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Exclamation THE 1st GEN RX-7 FAQ PAGE!

This is the 1st Gen FAQ page of links. Please review these links before creating a new thread with the same subject. Thanks!

Also, before creating new threads, please review the RULES for the 1st Gen Section.

Q. Is there a good resource for general rotary engine questions?
A. Yes! Check out Felix's Own General Rotary Engine FAQ <--- read it, you'll like it.

Q. What can I remove off my stock carburetor to make things simpler?
A. There's a bunch of junk that can be removed if you don't need to worry about emissions control and a few other little things. See here: Carb Rebuild: How To Strip A Nikki Down .

Q. How does a rotary engine work?
A. has a nice explaination of How Rotary Engines Work

Q. What kind of gas should I run in my Rx7?
A. There's a great thread in the archive about this that puts many myths to rest.

Q. What is the bolt pattern on my car?
A. See Here, as well as many other threads Bolt Pattern?

Q. Where can I get service manuals for my 1st Gen?
A. Haynes offers the best aftermarket manual for the 1st Gen and they can be bought on
eBay real cheap. The Factory Service Manuals can be bought at Mazdatrix. Here are links
to pdf versions of the 1985 Factory Service Manual and the 1980 Factory Service Manual.
Downloadable pdf wiring diagrams can be found here.
Sgt Fox has compiled a real nice collection of pdf'd manuals as well:

Q. Can I install a turbo or TII engine in my 1st Gen?
A. Ummm yeah! Read all about it in the Turbo swap into 1st Gen thread. Also, Rex4Life
has done a superb job of describing his swap in the thread entitled The Chronicles
of a Turbo II Swap

Q. What kind of mods can I do to my 1st Gen to make it quicker?
A. Read The Upgrading a Stock Rx-7 Thread

Q. Where can I buy OEM, aftermarket and performance parts for my 1st Gen?
A. Check out the First Gen Performance vendors/links thread.

Q. My engine is carbon locked, what can I do?
A. vipernicus42 has written an excellent article about Decarbonizing A Rotary. There is a section
about carbon locked engines and how to free them up.

Q. How do I clean the carbon out of the combustion chamber?
A. vipernicus42's article about Decarbonizing A Rotary has some useful tips on keeping
your engine nice and clean.

Q. What kind of oil should I run in my 1st Gen?
A. That's a good question that's been asked a million-bazzillion times
Check out the OIL which brands burn good and which don't? thread. Speaking of oil,
here's a thread about Common Oil Leaks

Q. What's all this talk about SA, FB, FC, FD's? and what about S1, S2, S3
A. In short, it's all about VIN numbers.
Check out this thread entitled fb, fc, f-me I'm confused (which also answers about the S* designations)
Here's a cool page called Alphabet Soup & Vehicle Identification

Q. What's the difference between an LE, S, GS, GSL, and a GSL-SE?
A. Check out the First Generation '78-'85 page. Here's another page
that describes the 1st, 2nd and 3rd generations in detail.

Q. My GSL-SE has idle and surging problems, how can I fix it?
A. This can be tricky but David Lane has created a page with lot's of excellent hints
on Solving GSL-SE Idle Problems Also LongDuck has added some excellent
suggestions in this GSL-SE Rough Idling Problem. Here are some other informative
threads: ...surging SE's and GSL-SE going nuts at IDLE!! and wacked idle and odd
acceleration at part-throttle
Also be sure to check out the Mitchell Manual (1984 RX-7
full manual, pg 240-241) Technical Service Bulletin

Q. Premixing oil in the gas? huh? What's this all about?
A. premix on a rex, im just trying to understand

Q. What kind of spark plugs should I use?
A. Survey says!
A2. Also, some people have said that NGK BR8EIX Iridium plugs work. You need a thin wall spark plug socket. (Not yet confirmed, used on second gen 13b's in the Canadian Section)

Q. What's the "rats nest"?
A. Here are some threads with pictures of the 12a's rats nest and 13b's rats nest. And if
you feel compelled to do so, here's a link to a tutorial that describes how to remove the rats nest on an FB and another which describes how to remove the rats nest on an SA.

Q. What is the difference between a 12a and a 13b?
A. The answer surprisingly enough is in the what is diff between 12A & 13B? thread.

Q. What is a "Vacuum Leak" and how to I fix it?
A. You can find the answer here!

Q. Can I convert to direct fire ignition?
A. Yes, but most do the leading ignition only. There are several methods, there's
the ever popular DLIDFIS first pioneered by Jeff20B. The MSD 6a method. The
2GCDFIS (2nd Gen coil) or 3GCDFIS (3rd Gen coil) methods. There's even talk about
using the ubiquitous GM HEI ignitors instead. Whew! Did I miss any? ........ Yup! There's more! kettlman has been kind enough to dyno his car with and without direct fire ignition. Read his thread titled DLIDFIS myth? for all the details.

