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Anyone considering a V8 conversion kit from Granny's?

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Anyone considering a V8 conversion kit from Granny's?

Perhaps you'll change your mind after reading this.

Here's the e-mail I just sent to Grant Robbins, owner of Granny's Speed Shop. It should sufficiently
illustrate why I can no longer in good faith recommend his conversion kits to anyone, and why I
will no longer keep quiet about the exceedingly poor treatment I have received...


Grant, to say that I am EXTREMELY disappointed with how I have been treated is
the understatement of the year.

I lent you my parts and allowed you to use my car for measurements and test
fitting in good faith based on your promise to provide me with a kit free of charge
after developing the LT1 kit for the 3rd gen. RX-7, which you would then be free to
sell through Granny's Speed Shop.

It has now been THREE years (Fall of 1999) since you received my OEM parts,
and they have not yet been returned. It has now been THREE years since the
project was started, and I STILL do not have the complete conversion kit I was

Worse, I have an engine cradle which is NOT warped, as you stated, but doesn't
properly fit the LT1 because you took it upon yourself to eliminate the backing
plates of the motor mounts I chose to use. The backing plates are ABSOLUTELY
necessary to the structural integrity of the motor mounts, and without them, the
mounts quickly fail because the polyurethane tears free.

I was told this by Bill Hagen, who you sent my first cradle to, who has now gone
through three sets of motor mounts because of this mistake. John Pham, who
bought a cradle from you, has also been unable to bolt in his engine without
modifying the motor mounts. Brian Hinson, who was unable to bolt in an LS1
using your cradle kit sold it to another RX-7 owner who is unable to bolt in an LT1
without modifying the motor mounts. And I have heard from many others that they
have not received parts when promised, or in some cases at all.

I have been overly patient with you over the years. I have sent many potential
customers to you in good faith, telling them how high the quality of your kits are,
and how well they'll fit. You have used pictures of my car and engine on your site,
and the attention of my own project has generated an incredible amount of free
publicity for your business. Yet you have not seen fit to conclude our agreement
by providing me with my conversion kit, and returning my OEM parts.

Worse, you have been uncommunicative for months now. I have not received a
single response from you in several months now, and have never been able to
reach you by phone without getting your answering service. I will state again that
I have been EXCEEDINGLY patient with you, in my opinion, and have not held you
to providing a kit before I was ready, yet now you are holding up my project, and I
have discovered that the engine cradle you gave me was not warped, but just
doesn't work because you designed it that way.

Do you have anything to say for yourself? My patience is at an end. I don't expect
to hear from you or receive my conversion or OEM parts in a timely manner, based
on your previous behavior, and I am no longer willing to listen to excuses or promises.
I have held back from saying anything truly negative about my dealings with you in
the hopes that you would live up to your end of the bargain, but your silence tells me
all I need to know about the chances of that happening.

I will not threaten you again with negative publicity in order to get my parts. You
promised once before that you'd take care of everything after I found out that Bill
Hagen received the first engine cradle without my knowledge and I voiced my
displeasure. Consider this fair warning that I will no longer hold back my opinions and
the details of what I perceive to be very, very poor treatment. You've now sold several kits
and still have not taken care of the one you promised for the person who provided you
free publicity, potential sales, and the parts and car to model the kit from in the first

In addition, I ask that you immediately remove any pictures of my car and engine and
any reference to me from your web site. You will no longer be allowed to use my name
and the pictures of my project to further your own business. Thank you for complying
with my wishes immediately.


Jim LaBreck
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wow...... that sucks.... hate to see people get ripped off....
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WOW, this is certainly interesting. So whats the deal Jim, you going to get some different motor mounts or fab your own cradle or what?

I'm sorry to hear about your misfortunes. I hope everything turnes out ok.

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Sorry to hear about your troubles. Your project has been a highly regarded focal point on this forum. As you stated, you have provided a large amount of marketing/business to them. You should get sort of of return for the amount of publicity that you provided.

3 years and still no actual return. In three years, I'm sure you could've designed your car from scratch (Like a Callaway C12 or Saleen S7). That is a ridiculously long amount of time to basically build an engine.

