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how long have you been tracking your car?

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how long have you been tracking your car?

Old 05-14-04, 01:44 AM
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how long have you been tracking your car?

just a random, non-technical, curiosity question...

how long/how many track events have you done? how did you progress? after one event you were Michael Schumacher? what level do you consider yourself? basically just interested how you got started, how you prpgressed, where you currently are, etc.


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Old 05-14-04, 12:16 PM
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Here's my story...

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Old 05-14-04, 12:24 PM
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nice website. i love geeky computer car peeps
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Old 05-14-04, 01:11 PM
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4 years, 11 events, and thousands of dollars later...I'm finally in the advanced group and very slowly chipping away towards becoming an instructor. I started with one event in my first year and now I'm on my third this year and we aren't at the half-way point (planning on at LEAST four events this year). I went from stock to having to buy race pads/tires, good brake fluid, and all the other ancillaries on a regular basis.

I will continue to keep doing it until I can get all those apexes right or run out of money (well, #2 is not likely to happen because the track habit pushes me to do better in the M-F/8-5 life to support the track habit).

Oh yeah, I went from one track car to my daily driver becoming a backup track car (well, I bought it full well knowing that the little devil on my shoulder would be nagging me to do that) in no time flat when it was apparent the FD was in need of some serious downtime (and still is down, argh).

Beware your bank account shrinketh faster than you can ever imagine after the first HPDE you do!

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Old 05-14-04, 05:54 PM
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couple of years on and off. i usually run group 2 or 3, depending on what car i'm in. my gsl-se's tires are too far gone for group 3 at this point, they stopped wearing.
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Old 05-14-04, 09:15 PM
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ooh, I guess about 5 years now? Started in the Trans Am, did that for 3 years, this is my 2nd year in the RX-7.

My first event I realized I wasn't **** when some kid in a Neon blew the doors off my big bad Trans Am.. Probably 6 events later I had the privelege of returning the favor, but I've still got a long way to go.

I'm racing now, I'm still a utter rookie when it comes to that, but track driving I'd say I'm getting there. I'll never be Michael Schuey, but hey, I'm cool with that.

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Old 05-14-04, 11:53 PM
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1 year
2 driving schools
1 open track day
1 autox

still got a lot of skills to hone but compared to before I did ANY motorsports...I've come a long way.

REFLUX who's taking is UBER easy & UBERDUBER slow
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Old 05-16-04, 02:11 PM
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since 1998, 40 track events. Same engine same turbos. Lots of tires and lots of money later. Works good lasts a long time
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Old 05-16-04, 04:23 PM
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Been racing ITS with the RX-7 for three years.

Won my first race and could of won my first three in a row if not for being called for jumping the start and being given a stop and go penalty during my 2nd race.

Usually run in the top three or four where ever we go. Somedays better, some days worse.

Previous experience was just a bit of karting as a kid and several years racing jetskis at a national level. The skis don't really translate as far as skill but you still hone racecraft, stategy and preparation. You also learn how to live on hotdogs to save money to go racing.

What's my skill level? Somehwere around advanced I guess. Was asked to drive a USAC Silver Crown car last year. Went as far as getting a seat fitted before the deal fell through. Just to be considered for that ride was an ego boost.
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Old 05-18-04, 01:45 PM
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I've been autoXing my Neon (sorry guys!) for about 2 1/2 years and I've been doing track days for about 7 months - a total of 8 days at 5 different tracks. I did my first time trial last week.

I just picked up my FC last fall and it still has a way to go before its track worthy....

As far as "rating" myself I'd say I'm definately still a n00bie, maybe just barely "intermediate" groups at the tracks I've already run at. I'm starting to get it... but I've got a loooooong way to go. Hopefully a ton more track days this summer will help!
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Old 05-18-04, 01:58 PM
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About a year. 7 auto-x plus 3 full track days at Buttonwillow and Thunderhill. I'm getting better but still have a long way to go. I now run in the Intermediate class with Speed Ventures.

Damn good fun but it certainly is expensive.
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Old 05-18-04, 02:18 PM
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I calculated recently that my car has seen approximately 350 autox runs and approximately 1500 roadcourse miles in the nearly 4 years I have raced it. Those don't count times I have ridden as a passenger or helped instruct.

I was at the top of the novice class when I started but halfway through my second season I started making big progress IMO and have continued to do so. Like anything some people catch on quicker than others. If you want to be better all you have to do is continue to focus and work at it.

Just out of people I run with locally all the time I could instantly name a dozen people who I feel without a doubt are better drivers than I. That's just in the DFW area so if we were to extrapolate that nationally I would probably be in something like the Top 10,000 talent wise

I think I have the ability to be an excellent driver but I'm still learning those small pieces of the puzzle that you only get from experiences in differing situations. I'm still amazed at the number of people who are good drivers but have no idea how to setup a car. They're good until track conditions change and then they flounder because they don't know how to change the car and/or their driving to suit the current conditions. Good drivers are fast no matter what they are strapped into.

You cannot appreciate how truly good the top drivers are unless you have done this yourself. To be in a group of excellent drivers and then pull a second on one of those guys takes a huge jump in ability. Once you get near the top of the heap it takes more and more work to get smaller and smaller increases. I still get a big kick out of watching and competing with national champion caliber people. I have seen cars do things in parts of a track that I would insist is impossible. It makes you smile to see someone just go out and rip.
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Old 05-18-04, 04:34 PM
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Just got back from Buttonwillow today - my first track event ever. I've never autocrosse either. Went there knowing I wasn't going to blow anyone away and well - that's exactly what happened.

My fastest time was 2:37.47 on my Toyo street tires. The two Mustand Cobras and Vettes that I caravaned with were clocking 2:14-15's! But they've been doing it for 6-7 years now. Ironically they were being trailered in whereas I drove down there and didn't change tires, rotors or pads like they did.
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Old 05-22-04, 08:28 AM
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Just starting my 4th season w/ the FD - I only do a couple HPDEs each year, and maybe a rare auto-x.

How did I get started? I met up with the NC Mazda club (aka. Ashraf, et al) and went up to VIR for MADS (Now Mazda Drivers Assoc). This was the year Jim Downing brought the 4-rotor Kudzu car with him. Wow.

Where am i now? Intermediate at best. :-) I don't spend enough time nor money to be a serious player - I just like the occasional thrill.

When did I get first serving of "humber pie"? At my first HPDE when I had to give to pass signal to a buddy in his GSL-SE.

Second serving? When Grover McNair (my instructor) took me out in his fairly stock FD and showed me what the car could really do.

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Old 05-23-04, 02:29 PM
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4th year

I was bitten and had an allergic reaction

Bought an fd a few years ago and realized its limits where too difficult to find in the rolling hills of VA so I had to find another/safer outlet. Began autocrossing which led to HPDE events. During the last 3 to 4 years I've seen lots of track time and I'm currently instructing with most of the groups I run with. My current plan is to start some form of racing next year while continuing to instruct during HPDE events which I find is really gratifying.

The most enjoyable thing about this sport is just soaking up the enviroment (smelling the roses so to speak). You have 100 or so adults acting like kids who are waiting in line for there 1st roller coaster ride. The enviroment is truly like no other and the comrodery amongst the crowd is unmatched. Everyone understands how fun the roller coaster is so they will do anything to make sure your not left behind.

Nothing beats driving your car (especially an fd) close to the limit NOTHING

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Old 05-23-04, 07:04 PM
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Ummm let me see it says Im 71% done with the game so Id say about 70 hours worth of track time (estimate) for Gran Turismo 3
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