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  1. Harnesses w/o roll bar/cage?
  2. autocross video
  3. Best Road Race Exh. Long or Short?
  4. Full tank or 1/4?
  5. 3rd gen racers ... intercooler setup?
  6. Battery relocation question
  7. Power Steering Rack Fit (2nd gen rack, 1st gen car)
  8. stock 3rd gen braking performance
  9. anyone in IL want to AutoX this sunday?
  10. Air leak due to RB lower manifold (12A dellorto)
  11. Power steering overflow after auto-X
  12. fender rub, coilovers on 1st gen
  13. Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Wanted
  14. need a little help
  15. What would be needed to get an 90 TII into Road racing?
  16. Best rear adjustable shocks for an FC?
  17. Anyone autox at Tire Rack in Indiana?
  18. 62 tall, need help with seat setup for AutoX
  19. NHRA legal cage
  20. Miami Grand Prix
  21. what will a cage cost me???
  22. Trick Dash for your SCCA RX
  23. Fastest lap times in a 3rd gen (need results to one up M3 owner)
  24. Roll cage on Ebay
  25. Who is Going To Moroso On The 28-29?
  26. 1st gen mod for HP
  27. More Progress! Cage is done!!!
  28. to manufacture the ideal strut bar????
  29. Transmision Rebuild?
  30. Help me: Wiring cut off switch
  31. 3rd gen track gurus, what turbos are you guys using??
  32. Sway-bar? or Lack of sway-bar ?
  33. CART,F1 handling?
  34. OMG sooooo much fun!!!
  35. life expectancy of a torsen differential?
  36. Looking for a set of used airjacks
  37. If you're building an ITS car, GET IN HERE ASAP, Critical.
  38. Longer lasting brake pads?
  39. How much boost for track days?
  40. Checkout Super Stock at Nationals...
  41. Racing fiberglass Mariah is the "S"...
  42. Autocross clutch for an S4?
  43. Rear end help
  44. Need cheap helmet
  45. subframe connectors
  46. Brake Ducting for GSL-SE
  47. stainless steel hoses
  48. swaybars for road racing
  49. will 89 GTUs competitive in ES solo II?
  50. Spring rates and a front lip?
  51. Anybody interested in Road Race at mini Talledega!!!
  52. pics of Auto-X
  53. What would you do if you could improve on an FD's suspension?
  54. FC Anti-Sway Bars?
  55. Third member came loose
  56. Getting a first gen to stop
  57. Let's Talk Lowered GEARS, 5th Gear or REAR END
  58. Anyone autocross an RX-7 without powersteeing?
  59. What does it really cost to race IT?
  60. Which gen makes the best drag car?
  61. Import drag racing rules?
  62. custom roll cage in a 1st gen
  63. Auto-X School in North California??
  64. formula for calc volume of liquid in a hose
  65. Progress!! Roll cage under construction!
  66. Strut Tower Braces?
  67. How come we don't have more RX-7's in One Lap???
  68. 3rd gen susp setup
  69. Fuel cell
  70. Proper position of seat?
  71. G-force tranny
  72. Formula Mazda tranny....?
  73. Couple of vids from Thunderhill
  74. Putnam Park / Indy (not really tech related)
  75. is this forum for drag racing to??
  76. SpeedVentures Challenge at Buttonwillow - 9-20-2002 - only $125!
  77. Which camber plate?
  78. Went autocrossing
  79. Dust Covers
  80. Turbos For SOLO II & SOLO I
  81. Helmet getting funky!! Help me kill da funk!
  82. Anyone made a full underbody piece?
  83. Pro 7 Questions
  84. Good source for magnetic numbers?
  85. Anyone have pics of full roll cage in FD?
  86. Clutch & Flywheel combo
  87. Thinking of Formula Mazda
  88. Just went auto-x'ing, how much difference do tires make?
  89. Caster and Camber in FC for Auto Cross/Circut
  90. What is the best tire pressure for FC's at autocrossing?
  91. Eliminating coolant nipple from rear housing
  92. How fast is your race car?
  93. Single Piston to Four Piston Brakes?
  94. installing a full roll cage got questions
  95. CSP solo II questions
  96. Roll bar on the street... Safe?
  97. Solo I!!!
  98. How much oil do you use during a race?
  99. looking for an air dam for ITA
  100. Please post pics of 2nd gen. custom dashes/wiring setups/interior removal.
  101. Thunderhill this weekend with NASA, anyone else going?
  102. Tires for Autocross
  103. Fuel pump for Fuel Cell
  104. Pit equiptment/ race checklist
  105. aerodynamic improvements
  106. 550/350 for track/street
  107. Stock Class ?
  108. FD fuel pickup - solutions?
  109. Weight Reduction
  110. anti-lag, WTF????
  111. Safety Equipement to Run 10's
  112. Brake questions
  113. Proper technique for installing 5pt harness
  114. Need tips
  115. Solo II Race Prep
  116. 'Seca' Switch
  117. Road Racing Motor
  118. Race Car Tech Terminology
  119. Ok... now for springs and struts??
  120. So, continuing.. What brake pads are you using?
  121. Brake Fluid?
  122. Carbie Questions
  123. Tips/Tricks for IT racing?
  124. Where to get started
  125. 2nd gen for gt racing?
  126. Tire Profiles
  127. Starting my own racing organization need input
  128. ??? about relocating FD battery to bin
  129. What kind of safety equipment do you have
  130. Oil Cooler Mounting question?
  131. Relocation of battery in FC
  132. Best SCCA Class For Beginners?
  133. Post pics of your racecar!
  134. Roll cages for FD?
  135. Other "Racing" Organizations BESIDES SCCA
  136. bigger 1st gen brakes?
  137. stock steering wheel vs racing steering wheel
  138. ITS (or anyone) ECU upgrades that will fit in a STOCK ECU housing
  139. Which type of LSD is better S4 (clutch style) vs. S5 (Torsen style)?
  140. Mounting Gauges in Dash
  141. lemans/gt racing
  142. Going to go road racing... Tire?
  143. adjustable sway bar
  144. Turn in Spacers
  145. Hoosier Street TD questions
  146. hey, look whos the new mod
  147. How good was the 3rd gen in its hayday on the track?
  148. suspention setup
  149. ITS 2nd gens: Sway bar choices?
  150. Miata Gears in NA transmission
  151. Rear Alignment change for 1st gen
  152. oooh
  153. Mods for this forum?
  154. roll cages
  155. 4.875 / 5.12 Rear-End N/A gears
  156. So you wanted to go racing..
  157. Reminder: Autocross @ Bronson Field - Pensacola, FL.
  158. alignment setting for road racing [3]
  159. 3rd gen brakes - good enough?
  160. Rally Racing
  161. Mods for autocross
  162. Where to get roll bar for FC
  163. Exhaust question for Laguna
  164. Shocks & Springs
  165. Autocross classing
  166. High Speed Drivers Education and Lapping
  167. Roll Cage in SP Auto-X
  168. Let's get this started! Who's running which class?
  169. Can I be the mod for this section?