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13b-rew Swap into FB

Old 01-15-09, 10:29 PM
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A local friend built a stock TII swap for 5k. He did all the work himself.

It might only cost 1k for the motor. But I can promise that the swap will nickel and dime you to death.
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Originally Posted by z-beater View Post
A local friend built a stock TII swap for 5k. He did all the work himself.

It might only cost 1k for the motor. But I can promise that the swap will nickel and dime you to death.
You will have no idea how true this guy's statement is until you start.

For example....

"Hey! those bushings look bad" +$90 some dollars for RE-Speed Bushings

"Damn those tie rods are gone!" = $221

"Sonova bitch, I need GSL-SE front cover and gas tank and pump and some other bits" +$200

It adds up fast.
But then again, if you own an RX7 you have sold your soul to the Rotor already
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dude im with ya on this swap! we got this man! how far are you? and what year is your fb?
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I say fing go for it it will be a learning expieriance and just make sure to take loads of pics so we can have good documentation.
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Driven a turbo FB lately?
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Originally Posted by XLR8 View Post
Thanks guys. I may run in to a few more questions later. Right now I am planning everything out and getting all the parts I need squared away. I have begun prepping the chassis, suspension, and brakes.

This project is going to be extremely slow going. I know my final parts list will be around $15k, and even that isn't everything. But the final product will be a total blast.
Been there, done that and have the T-shirt. After doing so, and spending 15k, why not just buy a FD and get all the other goodies too. Better brakes, all the right mounts, wiring harness adapter to do a Haltech etc etc. I could go on and on. Only benefit doing this is saying you did it, is it worth it? Some pride is more valuable than dollars?
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My eventual goal for the widebody has always been a TII swap. I've spent the last 3 years preparing for that with the installation of the body kit, suspension, brake upgrades and larger wheels/tires, twice, frame off unibody restoration. yada, yada, yada..... Suspension and brakes have cost me more than I ever expected to spend on a professional engine rebuild. The only possible mods left that I can do on suspension/brakes is coilovers, panhard/tri-link and ReSpeeds R&P unit. Some of the upgrades aren't even available any more.

I have 2 TII engines and trannys on hand, both engines need rebuilt. Last year I did a quick list of parts that I still need and even after spending 8k+ so far, I still need another 4k to get the engine rebuilt and installed with the parts and hp goals I want. As a side note, I've spent less than 200 bucks on outside labor so far since I'm a stubborn old fart and prefer to do ALL my own work. I figure I can **** it up as easily any 'professional' mechanic.
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A very expensive part of any turbo buildup is rebuilding the engine once you've blown it. Many people on the forum that are making a lot of HP have had the heartbreak of this extra expense -- myself included. My advice is to get a very knowledgeable and respected tuner -- one who has boosted rotary experience -- to make sure your spark and fueling are correct in the boosted range (greater than 100% efficiency). It's worth every penny and should be factored into your cost.
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Here is a thread I put together for people interested in swapping a REW.


My car?

Name:  DSCF4060.jpg
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Name:  DSCF4053.jpg
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Im on the same quest. Id rather have a an REW in an FB rahter than an FD, I think they can look better Im crazy like that I know. So by way of comparison, Ive spent $2k on my REW, 1200 on a rebuild kit, $2500 on the BNR turbos (GORGEOUS), and Efini Y pipe. I got a bunch of small/misc. stuff for $600. I tore the motor down to find gouged housings, so Im looking at another $2k or so for that. How did the previous poster find one for 1100? And I havent even started assembling, nor installing yet. I havent even got into the PFC nor injection systems yet... Thought Id give my input as this can EASILY run to $15k and above, just so your aware.

At this moment in my life, Im entertaining buying a Lotus Esprit, but will be on and off with my REW swap. Gotta have a daily driver you know
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Trying the rew 12a swap. Motor and tranny in. working on wiring. Any body want to by a car. Just kidding. Motor turns over no prob fires every now and then. Any hints or suggestions on how to get it right. This project is breaking my budget.
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I don't want to sound naive or any thing. I know the OP got his motor for a song. that aside.
After you go single turbo and GSL-SE front cover. what exactly is the benefit of the REW over the TII? other than uniqueness?
I had planned eventually on going T2, after the prerequisite mods. Lately I've been trying to compare all possibilities, even strong NA.
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hey can u swap a 13b into a fb without having to do any fabrication// and could u still use a fb trans.
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Hey man, Im right there with you on the swap. Just picked up motor, tranny,ecu,harness,PFC from my friend for 1300. And the great thing about it is that the motor is good and doesnt need a rebuild . Anyways what are you doing for the rear-end? ford 9 inch or 8.8 or stock? I have a almost perfect stockie but i also have a 8.8 that could work what do you think?
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i think we are screwed wankel lol
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Originally Posted by z-beater View Post
Not that bad of a swap actually. If you have the knowledge to swap a TII you can swap a REW. Since my swap has a large single I did not have to mess with the twins. Most complex part of the build is going to be wiring in the ECU. I would reccomend that you start with the FD harness and then later if you decide to mod the car you can just throw a PFC in it.

There are a couple things that are different.

1. bolts on the oil pan do not quite match up. You can drill/tap new holes or generously put RTV on the pan/motor. Don't place too much though. Drilling tapping is a better method

2. CAS. The CAS on the 3rd gen has magnetic pick-ups. Swapping over to a 2nd gen CAS is not a big deal. I just placed it in the GSL-SE stock hole.

3. Water pump. If you are not intending on using the stock waterpump you will need to modift the bolts that come out from the engine. They are too long for a 2nd gen water pump

I am sure that I am forgetting things but those are the major obstacles. Price is a fair amount more as well.
If I am already using a apeci power fc will I have to swap the cas? I'm using a 13b rew out of a 93. I am getting the motor(with water pump) trans harness and ecu from a running car. I'd like to keep stock twins for now just because of budget reasons. In my case what would I have to do?
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z-beater hasn't been on the forum in a while.
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