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how reliable is rotary engine?


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how reliable is rotary engine?

I heard something called Apex seal is a must for upgrading RX7.
what is that for? does it prevent those nasty blowout I hear all the time? what other "essentials" would I need if I were to buy a used RX7?

thanx guys

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Rotary engines are one of the most reliable engines on the planet. Why do you hear stories of people blowing them?

1) People run them lean, they detonate, and its time for a rebuild
2) Early 3rd gen engines had certain issues.

The apex seal is the seal at each apex of the rotors. Hence the name Apex Seal :p
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At least as reliable as any other 80 cubic inch 300HP engine.

The apex seals are analygous to piston rings. They seal the tips (the apex) of the rotor/housing interface

What can happen when you blow out an apex seal is threefold:
1. The rotor and housing can get scratched up
2. You lose compression and power
3. The debris destroys the turbos

Do you need 3mm apex seals?

I don't know.

To protect the stock seals, keep the revs below 4000 until the engine is warm and don't overrev.

You have to take the engine apart to make this change so that even if you can find the parts cheaply, this will be at least moderately expensive.

I would not do it unless I was having the engine rebuilt anyway.
In that case, I'd throw in a street port.

Are you going to race it?
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