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13brenova 02-03-08 08:56 PM

1974 13b-re Nova
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Just wanted to share my project with everyone. I decided to do something different and put a 13b-re in a 1974 chevy nova. The typical comment is that a musclecar is too heavy for a rotary, but we have gone to great lengths to lighten the car. Without going into details, the car will weigh in at just over 2700 lbs. Love it or hate it, you gotta admit....................never seen one of those before.

13b-re Engine
1/2 Bridgeport
GT40R Turbo
Haltech e8 ECU
Gilmer Drive

Custom schedule-10 SS Exhaust Manifold
Tial 44 mm Wastegate
3.5" SS Downpipe
3.5" Aluminum Exhaust
Burns Lightweight SS Muffler

2" Rear Mini-Tub
Budnik Gasser Wheels
Front - 18 x 7 (235/40/18 BFG KDW)
Rear - 18 x 11 (315/30/18 BFG Drag Radial)

TII ACT Extreme Pressure Plate
6 Puck Disk
ACT Streetlite Flywheel
Turbo II Transmission
Aluminum Driveshaft
12 Bolt w/ 33 Spline Gun-Drilled Axles
4.88 Gears

Chris Alston Front Clip
Front Coilovers
Custom Traingulated 4-link
Rear Coilovers
Subframe Connectors

And the list goes on....

13brenova 02-03-08 08:57 PM

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More Pics......

trainwreck517 02-03-08 08:58 PM

All I can say is, wow.. that is bad ass!!

13brenova 02-03-08 09:08 PM

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Last one.....

slo 02-03-08 09:13 PM

wow nice work and cool project, what is it being built as, street car, show car, race car etc?

it certainly has the shock value as a show car.

13brenova 02-03-08 09:24 PM

It'll do a little of everything. We'll take it to the track to see what it'll do, hit the local Sonic, and maybe a carshow or two. In all reality though.........we build 'em for the sake of building 'em. Right now the car is at the painter. It's going to be a pearl orange with nova style white SS stripes. There is also going to be a rotary symbol ghosted into the rear quarters.

REPUZENTN 02-03-08 09:46 PM

Much props!

Hellbent1stN2ndownr 02-03-08 10:25 PM

Looks nice so far, i cant wait to see this painted.
Def a nice change from the "normal" swap.

RotorRican 02-03-08 10:25 PM


13B-RX3 02-03-08 10:37 PM

Beautiful project man!!!!! My wife's parents live in San Angelo, maybe next time i visit i can come see your ride.

Turbo II Rotor 02-03-08 10:38 PM

Looks good. This thread caught my eye when i saw 13b-re and 74 nova. 2 things I am currently working on. Good Job.

84stock 02-04-08 01:04 AM

Can wait to see the video when it takes it's virgin run at the track.........

13brenova 02-04-08 06:56 AM

Originally Posted by 13B-RX3 (Post 7823663)
Beautiful project man!!!!! My wife's parents live in San Angelo, maybe next time i visit i can come see your ride.

Sure thing. Drop me a PM when you're headed this way.

BENDER420 02-04-08 07:04 AM

Very neat project! I wish i could be there to see all the hemi owners faces when you put them in there place! Kinda reminds me of the fast and furious mustang!

OneRotor 02-04-08 11:26 AM

looks freaking sweet. good luck having that aluminum hold up to the wrath of a turbo rotary. can't wait to see it done.

13brenova 02-04-08 11:40 AM

Yeah, we'll see how it works. That's why I made the downpipe out of 304. I wouldn't even think of aluminum exhaust on a daily driver, but this thing will probably see about 50 miles/month. It'll crack for sure, the question is how long will it take?!

Jesuscookies 02-04-08 12:17 PM

Nice work. You should post that in the other swaps section, just to get the V8 guys all riled up. :D

13brenova 02-04-08 01:30 PM

Might have to do that tonight.

gomez2023 02-04-08 01:42 PM

Do you have any video of the car?

teddyrx2 02-04-08 01:53 PM

Like 50 cent said "Hate it or love it the underdog is on top, and Ima gunna shine..."

that shit is sick...dude keep us posted bro...

13B SA22 02-04-08 02:06 PM


papsmagu 02-04-08 06:54 PM

Originally Posted by gomez2023 (Post 7825926)
Do you have any video of the car?

+1.....i would love to see a nova with the sound of a rotary comming from it!!!!!!!

kevinbtz 02-04-08 08:56 PM

Looks Good!!

2cute 02-04-08 09:08 PM

nice work but just as i hate when people put anything other than a rotary in an RX i dont like when the rotaries go into something else.

so good effort and clean work but im just not a fan/i think its wrong sorry.

Zero R 02-04-08 09:45 PM

I was wondering what happened to you ;)

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