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Originally Posted by adamtassell View Post
My car is a 2001 bathurst type R. It is the car that mazda produced to celebrate their victories over the porsche and BMW factory teams in the australian bathurst race. I am in australia, so no racing me! Except for internet racing. My car came with about 320bhp stock, and weighs in at about 2700 pounds. (though like all jap produced cars has a claimed 280bhp).

These power and weight figures mean that a charger and it should be around the same. Mine is making about 110hp at the wheels more than it did when it was stock, and should be good for a low 12 second quarter mile (i have not run it, but others with the same h.p run about that time). It has aftermaret suspension and without being a total dick, I would imagine that on a twisting track the result would be 1. RX7, 2. daylight, 3. charger. On a drag strip I am sure it would be closer. I could be wrong, we don't even have new charger's in australia!

I have raced the HSV's that we have down here, with the 400+bhp LS motors, and to be honest it is not a very close race at all. But the comparing modified to stock is probably unfair.
A low 12 time will beat our unmodded Charger SRT8s with 425hp every time. The best we've been able to do without mods is high 12 seconds (not me, but the SRT population at large). My personal best is mid 13 seconds, but I'm a track rookie. Function of weight and crappy reaction times, I suppose. I'd still race you, just for the hell of it, and have a ball doing so - win or lose. My very first time at the track in Nov 2006 they put me against an 11 second Mustang with a guy in a full flame suit. (see attached for the actual car I ran against). I understand the GTO was derived from the Aussie Holden - having just over 400hp. I did actually beat one of those 6.0 GTOs at the rack last year.
BTW, the lateral grip on the SRT8 is .92 - not too shabby for a 4100lbs 4 door sedan. We do handle pretty good in the twisties!
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so you got pistons oh wow
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hey guys I found an FC beating a charger srt. just to showthat the other guy was flat out talking ****!!!! Enjoy it.
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i just researched the charger before i post, as i usually do.

its a lot more expensive than i thought it would be! $38000, oh my! i would never pay that for a,IMO, poor rendition of an old classic. but thats probably why im on this forum, and not theirs. difference of tast and opinion, and im fine with that.

but, car and driver suggest it will do a 13.2 stock. it weighs 4000 lbs!.....thats impressive no matter how you look at it. is it a shame it weighs that much, i think so, but impressive #'s regardless.

im cool with their car, or anyones car being faster than a stock rx7. the only thing that gets on my nerves is when people think their car(or anything for that matter) is superior just because theyre ignorant. and the first page of that thread was definitly full of ignorance.

i honestly think if the tables were turned in the story...say, a stockish rx7 beat a ferrari, we would call BS. ive seen it on this forum, i know we would.
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