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  1. Wolf 3d IV
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  3. Wolf wifi
  4. wolf 3d v4 20b ignition/injector configuration help
  5. is anyone using a wolf v500?
  6. v550 & Knock Sensor
  7. New ecu
  8. Wolf v550 ignition configuration
  9. Wolf Software compatibility to ECUs
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  11. Flex Fuel sensor
  12. TurboFB with v550
  13. anyone have a wolf ems for sale for FC and FD
  14. want to buy ur wolf for 1993 rx7
  15. want to buy Wolf V4 for FD
  16. Wolf 3D version 4 data cable
  17. want to buy Wolf V400
  18. Dyno Tuning by Steve Kan in Jacksonville, FL on June 8, 2013 (and possibly June 9)
  19. Wolf 3D with RX8 Coils
  20. Those that need wolf 3D help or maps
  21. hey what happen to the wolf website?
  22. Need a Wolf 3d Standalone for my REW swap.
  23. V550
  24. Map Help PLEASE
  25. Wolf software
  26. A little help please....
  27. Anybody have wolf 3d v4 ecu for sale?
  28. Need Base Map For T2
  29. Wolf 3d V4 (S5 13b) Ignition trouble
  30. cable
  31. so nobody cant help a guy out ?
  32. Wolf 3D V500 $1400.00
  33. Bee*r rev limiter wiring to Wolf 3d help?
  34. Wolf up for sale
  35. need software for wolf 3d v3
  36. Wolf 3D wiring.
  37. wtb wolf3d v4 hand held controller.
  38. My wolf v4 is for sale
  39. moding the dizzy?
  40. upgrades for wolf ems
  41. Wideband O2 output voltage
  42. is this a v5 wolf
  43. Tuner wanted...
  44. FS Wolf 3D v4 S5 Plug In
  45. Car hunting during warm up with v3
  46. need wiring diagram for wolf3d v4
  47. mounting wolf 3D?
  48. Wolf Training
  49. Wolf3d v.4 base map for s4 turbo 2
  50. GM Delphi IAT sensor part number?
  51. PowerFC to wolf 3dv5
  52. wolf 3d ver 4 software
  53. 20B Wolf v500 map needed please
  54. need software
  55. the new wolf v4x
  56. wolf 3d v4 help?
  57. Wolf 3d dealer
  58. Wolf3D V4 Latest Firmware
  59. wolf issues
  60. Guess who's back?
  61. Bought a car with a Wolf 3D, what's needed to upgrade the map sensor?
  62. Look over my map
  63. wolf 4.0 ecu boost controller, msd coils
  64. Wolf 3d EMS issues with Fans
  65. is the v500 really plug and play for the fc
  66. FS wolf 3D v500
  67. V500 questions ...
  68. Whats happening it way too quite
  69. Wolf 3D Tune
  70. Wolf v4 Ignition/Coil help
  71. Wolf factory support?
  72. wolf v500 best ecu so far?
  73. 3DV4 internal MAP drift?
  74. Wolf vs Omex
  75. Wolf 3d v4 ref and sync
  76. need wolf guru advice
  77. The random email's from Wolf's website
  78. Wolf3D Ver 3 and Injector Staging
  79. v500 boost controller
  80. Load calibration with TPS
  81. wolf 3
  82. wolf v4 question
  83. Could do with a map to start my modded FD.
  84. base map needed...
  85. wiring bac valve to 3d v4 (help)
  86. New to Wolf V500 can't get online to ecu.Any help appreciated
  87. Wolf V500 Upgrade???
  88. who runs a CDI box on thier car?
  89. V3 with hand controller- any interest?
  90. Wolf V4
  91. single cylinder question
  92. WTB cartridge for older wolf
  93. wolf cold weather settings?
  94. FD PnP
  95. perrin ebcs with wolf v4?
  96. Ver 4 FC3S Cosmo 13B-RE 550/1680 Base Map
  97. memory cable question
  98. wolf 3d tuner
  99. A Question
  100. Wolf USA still exist?
  101. Wolf3D Software project
  102. Auto Tune
  103. Looking for 3D V3 software.
  104. Wolf 3d forums
  105. wolf tuners
  106. cartage needed
  107. Wolf3Dv4 Admin Mode
  108. Wolf3d ems v500
  109. wolf 3D ver. 3 Pin size
  110. need opinion on a/f wideband
  111. fd wold ems
  112. Wolf EMS Sensors
  113. Normal noise count?
  114. Boost control and Launch Control??
  115. how do i calibrate air temp sensor?
