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  1. Heater Blower Restoration w/ Photos
  2. Heater Core Restoration w/Photos
  3. Replacement Weatherstripping for Hood!
  4. Horn Relay
  5. (Differential) Toyota 8" in FB
  6. (Carb) How to seal nikki carb throttle shaft
  7. (Coolant) Installing freeze/expansion plugs in the coolant ports to the intake.
  8. [Mechanical] Timken Seal Cross-Refence - - lots of good data.
  9. [INTERIOR] Rear bin hinge fix with pics
  10. How To: Rear Axle Bearing / Seal Replacement
  11. A/C Charging with Easy Cheap Safe Alternative Refrigerant
  12. (STEREO) Yet another power antenna
  13. (Engine) Video: 13B Rotary Engine Rebuild
  14. (COOLING) FC aluminum water pump housing on a FB
  15. (Carb) Long Lost Carb Stripping Tutorial
  16. (ELECTRICAL) No Relay's? What was Mazda thinking?
  17. (LIGHTING) How do you make clear taillights?
  18. (REFERENCE) Model Questions
  19. (ELECTRICAL) A source for Mazda style electrical connectors
  20. (CLUTCH) How To: Change your Clutch Master and Clutch slave
  21. (REFERECNE) Rear gearing questions - ID numbers & ring & pinion information.
  22. (REFERENCE) Differential Interchange information drive shaft & ring & pinion info
  23. (ENGINE) Interesting dowel pin oil leak fix.
  24. (ENGINE) How do I find TDC on my engine?
  25. (BRAKES) How-to: Rebuilding the SE rear calipers
  26. (STEERING) Steering issue: Not returning to center after turns.
  27. (REFERENCE) 80 to 81 interchangable parts
  28. Horn only works when car is off?
  29. (REFERENCE) How much HP can the stock gsl rear end take?
  30. (EXTERIOUR) Fix your poor wiper arms
  31. (ENGINE) Richard Sohn Metering Pump Adapter Install
  32. (STEREO) Another power antenna alternative (with pictures)
  33. (FUEL) How To: Repair a fuel level sender
  34. (TRANSMISSION) Transmission interchange information
  35. (REFERENCE) Felix Wankel's 1963 Book: Rotary Piston Machines
  36. (WHEEL) GSL-SE OFFICIAL Wheel Offset Thread~
  37. (INTERIOR) How To: Repair broken plastic pieces
  38. (FUEL) Replacement GSL-SE injector wiring connectors
  39. (INTAKE)S4 to S5 intake mod
  40. (FUEL) How To: Diagnose your fuel return line check valve
  41. (ENGINE) Coolant seal repair (maybe)
  42. (INTAKE) S4 Manafold Swap Complete!
  43. (SHIFTER) How To: Reinstall the shifter and shift boots
  44. (ENGINE) Is this the sound of an apex seal gone bad?
  45. (INTERIOR) How To: Replace the dash on an 83S
  46. (IGNITION) How To: Test your ignitors
  47. (TRANSMISSION) How To: Swapping a S4 N/A tranny into an FB
  48. (DRIVETRAIN) Small axles Vs. large axles
  49. (ENGINE) Cleaning and painting a 12A
  50. (LIGHTING) How To: Flash to pass modification
  51. (INTAKE) Weird Nikki 6 port 13B manifold
  52. (DRIVETRAIN) How To: Remove the differential
  53. (DRIVETRAIN) GSL Vs. GSL-SE differentials
  54. (OTHER) How To: Make your own strut bar
  55. (BODY) How To: Modify wheel wells for fender flares
  56. (ENGINE) Printable 12A Gasket Templates
  57. (BODY) How To: Datsun 240Z fender flares on an FB!
  58. (IGNITION) Newbie method for testing ignitors
  59. (ENGINE) Internal engine cleaning. What one can learn when he searches.