If I were in your position, I would've taken actions a long time ago.
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Wow, I heard that he was slow with getting parts to people but I thought that his customers were happy. RedTT had told me a while back that he had been waiting for some parts for 10 months(granted they're probably made one at a time but it shouldn't take that long) and I thought that was a long time, but 3 years takes the cake.
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I have "a" cradle, but one that won't allow a Chevrolet V8 to bolt in with the engine mounts properly installed. My choices are as follows:

1. Modify the motor mounts. Not my first choice, this is a lot of horsepower we're talking about here. I won't knowingly weaken its mounting points if at all possible.

2. Modify the cradle. Not sure how easily this might be done. It's certainly possible, but not something I relish getting into. However, it's probably a better option than no. 3...

3. Have a new cradle fabricated. Definitely not something I'd like to start at this stage in the project.

This was supposed to be a done deal. I was told that the cradle had been warped by the heat of sand blasting prior to powder coating, and Grant even asked if I'd like to have mine "stretched" or receive a new replacement. I asked for a new replacement, and have been prepared for 2 YEARS now to make the exchange. I have offered to drive up to Concrete several times in the last year so that he wouldn't have to drive down to Redmond or ship it, and I've received NO response. He's impossible to reach by phone, and apparently is no longer answering e-mail, so I have to assume that he has no intention of honoring our original bargain.

The conversion kit I was promised also includes a transmission crossbrace for the T56 and a torque arm, neither of which I've ever seen after Grant test fitted the prototypes on my car nearly two years ago, early in 2001.

The last e-mail I received from him was discussing the ratios of the FC manual steering rack vs. the FD power rack in "manual" mode and the speed sender of the T56, and that was on April 3rd of this year. I haven't heard from him since.
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Originally posted by SERIES7
I was heavily considering it in the future for my FD, any suggestions at this point?
Someone will fill the gap. Brian Hinson is building LS1 cradles for the FD now, and ( has LS1 conversion parts available for FCs, something else Grant was apparently unable to provide working parts for.

There are others, including a vendor who goes by the name of PhillyFab on Torque Central ( who will fill the gap left by the poor business practices which others have been describing for some time now, and that I've kept quiet about until today.

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Toll Booth Willie: "Why you ******' hard on! I'll ******* Carlton Fisk yer ******' head with a Louiseville ******' slugger! Whadya think of that *** ****!?"

From Adam Sandler's "Toll Booth Willie" skit on the They're All Gonna Laugh At You CD...
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LOL...I don't think I've heard that in 5 years...

Seriously Jim, I know it's quite a trip to Concrete...but I'm pretty sure he'll have troubles avoiding communication when you are two feet in front of him...
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It's not worth my time and wouldn't accomplish anything. I'll put money on the fact that he doesn't have an FD LT1 engine cradle ready to hand me if I showed up in person, and even if he did, I guarantee that it has the same problems as the one I already have does. RedTT's, TwinT78's, and Bill Hagen's experiences with their LT1 cradles are proof of that.

He knew what his obligations were and chose not to honor them. He also knew, especially from the "Hayes incident", how vocal I can be when a vendor screws me over. He knew the risks of pissing me off, yet chose not to live up to his end of the bargain anyway. So be it.
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jim man, that is total b.s. i cant believe people now-a-days!!!! soooooooooo many people that own fd's are getting screwed. . . i know i am. . .. for the past 6 months i have been. . . but this is not my post. we need to have some kind of a secret society or something. . . with like a damn secret handshake or like if youre selling parts then you put like a 9 at the 20th character or something. what the hell? i cant stand people sometimes. thats why my character description says, "do EVERYTHING yourself"

paul (hes pissed like a homerun hitter that missed. . . haha, thats stupid as hell)
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Well, you could atleast get your OEM parts back. And if he does happen to have another LT1 cradle around, take that, even if it probably won't work. Then you'll have two cradles to work with, incase something goes wrong with one.
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Originally posted by jimlab
It's not worth my time and wouldn't accomplish anything. I'll put money on the fact that he doesn't have an FD LT1 engine cradle ready to hand me if I showed up in person, and even if he did, I guarantee that it has the same problems as the one I already have does. RedTT's, TwinT78's, and Bill Hagen's experiences with their LT1 cradles are proof of that.

