrous
  8. Donwshifting to First at Autocrosses
  9. 13b Turbo 6 wheel Drag
  10. 2 gen LSD
  11. Late Braking
  12. What LSD fluid do you use in your race car?
  13. general racecar questions
  14. Brake Questions - Cooling related to Rotor Edge to Wheel Clearance
  15. Cleaning your helmet...the inside I mean.
  16. GSL-SE Hoosier tire pressure?
  17. wanted, 18-20' car trailer open, or enclosed, HELP
  18. Check out this Grid!
  19. Maxing it out
  20. NOPI Announces Road Corse and Oval Track Series for 2005
  21. Best RX-7 for Autocross?????
  22. AutoX FC Setup
  23. Quiet exhaust with top end?
  24. msd 6BTM on a 87 t2
  25. tires: 275rear, 245front: bad for autox?
  26. Post your Race car corner weight
  27. Helmet SafetyRequirement for Auto X/Track ?
  28. Results: Turbo vert conversion aligned and corner weighted
  29. Drift Bible
  30. 2 RX8 tracking it (BIG PICS) and some others
  31. SS Nationals has at least 1 FD
  32. Interesting Read:Popular Science September 2004 Edition
  33. Oil cooler fix?
  34. Fuel Cell question
  35. How to soften & use race slicks?
  36. Track Events in September
  37. Got my AutoX magnetic numbers
  38. Mazda back to LeMans?
  39. Your approach to slalom
  40. RX-8 wins at Mid Ohio
  41. drag race tire
  42. Dyno 13B peripheral video
  43. Interested in a tire trailer?
  44. Went to drag strip !
  45. In what class is the TII competitive? (autoX)
  46. building my own frame, question
  47. racing suits?
  48. battery relocation ok for HPDE?
  49. Prepared Racers: How did you mount your 2ndary throttle return spring?
  50. they are trying to shutdown englishtown raceway!!!
  51. Lava Rock Muffler
  52. SCCA classing
  53. 87 TII Tranny on 86
  54. 86 chassis in atlanta, come pick it up.
  55. Bennies of Sways on an FC
  56. Brake bedding at the track?
  57. FD owners - please post pics of your pedal setup
  58. A message from Texas World Speedway
  59. A pic to share - race prepped RX3
  60. gsl-se intake and housing porting ?
  61. Oil leak Help Needed Please!!
  62. How to tighten shocks???
  63. Where do you keep your fire extinguisher?
  64. 86 N/A Rx-7 or 87 Turbo II
  65. Whoa! A good example of how AutoX has made me a better driver:
  66. Auto-X classing question (non-rx7)
  67. Best place to buy brake pads...any recommendations?
  68. GS-610 Brake Fluid Anyone Heard of This?
  69. race video from last weekend at Road Atlanta
  70. first gen brake pedal is soft
  71. Effects of tire size
  72. Drag racing legality
  73. what class can a turbo II..........
  74. Clutch Pedal Adjustment
  75. Welcome to SCCA now Go race that vette
  76. I auto Xed my FC without my rear leading spark plug wire
  77. How do you enjoy auto-x?
  78. Thunderhill Race Report
  79. Best Place to Store Tires for Long Time?
  80. Weight = ? HP?
  81. Completely n00b racer here!
  82. The "classic" racing line is sloooow...
  83. Question about setting lash and pinion depth on new ring and pinion
  84. Do you keep multiple sets of tires around for racing?
  85. Writing a letter to SCCA/PAC re: high comp. rotors !HELP!
  86. which spark plug is more important?
  87. racing pics nürburgring
  88. Throttle Response
  89. Brake pedal problem
  90. Basic Setup Rules: Questions
  91. Did my first Auto-X!
  92. Grond Control on 1st gen...
  93. Wheel alignment, settings, problems and questions :)
  94. Track Insurance
  95. Race with us at Willow Springs!
  96. Any Advice B4 I Mount My E-fan & Adj. Thermo, e-fan & adj thermo (*Pics*)
  97. FD brakes early fading. help!
  98. formula for theoretical top speed
  99. Should I bring my Single Turbo FD3S to Laguna seca
  100. Has anyone
  101. track day pre mix?
  102. Hoosiers on sale
  103. V6 in FB?
  104. 4 pt. Harness in FD
  105. Tranny longevity problem?
  106. chamber calculator?
  107. This Dyno good?
  108. Is there a thread on how to strip an FC for racing???
  109. ignitor change to GM HEI
  110. Carb 4 Port VS FI 6 Port
  111. Perf Radiator ?: Koyo/Fluidyne/Mazda Motorsports....
  112. I am going to do Solo this weekend!!! (I need some tips)
  113. Avon Tech R tires?
  114. Snell Helmet Safety standards question
  115. AN fitting Brand?
  116. S plan?
  117. Star Mazda Video..
  118. Headroom in FD (cage in way)
  119. cooling system problems
  120. leaded gasoline
  121. Lost Oil Pressure
  122. Lost Ring Gear at Track Day
  123. Greddy Turbo Timer - Lap function works?
  124. Where to get used slicks / race tires?
  125. BFG autocross tire pressures
  126. Rear End Washer
  127. Mazda Driver's VIR photos
  128. Road course tech inspection issues...
  129. FD track car for sale- REDUCED
  130. Alignment setting suggestions
  131. Heat insulation
  132. rear diffuser
  133. AutoX in Charlotte
  134. How to Find Driving Schools in My Area?
  135. Looking for the Best Drag racing Differential
  136. Looking for the Best Drag racing Differential
  137. Looking for the Best Drag racing Differential
  138. ?Mazda Rev It Up "Anyone Go?"
