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  1. OTC HPDE Days Next Week $150
  2. Axle seals leaking, again
  3. Battery relocation and required kill switch?
  4. What SCCA Class would a V8 Locost be in?
  5. Auto-x PowerFC Logging Results
  6. need some help finding a good rollbar
  7. Convertables good in autocross?
  8. 4/3/04 Buttonwillow Saturday Race Report
  9. How To Get Into Auto X?
  10. Question about 255's on the front
  11. Our Project Drift car
  12. NA Exhaust
  13. Starting to get excited again
  14. ANy ideas?
  15. Kuhmo V710 Recall....
  16. N/A FC proper tune-up before AutoX
  17. APR CF GT Wing/ wheels/wide body
  18. Found an Old IMSA body
  19. AutoX FD - Class Choice
  20. FC brake ducts any intrest?
  21. Am I risking damage by jacking car?
  22. 13" slicks all the way around :D
  23. Oil cooler Mounting
  24. Coolant vs Evans NPG
  25. Is there a way I can check what diff ratio I have?
  26. FIA-RCC/WRC: Ford rally cars tech specs (off-topic but interesting)
  27. Oil Pan for racing
  28. Interior paint prep: How?
  29. what tire pressure do u sugest for a 87 base rx7?
  30. SCCA- What is the FD eligible for?
  31. Some track day pics....from Thunderhill
  32. Strut/multi-link versus double wishbone
  33. Water Injection Level Sensor
  34. Required Gear for Open Track
  35. new frame and cage for the 350 turbo beast!!
  36. steering wheel selections?
  37. AutoX suggestions with Video
  38. Endurance Driver Wanted!
  39. how to blow up a rotary...
  40. Hey 1st Gen. road race guys, what air dam do you use if any?
  41. 205/50-r15, autox tire pressure?
  42. What's the best Autocross/HD/Track Tire for the 3erd Gen
  43. 12a carb jets?
  44. Track Tips and Safety Tips for the FD
  45. Track Toy for sale
  46. Valve Stem Support
  47. Fritz's Track Videos
  48. Dorifto..?
  49. Increase Rev Limit on Stock ECU
  50. Ultimate "fixes" at the track when it broke?
  51. Economy Rollcage
  52. Awesome new autox technology
  53. FB Suspension Upgrades
  54. Loosing weight
  55. ITS RX7 Rental Site???
  56. Any New Mexico (or nearby) Road Racers?
  57. Flywheel and clutch recommendations?
  58. TRACK event at willow spring. MAR 17
  59. Seat Poll for aftermarket road race seats. Please tell us what you have/like.
  60. What's your race rubber mounted on?
  61. Seats? how much?
  62. Tuning front camber, do you have a method?
  63. Autocrossed my LS1FD today 1st impressions
  64. Circle Track suspension upgrades
  65. Who has studio 9 software?
  66. Mazda's best rally car?
  67. Super Red FB German race car video request
  68. Tires - R compound or Street?
  69. Is it worth the search?
  70. 5 Tracks, 5 Days: '04 Paul Mumford Memorial OTC
  71. Ultra" Rare" Boost Controller.
  72. racecar engineering
  73. HIGHEST OCTANE USED on modified turbo engines ?
  74. Oil for a Pro7 car in Northern California?
  75. real world estimate... and do you have pics?
  76. Shipping a rear end?
  77. Gauges for autoxr
  78. Launch question for you drag guys
  79. Getting Started
  80. Tire size for ITS Racer
  81. Towing FD on trailer
  82. coilovers for drift
  83. Racing/driving/prep books
  84. Torsen Diffs
  85. Who do i get started in racing?
  86. Fine tuneing ( EGT vs WB A/R )
  87. 13b Pport housings FS
  88. why do/dont you street race?
  89. show your race car engine bay pics. !!
  90. Tires for Drifting...
  91. Geez! chassis plots from events this season
  92. March 16th Thunder Hill, Willows CA, Open Track and Drifting
  93. LCD tach like the enzo
  94. Any Land Speed Racers here?
  95. Advice on jetting
  96. New Kumho V710 are faaaaaassst!
  97. GSL-SE pumpkin won't fit in 85 GSL hsg.
  98. Intercooler end-tank design
  99. We Need A Revolution!
  100. Clutch/Pressure plate problems... need help!
  101. First gen race car for sale
  102. Revolutionary new Clutchless gearbox claim to reduce shift time to none
  103. 90 GTU engine compression?
  104. STS2, new SCCA Solo 2 class that FB and FC non-turbo can run in
  105. vacuum advance for IT7
  106. How many track guys use a product like "Smart Camber" at the track?
  107. How to Build Cage
  108. SCCA class switch for FDs
  109. Tech School Florida
  110. Wet Impressions of the Pilot Sport Cups
  111. Crash Test Video
  112. Build up log
  113. My New Track Monster
  114. bridgeport or big street port for drifting and roadracing
  115. help a future autoX driver!!!!
  116. Ideas on connecting cage to front strut
  117. Racing radiator, what's your opinion?
  118. anybody have a datalog of a good lap at thunderhill?