He knew what his obligations were and chose not to honor them. He also knew, especially from the "Hayes incident", how vocal I can be when a vendor screws me over. He knew the risks of pissing me off, yet chose not to live up to his end of the bargain anyway. So be it.
Jim, you might want to talk to a lawyer to start the process of getting your parts back. In Virginia, you can get a sheriff to do this for you once you go to court and do a bunch of paperwork etc... (not legal advice here). If you waited too long, it might be construed as abandonment of your parts ...

What a RICHARD! Kinda glad I'm not going thru a V8 conversion. You can't beat the factory for spending millions of dollars to make sure your engine don't fly out of the engine bay under WFO throttle.
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Well, to be perfectly honest, what am I going to do with a stock engine cradle, driveline, and power plant frame? OK, besides give them away in another "Christmas-time blow-out" of free parts.

It's the principle, not the parts, that I'm concerned about. It's the honor involved in living up to your end of a bargain. I would never even consider doing something like this to someone else.

People who have received bushing kits with parts damaged in shipping know that I send out replacements, at my cost, immediately on finding out that there's been a problem. I never even went after UPS for any of the damage because it's such a damn hassle any more. I've sent replacement parts free of charge to people that know DAMN WELL didn't follow the installation instructions and damaged bushings as a result. I've overnighted bushings at my cost to people who claimed to have their cars tied up at vendors waiting on them. In some cases, those people STILL haven't had their busings installed. One even SOLD his kit after telling me what a dire situation it was, and how he absolutely had to have them overnight. But that's business. And life.

That's also being honorable, and treating the customer like they're the most important part of the business... because they are. If you forget that, it'll bite you in the ***.

I've been treated like ****, and I'm not going to set myself up for any further helpings of the same. I no longer want another cradle from Grant. I've been asking for another cradle for almost two years now. The time for a new cradle is past. Now it's time to cut my losses, disassociate myself and my project from this guy, and make sure he doesn't feed off my project's publicity any further. For several years he fed off the positive publicity that my project generated, and all the people I sent to him. Now let's see how he likes the negative publicity that comes from screwing over such a high profile (and highly vocal) individual.
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hey hey hey jim.whats wrong with my cradle other than its a lego set that u gotta put together urself?haha
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Originally posted by GotBoostd7

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I know it's the principle, and not the parts. In my mind, that's one of the reasons he needs to give you the parts back! Like you said...he needs to make it right. He needs to live up to his end of the bargain. You don't need the OEM parts, and you've stated you don't even care for another one of his cradles. SO WHAT. Go get them anyway and throw them in the dumpster, on principle.

Maybe it's just me...I don't think bad publicity is enough for this guy.

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Damn... Best of luck with everything Jimlab.
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Sorry to hear about the misfortune, however of your 3 options I would vote for building the cradle yourself, you are more than capable plus i am sure you could get it done in under 3yrs, I made mine in about a week (SR)the hardest part is mount placement, however i used stock suspension points, either way good luck this is one of the reasons we try and do as much fabrication in house as possible...

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Damn, what are those guys at grannys speed shop doing? Isn't it their main source of income to make the kits? I too was going to buy a kit from them but they never returned one of my e-mails, I will be instead buying from Brian Hinson soon.

BTW: Did you have any sort of written contract with them?
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Originally posted by skunks
BTW: Did you have any sort of written contract with them?
Here's the e-mail trail...

November 4th, 1999

It's customary for the guinea pig to get the first set of parts off the jigs for
free. Particularly when the car is as nice as yours and has potential for PR

I would like to get my hands on as many 3rd gen parts as I can, if for no other
reason than to catalog dimensions and take reference pictures. Even the P/S pump and
A/C compressor would be nice to look at for bracket designing purposes.
It feels like the 3rd gen kit might be moving off the back burner.... : )

December 18th, 1999

Great pictures, Jim. Much more than I expected.
I plan to bring an adjustable mock-up version, along with a lightweight
foam dummy engine and a few other parts, down for some real trial fits
in mid Jan.

