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Does MARVEL MYSTERY OIL really work?

Old 08-15-01, 11:23 PM
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Does MARVEL MYSTERY OIL really work?

I keep hearing about everyone using MMO... does it REALLY help? What does everyone use it for... what applications?
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Old 08-15-01, 11:39 PM
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Let me tell you how fast it penetrates. I stepped in some one day, and before I could wipe it off my shoe, I could taste it. Seriously, it's just a good penetrating oil with oil of wintergreen in it. Penetrates very well, I use it to soak rusty tools and parts in. Frees up oil rings on piston engines very well. And it smells soooo good!

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Old 08-15-01, 11:59 PM
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I used it to unseize my VW engine.
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Old 08-16-01, 11:28 AM
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i put 1/2 to 3/4 a quart in my oil. at oil changes, the oil is coming out cleaner every time. you can use it to remove carbon buildup from the inside of the combustion chamber. pull out your trailing plugs, pour a little inside( a cup?), bump the engine and put in a little more. what you're trying to do is coat all three sides of your rotor. now let it sit overnight, 24 hours if you've got time. start her up, and watch all that smoke! it'll burn off after a couple minutes. just take it out for a drive. when you get back, replace your spark plugs with new ones. ta-da! your done
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