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Fd Rx7 stalling and hot start problems

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Fd Rx7 stalling and hot start problems

I have been trying to get my fd to run right most of the year, and really need help. I did a rebuild beginning of the year. it will start up cold no problem most of the time, once it is running it sounds fine, however when the revs go below 1000, 90% of the time, it will stall. And if I try and start it again, it will not start even tho it sounds like it almost wants too. Kind of like a flooding sound(I think).

I have a mirotech LT10s, single turbo, and since Ive had this problem I have put on new leads and plugs, swapped for known good working coil packs, checked the signal on all coil packs coming from the igniter with a test light(tested fine), injectors cleaned, swapped out for known good working fuel pump, relays tested fine, checked for vacuum leaks, and still no improvement.

Other suspicious things i've seen have been while the car is running my tachometer needle will occasionally bounce up and down a few hundred to 1000 revs even though the motor is not being revved, on my microtech data logger screen if I rev the engine the air temp goes from whatever temp it is say 18degrees all the way up to 200 plus then back down, my fuel pressure gauge will rapidly bounce between 35-40psi, and the timing light I put on the leading spark leads will flicker to nothing just before the car stalls, and sometimes the rear trailing wont even be sparking.

Its alot to think about, Any input would be greatly appreciated
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Old 06-22-17, 02:30 AM
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Is it showing any errors?
Whats your current air temp settings?
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Old 06-24-17, 01:52 AM
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I only get RPM error occasionally, usually when cranking for too long. This week I decided to play with the idle map, in conjunction with the air adjust screw on the throttle body, and I managed to get the idle down to about 800-900 RPM without it stalling. And the car will now start hot, but it takes a few extra cranks and my foot flat on the gas pedal. I will post all my settings here now, as Im not sure what some functions are and maybe some values arnt right. Perhaps someone could point them out?! Forgot to mention I have standard Ignition and Injectors.

Idle Map:
30hg 1.19
25hg 1.24
20hg 1.62
15hg 1.71
10hg 1.81
05hg 2.19
00hg 3.29
2-20psi 4.95

Load map:
30hg 1.48
25hg 1.48
20hg 1.62
15hg 1.86
10hg 2.05
05hg 2.24
00hg 2.76
2psi 3.76
4psi 4.86
6psi 5.62
8psi 6.14
10psi 6.71
14psi 7.24
16psi 9.00
18psi 9.48
20psi 10.00

RPMwot MAP, RPMcrs MAP, t_air MAP - all values zero

Screen 19:
pump1 amt +13%
pump1pulse +02
pump1 trig +14
pump1 stop 02"hg
pump2start 2000
pump2 AMT +30%
pump2 TIME +10
pump2 trig +16
pump2 stop 02"hg
pump1 ADV_ +04
pump2 ADV_ +04
pump Dwell 4.00
pump timers no
pump 1 sync NO
pump spare +08
pump cold +00%

Water Map:
124*C - 82*C +00%
68*C +01%
60*C +03%
46*C +05%
38*C +10%
31*C +12%
24*C +18%
18*C +22%
11*C +26%
05*C +45%
-01*C +50%
-09*C +55%
-17*C +60%
-25*C +00%

Air_t Map:
124*C - 24*C +00%
18*C +01%
11*C +02%
05*C +04%
-01*C +05%
-09*C +06%
-17*C +08%
-25*C +00%

Crank MAP:
124*C - 68*C +00%
60*C +06%
46*C +16%
38*C +26%
31*C +31%
24*C +41%
18*C +50%
11*C +57%
05*C +62%
-01*C +67%
-09*C - -25*C +72%

t_rpm MAP:
500 +03*
1000 +10*
1500 - 5000 +13*
5500 - 9000 +14*

t_map MAP:
30hg +00*
25hg - 15hg +05*
10hg - 4psi +00*
6psi -05*
8psi -07*
10psi -09*
14psi -11*
16psi -13*
18psi -15*
20psi -18*

t_gap MAP:
500 - 1500 +15*
2000 +14*
2500 +12*
3000 - 9000 +10*

t_inj MAP:
500 120
1000 150
1500-4000 180
4500-5500 210
6000-6500 240
7000-9000 270

t_wat MAP:
124*C - 60*C +00*
46*C +01*
38*C - -25*C +02*

Screen 29:
Aux FAN ON 86*C
Aux FAN add 0.10
Aux FAN air 0.10
Aux AIR min 10.00
Aux AIR max 10.25
Aux AIR wat 0.48
Aux AIR afs 0.10
Aux RPM set 880
Aux pwmLOW 0.76
Aux pwm_HI 7.62
inp RPMlim OFF
inp AIRadd 0.19
inp Enrich 0.00
inp Timing +00

Screen 30:
MIXtrm +00%
TPSCal +12%
TIMtrm +00
Static +00
TIMmax +20
RPMwot 05"hg
rpmCRS 20"hg
Af_StE +10%
REVlim 7500
REVcut 7820
BstCut 12psi
REVstg 3000
MAPstg 03"hg
% stage +65%
Decel OFF
Dwell 3.25

Screen 31:
Maps = Matrix
Config +04 cyl/R
Load = Map sensor
Dwell = time base
input Trip +POS
Spark Trip IGBT
Timing check OFF
RpmON 3500 Log
Map-ON OFF Log
Trim#1 +00% Log
Trim#2 +00% Log
SHIFT 7500 Dash
WATER 92_C Dash
BOOST 10psi Dash

I'm also wondering if my timing is off. Whats the deal with setting the static? some say 00, some say 05, or even 10. I always thought the FD timing is always the same as you cant change the cas or pulley position?
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Sounds like you have ground issues among other problems. Check your engine and ECU grounds. That would explain the odd gauge behaviour and the bouncing tach.

Also make sure the VR sensors are tightly plugged in and undamaged.
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what injectors do you have
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Standard injectors. 550s and 850s? I've been driving the car around, it still struggles to start sometimes and the timing sounds off and lots of missing.
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