The foam dummies are dimensionally very accurate, and have threaded
inserts for attaching headers, water pumps, valve covers, etc. The
mock-up cradle is adjustable up/down, fore/aft, and to a lesser extent,
side/side. Using them, we will be able to accurately determine & record
different placements that optimize clearances w/ and w/o the
distributor. We will also be able to determine, with reasonable
precision, real world induction system to hood clearances, which will
allow you to make an informed decision on what you can use. Might even
be able to stage a few pictures to really scare the hell out of the

I'm still pretty liquid on the PPF thing. We'll get the car elevated a
little more in the back so we can work under there.

After we get placement finalized, it won't take much more than a week to
come up with a finished cradle. Maybe longer if we get it powder coated.

At least, you can get your suspension back together. Then someone can
push you around while you strap in, make engine noises, and practice
your reaction times. : )

February 1st, 2000

From what we learned last nite, the T-56 shifter location will be 1" forward of
the center of the shifter opening, exactly (I measured the RX-7 shifter hole as
4"wide x 6"long). At a point 7" ahead of the T-56 shifter, the RX-7 tunnel is
11" wide. By applying a grid to a picture of the T-56, it appears that just
before this point, the T-56 begins to narrow. The number I had for shifter
offset was for the ZF (Corvette), so the offset may be less than the quoted
3-1/4". If it is close to the 1-1/2" as installed T-5 offset, there should be no

March 12th, 2000

I will go ahead with a LT1 version. If you decide on another route, I've got a
couple guys bugging me for the #2 and #3 subframes, so it will be no problem to
get rid of. I just wanted yours to be the first.
The suspension part was held up only because of the "wings", and their possible
effect on the rear lower control arm bracket's support design.

March 20th, 2000

The LT1 version will be done in a few days. A burned hand and a full shipping
schedule slowed progress last week. I would like to help install it, to see
firsthand if any problems are encountered.

April 17th, 2000

I'll try to have the cradle ready by the end of the week. It's still awaiting
engine mount struts.
It will use the '82-up Camaro/Firebird style mounts.

April 18th, 2000

If you prefer, we can use the type that the rubber DOES attach to the engine. It
was avail. on models other than the F body.
I can work with whatever you want to use.

April 20th, 2000

The mounts I want to use are more common, but not quite as compact as the
Suburban type. The reason to use the these is that it's 7/16" dia bolt runs
parallel to the engine and is loaded in double shear, which is stronger.

April 21st, 2000

The short one will work.


Jim LaBreck wrote:

> OK, I just don't want to buy the wrong motor mounts. They have a "short"
> motor mount and a "tall, wide" motor mount for Chevy early model. Which
> ones do I need?
May 12th, 2000

I should be ready to go middle of next week.

May 22nd, 2000

Sorry for the late response.

Pressing business has prevented completion of the cradles so far, but I expect
to accomplish that soon, in the next couple of days.

June 21st, 2000

Business here has been absolutely crazy lately. Progress is at a snail's pace on
the cradles, but they will soon be ready for powder. As soon as I'm done with
one, it will be coated and then sent it down for your approval.
Sorry for the delays......

September 7th, 2000

Ready when you are.

I would like to bring the plastic engine again, to see if our headers are close
to clearing. It looks like they may work with only a re-design of the #7 pipe.
It will clear the brake booster already, but it presently runs into the left
rear lower control arm mount. If it looks like the collectors are positioned
well in relation to the floor pan.........

Looks like the rack will require some minor massaging to seat properly. I added
an inner step on the inner side of the left rack mount, but the register flange
on that side of the rack is quite large and will likely need a little trim. I
will bring an electric angle grinder to make short work of it.

At least it will be back on the ground again. : )

September 26th, 2000

I've got a finished & coated subframe, 4th design, waiting to be installed (i'm
happy to report that the powdercoat does an excellent job of covering all of
the interior surfaces).

While I was at it, I made a couple of 'em. The other went to an AZ car, for a
stock LT1/6spd, and that engine & trans are presently in place. This is where I
learned of the locating flange mod needed for the steering rack. The mod is
required only on the inner flange on the left side, and only on the bottom
corners (that will be cured with the 5th design).

