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  1. gas tanks
  2. TII Knock sensor replacement
  3. need help
  4. Turn signal cancelling cam
  5. No power to fuel pump rx7 s5 gtus v8 swapped sbc
  6. FC3S Inner Tie Rod Removal Tool (TR897)
  7. door lock alternative
  8. Does my fc need to be rebuilt?
  9. Possible oil pump damage?
  10. Racing Beat Rev II Exhaust
  11. 2nd gen vs 3rd gen
  12. Sway bar link bushings for S5 models
  13. Steering angle kits
  14. Rx7 key
  15. 1987 Mazda Rx7 Radio Stereo Surround Bezel S4 OEM Fc3s Trim Interior
  16. Is there any way to stop the ABS without having to remove the whole unit ?
  17. Reunited with a 13bt
  18. I think it's siezed
  19. Problem with limp mode 89 Jspec FC
  20. I don't think these are the right fuses. Help me out
  21. Vacume Leak???
  22. Which Radio to 1990 Rx7 Turbo S5 Coupe.
  23. Straight Pipes S5
  24. A/C Fitting sizes
  25. Fd brakes on a fc?
  26. How to remove rusted seatbolts
  27. Fixed fuel leak now car wont start
  28. Complete set of Authentic BBS Center Caps with BBS Tool
  29. Just changed my diff mount to a solid mount sounds like transmission mount
  30. Parents FC's battery dies after a couple weeks. Grounding advice?
  31. White smoke, low power
  32. Fc Na oil leak diagnosis
  33. Starting Issue FC3S
  34. Beeping issue
  35. OMP delete on S5 question
  36. Stock alarm removed now car doesnt get spark or fuel
  37. S4 t2 resistor box question
  38. Fc automatic stays in gear need help.
  39. S4 T2 Reasons for fuel pump to keep running?
  40. Cranks but won't start
  41. need help in my rx7 fc TII europe modell
  42. Changed all fuel except spark and still no run
  43. 2nd gen vert hasn't run in two years
  44. Black and red wire from ignition switch
  45. Circuit Opening Relay only turns on when test connector is jumped
  46. S5 Replacement Gates Air pump belt too long
  47. 1986 gxl rx7 project
  48. 1991 S5 Convertible speakers on floor behind seats
  49. S4 fuel cut around hard left turns
  50. Can an automatic FC shoot flames?
  51. Custom Porting Templates
  52. turbo II blow off valve
  53. logicon help?
