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Who makes the best rebuilt motor?

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Originally posted by Poweraxel

i keep hearing about this place..i heard they do great motors...anyone got any contact info or do they have website?

here ya go....

Rotary Power, Gardena CA 310-516-9959

Jeff or Alan will most likely answer the phone. They open at 10am West Coast time I think.


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Rotary Reliability and Racing

Nick at Rotary does a great job.

I had mine rebuilt there about a year and a half ago. He did my streetport and takes care of my rx when I cant do it myself.

THOSE BOYS OVER THERE KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING....and they are affordable in comparison to tripoint...I think I paid 5300.00 for my motor and all labor as well as the streetport and some other small stuff back when I did it. TRI Point wanted 7500.00 just to replace the O rings. They wanted more than that to do the apex seals etc...

Nick has been working on rotaries for something like 20 years...he holds a lot of records for speed with rotary cars as well. Call him if you need a motor...you will see what Im talking about.

rotary reliability

I put in the good words as they have taken such good care of me and my rx. My car would not be on the road if it werent for them...nor would it be as fast as it is.

94 rx PEG
Street port
hks dowpipe
apexi n1 dual catback
h&r springs
koni yellows
strut bar
Gforce Ecu Upgrade
manual boost controller 13 lbs of boost
Pettit intake
Yokahama Intermediates(on the way)
hks turbo timer (installing)
Alpine System

and some other junk too hehe
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Talking Cool!


Lot's of great stuff here thanks to everyone.

Anyone provide a little more insight on prices. I'll bet just about everyone here has either replaced a motor or is going to

I'd guess right now KD is getting most votes.



- Bill
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Cameron at Pettit will take you every step of the way on whatever you decide! Thumbs up to pettit!!G....Daytona FL...
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I build my own..have done so for 20 years. My last 93 street ported motor produced 311 rwhp @ 10 psi, 334 rwhp @12 psi and should produce 365-375 rwhp @ 15 psi on stock twins. The computer was screwing up and wouldn't boost 15....I also do all the upgrades (oil, coolant seals, ecentric shaft etc) I charge 2000-2200 (assuming your core is good).....That includes all new seals, springs, gaskets etc...)

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Thumbs up Engine Rebuilds

I've been using Jeff Gladish, owner of Maztech, 4810 N Clark, Tampa, FL 33614
(813) 874-0937

He's been the local guru in Tampa for quite a while.

My 93 VR Base was rebuilt @ 112k

Cost: Engine w/3mm apex seals......$3,500
Turbos rebuilt by CMR Turbo...$1,175

I know we're on the opposite side of the country, but you can still get an idea on the cost.

Happy Hunting.
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I'm going to get one from Luis at Dragon Motorsports so we'll see how that turns out. I'll let you know in about 2 - 3 weeks while he gets apex seals.

3mm seals
dowel pinned
GT port
ported turbo manifold
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Rotary Power in Gardena has got my vote
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i haven't got a motor yet, but im in the NW, i hear pinapple makes some bad *** motors, atkins makes good stuff, and hayes is terrible, but just what i've heard so far about NW shops
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Thumbs up

Can't believe this is still alive.

Great post Foz, prices and everything.

I finally ended up getting covered under warantee (wish I could spell ). So it's another Mazda reman for 20k-30k miles

After that I think I'll give Ivan or pineapple a call.
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Any shops in the midwest

Guys need your help i'm looking at buying a 93 with an o-ring failure at least thats what the guy i'm buying it from says it has wrong with it. Wanted to know if there is a good shop close to the Indy area for a rebuild, Something reasonable, not to expensive and can do nice work and porting and etc. Please gotta help me out getting the car for a good deal just has the o-ring problem. Is there anything else that I might be looking to do with an o-ring problem. Or just a rebuild?


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without a doubt Pineapple is the best for your money, and you cannot find a better warrantee for a rotary! Shot out to Rob and Andy for all their assistance in getting my baby back on the road.
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Without a doubt Pineapple is the best for your money, and you cannot find a better warrantee for a rotary! Shot out to Rob and Andy for all their assistance in getting my baby back on the road.
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Thumbs up I second That

Originally Posted by badass7
OK guys, I have a Hayes Street Port that was done 3 years ago. I have a friend down here who has a Hayes engine and refered me to Hayes at the time. I did plenty of research before deciding to go with Hayes for my rebuild. There was no KD Rotary at the time and Pettit was way overpriced for me at the time as well. Unfortunately, I was not on this Forum..(if it existed) and did not hear all the bad things about Hayes until my engine was already being worked on. Talk about shitting on myself hehe!! Anyway, I must have called Don about 5 times and told him about that I had been told to stay away from them for specific reasons. HOPEFULLY, he took into consideration that I was aware of some of the **** they do around there and took his time on my engine. I even told Don myself to make sure that my engine comes out OK. Not sure what good that did. Well, after having it installed FINALLY (ya know what I'm talkin about JACK C. ) I LITERALLY broke it in for a little over 3k miles!! No **** guys!!.....after hearing all of the horror stories and reading somewhere on an australian rotary website that a rotary engine isn't fully broken in until around 5k miles (something w/ an oil sealing issue??) I took my time and slowly broke it in! I didn't hit 7 psi. of boost and 7k RPM's until I was right at 3k miles. Then I had boost issues which I didn't address for another 500 miles which still kept me in the "Break in" mode. So, after 3500 miles and near 3 and a half months of driving I finally let it loose!! No, not a load...my engine .
Which now brings me to My Hayes street port. I have near 17k miles on it now and it absolutely runs Perfect!! I am getting a good (-) 19-20 psi. of vacuum with a smooth idle. Power is extremely noticeable in upper RPM's due to porting. Absolutely no excessive smoking or oil consumption. BUT, even with everything running fine....I am still wondering what the hell is inside my engine. After hearing all of the horror stories, I am wondering if my engine is just a Hayes Rotary ticking time bomb or if my numerous phone calls to Don just before they began building my engine really paid off?? I did ask Don at the time...."IF my engine were to go out" what would be the mileage or time frame. He responded that if a Rotary engine is to fail due to poor assembly or what not....it would happen within the first 500-1500 miles!! Well, I am way past that. Also, I have posted this question of Hayes reliability numerous times on the List and here on the forum and there actually ARE Hayes engines that are lasting well beyond 80k miles!! Who knows..... I guess time will tell. If this engine does go out again I will definitely go with RP or KD rotary.