  60. (WIRING) GSL-SE ECU Harness Wiring Diagnosis
  61. (CARB) Nikki Idle Problems
  62. (ELECTRICAL) How To: Remove Combination Switch
  63. (DRIVETRAIN) How To: Rebuild your LSD
  64. (DRIVETRAIN) GSL and SE LSD teardown pics,drivetrain tutorials coming soon
  65. (EMISSIONS) Rat's Nest Close-Up Pics
  66. (ENGINE) GSLSE Engine Pictures
  67. (DRIVETRAIN) 84-85 Automatic to Manual transmission conversion question
  68. (WIRING) How To: Factory 1987 T2 ECU into 1st Gen
  69. (DRIVETRAIN) Miata Diff interchange into 84-85 models
  70. (LIGHTING) How To: Heavy duty headlight harness installation
  71. (BRAKES/CLUTCH) Can the clutch master cylinder be moved over 1/2 inch?
  72. (OTHER) Heater box removal
  73. (CLUTCH) How to bleed clutch?
  74. (COOLING)How does the Fan Clutch Work?
  75. (TRANSMISSION)Fitment of TII transmission in a FB
  76. (ENGINE) Signs of a failing rotary engine
  77. (CONTENT) Owner's Manual in Spanish
  78. (AUDIO) Building a stereo line-in port on an S1/S2 stock Clarion
  79. (ELECTRICAL) s4 t2 wiring
  80. (COOLING) Radiator Info
  81. (FUEL) Mallory Issues: Part Deux
  82. (TRANSMISSION) TII tranny in FB > Notching the tunnel
  83. (DRIVETRAIN) the end all to KIA GEAR THREADS with pics
  84. (INTAKE) Megasquirt in FB?
  85. (STEERING) Steering Box Modification
  86. (IGNITION) How to find TDC?
  87. (WHEELS) How To: Clean your oxidized aluminum wheels
  88. (GENERAL) Rotary information sites.
  89. (PAINT) HOW TO: Paint your 7 for less than $100 (56K Beware!)
  90. (FUEL) Fuel Gauge and Sending Unit testing
  91. (ENGINE) How did you mount your T2 in your FB?
  92. (ENGINE) 12A (Extend) Streetport Dyno result.
  93. Miata Short Shifter installation.
  94. (OTHER) blue book value of a 1st gen
  95. (INTAKE) Carb Rebuild: How To Strip A Nikki Down
  96. (INTERIOR) Had to do it to - Another Tan interior going to be painted
  97. (ENGINE)Removal of front engine cover while still in car
  98. (ELECTRICAL) Wiring Mess!
  99. (INTAKE) Nikki and mani
  100. (IGNITION)Disabling part time trailing ignition on an 1980 and ignition options
  101. (TRANSMISSION) short shifters?
  102. (TRANSMISSION) Automatic transmission fluid specifications
  103. (BODY) How to repair Sa front bumper molding attachment.
  104. (SUSPENSION) 500$ Mods
  105. (DRIVETRAIN) 84-85 replacement U joints
  106. (INTAKE) The answers to all of your N2O , Nitrous Oxide, NOS questions!!!!!
  107. (OTHER) 12A Dyno run! *Video and Sheet*
  108. (INTAKE) nitrous question. dont be hatin' NOT A NOOB
  109. (LIGHTING) My headlights won't go down!
  110. (SUSPENSION) Freshing up and converting the suspension to SE spec shopping list?
  111. (OTHER) What to look for when buying or just after you purchased your RX-7
  112. (ENGINE) Compression test using a piston engine tester
  113. (ELECTRICAL) Car died & won't start, my tach is not working - car is 84/85,
  114. (OIL) 12A MOP MOD Illustrated
  115. (OTHER) Car Storage How 2
  116. (ELECTRICAL) Considering running another fusebox/distribution box.
  117. (OTHER) Dyno: 147.3RWHP 124.2ft-lb SP 12A Vid and Pic included
  118. (ELECTRICAL) Install a Universal Power Door Lock Kit
  119. (OTHER) HOW TO: Install a Universal Power Door Lock Kit
  120. (OIL) oil pressure guage
  121. (OTHER) How To Ship Cross-Border (to Canada)
  122. (engine) 1.3 = 2.6
  123. (OTHER) Need info on removing Sa (79) Speedometer gear
  124. (INTAKE) EFI-prepping a 1st gen
  125. (ENGINE) will a 2nd gen turbo fit on a 12A 1st gen
  126. (OTHER) What Wideband You Guys Using?