October 19th, 2000

I will bring the cradle, and would love to have the rack for a while.
Guess I better figure out where Marymoor park is. Any tips on getting to
Marymoor Park?
What time is the meeting?
Someone called me a few months ago about coming down to attend a meeting for a
question and answer session, but I haven't heard from him since.


Jim LaBreck wrote:

> Looks like you're going to be at the RROW meeting at Marymoor Park on
> Saturday at the Velodrome. Would you mind bringing down the engine
> cradle. If you're interested in having the steering rack, I will bring that
> to
> the meeting.
November 19th, 2000

I believe that it's the sandblast process that was to blame. In their
efforts to insure that both the inside and outside was thoroughly
etched, they must have induced some distortion.
Looks like i'm going to have to find a suitable dip process. Dipping may
be cheaper too.

Sorry for the inconvenience,


Jim LaBreck wrote:

> I got a little creative with a Dremel tool, and a sanding wheel, and
> now it fits. I removed about 1/16" - 1/8" from the outside edges
> of each hole. I'll just mask it off and paint the bare metal to keep
> it from rusting. I will probably just measure on each side of the
> car before I tighten it down to make sure it's even. I did not touch
> the alignment pin holes which are located between the front studs.
November 29th, 2000

Grant, you have to have at least some idea that I'm extremely unhappy
right now with the way I've been treated. Bypassing me after the lengths
I've gone to in order to ensure that I had the parts we needed to check
fitments is very, very poor treatment. I bought an LT1 and T56 before I
was even sure what I was going to do with my motor way back in May,
just so we'd have the parts to test fit the subframe, trans mount, and
other parts, just so I wouldn't be holding you up. I now have a motor that
I'm not even using because of that.

I also loaned you all the parts to make the kit, and have had the cradle
off my car for over a year now waiting for its replacement, so that you
could use mine to make the welding jig to make prototypes. Short of
buying your own car, I doubt you would have found anyone willing to
have their 3rd gen. down for a year while you made the engine cradle.

So now I find out that you've eliminated me from the project, gone behind
my back and sent the first cradle to someone else not even involved in
getting this going, and now he has a car up and running, and I still don't
even have all of my conversion parts, let alone a cradle on the car because
of fitment problems.

You know me, you know full well what I do when I'm upset about the way
I've been treated, and I do NOT like to threaten, but you have to know that
if I don't feel like you've held up your end of the bargain, which was to
my car and parts to develop a KIT, which I would receive FOR FREE, that
I'm going to be very, very upset. And I think you know what happens when
I get upset with a vendor. Hayes has lost an incredible amount of 3rd gen.
business because they screwed me on my motor by replacing my good
parts with shoddy parts. Again, I don't like to threaten, but in my capacity
as a consumer, I am fully within my rights to vocalize my displeasure with
the way I've been treated by a vendor.

Right now I'm willing to walk away from it. You've gotten a lot of publicity
out of MY conversion, and out of MY name, and I've sent dozens of people
who have inquired about the project to check out your website. I am a
HIGHLY visible member of the RX-7 community, and I'm sure you can
guess what impact my displeasure with the process might have on your
chances of selling the kit. I am not at all happy about the way I've been
treated right now, but I am willing to walk away from it and keep my mouth
shut, provided you comply with the following wishes:

1) I want the rest of the conversion parts, as agreed upon, free of charge.

2) I want my stock parts returned, if possible. You have my cradle, my
driveshaft, my powerplant frame, two aluminum cross-braces, and my
speedometer sender.

3) You may keep the conversion information and pictures of my car on your
site, provided that you comply with #1 and #2, but I will no longer provide
with pictures or further information on my conversion.

I'm very disappointed that our relationship turned out this way. You would
gotten a lot of mileage out of my conversion and feedback, but it appears
you chose, for whatever reason, to disregard the fact that I was the one who
made it possible for this kit to happen in the first place, and bypassed me
another. I'm sorry that it turned out this way, but you leave me no other

Jim LaBreck - [email protected]
November 29th, 2000


I noticed a lack of any smiley faces on your reply. Sorry you took it that way,
as it was intended as food for thought on what improvements might be made for
your application. I was so happy that one is actually on the road to prove that
the conversion is workable and the interface and emissions issues can be easily
dealt with.

