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RX7 with 2JZ GTE

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Talking RX7 with 2JZ GTE

Hello all
What do you think about RX7 with 2JZ GTE engine ? I am thinking about purchasing sport car ( In Thailand ). One guy offered me an RX7 with 2JZ GTE, he told me that the rotary engine is very easy to brake and cause so many problems ( I have no Ideas what the problems are), so he got rid of that and install new engine 2JZ GTE with turbo ( Supra engine). He told me that the car is fine run great no problem what so ever after new engine install.
I did some research too, I heard that the other engine like 2Jz or RB26, is heavier than rotary engine. IF you put those on RX7, if will decrease the handling ability ( which is unique for Rx7 ). In return, you will get so much power.

RX7 FD is very beautiful car and I am so much concern on how the car looks. There are another choices like R32, S13-15 , RX8 and Supra. But FD os my top priority.

So I am asking you guys opinion about this option. What do you think ?

Thank in advance

PS. I am not 17 years old kid, who do not research before search. So please answer me
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how much money do you have?
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I dont think it should even be on the list with those other "super" cars.

FD+2jz=THE ****.

The weight balance isn't thrown off all that much. You'll still have 4 cylinders tucked behind the strut towers so the weight balance isn't going to quite be 50/50. Probably closer to 45/55.

One of the people who did the same swap in an fc had their **** corner balanced and came back with 49/51. I suppose it all depends on your setup, how much gas is in your tank, wheel/tire setup, exhaust setup, weight reduction mods.....

I'm sure with a little bit of work and thinking you can get it near to what it was. Yes, the engine is heavier but not THAT much heavier. You gotta keep in mind a rotary is 100 percent iron. Slap a head, cams, valvetrain, and big *** intake maifold into the mix and you're probably looking at a 80-110lb difference... Which isn't much considering the overall weight of the car.

I'd say get it. All the FD reliabilty mods are done for you (rew out, 2jz in)

I'm biased though because i want a supra motor myself! There are some hardcore rotary nuts and some hardcore rotards that are going to talk you out of it but i'm sure you'll be VERY happy with the car. Supra power in a lighter, faster, better handling chassis. What's not to love?
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Originally Posted by spinviper View Post
Hello all
What do you think about RX7 with 2JZ GTE engine ? I am thinking about purchasing sport car ( In Thailand ).
Would you be able to test drive the car?...Not so much for the power, but rather how it behaves/handles. If the swap was done properly, that's great. However, we have seen some pretty crappy swaps with cradle spacers and steering rack relocation and what-not that can induce bump steer or cause caster issues and such. This kind of stuff you don't want the headache to deal with.
Honestly, if you didn't perform the swap or were not around to oversee it so that you really knew all that was done...I wouldn't recommend it... unless it was dirt cheap and you have pockets full of cash to keep throwing at it 'til you get it right
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How much money do I have ?
I am an International student and at the end of this year, I have to go back to Thailand. Now I do have 2006 TRACK Nissan 350Z with a nice Veilside bodykit with a little MODs. So Hopefully, I wish to sell that car around 19,000-20,000. ( It look expensive, but mine is TRACK very rare. Not a Base car like other Z). Plus I have another 10,000 in Back Account right now. So let's say I have close to 30,000.
But 30,000 US dollars is only enough to buy a brand new 09 Camry. Yeah that suck !!!!
So $30,000 is not even enough to buy used FD3S, but I plan to put a little more on it later.
In average car in Thailand is around 5 times more expensive than USA.

Back in Thailand 2JZ GTE is very popular engine, people put that engine on most of the modify car ( Mostly 240SX ). Some of the even put it in a Pick up truck car and go drag racing. What I am saying is, I am pretty sure there are a good shop to swap engine.

So in conclusion , you guys think FD with 2JZ is good if it was done properly right ?
I am not going to buy a car oversee for sure, I have to go back for a while and looking for the good one. In am sure at the end of the year, there will be more choices for me to choose.
Anyway this two cars is on sale right now.
1. The silver FD with 2JZ $42857 ( US dollars )

2. RED FD with 2JZ He claim that this car has 911 House power and will beat all super cars on the road
$ 55714 Oh !!!!!

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Thank you for all answers
more opinions are welcome
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wow. nice cars that u posted up from thailand. i didnt know that they were doing all this in thailand?? which part of thailand r u from??

to give you pointers, i was thinking about buying an FD shell and swapping in a JZ engine (whether 1jz or 2jz) but the guy ended up selling the car to someone else so i bought myself an FC. but i did alot of research about the swap and the best place that i think will help you out in the US is tech2motorsports.com

they got swap kits for the JZ engines and alot of research and development have been invovled in how it runs (includes taking away bumpsteer, lowering the JZ engine in the chassis as low as possible, and even further back into the firewall too) check them out. My budget to build that FD JZ swap was over 50% less that what you got ($30k u said right??) so i would recommend going that route. And if u were closer, i wouldnt mine helping u out for free too, since I still have plans for a FC JZ swap coming up soon. do some more research before u budget everything up though.
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