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Removed Radiator cap while hot...


Old 12-17-08, 03:07 AM
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Red face Removed Radiator cap while hot...

I was a dumbass and was not using my head and pulled off the radiator cap while the car was hot to add fluid.

I have a slow leak of radiator fluid where the the hose from the top of the intake manifold (the one that is a pain to get to, where the bottom of it starts under the throttle body and connects to the top side of it) reaches the throttle body. Anyways the buzzer was screaming at me and luckly I had just got home from a short trip to the store and I dont know what I was thinking but i pulled off the radiator cap to add fluid. Needless to say raditor fluid spewed all over the place, and the cap went flying, luckly i had gloves on and didnt really burn myself that bad.

So after it spewed out, I let it set for a minute and then added radiator fluid, pouring it in slowly while letting out the little screw on the top of the radiator (i know it has a name its 1am and i cant think of it now). A after refilling the radiator back up a hopped in the car started it up and it ran fine, did the little jump to 3000-3500 on startup and then slowed to 1500. I move it out of the driveway and thought nothing was the matter. Several hours later I jumped in the car to go home ( i was and still currentlly am at my g/f's) and it started up fine but when i gave it gas it would not go past 1500rpms. I drove around the block and came back to my g/f's and turned the car off checked to see if i could see anything in the engine bay. I didnt see anything wrong, so I started the car back up and reved it to 5000rpms and held it there for a second or two and then let it go back to idle and it. I tried once again to drive it and now it wont rev past 2500rpms.

Now its 1am and im not going to be working on the car tll morning but i was wondering if anyone else has pulled a bonehead move like this and or what I can do to remedy it. I dont think i blew the engine, but after reading some other posts im thinking maybe the plugs and wires are wet and need to be dried, maybe something else got wet and needs to dry? or maybe some funky pressureisation happened which isnt letting me get past a certian rpm. Any thoughts?

Once again I feel like a complete bone head, all I was thinking was "stop buzzer, stop buzzer" Thanks for any suggestions, and if you feel you must make fun of me for doing what i did feel free i deserve it. Thanks
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Old 12-17-08, 09:43 AM
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Well you really need to take care of that leak, Secondly something electrical id wet and I dont really know how long it takes for coolant to evap. I would just go under the hood and dry things up as much as you can and let the car idle for a bit. STAY inside the car so you can keep and eye on the temps.
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Old 12-17-08, 09:52 AM
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Coolant will evaporate (slower than water) but it will leave around an oily residue. Good chance your spark plug wires are cracked. Heres how to check. Put the car in a dark garage, start it, and look at the spark plug wires. Look for electrical sparks/jumping. If you see that go replace your wires (and for an extra 10$ replace your plugs too). You may also have gotten the coils/CAS wet, as they are in close proximity (providing you have an S5).. Dry those off really well with a towel.. Make sure the connectors aren't drenched in coolant. Good luck
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Old 12-17-08, 09:54 AM
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Nothing too crazy. Probably some electrical got wet. Dry it. Make sure you didn't unplug or break anything when you were having fun. Check for loose hoses, sensors unplugged, that sort of thing. Let it warm up (idle, while inside watching gauges - as previous poster said) until the coolant steams off.

BTW, that hose comes from the rear iron to the throttle body. Buy a new hose from Mazda and use Stainless worm drive clamps or better.
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Old 12-17-08, 01:47 PM
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Ok, woke up this morning, and stared her up and she still is doing the weird rev, but now if i start her and take the idle up to 5000 or so i get a heck of alot of white and blue smoke and after 5-7 seconds she idles back down to normal herself. I also changed spark plugs and wires and it has now been sitting on at idle for about 15 minutes. I also took a video so im hoping this will help with someone being able to tell me whats going on.

<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=" feature=player_embedded&fs=1"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><embed src=" feature=player_embedded&fs=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>
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Old 12-17-08, 04:56 PM
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What year is your car?
and have you attempted to dry off anything?
I am thinking the AFM connector is soaked,after all it is the closest thing to the Rad that I can think of.
I also agree that you should be getting the leak taken care of.
anyways **** happens..I am glad you didn't try to retrieve a loose wire in front of the Fan!(that would have Really Hurt!)
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Old 12-17-08, 09:03 PM
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Just a little update, I let the car run at idle for 3 hours and now it's running fine. Whatever was wet is now dry, kind of an odd occurance if you ask me. I also fixed the radiator leak but I still need a replacement hose. Thanks guys!
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Old 12-17-08, 09:39 PM
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yep gen 2 rx7 are very suseptable to moisture and oil

especially around air flow meterplug/cas plug. for some reason its always the way, if ya going to spill something. its going to be on them items. ie water on air flow meter plug. oil on CAS plug.

its a PITA but unfortunatly thats the way the car was designed..

my Luce coils (which are gen 2 coils from factory) if they get any moisture near them it runs rough as..

couple of quick things.

1. never take a hot radiator cap off unless you have a thick *** towel (folded on itself numerous times).. even then only turn the cap until it starts venting and hold the cap in place (towel helps stopping you get burnt)

2. never ever add stone cold water to a hot engine not running EVER!!

as when you start the car the engine gets a gut full of cold water and with the massive temp shift can cause damage..

always start your hot engine. then while its running add the cold water. this helps limit the shock on the engine..
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