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  1. Turbo timer worthwhile?
  2. injetors
  3. Links to Turbo FAQ's for those learning . . .
  4. How many run NO-Split timing?
  5. need help with new turbo. holset.
  6. Links to interesting/useful turbo info
  7. Big Boy ignition and injection Qs
  8. Illiminated vaccum hoses for single turbo conversion (which ones?)
  9. T88
  10. Best A/F for a Single turbo 3rd gen.
  11. gt35/40 What's the big deal?
  12. fuel pressure dropping towards redline, what inline pump do I need??
  13. 60-1 specs
  14. Best turbo on a 1/2 bridge
  15. to all who has SR KKK stage 2 turbo
  16. Fuel pump question?
  17. Is 10 psi 10 psi???? (Sorta Twins vs. Single)
  18. HKS T04R specs etc
  19. What type MSD amplifier do you guys use?
  20. what do I need to run a T51-r
  21. 500hp single, setup help.
  22. 1600 rail secondary, 850 stock primary w/ FPR.. which way should I hook it up?
  23. Which Boost Controller....
  24. Maximum hp really good power indicator?? (GT35/40 vs T78)
  25. Pics of parallel pumps
  26. T-88 Rx7 just want your opinions on my setup....
  27. whats the best way to make 400hp on stock ports?
  28. Types of welders you guys use to make manifolds?
  29. How much $$ to convert to gt 35/40
  30. Heat wrap and tape
  31. Timing / AFR Q!
  32. 600+ rwhp
  33. Anyone Using Nx "n"ter Cooler ?
  34. Anyone know anything about the HKS TO4Z turbo?
  35. Is it worth using the 9:1 rotors if I have 8.5's???
  36. NGK plugs.....platinum vs resistor
  37. The begining of my exh mani
  38. advancing timing at high rpm?
  39. Should I do a partial BP on my new engine?