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Oil stains on Bitumen - removal tips

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Oil stains on Bitumen - removal tips

Ok so I've fixed my oil leak. Now I just want to clean up all the stains on the road outside my house and my friends houses. I've used degreaser to get rid of all the fresh stains that are still kinda "wet" but the actual dried up stain that oil/grease leaves, has anyone got any tips on how to remove that off a road?

I've heard you can make a paste from washing powder and let that soak in but I'm not convinced on that. Anyone got any good hints/tips?
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Pressure washer.
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Oh c'mon he's talkin about things martha stewart would cook up
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Unfortunately your bitumen, aka asphalt, is made from the same materials as your oil. Just different refinement procedures. To remove the oil thoroughly, you will also remove the pavement. You can make up a poltice of degreaser and sawdust and use that to draw the motor oil out, but it will not remove all of the stain. Time sunshine and wear will take the rest of it, if you are very patient. By then it will probably be time to repave anyway.
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I bought this driveway clean stuff from somewhere (I bought it awhile ago). It works really good on concrete but not sure about asphalt.
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1. WD-40......hose it on and forget about it. Takes a day or so but will remove most of it.

2. Coca-Cola......Pour a couple cans on it and wait for the next rainfall. Works sometimes.

3. Dawn dishsoap....Dilute 50/50 with water. Scrub it in with an old broom then rinse.

4. Belt Sander.....Use at own risk! lmao......Good luck with it!
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bitumen ; I havent heard it called that in years, it was pronounced bitch men where I grew up. cover the stains with pavement or driveway resurfacer, that will work.
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