Grinding noise when applying brakes... -

Grinding noise when applying brakes...

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Grinding noise when applying brakes...

I'm pretty sure that I have some kind of surfacing issue with my rotors on my front brakes, but just to be sure, I thought I might ask you guys for your advice...

When I first drive my after it has been sitting a while, I can hear my front calipers grinding for the first couple brake applications. But, it usually goes away. However, lately, I've been getting those same symptoms EVERY TIME I apply the brakes with the wheels turned??? It seems to me that the rotors shouldn't be moving, so why might this symptom be occurring consistently ONLY when my wheels are turning?

Any ideas??? Thanks in advance for your time in response to the above comments.
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Take off the wheels and inspect the pads and rotors...
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Sounds like your calipers are sticking. Might be time for rebuild or replacement. Do they slow you smoothly or do they grab or pulse when you stop? Warped rotors will make a rasping noise that will stop when the pads press against them...
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If your car is parked outside.. and the rotors get wet a lot.. they will rust REAL quick, which will cause a grinding noise when you hit the brakes the first couple of times after its been sitting for a week or so...


You really need to pull your wheels and stick your beak in the wheel well and look down on the top of the caliper at your pads to make sure that they are thick enough. Also inspect the rotor for grooves, gougin or pitting. it really sound to me like you pads are shot and are rubbing on the rotor while the brakes are off..

check the wheel bearings as well when you first jack up the car by pulling on the top and bottom of the tire, if it clunks.. they are bad.

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The longer you put this off, the more it will cost you to repair if the pads are worn out. The rotors will be useless if they're gouged.
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time to get some bremo break rotors
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no pistons... no problem
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ya get some brembos
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