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How to get the best use of this forum

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Lightbulb How to get the best use of this forum

How to get the best of this forum

I’ve seen many new members join and they don’t seem to understand how to get the best use of this forum. Here are some tips for new members and maybe a few which can help out older members.

Before posting a problem, make sure of the following:

* You have downloaded the Factory Service Manual (FSM):

* You have gone through the FSM troubleshooting steps for the problem area you are experiencing.

* Make sure you have searched the forum for similar problem threads and worked through the troubleshooting steps suggested in those threads.

* You are ready AND willing to work on the car. DO NOT POST if you are not willing or able to check things out on the car. There is nothing more frustrating for the helpful members of this forum than to post troubleshooting steps and the original poster doesn’t do them.

* For those in military services: We respect you and are thankful for your service. However, DO NOT post problems with your car if you are not near it or do not have the time before traveling to do any troubleshooting. All you are doing is wasting the other members’ time if you cannot actually do anything to the car when you post your problems.

When posting a problem, make sure of the following:

* Use proper English! While I understand phones today can surf the web and people like using shortcuts, this is NOT the way to ask for help. Use punctuation, proper sentence structure and appropriate spacing so people can understand what you are trying to convey. This will assist YOU in getting better help quicker which is the ultimate goal!

* NEVER use “HELP” or “EMERGENCY” in the title of the post. If you have an emergency, call 911. This forum is NOT for emergencies. If you need “help”, post a proper descriptive title of your problem. Moderators are going to DELETE threads that have titles like “I need help!”, “Help me!”, “Need help quick!” without prejudice!

* Post the history of the car. When did the problem start? Has the problem been this way since you got the car?

* Post how you noticed the problem. What were you doing when you noticed the problem?

* Post what modifications have been done to the car. The more complete information you provide up front, the quicker someone can provide good assistance.

Following up on your thread:

* Can’t find the thread you started? It’s possible that you posted your thread in the wrong section. As such, a moderator may have moved your thread to another section. Use the Advanced Search function. On the Advanced Search page, use the “Search by Username” section. Enter your forum username and then select “Find threads started by user”. This is also handy if you posted your thread a few days ago and it has scrolled off the front page.

* Follow the advice you are given in your thread. If you are going to question why someone wants you to check something out, then don’t bother asking for help. You are the one with the problem, not the people giving you suggestions. Remember, when troubleshooting, it’s easiest to start out eliminating what is NOT the problem, so you can narrow down the area(s) which may be the problem.

* DO NOT start another thread until you have completed the thread you are working in. All that does is cause people to give you the same advice again and waste their time. Complete the threads that YOU start.

* Post back the solution to your problem once you find it. Posting the solution which fixed your problem will help the next person who searches and finds your thread. No matter how complicated or silly the solution is, someone else is bound to have the same exact issue at some point. Being able to use the search function and find the answer in your thread can save them the time in the future.
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Sticky! Well Done!
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This should be a sticky, hopefully we won't get as much repeated asked questions after this.
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Thanks for taking the time to do this Kyle, much appreciated

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sticky read!
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I want an RX7
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Great sticky, THank You!
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Thanks for the info
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Thank you!
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Never too late. Thanks!!
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Nice info!
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much appreciated advice thanks
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Thanks for the sticky it makes sense.
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Makes total sense.....
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