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Best coilovers for FD


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Best coilovers for FD

Hi Guys,

I need some advice on coilovers and would appriciate your help. I currently have the Super Street Tein coilovers and decided to install the Tein upper pillow ball. I`ve contacted several local dealers and even Tein Uk but said they don`t have an upper pillow ball that fits with my Tein coilovers. Does any one of you know if other brands pillow ball like cusco will fit with the Tein.

If I don`t find any that fits with my current tein I was going to upgrade with something better. I read a lot about this but I`m still confused on what to buy. I use my car a few times a month in the weekends and a lot of track days. Can you suggest what`s best? I was thinking about Cusco, HKS or Zeal but don`t know which model. Open to suggestions
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If you track the car it's hard to beat Ohlins road and track series.

With that being said however you need to analyze your requirement. Are you looking to upgrade because you want stiffer springs? Ability to try different springs? Re-valve the shocks based on future spring changes? Local rebuild ability?

The list goes on and we have not talked about a budget yet.
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you probly going to get a different answer from everyone. Everyone is going to be partial to what they're running usually. But through the years i've noticed that a lot of track guys absolutely love the Zeal Function coilovers. I've heard they are great and looked into getting a pair. They are pricey though.. at 15-1700 used.. I opted to go with a set of Stance XR coilovers that were custom valved and came with swift springs front and rear. Your going to have to do some research and first and foremost figure out what kind of driving your goingo to be doing. Tein makes good coilvoers.. I loved my flex's.
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Regarding budget I was looking somewhere around $3,000 max. I did a little research about Ohlins road and track series and now that I`m thinking of it, they now became one of my favorites. I am looking for a stiff setup to get out the maximum for grip and cornering. What I haven`t discovered yet is if the Ohlins have adjustable upper pillow *****. You guys know?
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If money isn't an issue than Ohlins is the best of the best, especially for what you are looking for. They will ride as smooth as better and is the mostly highly coveted suspension out there, exotic manufacturers like Pagani and Zonda both use Ohlins. At the moment I have a set of Ohlins DFV with independent oil reservoirs available which is their top of the line model. All of the details are listed here:
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coil -over marketing and general understanding perhaps ties w oil and apex seals for the amount of smoke

as i said a few years ago in post one of my suspension thread, the first decision to make w re to coil overs is


the ideal set of coil overs offers spring rate options.

the FD spring rate is

front 263 pounds per inch, 4.69 Kg/mm
rear 195 pounds per inch 3.48 Kg/mm

total 458

rear is 42.5% of total

Eibach Pro-Kit

front 350 6.25 Kg
rear 255 4.55 Kg

total 605

rear is 42.1% of total

overall rate up 32%

notice they kept the OE balance. that's why this setup is so good.

the ideal coil over setup offers you OPTIONS as to spring rate.

IMO, the ideal street and modest track setup is 8/5

front 448 pounds 8 Kg
rear 280 pounds 5 Kg

total 728 up 159% from OE

rear is 38.4% of total.

the slightly lower rear spring rate allows higher hp (than stock) FDs to hook up the rear coming out of a corner. perfect.

as i said.... OPTIONS. if you are running slicks on a road course you will generate more Gs and need additional rate.

my pick is

front 672 12 Kg
rear 448 8 Kg

total 1120

rear 40%

any more rear spring than 42% w a modded FD and you will be losing time and rear grip.

remember as to springs....

rate is pounds per inch and it is cumulative. that means that the first inch of travel is 672 and the second inch is another 672 or 1344 and the third inch is 2016!

your corner weighs 750 plus some additional weigh transfer minus unsprung weight.

for every inch of wheel travel you get spring travel of .605 in the front and .68 in the rear.

you want about 2.5 inches of wheel travel or about 1.5 inches of spring travel for control.
you also want a linear rate until the spring is fully loaded... not an abrupt stop or around you go.

in the majority of cases too much spring is slow.

take a very close look at real racecars. you will need to exempt all aero packages such as NASCAR at Daytona where job one is to not allow ANY air under the car and to hell w mechanical grip. also open wheel cars as they run high downforce and the springs merely hold the car off the track. check out the cars at Martinsville for body roll, or for that matter Phoenix this weekend.

i am drawn to any coil over packages that offer an array of springs.

BTW, i am working w a vendor to offer 8/5s and i think they are on their way. i am not planning to be a vendor, just helping get the right stuff on the FD.

the spring rates i use come from my Longacre Digital Spring Rater. i also had a shock dyno.

what is your rear spring rate %?


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Thanks guys for all your good advice.

After a lot of reading I`ve decided to go with the Ohlins Road & Track Coilovers. Now I only need to find a good european supplier
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Hows the new suspension feels?
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Ordered them two weeks ago from Japan at a good price. Saved $220 from retail price however I still have a while left to install them as I am rebuilding the car all over again from scratch
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