  139. The car is nearly done :D
  140. How's the Geez! working out for you?
  141. Additional Enginebay Cooling Question
  142. 3rd gen frame damage?
  143. power steering for autox/canyon
  144. Autocrossing an Rx2
  145. Not Reving over 6,000 RPMs
  146. Could an FD be prepped well enough to beat Danny Popp in ASP?
  147. Hood Choices
  148. Just order my 58 IDA from Gene Berg
  149. Miata input shaft cut
  150. anyone have any before and after impressions after installing toe links and trailing
  151. HELP! Car is running hot, trying to finish weekend
  152. Quick release steering wheel
  153. Lsd
  154. Oil Hose AN fittings?
  155. Rear end ratio
  156. Road Racing Flywheel Weight/Selection
  157. quick steering rack
  158. help Tacho installing
  159. 12A Exhaust size with stock manifold?
  160. Heim/Rod ends and aluminum hex tubing
  161. Anyone Watching The 24hrs (LeMans don't cha know)
  162. What would be a good tire/wheel setup for an FP 2nd gen?
  163. Wanted to Buy.....Hot Lap Receiver
  164. Runs until hot then no longer idles
  165. Aux. Port setups for Racing...
  166. which Dual Egt gauge.
  167. Check this out!
  168. Going helmet shopping saturday.
  169. Do lightweight flywheels need different counter weights?
  170. Rear subframe bushing fit - FC (86)
  171. Hardware/Bolt Grade for...
  172. Slicks vs. R1 Radials
  173. Q about Weber jet on hot day ?
  174. Second Gen Owners with aftermarket oil cooler lines
  175. Using 79 intake manifold on later motor
  176. FD to A Stock on SCCA forum page
  177. EP Road Racing and the 89+ Intake
  178. Rally car selection help:
  179. 13b first gen will not stay on....HELP Please!
  180. Torque setting for lug nuts
  181. anyone with an aftermarket fuel tank
  182. Oil Catch Can
  183. Rev limiter
  184. repost: Used race tires?
  185. poly or solid steering rack bushings?
  186. Car trailers for the track
  187. Need Setup notes
  188. A2W IC legal in SCCA Autox?
  189. About to buy Halon Fire Extinguisher, Where and what size?
  190. Race rear suspension setup help
  191. NHRA rules for battery in trunk
  192. NHRA rules for battery in trunk
  193. Can I just change my pinion and ring gear instead of an entire diff?
  194. Hooker Header Rollbar?
  195. Aluminum Race Jacks...anyone use/have one?
  196. Renegade Trailer Failure
  197. 6 Speed Sequential Transmission
  198. MAM track event on monday
  199. FC to ITS race car?
  200. Still oversteering
  201. Short ratio manual steering, tight course
  202. Texarkana, Tx Autocross's
  203. race pics from the 8th
  204. how long have you been tracking your car?
  205. Kumho V710 recall! HOT!
  206. Welding the spider gears
  207. AutoX'in tips?
  208. RX7 and Miata diff interchange question
  209. Quick Tips for Track
  210. Racing Helmets
  211. Gen3 'glass body or body panels
  212. "left foot braking" a N/A FF?
  213. Solo I/II FC build
  214. Holley 650 carb
  215. Who has installed a solid rear end into an FC? Need CrisSpeed's FL email.
  216. in-car from the pro-it at drift
  217. FC AutoX tire pressures/Koni Shock settings
  218. rotary revolution autox
  219. Sticky tires in a can
  220. Drift and AutoX Se7en?!?!
  221. Rear suspension geometry question
  222. Aftermarket Steering Wheel Adapter for FD - I found the perfect one!
  223. Interesting race diary from Rennlist
  224. Catback exhaust really help?
  225. Holes in the thermostat?
  226. Looking for some turbo advice... SM2 FC
  227. Tachometer hook up
  228. Hey PB&J; another dumb question.
  229. Yes, the M2/ Wilwood 13" brake kit actually fits under stock 16" FD wheels!
  230. timing light??
  231. Chronic bad driving habit
  232. Plugs in an S4
  233. What's your solo region's riders policy
  234. Stoptech Brakes Quick Question? and Small General Brake Question.
  235. Tire wear analysis help, please...
  236. TurboII Ring/Pinion Sets
  237. FD E-Prod cars
  238. CAR weight 2256(wo Driver). is this too heavy?
  239. formula mazda this weekend
  240. 1:32.4xx at willow spring street!!
  241. 1st gen auto x alignment
  242. Whats better for track rims?
  243. Spring Rates for FC
  244. Interesting Intercooler Tech
  245. Dyno vs Reality, Big Single vs Twins
  246. AutoX - Importance of Driver skill
  247. Battery
  248. Any downs sides to replacing all hard brake lines with braided SS lines?
  249. OTC HPDE Days Next Week $150
  250. Axle seals leaking, again