  127. (DRIVETRAIN) does anybody know about swapping trannys?
  128. (BRAKES) How To: Replace rear brake shoes
  129. (DRIVETRAIN) Replacing Rear Wheel Bearings
  130. (SUSPENSION) DIY : 1st Gen Front Suspension (w/ lots of pics)
  131. (OIL) help, omp mod in process
  132. (INTAKE) Rotaryrefs.net not working, need Nikki manual...
  133. (ENGINE) Flywheel Stopper
  134. (OIL AND COOLING) water temp and oil press gauges question
  135. (ELECTRICAL) where to buy 3 prong connector
  136. (DRIVETRAIN) Transmission gear ratios?
  137. (OIL) oil metering options?
  138. (electrical) H4
  139. (OTHER) dynoed the fb, big letdown
  140. (OTHER) SPinning rotor animation
  141. (INTAKE) Carb Sizing Question
  142. (ENGINE) Pilot bearing removal with pix
  143. (COOLING) Temp guage quit
  144. (INTAKE) Well, my Dellorto is here...
  145. (COOLING/INTAKE) How to install Freeze Plugs
  146. (INTAKE) Which carb rebuild kit to buy and where?
  147. (IGNITION) I have a question about DLIDFIS!!
  148. (IGNITION) Timing Mark Website (I know it was here somewhere)
  149. (BODY) Removing tail light assembly
  150. (DRIVETRAIN) LSD is shot need a rebuild kit
  151. (FUEL) How To: Install Carter Fuel Pump & Holley FPR
  152. (ENGINE) Ultimate Streetable 12a
  153. (ELECTRICAL) S5 ('89) Alternator Install into a 1st Gen
  154. (BRAKES) Upgrading my brake booster
  155. (IGNITION) how to: gm igniters replace j-109
  156. (ENGINE) counter weight question
  157. (OTHER) Keyless Entry followup...
  158. (BODY/ELECTRICAL) LED tail lights
  159. (ELECTRICAL) Gauges and Senders general discussion
  160. (ELECTRICAL) Slow Power Windows? Need to read this!
  161. (ENGINE) For the Noobs..How a Rotary Engine works.
  162. (INTAKE) Can a Nikki carb be tuned to meet the holly and weber.
  163. (OIL) Oil Pressure Sender adapter solution!
  164. (BODY) Fiberglass Scooped Hood: Help me find it!
  165. (STEERING) Idler Bushing Problem Illustrated
  166. (DRIVETRAIN) my S4 transmission n/a mounted in FB
  167. (DRIVETRAIN) Ford 8.8 rear end from grannys
  168. (INTERIOR) Instrument Cluster TRICK !!
  169. (DRIVETRAIN) Pics of Kia Sportage gear and pinion
  170. (DRIVETRAIN) removing rear wheel bearings
  171. (ELECTRICAL) 105 Amp Alternator Swap HOW TO GM CS130
  172. (SUSPENSION/STEERING) Replacing Ball Joints
  173. (DRIVETRAIN) Rebuilding my GSL-SE Rear end
  174. (OTHER) Madza RX-7 Competition Preparation and Service Manual
  175. (ENGINE) Engine mount nuts
  176. (BRAKES) How to: Front Brakes
  177. (IGNITION) main pully and timing
  178. (IGNITION) 2GCDFIS diagram. Is this correct?
  179. (IGNITION) 2GCDFIS diagram. Is this correct?
  180. (FUEL/INTAKE) carb crap...tearing it apart
  181. (TURBO) 13b REW in a 1st gen write up
  182. (ENGINE) 13b REW in a 1st gen write up
  183. (FUEL/INTAKE) What kind of gas do you use in yours?
  184. (IGNITION) 2GCDFIS w/ TT (Transistor Trick) Write-Up (Simplified Design)
  186. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Performance Parts Suppliers...
  187. (OTHER) what is the difference between GSL and GSL-SE
  188. (OIL) Omg! Omp!
  189. (BODY) Has anyone replaced the glass run channels?
  190. (COOLING/OIL) How to install an FC oil cooler in a 1st gen. Write-up, with pics.