  119. Speedsource Rx8 On Speedvision
  120. Race Logic Traction Control HELP!
  121. Any Endurance Racers Here???
  122. anyone have the hookups on WELD drag rims
  123. Free 85S rolling chassis
  124. Porsche g50
  125. How much better handling with FC vs. FD with same size tires/suspension?
  126. 2.10 @ sears point last Saturday (7th)
  127. My 1st Gen Racing Site
  128. gxl lsd
  129. UPDATES: What projects do you have underway currently?
  130. Stationary gears- hardend vs. non hardend
  131. Roll cage ?s
  132. 12 Hours at the Point?
  133. pictures of the brake duct cooler i made finnaly mounted
  134. Ignition timing
  135. Rx-8 Grand Am Debut result & pic
  136. Cage builder in Central Florida?
  137. Best hood for road racing?
  138. what kind of beefy rear ends are out there?
  139. what size azenis sport on stock fd rims?
  140. Party at T'Hill, 2-7 saturday
  141. Roll bar/cage q's
  142. SV Laguna Seca-Thunderhill 3 day event 2-6-2004!
  143. MDC @ IRP Road Course April 23, June 25, July 30 2004
  144. Streets of Willow FEB 20
  145. Turbo's and Radiator load
  146. Car Trailer in Portland area?
  147. Ford9 question... what is the strongest?
  148. 3rd Gen Fuel Cell....
  149. good rim for drag on an fd
  150. pics of new section at Summit Point
  151. should i go with a TII drivetrain if im staying n/a? (FC)
  152. First impression of V700 Victoracers...
  153. Rear end Question....IRS vs live axle
  154. Hydraulic handbrake - anyone done it?
  155. 15x7 rims for ITS 2G - recommendations
  156. Spark plugs for IT7
  157. Building a Celica 'vert for the auto-x
  158. Need suggestions for an auto-x car
  159. What muffler you guys use ??
  160. kaaz enough for me to launch?
  161. What seats are you guys using?
  162. Houston- Drift Showoff/Grind101/DriftDay April10-11
  163. Nos
  164. Hawk Blue's FS: rear
  165. Poor man's brake ducts
  166. Free Race Car shell with Full cage !
  167. Modifying 12A oil press. regulator
  168. Spark plug heat range question
  169. All motor vs supercharged vs turbocharged
  170. Kumho VR's or Ecsta 700's?
  171. wich spring ork best
  172. scca class???????????
  173. Pro indexing, what? How?
  174. Catch cans
  175. Mazda factory race PPort
  176. tubular chassis - any thoughts ?
  177. 2004 Mazda Rev It Up
  178. scared to lanch
  179. Gear ratios
  180. Geez chassis datalogging is running! My first plot!
  181. S2000 moved up to AS, why not move FD?
  182. More tire temp ?
  183. Free Racing Shell Turbo W/cage
  184. Cutting a bad line on rights....any advice?
  185. Team Lexus to enter the US Drift Nationals for 2004
  186. Anyone taking tire temps?
  187. soloII rules
  188. Possible to use patched/plugged tires at a HPDE and AutoX???
  189. 15x10 size rim, no tire selection?
  190. Building Car
  191. Wanted dry sump 13B
  192. Diff Brace and PPF against Solo2 rules - ASP
  193. Drag vrs street intercoolers
  194. NASA Laguna Seca, Feb 10th, Track Day
  195. Yes it's an EX IMSA RX7 GTU tube frame
  196. 2004 Paul Mumford Memorial Open Track Challenge
  197. How do you make your own Camber kit?
  198. FMIC and road racing
  199. Roll Bar/Cage help needed
  200. 2nd gen Racing shell for sale in LA
  201. v8 weight compensation
  202. Anyone using Geez?
  203. SCCA, NHRA, and the 'vert
  204. pating Out a full race car
  205. Problems with my WB
  206. Road Atlanta Track Days!
  207. Mazda3
  208. street prep or stock
  209. EGT temps @ 3k RPM?
  210. Racing From Seoul
  211. 13" wheels?
  212. Momo hub troubles. Doesn't fit that well on FD.
  213. CarbonFiber Brake cooler ducts
  214. What tire pressures? Khumo V700 Victoracers.
  215. race car shell prep
  216. White smoke at start-up
  217. Pics of rollcage, advise needed.
  218. If I'm not on the track all the time?
  219. Give Drifting it's own forum section...
  220. who will win?
  221. Mexico races?????
  222. Weber jetting
  223. racing with AST elimination?
  224. Exhaust Coatings for racecars?
  225. Anybody here from puerto rico race
  226. automatically e-mod?
  227. drifting parts/equipment
  228. Decided To Sell
  229. Name All The Road Courses You Can!
  230. Looking for a misc. part... do you have one?
  231. Competition RX-7 for Drag Racing
  232. SX pump cavitating
  233. an idea on my exhaust.....what do you guys think?
  234. Anyone else preparing for the ne D1 competitions???
  235. track check list...? so to speak
  236. Tilton dual MCs
  237. Kill Switch hook up
  238. Wheel sizing for Auto-x?
  239. '82 Rx7 tranny ratio
  240. BMW E30 diff. gear ratios
  241. Brake cooler duct design (your input welcome)
  242. Need a good shop for cornerweighting, and roll center calcs in the North bay Cali.
  243. Drag Race Car Wiring
  244. any problems with these diameters?
  245. 13" racing wheels on an FC???
  246. cd and frontal area
  247. my new catch can
  248. First Gen Suspension experts (PIC)
  249. Blown water seal; Now What??
  250. SCCA Runoffs video