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  1. 6 port half bridge dyno
  2. Bridgeport motor question
  3. Fc na 6 port true duel exhaust. Where to put the cats?
  4. Bought a semi p-port, bridgeport. Have questions.
  5. 6 port na track day build, which Bridgeport?
  6. How much hp does my 1980 rx7 possibly have
  7. best stock port frankenwankel
  8. 85se stock.Can i keep stock FI and do a streetport?
  9. how to gain HP from na s4
  10. Half bridge 6 port
  11. Semi Peripheral Port with Primary's Only?
  12. Carb to f.i.
  13. Anybody want to guess a dyno figure?
  14. Kind of stuck...
  15. Oil Cooler Bypass Valve/ Thermostat Stuck
  16. S4 Turbo Running NA or S4 6-Port on ITB
  17. Iannetti 2 piece, how many street miles to expect?
  18. Fixed my no trailing timing light.
  19. Borla/ TWM ITBs
  20. Hit a wall of power loss.
  21. Holy gas smell !!! Periphal port 13b
  22. 46MM ITB Throttle Bodies
  23. One More ITB Question
  24. Periphal port 13b s5 !?!?!?!?
  25. ITB Cold idle issues
  26. ITB Help
  27. Intake manifold port matching/reversion...
  28. 6 port, half bridge or full bridge?
  29. 13b oldschool four port semi p?
  30. Question about Carbing an S4
  31. In retrospect. Could I have went 4 port?
  32. Stooopid Question
  33. Rotary noob...talk me into keeping this please...
  34. Itb airbox fabricated
  35. Half bridge and stock intake questions
  36. need pointers fuel pump installation need pointers
  37. IDF Racing Beat
  38. Fuel Filter Recomendations.
  39. 13b PP miata drift car build
  40. Building PP housings : made holes, need advice on epoxy
  41. Exhaust questions
  42. Why no FC NA balanced build love?
  43. Grocery list build
  44. Who Surface Grinds Side Housings in the South East US?
  45. How bad is the turbo trans?
  46. 6 Port Sleeve Removal with ITB's?
  47. Conversion: s4 to s5 engine swap question
  48. 202whp 13b Cosmo NA
  49. 6 port bridge template
  50. S4 N/A Bridgeport Build
  51. Holley throttle body instead of ITB's
  52. 84 GSL-SE looking for 220 hp at the wheels
  53. Rotary Engineering Dual Weber 36 DCD's on Frankenrotor Tuning Help
  54. 13b extend port in first gen tuned
  55. Conversion: s4 T2 to s4 NA Bridge Port
  56. Making a carbed NA engine out of a Tii for my Sa22
  57. Tuning 62mm Geers carb on P-port
  58. Modified S4 Turbo Intake on an S4 Streetported 6 port?
  59. Loosening up a sticky Aux Port shaft
  60. can i afford a pp?
  61. Intake Manifold Casting
  62. Carbon seal inspection
  63. "Pumping" accelerator to start 13B?
  64. ignition timing single electronic dizzy 13b 1/2 Bridge
  65. car won't start naturally and then runs fine
  66. Dry Sumping a 13B PP
  67. Realistic Performance Expectations?
  68. Muffler Deletes?
  69. Engine surge With lights on
  70. Secondary Injector upgrade on S4 NA
  71. Intake Advice and Your Setup
  72. 2 Piece apex seals and full bridge
  73. wich engine should i use
  74. Who do you recommend to rebuilt 13b bridgeport in Los Angeles?
  75. HKS Hi power w/ RB header and presilencer?
  76. Daily 13b PP S4
  77. watch my sparkplugs and listen to my new exhaust.
  78. How much power lost with locked timing?
  79. Why Racing Beat Header design?
  80. Scalloped (beveled) rotors, is the process worth it?
  81. Silly Question
  82. single exhaust for california?
  83. S3 6 port with a bridge and a carb plan
  84. Making air box for 13b PP
  85. Alternate S4 5/6 Port Activation
  86. ITB Build - Need information
  87. I need to build exhaust im in Euroupe advice please
  88. 13b extend port build in nz !
  89. Na Mini Build
  90. will s5 motor need to run on s5 ecu?
  91. ITB's with stock ECU?
  92. Radiator Cap Pressure
  93. Jet sizes for 13 street port Race engine
  94. Made 160whp stock se ecu/dizzy
  95. Negative Pressure Oil Pans
  96. SA vs FB intake manifold
  97. FB S5 ITB Project
  98. Bridge port EFI and mpg
  99. LT-10S 6port Bridge with Itb map
  100. intake runner question
  101. start up help
  102. Oil and pressure question
  103. Direct injection
  104. Primary ports on 6-port
  105. itb's and positive "crankcase" ventilation
  106. ideas/tips for an 89 vert!
  107. Throttle body?
  108. Weber 48 IDA. Accel pump issue?
  109. Engine restore additive ?
  110. Sard fpr on 12a Nikki carb
  111. Bridgeport Primary length
  112. PP timing and power band
  113. ID This PP Housing
  114. noob questions '85 12a
  115. Designing short runner intake for stock fc/fd tb's
  116. Normal for streetport to have rough idle?
  117. 13B PP build
  118. a different kind of bridge and build
  119. Worth spending the extra money for Haltech LS1 ignition coils or go for OEM FC?
  120. Tuning for Power or Economy
  121. ITB's for racingbeat manifolds
  122. if you were going to make a FC na 250 hp
  123. 13b rebuilt ported
  124. yes n/a 7s can put up a run wit turbo cars!
