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84 RX7 is worth how much?


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84 RX7 is worth how much?

Around how much is an 84 RX7 worth that is in good condition, few dings, engine sound, excellent tires, needs paint, and interior is excellent?

If you have any links that may help it would be appreciated!

Someone rear ended me into and underneath a truck, so I am looking for pricing. Their insurance says of course it is a total loss and wants to take my car.

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Ah, insurance battles....

Unfortunately, unless you got your car assessed at a certain value and adjusted your premiums *before* the crash, you have to go with whatever they say it's worth. And they think an '84 non-SE is worth about 1g.

It's too bloody easy to do 1g of damage in body work alone, so they tend to most of them off.

If they have no clue what your car is worth, then you're gonna have a *hell* of a time finding a good price. Unfortunately for you (but fortunate for those of us who pick up extra 7s) Rx7s don't sell for much. You see modded 7's sell for less than the value of their aftermarket parts often.

Most people on this forum seem to only ever buy 7s if they're under $500, and certainly under $1000.

However, some people seem to think their car is worth more. These people usually don't know what they're talking about and have trouble selling their sevens for outrageous money. This can help you

Here's an autotrader search I did, which shows two near 2g, and one quoted at 8g.

Autotrader Search

Sorry I can't help any more than that. Stock 7s just aren't quoted at high prices. If you want to have better insurance coverage next time you're gonna have to do what I'm trying to do: Get your car assessed for it's value, then pay through the nose for your insurance. Insurance companies figure that a 20 year old car should be a beat-up old rustbucket moneypit which isn't worth fixing. In some cases, they are. In the case of most sevens for sale nowadays though, it doesn't seem to be. I think any 7 with less than 200,000km on it after 20 years should still be worth a good chunk.

Ask Manntis, he's fighting a battle (or was fighting a battle) over this same thing when he crashed Pamela. And that car was B-E-A-UTIFUL. Absolutely pristine condition.

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Mine sounds exactly how yours did except mine was a GSL-SE, and I paid a touch under $2000..I guess mine being a GSL-SE throws off the pricing.

Sorry about the wreck, heres hoping you get what it's REALLY worth.
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example i am picking up within the week for free an 80-83 7 for free but i paid 1400 for my red 5spd good interior good motor and tranny everything was overall decent for 20 yr old car i didnt know and the owner was set on 1400 and i loved the car but found out it was in a very light front end collision maybe a rear end someone . my advice would be too look at the car one day then go back the next and look again to make sure you dont over look anything.
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it all depends who you ask.. and who is looking. I am selling my car.. and have been already offered $5500 cdn from a sports car dealer here in calgary.. but I am looking for a bit more... $6000ish for my GSL-SE. I know some people really have some great cars.. I can think of a guy from canada who paid almost $10,000 cdn for a mint GSL-SE.
I sure as hell would pay more for an 1984 GSL-SE than a late 90's civic, cav, sunfire, neon.. etc... There are many reasons why.. performance.. looks.. handling.. and just the love of a 2seat sports car.
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Tell them that you want more than there gonna give when they say no you say well if your not going to give me any more than that i want the car back as well as the money thats how we got our van fixed
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not less than $2,500-$3,000

You do not necessarily have to simply take what they give you, but you do need to make a case for what you claim it is worth. According to NADA, an 84 GSL retail value is $2,275 to $4,400, average price $3,225.

An Autotrader search showed an average price of $4,058 for 84 Rx-7s (there was one which skewed it but who is telling?) When you search, use your area or national pricing whichever is to your advantage. Also document local or regional print ads.


Gather your receipts and any mechanics statements/appraisals that might be helpful.

You do not have to pay through the nose if you shop around for insurance. For example I got $10,00 actual cash value coverage for $140/ year.

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