  191. (SUSPENSION) FC front end into FB WRITEUP
  192. (SUSPENSION) FC front end into FB WRITEUP
  193. (INTERIOR) How-to: Remove your dashboard (84 and 85)
  194. (INTERIOR) How-to: Remove your dashboard (84 and 85)
  195. (INTERIOR) How to: Dye your interior parts.
  196. (INTERIOR) How to: Re-upholster your doors.
  197. (INTERIOR) How to: Re-upholster your doors.
  198. (INTERIOR) How to: Repaint your stereo surround/center console pieces.
  199. (FUEL/INTAKE) HELP! Stock Fuel Pump Direction Question
  200. (STEREO) Power antenna seekers? Look here.
  201. (BRAKES) Slotted or Cross Drilled rotors?
  202. (ELECTRICAL) Fusible Link Conversion Thread
  203. (ENGINE) 20B First Gen RX-7
  204. (COOLING/OIL) O ring replace, 85 12a (Beehive) Cooler how many bolts?
  205. (COOLING/OIL) Ways to bleed cooling system
  206. (ELECTRICAL) Question about Temp Sensor and Dummy Lights on an '84 GS
  207. (ELECTRICAL) Need help on interior lights
  208. (ELECTRICAL) Easy fix 4 your Headlight/Combo Switch Headaches!
  209. (ELECTRICAL) Easy fix 4 your Headlight Headaches!
  210. (IGNITION) Spark Plug Socket
  211. (FUEL) Interchangeability of Fuel tanks- The facts.
  212. (COOLING/OIL) Replacement O-Ring material for Beehive and Filter Pedestal
  213. (OTHER) Finally some pics...
  214. (IGNITION) Transistor trick for 2GCDFIS.
  215. (INTERIOR) RX8 seat in my 1st gen =)
  216. (COOLING/OIL) Source for OMP lines
  217. (INTERIOR) removing dashboard!?
  218. (FUEL/INTAKE) Fuel Presure Gauge
  219. (FUEL/INTAKE) Canadian guys where to buy Hygrade rebuild kits
  220. (BRAKES) Front brakes - anti-rattle spring
  221. (ENGINE) Turbo Rotary Part #'s and price's
  222. (ENGINE) Documented ECU Pinout/ cut list for 13b swap.
  223. (ELECTRICAL) Documented ECU Pinout/ cut list for 13b swap.
  224. (ENGINE) Notched 12A bracket For 13B INstall
  225. (COOLING/OIL) Taurus Electric Fan In Stock Shroud
  226. (BODY) Cloudy Rear Taillights (Can you refurbish????)
  227. (CLUTCH) Clutch Problems. Need Help...
  228. (STEREO) stock stereo fix/repair
  229. (WHEELS) Diamond Racing 13's or 15's
  230. (DRIVETRAIN) Another Differential Swap Question
  231. (ELECTRICAL) 2nd gen alt in 1st gen?
  232. (ENGINE) How to build a high output 12a turbo without blowing up your motor
  233. (ELECTRICAL) '83 Alt in a '79?
  234. (IGNITION) Ignition timing tricks?!!?!?!?
  235. (COOLING/OIL) The MMO vs. Two Stroke for Premixing Thread
  236. (COOLING/OIL) Coolent air pockets?
  237. (FUEL/INTAKE) 10 Minute Removall Of Nikki Carb
  238. (OTHER) For first time owners of fb's
  239. (COOLING/OIL) Rebuilding the OMP oil injection lines
  240. (ELECTRICAL) How to deloom your FB's engine bay - PICS included.
  241. (FUEL/INTAKE) carb manual online
  242. (BRAKES) Tip for bleeding brakes
  243. (ELECTRICAL) What the Heck Do These Things Do??? *PICS*
  244. (BRAKES) Troubleshooting Brake Lites...
  245. (ELECTRICAL) SE Error Code Write-Up
  246. (OTHER) Decarbonizing A Rotary (FEATURED ARTICLE)
  247. (IGNITION) Improved FB Coil-DLIDFIS Wiring Diagram
  248. (TRANSMISSION) Parts list for 1984-1985 automatic to 5 speed conversion
  249. (FUEL) 84/85 Fuel pump relay trick...
  250. (ENGINE) O-ring fix