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RX7 Security System

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RX7 Security System

I think that there may be a possibilty that the OEM security in my RX may be non functional. First I shut the vehicle off with the windows rolled down then I open the door then I lock it, as soon as I lock it a beep noise comes on so I assume that is the sound of the alarm activating. Ofcourse the Car has dummy locks so I would have to lift the handle and shut it at the same time. I wait about 2 minutes then I reached my hands inside the car and unlock it from the inside. Nothing happens when I open the door. I never see that Security light on the console on or flashing. Does anyone know how I would go abouts fixing it?
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All I can tell you is that on my car being a 93 you have to turn the key and hold it for about 10 or 15 seconds to allow for the alarm system to be energized then you can turn the key and remove it. Once this takes place, it will beep then the security light will either stay on or blink.

On 94 and 95 models, it is my understanding you do not have to wait and feel like a dumb *** for the system to be energized. I never use the damn thing but for instance once energized and say you open the car from the inside as you stated above, it will set the lights and the horn off. It's sort of funny because the lights will go up and down.

Most people either go with an aftermaket security system or never use it.
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Security? I just post a sign that says:

If you plan on stealing this car, here is how:
1. don't even bother with unlocking the driver's side, it wont work.
2. hatch is a no go also.
3. climb in from passenger side. If you can't figure out how to unlock this car with a coat hanger, then you are not smart enough to drive manual anyways.

1. Key is jammed in ignition. turn it to start while pushing the clutch in. If it doesn't do anything and your symptoms are:
a. No click, no sounds: pump clutch pedal and push ALL the way to the floor and turn key off and attempt to start again. If no start, return to step 1.
b. You can hear an audible click but it just sounds like the starter motor is laboring and not doing anything, turn key off and retry a few times. if no start, repeat step 1.
c. If sections 1a and 1b still yeild nothing, go get your flat bed. instructions for getting car onto a flat bed without damage are duct taped under front bumper.
2. if the car stalls out while driving, you suck.
3. if the coolant needle moves above center, you suck and just stole a busted *** vehicle.
4. if you hear a pop and the engine starts vibrating, you suck and just stole a busted *** vehicle.
5. don't worry about that white smoke.
6. or the blue smoke
7. or the black smoke
8. that rattle is normal
9. and the fuel smell is too.
10. Good luck, and please write back with how she treats you. 20bucks says not nearly as bad as my ex-girlfriend treated me.

For receipts and paperwork to get you more for the items you part out, contact:
xxxxxxx xxxx
xxxx xxxxxx xx
xxxxx, xx xxxxx
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ha i need to get that sign...its the truth
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hey now, there is no sign that says you can steal the sign.. sheesh.
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