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07-20-19 01:35 AM

Thanks bro! This one is so clean and well taken care off I can't even believe! Today I've spent some hours cleaning the interior, it looks good! ...
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07-20-19 01:01 AM

Just bought an 85 rx7 with the 12a that has been sitting in a field for who knows how long. I threw a battery in it and when i try to start it clicks and all the dash lights go off. When i pull the...
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07-20-19 12:43 AM

You are simply not understanding how the charging/discharging events are happening and that's why your formula is wrong. You wouldn't want the same coil dwell if your battery was at 8v vs. 14v....
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07-20-19 12:37 AM

All any of us on here were saying was that the Ballenger AFR 500v2 is a superior unit to the current offerings by AEM, Innovate, etc due to the fact that it is capable of running Bosch or NTK sensors...
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07-20-19 12:33 AM

Tell me its stupid or I'm missing something, but... I am building a tube chassis car, plan is to have LSX w/ Porsche transaxle, but I don't really need 430hp and I would prefer losing a few...
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07-20-19 12:26 AM

Next weekend?
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By: Narfle
07-20-19 12:12 AM

It's not designed to work with the air pump in place https://www.nopistons.com/attachments/3rd-generation-specific-18/4276d1056427063-intercooler-replacement-m2_engine_bay.jpg
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07-20-19 12:07 AM

Hi all, Iíve got a really clean 79 Rx7 in my sights. Iím not looking to do anything crazy build wise, other than save up for possibly putting a 13b into it in the future - but it runs now so Iím not...
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07-19-19 11:53 PM

Just look at that. There is no wear on the bearing. Almost like it was hardly used. No play in the hinge. God I am happy with this. ...
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07-19-19 11:27 PM

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07-19-19 11:22 PM

My car has cruise control 0.0 , and I didn't know what the heck it was
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07-19-19 11:20 PM

welcome to the forum, u have come to the right place. don't sell it, keep it, get all the issues sorted, and enjoy it. not sure if u can access the gen specific section but...
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By: Narfle
07-19-19 11:15 PM

You need to become a forum vendor, or cease to offer parts and services on this forum.
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07-19-19 10:42 PM

The Denso compressor should be the 10p15c frame. If you look that up, you should find an aftermarket like a Four Seasons. You will have to make sure that the pulley type matches. Also, take note that...
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07-19-19 10:17 PM

i saw one on CL a few weeks ago, dudes asking 300$ for it
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By: kvr901
07-19-19 09:59 PM

Wow! Interesting thread. I was getting ready to convert my 1987 (formerly Turbo, but now V8) to 134a when I stumbled onto this thread. The R12 leaked out 3 or 4 years ago. Just happend to have a few...
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By: Akomix
07-19-19 09:56 PM

I saw you started back up your build thread - get back to work. ;-)
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By: Gen2n3
07-19-19 09:55 PM

Mmechanical86, My apologies for not following up with your request. Your request was completed in Mar. Thread closed.
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By: Gen2n3
07-19-19 09:49 PM

Topic discussed countless times from new members. Please read the FAQ section and/or use the search function for information pertaining to minimum post counts. Thread closed.
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By: Gen2n3
07-19-19 09:42 PM

Both members' requests were completed. Thread closed.
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