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clutch pedal does not come back up/no pressure/does not work

Old 11-19-11, 08:43 PM
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Question clutch pedal does not come back up/no pressure/does not work

Hey guys,

I have a weird problem you might be able to help me with.

I have a 1993 RX-7 and I've been gone for like 7 years, havent really driven her for closer to 10 years though. I started her up about 3 years ago and started just fine but the clutch pedal then was soft, I kicked it down and had to raise it with my toes a few times (probally 30 times) and the pressure came back and it felt like normal. I was able to get her into gear and all was fine. Fast foward to today where I started her and amazingly she purred right to life without any problems at all. The thing is, the clutch pedal again is not comming up. there is no pressure and although the spring will keep the clutch pedal in the up position, it does not come back up and there is no pressure. I obviously cant get her into gear so now im stuck. Anyone know a quick fix or where to start? I know its probally the clutch master cylinder but dont know where that is. can you see it from the firewall/engine side? I kicked it/pumped it about 200 times and it didn't help at all this time so that sucks. is the clutch master cylinder attached to the brake master cylinder or brake fluid reservoir?
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Old 11-19-11, 09:02 PM
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More likely the clutch slave cylinder than the master. Could be both. I would replace the slave first.

Been a while. Nice to see you back on the forum.
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Old 11-19-11, 10:43 PM
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Yes, the clutch uses the brake fluid reservoir. Check the brake fluid reservoir on the left side of the engine bay firewall. If it is low or empty you have fluid leaking from the system. As Adam C. said, you also have a clutch slave cylinder just behind the starter mounted to the bell housing. It is not uncommon for the seals in these to go bad with time and use. You can order a rebuild kit from Ray at Malloy Mazda for not much. If you are not a gear head just take it to a shop and have it done. You may have a slow leak and can refill the fluid and get her going. You will need to bleed the air out of the line. There is a bleed screw on the clutch slave cylinder so if you know how to bleed your brakes this works basically the same way. Glad she fired right up for you, good luck with the repair. I think there is a pdf of the shop manual floating around on this site somewhere, which would be helpful to you. Try doing a search for it. RD
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Old 11-19-11, 10:46 PM
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Clutch slave/thread
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Old 11-20-11, 12:56 AM
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Look the clutch master from inside, if is wet leaking then the master is bad.
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Old 11-20-11, 08:30 AM
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Replace both. Slave is around $80.00 and master is around $90.00 from Malloy Mazda. Get them both over with and not worry again.
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Old 11-20-11, 09:29 AM
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Originally Posted by djseven View Post
Replace both. Slave is around $80.00 and master is around $90.00 from Malloy Mazda. Get them both over with and not worry again.
I learned a long time ago to replace them as a pair. One will usually cause the other to get contaminated and go bad..

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Old 11-21-11, 08:21 AM
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I actually recommend if you lose your clutch hydraulics replace BOTH the master and slave and get a new stainless braided clutch hose.

If you replace one, the other will fail shortly thereafter. Also, the stock rubber lines can and will fail, especially after monkeying with the master and slave replacing them.

Do it once, do it right.

The master and slave are commonly available from either Mazda or some parts stores. For the stainless clutch line, I have one from Corksport, about $20, works, fits, and looks great.

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Old 11-21-11, 09:49 AM
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Slave fixed it for me...I had same issue after car sitting for long time.
But +1 for replacing both.

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