Q. How do I replace the stock fusible links with a 2nd Gen fuse block?
A. Fusible link conversion (with pictures)

Q. Can I modify my Nikki carb for better performance?
A. Of course you can! Please read all about the cheap and easy Nikki mods you
can do. For all you gotta see a pic guys, here's a thread with pictures of how to do
the mechanical secondaries mod.

Q. I'm having trouble with my Nikki carburetor, what should I look for?
A. Sterling has written some excellent articles on the subject, check them out.
Carburetor Troubleshooting- Flooding Problems
Carburetor Troubleshooting- Acceleration Problems
Carburetor Troubleshooting- High RPM Power Loss
Nikki Carburetor Rebuilding Tips
Leave yer damn Float Levels ALONE!...
How to adjust the idle on a Nikki carb

Q. How do I adjust the TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) on my GSL-SE?
A. GSL-SE TPS Adjustment for Dummies... (with pictures)

Q. My RX-7 won't start, where do I begin?
A. Pele has written a "book" entitled: End all for no start threads.

Q. Is there a way to upgrade the wimpy alternator?
A. Check out mar3's drawing skills in his "Economical" Alternator Upgrade thread. Be sure to read the thread titled 2nd gen alt in 1st gen? there's some valuable info there too. Also, check out How to convert to a internally regulated altarnator?

Q. How do I rebuild my 1st Gen's rear calipers?
A. H4Inf has written a most excellent HOWTO on Rebuilding rear brake callipers

Q. Water temperator sensors, where are they and what does each do?
A. Everything you ever wanted to know about temperature sensors

Q. Do you have an Rx7 you're trying to restore? A seized engine? a car that's been sitting for a few years? Wondering what the "ATF Treatment" is and how to do it without killing your engine?
A. Look here: Bringing a RX7 back to life

Q. Does my car have a Limited Slip Differential (LSD)?
A. Here's a good thread to find the answer. LSD any one know?

Q. Is my Limited Slip Differential (LSD) worn out?
A. lsd shot?

Q. Where can I find information on Rear End Gears?
A. Here are two good threads that should give you some answers
Rearend Swap?
Results From Pinion Gear Change

Q. Why do I need to vent my crankcase?
A. To prevent the "lung mustard" and rusty filler tubes that you get with unvented crankcases.
Here are some links that talk about why you need to vent with vaccum: ( A ), ( B ) and ( C ).
Some guys (peejay) are fans of using PCV valves instead, here are some links that describe
the proceedure: ( 1 ), ( 2 ) and ( 3 ).

Q. Is it possible to adjust the over-rev buzzer?
A. Yes! See Adjusting the Over-rev Buzzer thread.

Q. What's that reservoir under the washer fluid one for?
A. It's the Sub-Zero Fluid reservoir.

Q. What size is that bolt holding the flywheel in place??

A. Remember, it's the size that counts so read this thread:
What Size Is The Flywheel Nut?

Q. I want to replace my battery cables, what do I need?
A. Check out Jim Rothe's article on Replacement Battery Cables for 84/85 RX-7s

Mazdatrix FAQ's
  1. Porting
  2. 81-95 Short Shifter Installation
  3. Shutter (Coasting) Valve replacement on 81-85 12A's
  4. Synthetic Oils in Rotary Engines
  5. 79-95 Identifying Flywheels (and weight chart)
  6. Rotor Weight and Compression Chart
  7. Side Housing Information
  8. Front Pulley / Thrust Bearings Warnings
  9. Identifying Bad Rotor Housings
  10. Transmission / Differential Trouble Shooting

This page is a work in progress, if you have suggestions for other FAQ type threads, please feel free to Personal Message Jon or add your comments to the need help building 1st Gen FAQ page thread. Thanks!

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The FAQ Continues!

Well, with a 10,000 character limit for posts, our FAQ has now grown big enough to warrant a second post!

Q: How can I test the ignitors on my distributor to see if they're OK?

A: Here are two threads that cover the subject nicely, one for off the vehicle and one for on the vehicle.

Q: Where can I buy brand new 12A rotor housings? Is it still possible?

A. As of 11/25/2008, yes, but for how long no one can say. Here's the latest info from the New member section: Post 4, boyee shares his findings...

Q: The stock fuel filter doesn't look like it could keep up with my new Mallory, Holley, or Carter fuel pump. Is there something I can do to make sure I don't overload it?

A. Sure! There may be other filter options out there, but a quick and easy solution is to just use two of them!

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