I too have a Hayes engine with a street port 1 and spoke to Don and requested 2 mm apex seals

I took my time breaking it in , and now have about 20k miles on it No problems !
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I am getting a rebuild at Rotorsports Racing Kannapolis, NC. Hope to get it back next week (8 weeks w/o the car). I am looking forward to driving the car again and will let you know about the results. (Rebuild, ACT clutch, SS brake and oil return lines, RB Catback, Vitron hose replacement, gauges, replace all hoses and fluids ~$7000). First work of this type on car since bought in '93'. If I can get 5-10 yrs service I will be happy, cause I will probally be dead in 10. Then my son can have it.
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Question Kdr

My KDR/Malloy recently failed. Had 18000 miles/18 months. Apex seal failed from detonation due to boiling coolant. I'm not surpised that my failure was not covered under warranty.

What's surprising is that at teardown, I had my current engine builder verify engine mods that I paid KDR extra for when I was having Kim Barninger tear down and build up a Malloy reman motor purchased from Ray Crowe @ Malloy Mazda.

These extra mods were: eccentric shaft oil mod, ported oil passages, silicone o-ring coolant seals, ported water passages, and a healthy streetport.

My current engine builder reported seeing stock-looking water seals, stock water passages (not enlarged), and very small intake/exhaust port job.

Apparently, the eccentric shaft oil jet mod was done, as was the enlarged oil passages.

I'm getting this info second-hand from my current builder; I have not seen with my own eyes the old KDR/Malloy motor parts.

FWIW, Dave Barninger promised me a DVD of Kim tearing down the Malloy reman, and buidling up the motor with the mods I paid for. I never received a DVD.

Draw your own conclusions.

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Originally Posted by FindYourInnerSeven
I'm also near Rick's Rotary in the Bay Area..a talked to an acquaintance who got his engine ported there...said he paid close to 7000 dollars (holy ****!)...I'm sure Rick's know what their doing, but if this is indeed the real price, what a rip.

Last quote I got from Rick was about $6000. That includes 3mm seals, street port and upgraded water jacket all done on a Mazda reman.

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I also have a Hayes street port rebuild about the very same time BadAss 7 did his and spoke to Don personally. I also told him of the bad press. Mine now has over 13k miles on it and it's a single turbo. Very strong, good vacuum and no leaks.

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KDR is rebuilding mine at this time.
3mm Apex seals, streetport, eccentric shaft oil mod, ported passages and
Skips anitdet. mod. New hoses, plugs, wires, and ACT clutch.
To the sum of around $7000.
I'm sure I'll be happy. Cross those fingers.
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Sleep sad to hear about KDR and the parts in your engine after the tear down.

When I lived in L.A. Cali, I used Rotary Power in Gardena...on the up and up and Jeff is one of the old school guys who use to drag race the rotary.

Now that I live in Texas I have been using Marvelspeed in Rowlett...same kinda of thing. Small shop but great service (albeit alil slow) but they do a very good job. Don Marvel knows Jeff McCall from the drag racing days.

However, I'm lucky here in Texas. Rotary Performance is here as well as Gotham Racing.
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Originally Posted by 7racer
Sleep sad to hear about KDR and the parts in your engine after the tear down.
In retrospect, I should have just installed a plain old Mazda reman, and resumed lapping with the same setup as before. Naw, I had to get greedy. Oh well. Not making that mistake again. This engine is being rebuilt with a new rotor and rotor housing. Having a proper large streetport done (as it should have been with the KDR job). The only change this time is coolant conversion to Evans NPG+, and stock main pulley swapped in for the RP underdrive main pulley (to speed up the water pump flow rate). Hope to be back on the road by September, and resume lapping in October (warm temps won't be a factor in the fall).

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i had my motor rebuilt from Jeff and Alan from Rotary Power in Gardena......... they are the best when it comes to motors... and he gave me a lot of discounts!! i had my complete motor (new rotor housings, waterpump, bearings, and a lot more **** including a new tranny install) for about $6-7k........ everything on my motor is BRAND new! he is also really good at answering any questions..... but if you need a motor rebuild, call him soon, there was a 3 month wait when i signed up but it was worth it!!

ill scan my receipt later on!
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Pineapple Racing is the ****! My motor is strong, his customer service was above expectations. I couldn't be happier. About 20k and running better than ever. Large Port, 3mm Hurley seals, etc.
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Rotorsports Racing in NC did mine, and the engine has been great. Bryan builds (or was bulding when I was there last) all the Diasio (sp?) race engines. He also does 3-rotors. Very nice guy.

On a side note, how pathetic is it that we all need engine rebuilds eventually? My friend's '93 Eclipse GSX has over 160,000 original miles and it still makes stupid power. Sigh.
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So who's the best? I'm ready to take my 13brew for some major cosmetic surgery later this month.
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