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Zero Demand Tables - Why and how


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Zero Demand Tables - Why and how

So as mentioned in my build thread, I have recently been learning tuning through the HPAcademy course. In this course, Andre doesn't seem to particularly see a point in the Zero Demand Ignition and Fuel tables, so following that philosophy it was one of the first things I turned off in the base map.

However, I have been having huge headaches getting my idle fueling right. It will often start oscillating, going super rich and super lean and no matter how much I play with the fuel tables, I can't seem to get it right. I can sometimes get it to run alright one day, and then the next day it's stalling or popping at idle.

Furthermore, the car has a delay when blipping from idle and playing with Transient Enrichment settings doesn't seem to help. There's always a slight delay where the engine goes lean before it goes rich.

I came across this recently posted thread by stickmantijuana, where he suggests this delay/hesitation was fixed by the zero demand tables.


So what is the point of the zero demand tables?

What is the benefit over just tuning the base VE and ignition maps in idle and vacuum areas?

How does this interact with the Decel Cut function and other functions?

Does this mean the overrun areas in the base map are now completely useless?

How have you guys set them up?

Would love to hear your insights.
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No one has any opinions or input on this?

How about I narrow the discussion down to "Who runs with their zero demand tables turned on and who had them off?"
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I can't really comment as Ive not tested it enough and I dont understand all the impacts of it.. But I only run Zero Demand on the ignition.

I was running the base map settings.

I found this Idled really well and smooth.

But my tuner changes the settings to this

Bucks about a bit at idle. BUT it's got shitloads more torque on take off from standing.

I've not used the Zero fuel as my idle doesn't just about that much. I would like a blend of the 2 though
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