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Alternator problem

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Alternator problem

So last week my fd alternator on my fc started acting weird. Its been on for about a year and randomly one day it started having to be reved to 3-4000 rpm to start working. I drove it like this for a week but then today i went on a long drive and after an hour it cut out while driving. The car was still running but all the idiot lights came on and voltage dropped to 12v, i checked all the wires and they were fine. I got back in and tryed reving again but it didnt work so i redlines it and it started working again. I made my way home but atleast ten times it stopped working again with all the idiot lights coming on. I would just rev the engine to the redline again to get it working. Took it off the check the wiring underneather when i got home and its all good and the belt is tight. I cleaned the connections and went for another drive but the same kept happening. I went home and about 4 hours later i went for another drive and it started working again. I only had to rev it to about 4000. I drove all around town and it kept working but then i went down the highway a bit and it cut out again but this time woth no idiot lights. The idiot lights dont work now and reving the engine doesnt work either. Voltage was down to 12 again. I made it home but reving wouldnt get it to work again.

Is the voltage regulator gone? Could the brushes be sticking? And why does my idiot lights not work all of a sudden? They dont work at all even when i put the handbrake on its like dosent come on.

was doing more research and found that there is a alternator replay in the cpu, its a series four. Could bad solder joints be a problem? Not enough voltage to keep the relay activated

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Have the alternator tested. Sounds like a failed regulator.

HOWEVER, the idiot cluster is part of the regulator circuit. So resolder the idiot cluster first and check the charge warning bulb. If that bulb is bad, the alternator will do exactly as you describe.
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