  125. swap na to T2 injectors?
  126. Air pump
  127. Little bit of weber help
  128. WTB bridgeported FD sidehousing, who sells them?
  129. direct fire vs msd
  130. home grown semi peripheral build
  131. Lean Versus Rich Symptoms
  132. Dodging a bullet
  133. does running a cold air intake do anything on a carbed car?
  134. Project: Slowest 6 Port Build Ever
  135. engine for rallycar needs rebuild pineapple race streetport
  136. GM Rochecter TBI
  137. my first rx7 project(let me know what you think)
  138. a custom 13b?
  139. Strange premixing observation
  140. s5 aux ports not working
  141. individual throttle bodys
  142. 87 GXL non turbo hard starts... HELP!
  143. Spark Plug Cleaning
  144. 13B port? which one?
  145. 20B N/A dyno
  146. does heat wrap make car quieter
  147. Defined Auto n/a 4-rotor lives! Video inside
  148. carburetor differences?
  149. Injector suggestions - Haltech f9 harness compatible
  150. S4 ecu with s5 motor
  151. 13BPP 4barrel
  152. First time rebuild project!
  153. Help! Wont start!
  154. the coil thread
  155. High rpm clutches - where to get ?
  156. Finally Start...
  157. Fuel Pressure Question
  158. Best fuel pressure regulator for NA-EFI setups? Mallory 4305m?
  159. How much hp can i expect to see when tuned?
  160. I'm tired of looking for bridgeport pics
  161. Half Bridgeport with Magnaflow VT muffler NO GO
  162. Defined Autoworks Engine in my GTUs
  163. PP coolant passage sealing
  164. Problem!!
  165. Which 6 Port porting template?
  166. Dellorto 48dhla - diagram / tuning request
  167. Scary N/A moment
  168. dellorto 48 6port help
  169. Hooking up GSL-SE vac. advance to stock ECU (Carb / standalone setup)
  170. Help needed to new 12A NA project
  171. 6 Port Porting Advice
  172. Anti reversion Cones
  173. Megaphones
  174. feeling a bit overwhelmed
  175. My setup, NA for a bit?
  176. Stock TII to N/A Build
  177. Jacobs power pak install...
  178. corner seal ?
  179. Removing pitch diffusers in engine.
  180. making a comeback
  181. 12a rebuild questions
  182. Calculating optimum CFM for rotaries
  183. Exhaust: Mid collected dual vs. true dual?
  184. which injectors for my n/a 13b
  185. First time porting tips.
  186. Gasket to Exhaust Port Mismatch
  187. What to do with 13b in caterham 7
  188. 4 rotor power out put
  189. 13B carburated build questions
  190. Why did you stay n/a?
  191. input? na power and thoughts
  192. 2013 V 4 & Rotary Nationals - World's first public viewing/startup of the 6 Rotor
  193. 6 port daily driver engine
  194. What auxiliary gauges you using in your NA builds?
  195. RX8 Motor Swap
  196. 44 idf and intake omp linkage ?
  197. Hitting 200. Need recommendations.
  198. individual throttle bodys
  199. Intake questions for 12a bp...
  200. Grocery list
  201. Decreasing Port Size
  202. weber 48 ids or idf?
  203. Ceramic coatings - lower & upper intake
  204. measuring port timing
  205. blow by on heavily modded n/a's??
  206. High comp Rew semi p NA
  207. Peripheral port shape
  208. Mindtrain header primary length
  209. Oxygenated Race Fuels
  210. NA 20B ITB intake manifold worth saving? Pics
  211. Long primary length
  212. Peripheral Port 13b Build
  213. Air Inlet Temps
  214. sticky video walk around of your build!
  215. 13B Semi pp exhaust for a daily.
  216. Quick muffler question
  217. Street porting
  218. Thinking about porting my spare s4 irons
  219. Low power, NA tuning.
  220. S3 Stockport with Dellorto DHLA 48
  221. raising compression?
  222. NA 6 port half bridge build (zenki FC)
  223. using 36/36 DCD instead of the famous 28/36?
  224. Is two better than one? 12a
  225. Na build tell me what you think
  226. Trouble Finding answers
  227. How do I build a bridgeport??
  228. Is my dream just a dream or possibly reality?
  229. Cooling fan kicks on at cold start?
  230. Exhaust porting oops - problem?
  231. Possible engine rebuild
  232. rotor race clearencing (side face and tip, plus apex seal clearencing), who does it?
  233. VDI an 5/6th port reinstall questions
  234. Path to NA gains?
  235. here we go again: To bridge primaries or not!
  236. pp holley intake
  237. High temp exhaust packing?
  238. I need help tuning my 90 vert N/A
  239. new videos
  240. please help. starting problem.
  241. S5 SP mod/tuning potential
  242. 13B PP Ignition breakup
  243. Need suggestions for 13bPP setup
  244. Torque gain
  245. 13b powerband
  246. Not Sure What's Happening
  247. Injector sizing Q&A
  248. Sand Dragster headers 13B 6port
  249. Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator for S4
  250. tuning difference's between 6 port/4 port