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Originally Posted by R.P.M. View Post
Wow total **** storm for everyone involved.

I've know Josh for many years now, he's never tried anything funny or ever tried to screw me over. Anytime I ask him for money, he delivers.

I have a feeling part of this is my fault for which I should apologize.

Josh asked me to take a look at the engine I built for him because he sold it, I was under the impression it had never been installed and never run. Why would I need to look at it? The engine is as I assembled it, full of Vaseline. It never crossed my mind that it could have been stored in a damp garage.
Around the time he asked me to look at the engine, I was finishing my house renovation (which was time sensitive because I put it up for sale) and I work for a couple professional race teams where my schedule would have me flying out to god knows what race track that week for testing or a race ect.
I'm sure I promised Josh I'd take the engine to check it over a few times, then get called to fly out to a race somewhere or to do some testing. I'm sure at this point Josh told DLDriver that the engine was being looked at this week and would then be shipped out. But infact I bailed on Josh and never did check out the engine.

I'm sure glad I did get the engine back in my hands eventually to check it out. If Josh had infact shipped the engine to DLDriver in its condition, i'm positive DLDriver would be even more pissed off to receive an engine that had rust buildup on the intake ports and rotors.

I disassembled the brand new rebuild to find moisture damage through-out. I was able to save the porting and rotors, all the damage was mearly surface rust from being stored in a damp garage. Everything cleaned up nicely and is re-assembled.

I think this is a horrible case of miscommunication between 3 parties, I'm not sure why sctRota needed to be involved in this, maybe that should be left for another thread.

Either way, I hope DLDriver gets refunded the money he is owed. I'm sorry if I have caused all of this "drama"

While I can appreciate you defending your friend and assuming partial responsibility for this fiasco I have to once again point out the following:

You are correct to assume that I would be pissed if I had received the motor in said condition. What you fail to see is that I was specifically told that you were in possession of this motor in MAY of last year and you had COMPLETED the inspection and was even paid to do so.
I completely understand you're a very busy individual however the seller is the seller, and it is his responsibility to update parties in a timely manner. It's VERY simple:

"Hey DLDriver, I know I said that I would drop off the motor for Joe to inspect but he's real busy at the moment and I do not have a definite time frame to tell you. How would you like to proceed?"

Again very easy. Part of the reason why I am so upset is the lack of communication despite being told I was incurring storage fees. As I write this post I remain cordial despite the fact that I paid him not once but twice for this motor and still was ignored at the end. My last text I sent him wasn't even answered and all I asked him was if he was able to get a tracking number.

As a business owner myself I couldn't possibly imagine myself ignoring or not updating my customers knowing that they are getting charged storage fees because of me. What would you in Josh's situation being a former business owner?

Regardless, I am happy to report at his point and time, Josh has agreed to try and work it out on his end which I appreciate. I will update this thread accordingly when the situation has come to a close.

*In the meantime if there is a Moderator reading this, I would like to remove the last two pictures in my original post but cannot as I do not appear to have the ability to edit that post anymore. If one of you could go ahead and remove those for me I would greatly appreciate it. They are the screen shots that show the wedding invitation and picture of the ceremony*

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Edited out the wedding pics as per the OP's request.

I encouraged DL to post up his experience---- this is one of the valuable differences between this community and the Facebook car groups (and there are many).

Hearing of these kind of sour transactions occurring here is unacceptable, and nothing can be done if the wronged party doesn't publicize such matters. Future buyers will thank you, as this thread will never get deleted---it will be available for viewing via future searches for all of time (man that sounds dramatic).

Folks can choose not to deal with a seller, although if a bad experience turns out to be rectified then they can choose to take a chance. Knowledge is power and it's ultimately up to the individual.

It appears that Josh is going to attempt to 'make things right' but frankly although money can be reimbursed, lost time cannot be.

Josh/FD_Virus85 you've been prohibited from buying and selling on this site until further notice.

DL, keep us all in the loop as to further developments
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Originally Posted by MattGold View Post
Well... at least you got an invite to the wedding you paid for.
lol, that's good!
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A reputation ruined beyond repair, frankly.
You know, I (like a lot of forum members) buy and sell things on eBay, Craigslist, newspaper ads, garage sales, etc. Sometimes you get burned and you learn from it.
But you DAMNED SURE never forget it.
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It would be ideal if sellers that create a poor transaction receive a scarlet letter on their name to beware other buyers in the future
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for now, why don't you guys let them work out the issue without trying to create more problems.
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Originally Posted by insightful View Post
for now, why don't you guys let them work out the issue without trying to create more problems.
Thanks for that.

Everyone, I am working with Josh at this point and he is trying to make it right on his side. As far as I can work out he was genuine in the fact that he wanted to send out the motor to have it inspected. Joe chimed in and verified this however I think he made some poor judgements in how to go about handling the situation when ETA was not being delivered. As a business owner myself I certainly can understand how hectic things can get but at the same time things like this make me more critical on my personal transactions as I am constantly comparing the customer service I receive to what I believe I provide to my customers.

At this point I am in no way trying to say he is a scammer and tried to get away with stealing money from me. All I am saying is that in the end his poor judgement in this particular transaction has cost me time and money.
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