  54. Fuel Injector Replacement for Turbo 2
  55. Swapping NA 13b to Turbo II 13b
  56. Just coming back and wtf is the pricing?
  57. Help diagnosing battery issue
  58. No voltage in wires 1a and 1b
  59. FC single turbo help
  60. REALLY high idle
  61. Another crank and no start
  62. 4th Annual Midwest Mazda Rotary Meet and BBQ
  63. How do I find the Value of an RX7
  64. Putting new rims on
  65. FD Pedals in FC?
  66. Coolant and Overheating
  67. Very rare detail on FC?!?!?
  68. S5 No ignition lights when turning on the ignition.
  69. 100k engine rebuild and street tune
  70. Separating the diff casing
  71. Boot cover fits what other cars?
  72. White Smoke on Cold starts
  73. Broken FC after omp delete (need help!)
  74. 1988 s4 fc rx-7 body kit
  75. What did you name your FC?
  76. Tips for purchasing an FC
  77. Fuel delivery cut out issues
  78. Should I buy this 1988 Vert RX7?
  79. After many years away I'm back
  80. Does anyone have info on these Wheels
  81. Quick $15 to be made
  82. Clutch xperts
  83. FC-FD-RX8 Side Carrier Bearings same?
  84. Need some help guys
  85. diy dashboard
  86. Electric power steering from scratch?
  87. Engine shaking badly
  88. Selling my '88 FC 'vert All Original
  89. VIN Number Question
  90. Can you modernize all exterior lights on the FC?
  91. s5 turbo oil pressure gauge problems, reading pressure with engine off
  92. Electronic failure help
  93. Jerking, bucking when accelerating
  94. Anyone still sell rebuilt Turbo II transmissions nowadays?
  95. 13b turbo
  96. Diff COMP Bushing Issue
  97. Rear electronic strut to gas strut, easy convert?
  98. Runs Bad When Warmed Up
  99. Fair asking price?
  100. RPM drops fast when declutching sometimes stall
  101. O2 sensor help
  102. Alternator help
  103. Newby questions
  104. Rx parts used apex seals or new
  105. Power sunroof wiring
  106. s5 13b turbo engine harness routing
  107. Fuse Box Help
  108. Slow cranking then fast cranking. Any ideas?
  109. Diagnosis Help, Please
  110. S4 NA to turbo conversion questions
  111. Coolant line routing for T4 turbo
  112. Tubular subframe/Kmember for the rotary FC
  113. Only v8 rx7s on Craigslist now?
  114. NA FC Timing
  115. Spark Plugs FC
  116. Alternator Not Charging
  117. Vented hood help cooliing?
  118. missing trans parts
  119. Cost Efficient Suspension?
  120. 1988 to 1989
  121. How much?
  122. 1991 FC Rx7 as a fist car
  123. Could use a hand identifying why these holes are on the blocks
  124. Is there a difference in cars with "E-FC3S" model code and "FC3S" model code?
  125. What's a low mile 1990 turbo worth these days (40k)
  126. TII tranny upgrade
  127. touch up paint
  128. Lowering my stock t2 seat
  129. Flange Swap?
  130. Where can I get Manual rack and pinion
  131. FC Aftermarket stereos
  132. Too rich to start? N/A T2 swap Walbro
  133. Carbon Fiber hood scoop
  134. VIN Calculator Link
  135. Now low end power car wont start
  136. What am I supposed to do from here
  137. What’s missing here
  138. Gauge wiring
  139. Rx 7 fc wires HELP
  140. Tps reads bad when connected
  141. 87 fc no ignition power
  142. GTUs sticker length
  143. 1987 RX7 Turbo II has sat for 14 yrs - need help with prelube procedure
  144. Clutch is getting stuck when trying to disengage
  145. S5 TII axles in S4 NA 5 lug spindle?
  146. Nissan s13 SPL outer tie-rods on FC???
  147. 1989 coolant level sensor connector
  148. tachometer
  149. coil
  150. Carburetor Conversion 6 port
  151. Has anyone on here ever used the Link Atom standalone ECU?
  152. S4 t2 won't start..
  153. FD Alternator in S4 Idle issue - voltage regulator
  154. Oil Pressure issues
  155. Turbo II Sounds Like Subaru... (help me fix my car plz)
  156. 91 TurboII rebuild kit part number?
  157. Dash wiring and connectors weird/missing?
  158. Car starts easier when cold when foot is pressed all the way down on gas pedal
  159. FC3SPRO: 400hp on Stock ECU
  160. Transmission for 88fc
  161. Charging light with buzzer
  162. 3800 RPM Hesitation?
  163. Engine wiring
  164. Driving from Lakeland to Denver: how will it effect my car?
  165. Car idling weird... any ideas?
  166. Parts to buy before NLA
  167. are the side housings usable?
  168. Car cranks but won’t start, smell gas after cranking. Any ideas?
  169. 1988 convertible with a bad engine worth anything?
  170. Value of a Modified 1987 Turbo II (FL)
  171. Rotor Bearing check during rebuild
  172. Wheel fitment on FC 17x9 +30 offset
  173. Omp delete to premix on s4
  174. Rocker panel rust repair
  175. Need advice on installing LSD(Limited Slip Differential) on 1989 RX-7 GTU
  176. FC3S Storage Bin Frame Install
  177. Front Area Relay Hackup
  178. Question on FC3S Infini Embroidered Floor Mats & Infini Logo Sport Steering
  179. 1988 Mazda RX7 GXL (Automatic)
  180. Finally got my car running again!
  181. How Do I Replace Rusted Sunroof Skin?
  182. Turbo II side mirrors on an 87 GX S4
  183. Stockpiling Parts for our S5 or S4's
  184. Series 4 and Series 5 Body Harness Pinout
  185. Possible cheap deal
  186. turboII vs NA Coilpacks?
  187. RIP Kenichi Yamamoto
  188. What this pipe?
  189. Tachometer not reading at all
  190. S4 or S5 engine? 🧐
  191. Massive auto transmisson leak
  192. Racing Beat downpipe to other catback???
  193. Electric
  194. Difference between Atkins oring kit and oem?
  195. Carbon S5 OEM spoiler?
  196. 2018 RX7 only calendar is ready
  197. 1988 rx7 starting issue
  198. 1988 rx7 fc starting issue
  199. Question about used fc
  200. Fuel Pump & Level Sender Corrosion
  201. Headlights
  202. Head Light RE Amemiya
  203. Transmission FC
  204. Do 1989 series 5 have OBD
  205. Help on identifying my FC...
  206. Head Light RE Amemiya
  207. Tubular K member
  208. Rotary works 4 port t2 intake on 6 port NA engine
  209. 1990 GTU Driveshaft Recommendations
  210. Help identifying a hose
  211. I need a little help with my FC3S
  212. Shine Auto Project BLACK FRIDAY SALE Till the END of NOVEMBER
  213. ** Look what just got listed - 10thAE 5,000 miles
  214. Should I buy it?
  215. What should I do?
  216. what is this part called
  217. What is the brace on the convertible for in the spare well?
  218. Coolant Seals Required
  219. what's the thing sticking out of exhaust manifold where it bolts to turbo i
  220. Auto trans fluid drain fill plugs
  221. FC Sunroof Repair
  222. '88 Convertible - starter not getting power
  223. Window Sticker - Interesting Find
  224. Wrapping Shifter Surround ??
  225. 10AE key restoration
  226. S5 gauge surround into S4
  227. any suppliers of leather seat skins left?
  228. Identify steering wheel?
  229. floor fc3s . sorry
  230. Door locks
  231. RX-7 only 2018 calendar. Submit your car!
  232. Removing the Handbrake Handle: Yep, I Need Help
  233. 88 RX7 - runs rich (I think)
  234. Issues Idling & Backfiring & Running Rich
  235. Has anyone here opened and greased the manual rack pinion?
  236. Starts great, idles great runs well until I put foot down on gas
  237. Steering rack bellows? Where to order?
  238. T2 no power sounds like one rotor
  239. Strange Popping and running very rich
  240. FC S4 tii No start, no spark etc.
  241. Fuel Injector top colors -88 RX non turbo convert
  242. Bbk 90 fc
  243. 4 lug to 5 lug
  244. Oil in spark plugs
  245. Trunk Supports
  246. Difference between S4 and S5 rear shock bolt??
  247. boost gauge issues?
  248. What is the small white switch under the clutch pedal?
  249. odd idle/ idle noise
  250. Any short people own FCs?