Just to let you know, the only part I sent to Bill was the subframe, which he
paid for. All the rest of the fabrication was done by him on that end, as he
didn't want to wait for me. The torque arm adaption and the transmission
crossmember are his own design, with my only input being suggestions and tech

If you want, I can come down 3 or 4 nights a week until I make you happy again.
I have seen what can happen, and don't see any reason to experience it
firsthand. Just let me know when you're available.
The sessions should not take long, as they are only for tweeking fixtures and
verifying clearances.

All your parts are still here, in exactly the same shape that I got them, except
for maybe a little more dust!

December 20th, 2000

Fine tuning of the engine height we can easily do by modifying some mounts. I
will bring a set with mucho adjustment potential, and we can play with it till
we're happy with the rack/oil pan/crankshaft/hood clearance. Then I will either
provide you with modified poly mounts, or a subframe w/ custom engine placement
(another batch of those go together the 1st/2nd week of Jan.). Either way, you
can use the mount backing plates
: )


Jim LaBreck wrote:

> Did you make the cradle so that the engine fits if you don't use the backing
> plates on the urethane motor mounts? They're there for a reason, which is to
> hold the urethane in place and keep it from tearing free.
February 9th, 2001

I need to make sure that the torque arm bracket can be installed
on the rear diff housing, and that the torque arm still clears
the tunnel.

Just a last minute confirmation that no further mods are needed
before they go to the powdercoaters.

The rod ends are apparently on a slow boat from Minnesota. They
were supposed to be here last Monday, but still no sign of them.
If they come monday, your parts should be ready to be installed

February 9th, 2001

The torque arm, brackets, trans crossmember and some hardware.
Pretty much what you need to take the floor jack out from under your car.
Are you going to want an exhaust hanger on the torque arm like the PPF?
I was going to come down tonite, but decided not to take the chance.
How about Sat. about 6pm ?

October 4th, 2001...

Things are running fairly smoothly now. We spent a lot of time refining the
manufacturing processes, which proved to be quite worthwhile (2nd gen Basic Kits
are down to 1.4 hrs production time). More work in the area of packaging and
documentation, and we may be ready for the wholesale market.

The torque arm turned out fine. The current version uses 3/4 chrome moly rod
ends, but I may change the rear to a 3/4" clevis arrangement, as clearance is
tight between the tunnel and the upper bolt.

The transmission crossmember has also been fitted, should give you room for a 4"


Jim LaBreck wrote:

> Grant, would you mind letting me know what's going on? My engine is getting
> close to completion and will be dyno tested in a month or so, and I will be
> needing the conversion pieces so that I can get on with the project.
January 20th, 2002

I should be able to make it down there around mid-week to exchange the
I was going to bring the Hank (the header guy) down, but i'll give
you a chance to re-assemble things a bit so he'll have something to look at.


Jim LaBreck wrote:

> I've got the other cradle pulled out of the car for you, and I'm ready for
> my final
> cradle and the transmission cross brace whenever you have time.
April 3rd, 2002

93 is a tough year. Reluctor could be either 11 or 17 tooth. As I
it, they went to 40 tooth wheels to get better resolution for the
brakes in the '94-up cars.
One way to know once and for all is to remove the VSS sender and
count the teeth
blah blah blah blah blah.

And that's the last time I heard from him.

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dude, that really sucks, grab your bat!

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You have to sue Jim, there's no other real option. Learn from my example and how much jerking off I had to do before just throwning in the towel and hiring an attorney. Ask your own counsel but my guess is that the least you could do is get estimates from a few other high end fabricators for the total cost to complete the project and any other portions this guy suggested or agreed that he would be providing for you in exchange for the use of your car etc. You've already made payment with respect to your obligations under the contract. It's a waste of time to let this kind of crap drag out. It never really gets solved.

Kevin T. Wyum
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it is obvious that this charachter let his overenthusiastic ego get him in over his head. that sucks that it is you. your thread is read and reread more than anyother that i have ever seen.

he let this get soo far out, that he is obvoiusly too embarrased to return your messages.

i like aluminum bats best. they have a certain 'ring' to them.....

good luck with the rest...

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