  116. Need a map for a stock 13B-RE.
  117. Need an external map sensor
  118. Help me out.
  119. Standalone ECU...
  120. Found on Aust ebay
  121. Tunning...
  122. Found this group purchase of Wolf V5 ECU save money
  123. FS: Wolf 3D V4 + Hand Controller for S5 T2 $799 OBO
  124. Wolf V3 version 3.1 - Where to find software ???
  125. Is Chriss Green still alive
  126. Wolf 3d Ems
  127. wolf boost tuning
  128. compatibility question
  129. Wolf Identification Help ( With Pic )
  130. CAS options, and Triggers
  131. TPS Problems
  132. Wolf v3 and the CAS
  133. 3DV3 hi RPM hi signal error count
  134. Voltage Drop When Accelerating?
  135. Wolf Logger Update
  136. Vista, usb to serial cable?
  137. Wolf user Here (non RX-7) with a question regarding logging inputs
  138. DataLogLab Dyno graph
  139. Wolf 3D ver. 3 Is it a good EMS?
  140. just got my wolf EMS
  141. Bosch lsm-11
  142. Wolf woes
  143. Wolf upgrading v4 to v4Plus
  144. Hacker strikes again !!
  145. air temp sensor part number?
  146. Need base map for T2 with Wolf 500
  147. Looking for v4Plus (buy or trade)
  148. Wolf v4 on 20B
  149. anyone with write up on wireing 3d.v4 with cas
  150. need help car turnd off twice today while driving
  151. FS: Wolf 3D v4 PnP FD w/ New FD Harness
  152. Ugh. Old firmware
  153. Intreast in an Innovate Motorsports Logworks plugin for wolf?
  154. two wolf units - one shows rpm signal, one doesnt... ideas?
  155. V500
  156. GM vs WOLF MAP sensor (AKA WOLF FAILS)
  157. cas resistor
  158. Email nightmares
  159. burnt V500
  160. Tunning question / opinion
  161. V500: need help
  162. ver. 3.0 program
  163. V4 / V400 Max fuel Milliseconds on New soft ware
  164. Windows Vista and V4.72
  165. Trying to help a friend out need a basic map
  166. hey guys , quick question
  167. How To: Tuning from base map [group effort]
  168. *Wolf 3D V4+ CAS questions*
  169. :wallbash: Injectors not receiving power from ECU?
  170. Extended streetport timing
  171. pc software or ecu trouble?
  172. Interesting Accel Enrich / TPS problem I had recently
  173. Wolf3D Pin Out FD
  174. wolf3d to tewblog datalog converter
  175. Wolf 3d
  176. [help] Wolf Wideband LC-1 Install
  177. Maf
  178. Wolf ECU - No Power Issue
  179. Wolf Injector Driver - Need resistors?
  180. latest datalogs
  181. Hot start issue, is it my settings?
  182. [need help] Wolf v4 PC to ECU cable
  183. Map with temp correction for bosch M12 sensor (included with wolf)
  184. Launch control?
  185. Michael Smith's Auto Tuner
  186. leading coil install
  187. Need software
  188. Injector Impedence
  189. Need Help With Wolf3D V500 Wideband Lambda Sensor
  190. Coolant Temps
  191. self tuning wtf
  192. HELP: need a base map for 13bt with 4x12at injectors
  193. hmm. old one didn't post? load % Q
  194. 75% load maximum???
  195. What TPS should i use with S4
  196. tps.
  197. quick afr and cold start Q
  198. I will be offline for 2 weeks from today
  199. Strange Ignition Values??
  200. Wolf internal map sensor question
  201. Sr20 Cas Wiring Questions???
  202. Wolf Pros in Texas?
  203. Looking for info on the Wideband input
  204. Wolf V400 map for SR20DET
  205. Building .Net Versions of My Programs
  206. V3 Software Connection
  207. Wolf3D v4 Software needed
  208. F.S. "New" Wolf 3D V4
  209. Wolf 3d v3 EMS fs
  210. Basic settings for V4 on 93 Rx-7
  211. Dataloging MAP
  212. GM 3 Bar Map Sensor
  213. v500 map for 20b
  214. HUGE FAVOR Wolf3d v.3 or anything...
  215. Is this map ok
  216. My new Rx-7 Bridgeport? Wolf3d... More..
  217. How to determine what version I have?
  218. California Wolf Dealer?
  219. Trimming fuel individually for each rotor?
  220. I have a wolf3d where to get software?
  221. New to Wolf EMS, questions
  222. FS wolf 3D v.4
  223. FS: Wolf 3D V4 EMS and Innovate Datalogger
  224. Being caught with Idle speed control
  225. wolf 3d v4 ignition sequence
  226. Updated Version4 Wolf logger
  227. 3/4 chassis wolf 3d proyect
  228. Wolf and CDI
  229. *limewire share V4 software*
  230. Help with ignition wiring (fd ignitor, 4 seperate coils), and a 12V question
  231. Wolflogger to Tewblog Converter
  232. Wolf 3d V4 Wiring and CAS Question
  233. Injector Pulse Widths?
  234. Quick or Stupid question
  235. S6 plugin for sale in Aus
  236. would this fuel setup......
  237. Injection Timing
  238. 3dV4 and O2 sensors
  239. Air Temperature Compensation
  240. Wolf ver. 3D
  241. s/5 crank angle sensor
  242. Queries
  243. Impressions of V500 vs. prev. versions
  244. 3 Bar map sensor
  245. ECU adapter
  246. v500 install for 20b
  247. My Wolf 3D v4 is broken.
  248. Fuel delivery Calculator
  249. new to wolf
  250. v500 ignition question