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Rules of the V8 Powered RX-7 Section.

Welcome to the V8 Powered Section. As with every subsection, there are some specific rules as well as general forum rules.

ALL current forum rules apply. You may brush up on these rules in the FAQ.

NO classified ads may be posted. This includes WTB (Want To Buy) / WTS (Want To Sell) / WTT (Want To Trade). There is a separate secton dedicated to first gen ads here: Vehicles or Parts

Responding to Posts
When responding, or creating a post, there are some common sense rules to follow. First and foremost, BE CIVIL. No bashing, flaming, trolling or other foul behaviours will be tolerated.

If you don't like what the guy has done to his car, be diplomatic. You may respond tactfully that you don't care for what they have done, but remember, it's not your car, you do not have to like what the owner wants to do to it, just respect his or her right to do as they wish with their car. If you have a safety concern with something they did, speak up.

Try not to thread jack. This happens when you start posting something off topic in a thread. Innocent off topic remarks, a little friendly ribbing, a funny comment are ok, its one of the things that makes this place fun. Jacking threads to spout off rhetoric/flame will not be tolerated. Your post will be deleted before the debate begins.

Refrain from post whoring. Post count doesn't matter and no one cares that you have the most posts on the board, especially when more are useless twitter. For the most part it's no big deal. If it gets out of hand, we'll drop you a friendly reminder. Also, we do trim threads down sometimes, so don't get offended if your one word post gets deleted later on after the thread is dead. Comedic posts of no real technical value will be kept only if they're funny, so impress us with your comedy and/or Photoshop skills.

This is a family forum, so do try to watch your language. For the most part, it isn't a concern, but if every second word you type is the F-bomb, it may be time to seek some help.

Bumping Threads
Not everybody is sitting on the forum all the time. Often the person with the answer to your question will not log in more than once or twice per day, leaving your post to sit around empty for a bit. BE PATIENT.

Please allow at least 24 hours before you bump up if you have not received an answer.

If your post falls off the main page, it's okay to bump it with a polite message like:

Originally Posted by PoliteAnswerMeGuy
I'm just bumping my thread because it fell off the main page and I want people to have time to see it
Posting things like:
Originally Posted by RudeAnswerMeGuy
Oh come on guys, as if you haven't answered this! I've always helped you out and now you treat me like crap! Give me an answer now!
...isn't very tasteful and won't earn you much respect, let alone an answer. Be patient and give people time to help you. We're a community that's here to help, and if we know the answer, then we'll post as soon as we see it.

This one is dayglo orange for a reason. Please, please, please use the Search button. Without using the search feature, the forum is cluttered up with the same questions that have been answered over and over again in the past.

New Members:
You have three references to exploit before posting. You can read the FAQ, many of the Frequently Asked Questions are answered there, You can search the Archive where many useful threads have been saved for your benefit, and You can use the Search Function. Don't forget when using the search to go to "Advanced Search" and specify the 1st Gen Section if you want results only from our section. Here is a handy not-so-secret treasure map:

Existing Members:
Although some questions get asked a million times over, we must be patient and include at least some form of useful response. Even something as small as giving them proper search terms can help. We have been here a long time, we *know* what to search for. Often being a new member can be very scary, and you don't always have enough of a base to even guess at what search terms can be used.
By giving links to existing threads, offering advice, and helping out the folks who've asked the same question a thousand times, we can make it easier on people searching, so that they don't just get bombarded with many threads "asking the same question" but never getting any response.

The Archives
Time to wander down the dusty halls of rotary history. The Archive is the place where the "Crème de la Crème" of threads go. This sub-forum can't be posted in, but it can be searched, and contains some of the best sources of information. You'll notice that each thread is prefixed with its section of the shop manual, so you can click where it says "Thread" at the top of the threads list to sort them alphabetically and group them together

Requesting Help
When posting any thread concerning the need for help pertaining
to any diagnostic help, there are minimum guidelines for us to help you.
  1. We need exact year, model and what engine you're running. We need to know if motor is stock or running any mods and if so what type of mod. Example: carb applications, Mikuni, Weber, Dellorto, stock Nikki, or modified Sterling. Stock exhaust or aftermarket, stock ignition or aftermarket, etc....
  2. Before posting, if you do not have a repair manual such as a Haynes, or the Mazda FSM, get one. It's a great way to learn about your vehicle and will save you a lot of time and money.
  3. We need to know if you just worked on the car and if so, what did you just do. Was the problem there before you started or after you worked on it?
  4. Has the issue been there for awhile or just started. Does it do it more when it's cold outside or warm. Is the symptom there when it's first started then goes away after it is at operating temp?. If it is a noise problem, is it louder as you drive faster? Does the problem only happen at certain rpm's or speeds?
  5. On starting issues, does it crank and act like it wants to fire or not? Did you check for spark when it does not start; did you check to make sure it is getting fuel. The basics on fuel is it could be getting fuel but not enough pressure or volume. Does it just click when you turn the key? This indicates usually low voltage, can be caused by discharged battery or dirty terminals at the battery, bad wire at the starter, solenoid going bad. Checking for ignitor firing, put a timing light on the trailing side and crank it over, if the light starts flashing the ignitor is good, same for the leading.
  6. Check all visual components for wear or damage. Make sure all electrical connections are good and fuses are intact. When looking for vacuum leaks, spray carb cleaner around suspected area and listen for stabilization (idle usually picks up).
  7. When in doubt, check and recheck the basics.
  8. Respond back after fixing your problem. Many threads die without ever knowing what fixed her/his problem and then we get the same questions asked again because some of the searched threads come to a dead end.

Remember when you are posting, you are asking others to be technicians. The difference between a mechanic and a technician, is that a mechanic can replace a part that he can see is broken or that he has been told needs replacement. A technician can diagnose the problem and fix it, however, a technician needs all the info in order to get a starting point to go from. Since we can't see your vehicle, hear the noise it makes, or test drive it, we need as much info as we can in order to help you.

Welcome to the forum, and don't be surprised if someone tells you to search, even if you already have.. we're just making sure.
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